Mike Martz Wants His Job Back…

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…and they’re already changing the locks at Rams Park.

Chain Gang Revival Kicks Off : Near-Death At The Meadowlands

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From the AP, courtesy Jon Solomon.

(one of these guys needs a new shirt)

A New York man has been charged with stabbing two people in a restroom during a Jets game at Giants Stadium.

Thomas J. Conwell, 21, of Brooklyn, was charged with aggravated assault, accused of stabbing Shawn Hundley, 19, of Roselle, and Henry Finnila, 24, of Freehold, during Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints.

State police said Conwell began taunting Hundley, who was wearing a Jets jersey bearing the name and number of injured quarterback Chad Pennington. Conwell then took out a knife and stabbed Hundley in the face, neck and ears, authorities said.

Finnila, a bystander who tried to break up the fight, also was stabbed in the head and neck.

(UPDATE : exciting details on the stabber and stabee from the NY Daily News.)

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head : Bowyer’s Checkbook Justice

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(the former Leeds star wonders if the “Tim Roth did it, I was watching TV” defense was such a good idea)

From the Guardian :

Lee Bowyer has agreed an out-of-court settlement with the Asian student he was cleared of assaulting, his law firm confirmed today.

The reported £170,000 payout brings to an end a long-running legal battle involving the Newcastle midfielder and Sarfraz Najeib. Bowyer’s solicitors Barker Gillette confirmed a cash settlement had also been agreed with Mr Najeib’s brother Shahzad.

Today’s Tough Questions

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Of all the people you could steal millions of dollars from, is Latrell Sprewell really the guy to cheat? If telling Spree to “put a little mustard” on a lazy pass was enough to provoke attempted murder, what happens when you really get in the way of Spree feeding his family?

Would it be inappropriate to ask to see the wine list at Vin Baker’s Saybrook Fish House?

Let’s Spend Some (Half)Time Together : Jagger, Richards To Stagger Through Super Bowl XL

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(another potential replacement for Michael Irvin on “NFL Countdown” flashes his credentials)

The only nice thing about this story is that Steven Tyler can finally, to coin the Bill Simmons phrase, die in peace. After their early days of being derided as Stones copyists, Aerosmith can now sit back and watch the Rolling Stones emulate Aerosmith.

Reigning Sound have been installed as the early favorites for the Super Bowl C halftime show.

Doesn’t Anybody Want To Play For The Yankees?

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While the rest of planet continues to absorb the impact of Omar Minaya’s supermarket sweep, things are uncharacteristically quiet in the Bronx. BJ Ryan didn’t consider setting up Mariano Rivera, Brian Giles seems to be dragging his feet, and as the Daily News’ Sam Borden reports, Johnny Damon would appear to be an unlikely candidate for pinstripes in 2006.

As of now, there’s no substantive dialog since Boras wants a seven-year deal for Damon. Scott Boras didn’t return a phone message yesterday but he’s believed to be waiting until next week’s winter meetings in Dallas before accepting potential offers from interested clubs, though one executive said he expects the list will be short if seven years remains the price.

Regardless, the Yankees are still looking at former Padre Brian Giles but are concerned that their chances are dwindling. Giles’ agent, Joe Bick, said yesterday that with San Diego now out of the mix – the Padres and Giles broke off negotiations after it became clear they didn’t have a financial match – Giles’ options are wide open but the Yanks are privately skeptical that Giles truly wants to come to the East Coast.

The Dodgers have emerged as a strong candidate to land Giles, 34. Adding a corner outfielder is one of the Dodgers’ offseason priorities and new GM Ned Colletti knows that it likely will take a contract in the neighborhood of three years and $30 million to sign Giles.

The Yanks have expressed interest in Phillies outfielder Jason Michaels, but are waiting to hear back from the Phils about possible trade talks. They’ve also discussed troubled Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley (most team insiders are against acquiring him) and could opt to use Bubba Crosby at the start of the season and then hope the trade market loosens up during the summer.

Matthews On Carlos D’s Flip-Flop

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(Flushing’s new company man imagines Wally Matthews pitching batting practice without a safety net)

Newly acquired Mets 1B Carlos Delgado is in a bit of a quandry. Were he to continue his ongoing protest against the Iraq War by refusing to stand during the Sunday playing of “God Bless America”, he risks the ire of his new bosses, and some portion of the yack radio corps. By agreeing to take part in this dubious patriotic display, Delgado is now labelled a sell-out by Newsday’s Wallace Matthews.

In 1966, Muhammad Ali refused to submit to the draft and fight in a war he opposed on religious grounds. That decision cost Ali nearly four years of his athletic prime and countless millions.

Nearly 40 years later, Carlos Delgado, with more than $40 million guaranteed him over the next four seasons, has been faced with a choice not nearly so gut-wrenching and with none of the consequences that confronted Ali.

