Trachsel To Boston?

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Despite his fantastic showing against the Giants last Friday night, there’s no room in the Mets’ starting rotation for Steve Trachsel. The New York Times’ Ben Shpigel reports the Red Sox might have a spot available in theirs.

A major league executive with knowledge of the discussions between the Mets and the Red Sox said that no deal seemed imminent, although the two teams might talk again. If the Red Sox were to acquire Trachsel, they would presumably want to do so by midnight Wednesday, because any player acquired after that point would not be eligible for the postseason. And if Trachsel has previously cleared waivers, no team could move to block the trade by claiming him before a deal is made.

The executive who acknowledged the discussions between the two teams said he did not want to be named because he felt that doing so might jeopardize chances, slim as they might be, for a deal.

Although a trade for Trachsel makes sense for the Red Sox, whose pitching is in disarray, it is not clear what players Boston could afford to offer the Mets who would be of immediate help in the National League wild-card race.

Like many teams, the Mets could use bullpen help, but the Red Sox bullpen is not in particularly good shape, either. The Mets could also stand to upgrade at catcher, first base and second base, areas of depth in the Boston farm system, but the Red Sox may not want to trade a solid prospect for what could be merely a stopgap acquisition. Nor is it clear that the Mets would want to surrender Trachsel now for someone who could not help them for the rest of this season.

The Red Sox may be willing to part with the backup third baseman Kevin Youkilis, who is 26 and does have potential as a major league hitter, but the Mets already have a rising star at third base in David Wright.


Nobody Saw Shit…

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…and they wouldn’t tell you, even if they did.

Rosenthal : Sox Will Eat Millions To Move Manny

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From the Sporting News’ Ken Rosenthal :

Look for the Red Sox to finally trade LF Manny Ramirez this offseason. A thin free-agent market for sluggers will intensify the demand for Ramirez, and the Sox likely will be willing to pay some of the $57 million remaining on Ramirez’s contract through 2008 and/or take back salary in return.

The Mets, Marlins and Rangers are potential suitors for Ramirez. And don’t rule out the Nationals under new ownership ” especially if Jim Bowden remains general manager.

Implosion of the week, by the way, comes courtesy of Manny’s teammate, the Sultan Of Sloth.

Heard This Before? Cubs’ Wood Faces Surgery, Season Over

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From the Sports Network :

Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood has decided to undergo surgery on his troublesome right shoulder, the team announced Monday, which will signal the end of the oft-injured right-hander’s season.

Wood (above), who has spent two separate stints on the disabled list this year, will have the procedure Wednesday at Beacon Orthopedics in Sharonville, Ohio. Cincinnati Reds team physician Dr. Timothy Kremchek will perform the operation.

The Cubs expect Wood to be at full strength in time for spring training and is slated to return to the starting rotation in 2006.

…with a return to the DL scheduled for sometime in May of next season.

Mighty Casey Going Deep, Fan Abuse, Unrelated

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From MLB.com’s Anthony Castrovince :

“Hey Casey,” the Pirates fan screamed from the upper deck at PNC Park in the ninth inning on Sunday. “I don’t care where you’re from. You still stink!”

Pittsburgh native Sean Casey didn’t hear the catcall. But he responded, nevertheless, taking John Grabow’s very next pitch 457 feet out to center field for a two-run home run that put the final stamp on the Reds’ 7-2 win over the Pirates.

“That’s great,” Casey said when informed of what had transpired. “That’s classic. You gotta love when that happens.”

The Reds have a lot to love about the way they’re playing lately.

They’ve responded from their well-documented struggles of the season’s first half much in the same way Casey responded to that jeering fan.

Yeah, except Casey wasn’t responding to that jeering fan. As Castrovince notes above, Casey couldn’t hear the guy in the upper deck. In fact, it is hard to figure out how Castronivce could hear him.

Of course, properly equipped, the hardcore fan does have the power to affect the outcome of such a contest.

Olney’s Investment In A Part-Timer

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Waxing poetic about Roger Clemens’ lack of run support from the Houston Astros, ESPN.com’s Buster Olney :

Roger Clemens has been well-liked by teammates during his career, for his intensity and his attention to detail and his emotional investment in others on the days he doesn’t pitch.

Olney must be refering to the Rocket’s “emotional investment” in someone other than his ballclub. The provision allowing Clemens to stay at home for road series in which he’s not scheduled to pitch has been mentioned time and time again.

