Untalented, Mega-Annoying Jacko Character Witness In Leadfoot Sighting

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Roger Cedeno, Ace Frehley, unavailable for comment. (link courtesy Golden Fiddle).


Roenick : ESPN Only Showed Portion Of Retarded Remarks

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From the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Tim Pannacio.

Jeremy Roenick said yesterday that audio/video “snippets” in which he said hockey fans can “kiss my [butt]” were taken out of context.

The Flyers center was quoted over the weekend at Mario Lemieux’s charity golf tournament outside Pittsburgh. His remarks about the fans made national headlines.

“Before I went into my rant, I was talking about the game of hockey, about getting it back on the ice, about what we have to do for the fans and telling people it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s about the game,” Roenick said.

“But the media picked out the negative stuff… . Don’t show snippets of the interview; show the whole interview, the whole message. My message during the interview was: How do we make the game more appealing to the fans?”

Roenick said his rant began when someone suggested the NHL lockout was the players’ fault.

“That got my gall,” he said. “We gave more back to the owners in this deal than any other sport has done. Before that question, I was talking about the game, how it was important to make it up to the fans and do something for them, and then that question came.”

A partial video clip from TSN.ca shows Roenick talking very calmly about the game of hockey and even apologizing for its absence.

In the clip, Roenick talks about how much “the players have hurt” hockey and “might not have been right” in the lockout, a position that certainly won’t please the NHL Players’ Association.

Roenick says the new deal has to allow “the owners to make money.” He then says that “fans should realize how much the players gave up” before blaming them as being spoiled.

“We’re going to make the game better for the fans,” he says in the video clip. “If you don’t realize that, then don’t come.”

The next clip jumps to his rant. Roenick said yesterday the question that provoked him was whether fans should blame the players. Roenick also said he left several messages with ESPN yesterday demanding to know why the network didn’t show the full video clip of what preceded his rant.

I dunno, I liked the part where Roenick said “you guys are just jealous.” I can’t imagine why that didn’t make the public fall in love with hockey players.

Knicks Pick Channing

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Not this one.

Or this one.

But this one!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that C Channing Frye (Arizona), a bona-fide shot blocking demon, is gonna have a more impressive NBA career than Frederic Weis.

Your Last Chance : CSTB Day At Shea, July 3

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ONE MORE TIME : The clock is ticking on your once in a lifetime opportunity to hobnob with the best and the brightest interweb patrons in the Tri-State Area. Tickets are shipping tomorrow morning. Details below :

I know, it™s hard to believe. There aren™t enough days on the calendar for the New York Mets to acknowledge every blog that routinely takes them to task for any number of crimes against baseball and the paying customer, let alone those that feature little to no original content.

(DISCLAIMER : The Mets haven™t actually proclaimed July 3 as CSTB Day. But I™m confident that once management gets wind of how many tickets we have set aside for this special afternoon, they™ll be rolling out the red carpet, if not asking David Roth to throw out the first pitch.)

Your attendence is requested at The First annual CSTB Salute To Silver Tier Ticket Pricing, when the Mets take on the Marlins at 1:30pm, Sunday, July 3 at Shea Stadium.

Tickets are $14 which entitles the bearer to :

a) an unobstructed view of the diamond from Sec. 5, row F of the upper reserved deck.
b) free use of Shea™s restroom facilities throughout the day
c) œAn antique pewter-styled Baseball Glove Key Chain (admittedly, this isn™t much of a sellng point)
d) if you™re one of the first 25,000 fans in attendance, a Mets Stars & Stripes cap, œsponsored by Delta Airlines”. There™s nothing more patriotic than an airline that lets you use your cell phone on the runway.
e) the opportunity to hurl vicious, xenophobic invective at Carlos Delgado when he refuses to show proper respect for the playing of œGod Bless America”.

If Danny Graves makes it into the game, you might be present for the longest home run ever hit. You don™t know for sure what™s going to happen.

If you™d like to atttend, please reply with the number of tickets you™d like, along with your shipping (UPS) address, to


The Management on behalf of The New CSTB.