He could continue the silent protest he had begun as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays and continued during his one season as a Florida Marlin, in which he would slip away to the clubhouse while his teammates stood for the playing of “God Bless America.”

Or, if he wanted to fit in with the Mets, he could swallow his convictions and stand like everyone else.

Delgado chose the latter.

“Fred has asked and I’ve asked him to respect what the country wants to do,” said Mets senior executive vice president and first son Jeff Wilpon, who must not read the front of the newspaper. “If the team rule is everybody stands for ‘God Bless America,’ he’s going to stand. We told him we would like it if he did.”

The official line of Mets thinking is that to allow Delgado to continue his protest would create “a distraction” on the team. Delgado was asked yesterday if that was the case in Toronto or Florida.

“Not at all,” he replied. “It was never an issue.”

And yet, here, in a city that considers itself the most sophisticated in the country, if not the world, it seems as if conformity ranks second only to offensive production. “If you hit, they’re gonna like you,” Delgado said. “If you don’t hit, they’re gonna boo.”

No matter how well he performs as a Met, he already is less than he could have been.

Vescey In Lil’ Cease Name-Drop Stunner

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While the Houston Chronicle’s Johnathan Feigen suggests the Rockets’ inability to win without Tracy McGrady makes the MIA T-Mac an MVP candidate, the NY Post’s Peter Vescey is unimpressed with the way Jeff Van Gundy is coping with bad fortune.

Sounding very Larry Browntide-ish following his team’s seventh straight loss, Jeff Van Gundy podiumized the Rockets’ front line. For a minute straight, Houston’s Town Crier blanket indicted Yao Ming, Stromile Swift, Juwan Howard, et al., a half a dozen different ways for their alleged flagrant failure, game in and game out, to cover the pick and roll as per his faultless instructions.

Van Gundy, adding a page to Jim Bouton’s ageless book, “I managed good but, boy, did they play bad,” says he spends every waking hour trying to figure out how to get through to his imbecilic bigs regarding that particular defensive approach. This is just the latest working example, I submit, that infidelity has become the fastest spreading communicable disease. If there’s nothing holy within the Junior Mafia, if Lil’ Cease (above) had no compunction about turning on Lil’ Kim, and real life mafia members are turncoating every other trial, it’s no wonder coaches are giving up their players on an everyday basis.

Chat Show Weasel Disses Velvet Revolver

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the impossible has happened. TV yackmeister Jonathan Ross has managed to make Scott Weiland (above, right) seem like a sympathetic figure. From the Independent’s Arifa Akbar.

Five months ago, Jonathan Ross was the media anchorman for the Live8 Concert in Hyde Park where a line-up of famous artists performed to raise awareness of Third World debt.

Dressed in a characteristically flamboyant suit, he interviewed music icons such as Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams and Annie Lennox and spoke of the urgent need to “make poverty history”.

But this weekend, the television presenter was sounding a rather different note. Speaking to the singer, Damon Albarn, on his chat show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, he admitted he was filled with “regret” at not having spoken out against the lack of African performers at the event on 6 July and singling out bands such as Velvet Revolver and Pink Floyd’s reunion as part of his criticism.

“It was, at times, very patronising. I could have swapped Velvet Revolver for just about anyone. I can understand why they did it. They wanted maximum exposure in the Western media and to do that they need stories. Pink Floyd reforming gets you an awful lot of attention.

“Other acts were chosen to attract different parts of a Western audience, certainly to get the media attention, which they achieved and which they wouldn’t with African musicians,” he said.

But Michael Eboda, editor of the black newspaper, New Nation, which ran an investigation into how many blacks acts had been asked to perform, said Ross’s comments were too little, too late.

“Everyone’s forgotten about Live8 now. It’s a shame he [Ross] didn’t say this at the time. It may have had some impact, whereas now, it has very little effect,” he said.

I’m not sure what the big deal is. Surely Tim McGraw qualified as an African performer?


Pete Rose’s License To Ill Expires

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From the Associated Press :

Pete Rose’s eligibility for the baseball writers’ Hall of Fame ballot expired Monday when the 2006 candidates were announced, a group that includes Cy Young Award winners Orel Hershiser and Dwight Gooden.

Albert Belle, Will Clark and Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen were among 14 first-time candidates on the 29-man ballot. Bruce Sutter is the holdover who came closest to election, falling 43 votes shy last year

The headline above comes from Ben Schwartz who elaborates,

In other words, Pete Rose™s motivation to go public, publish books, and act contrite for crimes he still doesn™t admit he committed ALSO ENDS WITH his eligibility for the Hall of Fame EXPIRING. That means, Rose can go back to hustling without apologies and claim permanent martyr status in baseball next Shoeless Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver.

Then again, if Albert Belle makes it, the Hall will have all the bad attitude it needs to more than make up for Rose.

I would like to point out that Tom Sizemore is still very eligible for the Fake Penis Hall Of Fame. And congratulations, by the way, to John Lydon on his election to an equally rarified club.