Rattled By The Rush, Pt. II : AFL’s Shell Loses His Shirt

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From the Arizona Republic’s Senta Scarborough, Richard Obert and Josh Kelley : (link courtesy Kevin Murphy)

The head coach of the Arizona Rattlers arena football team admitted snorting cocaine behind a Mesa business early Tuesday and faces possible drug charges, police said.

Former 49ers linebacker Todd Shell was shirtless and sweating profusely when an officer found him pacing around his Land Cruiser about 1 a.m. behind a business near Ivy Street and Greenfield Road, Mesa police Detective Tim Gaffney said.

Shell told the officer he owned the business and kept looking north. When the officer asked why he was looking in that direction, Shell told him he was alone but said a “guy wearing camouflage is in the tree,” police said. The officer found no one else in the area.

At first, Shell, 43, of Mesa, said he found the bag in the parking lot but later admitted the substance, which he identified as cocaine, was his. He said he had an “eight ball,” or an eighth of an ounce.

Shell told the officer he went behind the business to use the cocaine, and told the officer he had only used cocaine three times and he had obtained the drug from a friend.


Putting The “Awk” In Rawk

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Have you ever said to yourself, “classic tunes by AC/DC, and Black Sabbath would sound so much better if they were performed acappela by an aging dude with considerably less range than Bon Scott covered in dirt?” Me neither. But if you’re curious, the Rawker should sort you out (culled from WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog.)

Nuts To That : Indie Saints Cater To Peanut-Phobic

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From KBLT.com :

The St. Paul Saints are adding “peanut-free” seating for Friday night’s game against Sioux City at Midway Stadium.

The Saints first tried in July to offer an area of seats where people with peanut and other food-related allergies could sit without worry. But that game against Gary was rained out.

The “peanut-free” seats are the top rows of Section K, a non-smoking area located behind first base. The reserved seats cost ten dollars.

To ensure the safety of those buying the seats, the Saints will leave a row of seats empty in front of the group.

The team has worked with the Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota on the event.

Buehrle : Rangers Are Stealing Signs

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From the AP :

Chicago White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle called the Texas Rangers cheaters on Tuesday, claiming that the team signals pitches to batters through a high-tech light system in center field.

Buehrle suggested Monday night that the Rangers knew what he was throwing during Chicago’s 7-5 loss, and he repeated the accusation before Tuesday’s doubleheader.

“I’ve heard rumors, so it’s not just me saying this,” Buehrle said. “I’ve heard it from tons of people. It’s not just me saying this. … Something’s going on because they hit so good at home. The way they hit here, you’d have to raise an eyebrow to figure something’s going on. Look at the stats. I’m not just making this up.”

Texas entered Tuesday batting .285 with 125 homers at home, compared to .256 with 86 homers on the road.

The Rangers dismissed the allegations – in some cases with a chuckle.

“It’s crazy and it’s funny,” said Rangers home run leader Mark Teixeira (shown homering off Buehrle, above). “It’s an outrageous comment, an outrageous claim.”

Texas DH Phil Nevin jokingly asked Rangers manager Buck Showalter why the lights weren’t working when he went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts on Monday night.

Hopefully MLB will take these accusations seriously…and they’ll figure out what sort of high tech chicanery has been employed letting the visiting teams know actualy what pitches Texas’ hurlers are about to deliver.

Seriously, though, Buck’s sneaky ways are paying dividends again this evening, with the Rangers leading the White Sox, 8-6 through 7 innings in the front end of a double dip Mark Teixeira, clearly struggling with Jon Garland’s savvy pitch selection, already has 2 HR’s, a double and 6 RBI’s.

Police : Moody Milton Battered Pregnant Wife

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At least no one can accuse Frank McCourt of disregarding character in the makeup of the Dodgers’ clubhouse. From the LA Breeze’s Larry Altman :

Police have responded to the Redondo Beach home of Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley three times this summer on domestic violence calls, including one instance in which he allegedly choked his pregnant wife, bloodied her lip and hurled a cellular telephone into a wall.

On Monday, Bradley — out for the season with a knee injury and not accompanying the team to Chicago — angrily dispatched a reporter from his driveway.

“You come here snooping around,” he yelled from his upstairs balcony. “Get off my property. Write that down. Get off my property.”

No charges were filed against Bradley or his wife stemming from any of the three police responses. In two of the cases, police officers counseled the couple. In a third, Bradley was not home when police arrived.

Bradley’s wife, who was four months pregnant at the time, told officers she and her husband had argued about “relationship issues.” Bradley, she said, grabbed her right hand and pushed it against her mouth, causing her to hit herself. The inside of her lip began to bleed, the crime report said.

He then grabbed her cellular telephone from a bedroom table and threw it toward a wall. The phone hit a headboard, struck the wall and shattered into several pieces, the report said.

Bradley picked up the phone and walked into the hallway, followed by his wife.

“Victim said her husband turned around and used his right forearm and pushed her against the wall,” an officer wrote. “Victim stated (Bradley’s) forearm was against her throat and she was having a difficult time breathing.”

When Bradley let go of her, she ran to the bathroom and vomited.

“Victim said her husband went around the house and picked up all the cell phones, house phones, her car keys and credit cards and left the location,” the report said.

A police officer said Bradley’s wife was crying and upset when she answered the door. Her lip was bleeding.

Officers found a scuff mark on the headboard and a small dent in the drywall above the bed from where the cellular telephone hit, the report said.

Lt. Dangle of the Reno P.D. was unavailable for comment.

Romania’s Gymnasts Fight For Their Right To Party

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From the Associated Press :

The future of Romania’s storied gymnastics program is in question after two top gymnasts violated their contracts by leaving a training camp over the weekend to attend a birthday party.