Rosenthal : Mets Oughta Sell

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From the Sporting News’ Ken Rosenthal :

The Mets were delusional last season, making ill-advised trades for pitchers Kris Benson and Victor Zambrano. A sell-off is highly unlikely under aggressive general manager Omar Minaya, but the Mets might be smart to stockpile young talent in deals for lefthander Tom Glavine, catcher Mike Piazza and a veteran outfielder, either Mike Cameron or Cliff Floyd.

Which contending team in either league is willing to give up young talent to acquire a 36 year old singles-hitting catcher with diminished defensive skills? Were Mike Piazza having the kind of season Cliff Floyd is thus far, such advice would make a little more sense.

The Mets have flaws aplenty, but they’re also only 4 1/2 games out of the wild card spot, with plenty of games remaining against the teams they’re chasing (most of which are in their own division). Carlos Beltran is closer to full strength, the multitude of guys on the DL won’t be there forever and Steve Trachsel should be available for the final two months. Rosenthal can at least wait until the All-Star break before dismissing the Mets’ chances.

Iannazzone : Nets Want McCants

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Once upon a time, I turned down a hot dinner invitation to stay home and watch the NBA Draft.

That’s why no one invites me to dinner anymore. The Bergen Records’ Al Iannazzone rubs his crystal balls and predicts the New Jersey Nets’ likely selections.

When the Nets pick 15th in the NBA draft tonight, they might be feeling blue. Carolina blue, that is.

Vince Carter probably loves that the Nets have fellow North Carolina products Rashad McCants (above) and Sean May on their draft board. Carter would be even happier if one of them is a Net by tonight.

According to league sources, the Nets are strongly considering taking McCants with the No. 15 pick. The 6-foot-4 shooting guard averaged 17.6 points at North Carolina, and along with May, helped the Tar Heels win the national championship.

McCants, power forwards May, Arizona State’s Ike Diogu, Connecticut’s Charlie Villanueva and Kansas’ Wayne Simien; Syracuse small forward Hakim Warrick, Louisville shooter Francisco Garcia and prep point guard Monta Ellis (a very long shot) are on the Nets’ list of potential picks, depending on how the draft plays out.

Conventional thinking says the Nets, who pick No. 43 in the second round, need a power forward. May, Diogu and Villanueva fit the bill. But the Nets plan to address that need in free agency where Shareef Abdur-Rahim is priority No. 1, then Donyell Marshall and Stromile Swift.

McCants is considered good enough to be a lottery pick, but some character issues could be the reason he’s there for the Nets at No. 15. Minnesota, which selects 14th, also was said to like him.

Rubin On The Mets’ Poor Prospects

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The New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin casts a largely disapproving glance at the state of the New York Mets farm system…without even mentioning Benji Gill or Benito Santiago!

Say this about the latest Mets call-ups: They have experience. Jose Offerman, Gerald Williams and Brian Daubach, all promoted from Triple-A Norfolk in the past two weeks, have played a combined 37 big-league seasons.

What they don’t have is “prospect” status. And that’s a major issue, with the Mets wanting to annually infuse their roster with young talent, plus have chips for trades. While it’s not Yankee dire, one Mets official acknowledged the number of sure-fire major-leaguers is slim. Not that the promotions of the 36-year-old Offerman, 40-year-old Williams and 33-year-old Daubach suggested otherwise.

One scout responsible for the NL East, who has watched the Mets’ three highest-level farm teams, said the organization lacks a blue-chip prospect like Philadelphia first baseman Ryan Howard in the upper minors, but the overall depth – while concentrated in A-ball and in pitching – ranks in the middle among organizations.

“They’ve got kids that aren’t too bad,” the scout said. “They have as many as anyone else, expect for one other I’ve seen. I think they’re wise to call up those veterans. When you bring up the young kids, you don’t know what you’re getting and you can damage their immediate futures.”

(OF Lastings Milledge — too polite to say “please don’t trade me for Jose Mesa”, so we’re saying it for him)

Robbie, Showalter Lose Popularity Contest

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From the Washington Post’s Bob Cohn.

Buck Showalter of the Texas Rangers and Frank Robinson of the Washington Nationals are the two worst managers in major league baseball, according to a poll of 450 players conducted by Sports Illustrated during spring training.

That would be the same Buck Showalter who was named American League manager of the year in 2004 — he also won the award in 1994 with the Yankees — and who has the Rangers in contention in the American League West. And that’s the same Frank Robinson who has Washington atop the National League East in defiance of all those last-place predictions.