GM Who Signed Cristian Guzman Flips Out

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Being shut down by Cal Eldred in the year 2005 is pretty rough. But Jim Bowden can take some solace in knowing that his Nationals won’t have to face Donovan Osbourne, James Baldwin or Frank Castillo down the stretch. Well, probably not. From the Associated Press :

Jim Bowden strode into the Washington Nationals clubhouse, the door slamming shut behind him.

The general manager had just finished watching his team get shut out for the second straight game against a surprise starter, and his defense and pitching weren’t exactly stellar, either, in Sunday’s 6-0 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Several minutes later, on a ramp below the stands at RFK Stadium, Bowden described himself as “angry, frustrated, disappointed” and ripped his team’s performance.

“It was pathetic,” the GM said. “We gave them this game today. This is embarrassing. We gave them those runs.”

Turning his attention to the hitters, scoreless over 21 innings, Bowden said: “This isn’t a problem of one guy or two guys. We have an embarrassing problem of all eight. Zero offense.”

By contrast, the New York Mets managed plenty of offense over the weekend against San Francisco, scoring a grand total of 3 runs in 3 games while dropping two of three to the Giants.

This just in : L’equipe has named Jason Giambi the AL’s Comeback Player Of The Year.

Orioles pitchers issued a staggering 11 walks to Oakland yesterday en route to a 10-3 beating, Baltimore’s 8th loss in their past 9 games. None of those walks were issued by formerly popular actress Geena Davis (shown above). Temp manager Sam Perlozzo has been around the game long enough to know that you don’t catch many flies with vinegar. On the other hand, sparing the rod can spoil the child. I don’t know how many children or flies Perlozzo has hanging around clubhouse, but I can’t help but think he’s keeping a seat warm for Lou Piniella.

“If I had thought going in there and yelling at these guys would make them get a hit, I wouldn’t be able to talk to you right now,” he said. “These guys are not stupid. They’re trying. They’re putting pressure on themselves, but they’ve got to get over it.

“What would I yell at them for? For not getting a hit? They’re trying. When they quit trying, when they get lazy, I’ll yell at them.”


Sven : Get Off My Jock

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(“And what are you wearing?”)

Which is the more fascinating subject, England’s forthcoming World Cup qualifier with Wales (Sept. 3) or manager Sven Goran Eriksson’s zipper problem? The oversexed Swede would prefer that we not pay much attention to the latter, writes the Times’ Matt Dickinson.

œI think it™s fair that the critics are hard when you lose a football game like we lost in Denmark, Eriksson said. œOn non-football issues, I™m sorry to read weekend after weekend rubbish, things that aren™t true. Obviously someone is out there trying to disturb my job.

œBut if they think they can disturb the harmony in the England team they are totally wrong. If people are to write about my private life they should at least try to make it right. Is that asking too much to write the truth? Someone is out there trying to make me leave the country, the Swede said. œI can promise you that I won™t.

Going To School With Lisa Olson

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Lisa Olson in today’s New York Daily News:

Willie Randolph’s mark on a team that has a number of unschooled players in the field – among yesterday’s starters were catcher Mike DiFelice, first baseman Mike Jacobs, second baseman Kaz Matsui, right fielder Victor Diaz – is undeniable. Dignified and reticent and unafraid to take dares, Randolph deserves to be considered for Manager of the Year.

Though Olson would’ve been correct in saying Randolph has gotten plenty of mileage of out previously unheralded players, it is a considerable stretch to characterize a 10 year veteran of Japanese baseball (Matsui) as “unschooled”. Likewise, 2005 marks Mike DiFelice’s 10th year of major league service — the Mets are his 9th club since 1996.

Heyman Previews Oliver Stone’s Followup To “Troy”

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From Newsday’s Jon Heyman :

Jose Canseco isn’t quite done wreaking havoc. Hollywood sources tell Newsday that Canseco met this past week with Oliver Stone to discuss a baseball movie about, you guessed it, steroids.

More specifically, the movie is about a steroid conspiracy, with the team owner and commissioner in on the steroid scam (while the movie will be considered fiction, Canseco wrote in “Juiced” that then-Rangers owner George W. Bush had to know).

Canseco is spouting more steroid tales to anyone who’ll listen. Specifically, he’s changed his tune on how often he shot up Mark McGwire with ‘roids. It’s no longer “once or twice”; now it’s “more times than I can count.”

Who knew he could count?