Catalina Ponor (above), winner of three gold medals at last year’s Olympics, and teammate Floarea Leonida were seen at a birthday party for a male gymnast Saturday night.

That led Romania’s gymnastics federation to disband its women’s team Tuesday. Adrian Stoica, the federation’s secretary general, said all gymnasts would now train at their own clubs.

Ponor, 18, told a Romanian television station that only athletes were present at the party. She denied reports that she drank alcohol and vowed to train hard for the world championships in November in Australia.

“I hope I will prove that it’s possible to perform well even without the tough restrictions at the training camp,” Ponor said.

Another gymnast on the team, Daniela Sofronie, has threatened to retire.

All this talk of lady gymnasts brings back happy memories of Rufus From Queens, who used to regale the hosts of WNYU’s evening sports yack show with his ferverent desire to “fuck Mary Lou Retner up the ass.” Either WNYU has since employed a 7 second delay, or Rufus has retired.

Starstruck Schmoe Saddened By Starlet & Strokes Sticksman’s Smoking

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From today’s Chicago Tribune (link courtesy Scott Comeau) :

America’s sweetheart, Drew Barrymore, behaved like a drunken sailor at a recent Mets game–drinking, smoking and cussing up a storm in front of an appalled family, one former fan of the actress claims.

Michael Delvecchio, who was in an adjacent luxury box, told the New York Daily News: “Her image is of this sweet, down-to-earth girl, but she was the exact opposite. She was drinking and smoking like a chimney with her boyfriend [the Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti] and their friends, so we asked the security guard to tell her to put out her cigarette because there were young children present, but she just kept on doing it.”

Delvecchio also said Barrymore berated one of his friends for taking her picture.

(Ms. Barrymore, shown here preparing to kill the family-friendly vibe at a Toronto Blue Jays game, circa 2004)

Could there possibly be more shocking news that a famous actress and rock musician were seen drinking and cursing at a Mets game? Celebrities or not, what else are you supposed to do when Danny Graves is pitching?

Astros Recall Scott

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Round Rock are only 2 games behind Oklahoma with 7 remaining in their chase for the PCL’s National Southern pennant, but they’re gonna lose the league’s leading HR hitter just the same, writes the Houston Chronicle’s Jose De Jesus Ortiz.

The Astros recalled hot-hitting outfielder Luke Scott from Class AAA Round Rock on Monday after waiving relief pitcher Chad Harville.

Scott, 27, the Astros’ opening-day left fielder following a hot spring, struggled with big-league pitching in April and joined Round Rock on May 3, where he hit .286 for the Express with a Pacific Coast League-leading 31 home runs, along with 87 RBIs and 25 doubles.

“That hopefully will be an offensive boost for us,” general manager Tim Purpura said. “(Scott) has played very well. He leads the league in home runs. He’s really been steady. Hopefully, we’ll get some offense out of him. (His role) to be determined. I’m sure he’ll get some starts.”

Trying to make the jump to the majors straight from Class AA didn’t go well for Scott. After playing in 14 games and hitting only .154 (6-for-39) with one RBI, he was demoted to Round Rock.

The Astros have 38 players on the 40-man roster and 11 pitchers on the 25-man roster, leaving two slots to be filled soon. Class AAA Round Rock catcher Raul Chavez, who was taken off the roster last month, likely will be added to the 40-man roster soon.

A former Indians prospect, Scott’s final at bat for the Express resulted in an 8th inning 3 run HR Sunday night, giving Round Rock a 4-3 win over Nashville, former Mets reliever Scott Strickland collecting the save.

Magpies Acquire Owen

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In a move that should end discussions about Michael Owen returning to Liverpool for at least another 2 years or so, Newcastle United have announced the signing of the England striker following his physical exam earlier today. From the Times :

Newcastle United pulled off a sensational transfer coup when they finally managed to persuade Michael Owen, the England forward, to keep his World Cup dreams alive on Tyneside.

In a move which dashed the hopes of former club Liverpool of securing the 25-year-old’s return, the Magpies completed their club record swoop – believed to be in the region of £16million – for the Real Madrid star to hand Graeme Souness, the Newcastle manager, a massive boost.

Owen underwent a medical this afternoon after agreeing a four-year deal and the club has now confirmed that they will present him to the media at a press conference at St James’ Park at noon tomorrow and then afterwards to the fans.

“Bringing Michael to St James’ Park will rank alongside the signing of Alan Shearer as my proudest moment at Newcastle United,” chairman Freddy Shepherd told the club’s official website.

(that’ll be £37.99 please, though the lettering is extra)

Presumably a prouder moment than being quoted as calling the women of Newcastle “dogs” or bragging about the mark-up on replica shirts.

Aston Villa have found sufficient cover in the wake Martin Laursen’s knee problems, signing PSV Eindhoven defender Wilfred Bouma (above) in £3.5 million transfer deal. Bouma will join other recent arrivals including Milan Barros, Kevin Phillips and Patrick Berger, as David O’Leary shows he’s as adept at spending money as he was at Leeds.

Jumping The Queue With Isiah

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From the NY Post’s Richard Johnson :

Who knew there was a VIP line at the Department of Motor Vehicles? One frustrated driver, financial analyst Marty Kindler, tells PAGE SIX that when he was trying to register a change of address at the DMV in Peekskill, he spotted Knicks president Isiah Thomas cutting the line with DMV employees’ approval. “I am outraged that Isiah did not have to wait along with the general public,” Kindler declares. We tried to contact the DMV in Peekskill but ” surprise! ” we couldn’t get through to a human there. A faxed request for comment went unanswered.