What gives?

“A popularity contest,” Robinson said.

True, neither man could be called beloved. Showalter is regarded by many as a micromanager who once criticized Ken Griffey Jr. for wearing his cap backward. Robinson, during his Hall of Fame playing career, was abrasive and a fierce competitor. Now, approaching 70, he can come across as a curmudgeon.

“I rub players the wrong way,” Robinson conceded. “I get under their skin. That doesn’t bother me. I know for a fact Buck Showalter and I are not the two worst managers in baseball.”

But isn’t a manager supposed to do everything it takes to win and stand up for his players? And what about results? Robinson and Showalter are getting results. Colorado Rockies manager Clint Hurdle, among others, questioned the validity of polling athletes who carry their own agendas.

“If you’re gonna buy a car, do you talk to players?” he asked. “They’re gonna tell you to buy a car that you can’t afford.”

If only Larry Bowa were still managing, we’d see where he ended up on the list.

Inside The Mind Of Bruce Ratner

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Nets owner Bruce Ratner, as interviewed by Deborah Solomon in the Sunday New York Times Magazine (link courtesy Stay Free! Daily).

Q: How do you explain the sudden vogue for stadiums and arenas? So many teams want a new home — the Mets in Queens, the Yankees in the Bronx, the Jets with their doomed project in Manhattan. And you’re building a new arena for the Nets in Brooklyn.

A: It has to do with the economics of sports. The high salaries of athletes drive the whole thing, because it creates a need for revenue. In the case of the Nets, we need an arena that has suites and luxury seating, and where you can put up advertisements all over the place.

Q: Since you’re the principal owner of the Nets and paying Vince Carter $15 million a year, why not just slash players’ salaries, lower ticket costs and preserve the old, historic stadiums?

A: Is that a joke? We have to be competitive.

Q: You and your fellow investors bought the Nets last August for $300 million. Have you always loved basketball?

A: I was never a basketball fan, but I wanted to bring a team to Brooklyn, a team that could be like the Brooklyn Dodgers. There’s something intangible that a team contributes, something as intangible as a soul.

Q: What do you think of the Meadowlands, out in Jersey, where the Nets currently play?

A: It’s hard to get to the Meadowlands if you don’t have a car. There’s no train from New York, and you can’t take the bus because when the game is done, you’ve got to wait.

Q: What’s wrong with waiting for a bus?

A :Nothing. I love waiting for buses! I love Port Authority! I spend my afternoons there! I love panhandlers!

In Ratner’s defense, if someone asked me if I thought the Meadowlands was a historic venue worth preserving, I might think it was a put-on, too.

AL East Blooper Reel – Kline Loses Mind

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Hard to pick the more ghastly highlight from Monday evening, Was it Boston’s Mark Bellhorn and Trot Nixon (above) doing their finest impersonation of. well, the New York Yankees fielders, with mind-blowing gaffes that allowed Cleveland to run roughshod over Bronson Arroyo — Bellhorn dropping a throw that shall we say, hit him the in the bad part of the glove (ie. right inside it), while Nixon turned a 7th inning deep fly by Grady Sizemore into a 2 run HR when the Boston right-fielder knocked the ball into the Indians’ bullpen.

(how many games for slugging your own skipper in the back?)

Or was it twitchy Orioles reliever Steve Kline’s 8th inning balk, putting the Yankees’ Jorge Posada in scoring position…and leaving Kline in line for a probable suspension after Mr. Formerly Filthy Cap when nuclear on home plate umpire Marty Foster (above).

The 2005 Kevin Brown Shit For Brains Award goes to Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers, due to miss his next start after busting a bone in his non-pitching hand while punching a water cooler. I’m weary of seeing frustrated pitchers demolish defenseless water coolers. And why couldn’t Kenny take a swing at another inanimate object, like say, Buck Showalter?

Reader B. Hogg from Decauter, GA wants to know when I’ll have something to say about Andruw Jones’ recent exploits. The Braves center fielder has carried his club over the past month and with all due respect to Derek Lee, Cliff Floyd and Dontrelle Willis, is a legit MVP candidate. So presuming you actually follow the Braves, what else is there to say other than, “it’s about time”? Haven’t you been waiting for this kind of breakout season from Jones for what, 9 years?