Coming In August 2006 : Will Leitch Watches The “Lazy Sunday” Video

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With typical aplomb, Will Leitch (to say nothing of his cretinous readers) is in a tizzy today over a video of a Ball State undergrad stammering his way through a crap sports newscast.

Granted, it’s a funny video. Just as funny, in fact, when others linked to it in April of 2005. The only thing that could be funnier would be if it turned out the unfortunate would-be Mike Lynch had recently committed suicide.

Seems to me that if you’re gonna take the time to publicly ridicule someone for their complete and utter inability to function as a public speaker, you’d better have some chops of your own in said department. I’ve seen Will sweating bullets on ESPN2. I’ve heard his insomnia-cure cameos on Sports Bloggers Live. Suffice to say, if you had to choose from Radar O’Riley, Leon Spinks and Will Leitch for a recitation of the Gettysburg Address, the poetry of Robert Frost or just today’s blue plate specials, Will would come in third.

Ball State’s Brian Collins can take some solace in knowing that a few minutes of net video humilation is nothing compared to life as a Walking Blooper Reel.

Swindon’s Iffy : We Didn’t Hire Big Ron

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Despite numerous reports that much travel manager / disgraced TV pundit Ron Atkinson had taken a consultancy job at Swindon Town, manager Iffy Onuora denies having given Big Ron the gig.

Swindon on Wednesday denied they have appointed former Manchester United manager Ron Atkinson (above) as a consultant.

Atkinson, who lost two media jobs after a racist remark he made last year about French defender Marcel Desailly, was quoted as saying he would team up with Swindon’s black coach, Iffy Onuora.

But Onuora said Atkinson was only hosting a TV documentary at the club.

“We have got a staff of people here which I am very happy with,” Onuora said. “Results are showing we are not doing too bad. Any other help we will get will be great – but Ron is here to front a TV show.”

Currently in progress, QPR, looking to bounce back from their Boxing Day loss at Brighton, are leading Cardiff City 1-0 courtesy of a 47th minute goal from Marc Nygaard.

Live right now on FSC, the much maligned former QPR striker Peter Crouch has scored his 4th goal in his past 3 matches, Liverpool leading Everton, 2-1 at intermission.

Garland’s New Deal

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P John Garland (18-10 in 2005) and the White Sox avoided arbitration today, the right hander agreeing to a 3 year, $29 million deal.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Dean Kovacevic reports the Pirates have come to terms with 3B Joe Randa on a one-year deal worth $4 million. Just in time to shoot the cover of the Pirates’ 2006 Media Guide, then.

Molori : Burton Acts Like Journalist, Is Accused Of Masturbation

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Over at the finest blog ever named after a Germs song, Mediablitz’ John Molori comments on Ch. 38′s Steve Burton having the termerity to ask Patriots coach Bill Belichick a real question after New England’s Monday night win over the Jets.

(Belichick, wondering when TV-38 will cut everyone a break and put “Ask The Manager” back on the air)

After Belichick stated that Tedy Bruschi had tightness in his leg, Burton pressed on asking exactly what part of Bruschi™s leg was tight. Belichick typically dodged the question. Subsequently, Burton again questioned Belichick, politely asking why a key player like Bruschi is playing special teams in a game that was very much in hand.

A clearly agitated Belichick responded that the Patriots play to win. Burton™s questions were extremely valid and refreshing. In a region where the media largely falls at the feet of the three-time Super Bowl winning coach, Burton was direct and fearless.

In short, he did what no one else in the room had the guts to do. He took on one of the most intimidating and indomitable figures in New England sports history.

Later, Burton chased down Bruschi off the air and asked about his condition. According to Burton, Bruschi was walking with a noticeable limp and replied, œI™m fine. Burton asked again and Bruschi reiterated, œBurton, I™m fine. Kudos to Burton for flagging down Bruschi and getting an answer.

On Tuesday™s œBig Show on WEEI, œFifth Quarter cohost Steve DeOssie took issue with Burton™s line of questioning. DeOssie called Burton™s actions œmental masturbation and stated that he would never ask Belichick such questions because he already knows the answers. He also said that reporters who ask such questions are trying to show that they are tough guys.

DeOssie is, in my view, the best football commentator in the region, but in this case, he is out of line. You don™t have to be an ex-player to know that Belichick plays his starters longer than most coaches and that he values special teams as much as offense and defense.

We also know that he is never going to give any specifics on injuries. In fact, ABC™s Al Michaels had the line of the night when he said of Belichick™s injury silence, œIf you die, (the Patriots) list you as questionable.

XM Saves The Worst For Last

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XM has a funny way of thanking loyal subscribers for their support — the satellite provider is touting a December 31 broadcast in which Buzz Bissinger and Tony La Russa chew the fat about the former’s “3 Nights In August”, with said discussion moderated by none other than Tank McNamara’s twin brother from different mothers, Ronnie “Night Train” Lane.

The other media option for the evening, of course being the Stuart Scott / Little Steven Van Zandt ball-dropping, perhaps it would make sense to actually venture out of the house on New Year’s Eve.

The (Semi) Popular Music Of 2005, Neatly Summarized

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If the CSTB Top Whatever Of 2005 didn’t satiate your need to have the year in ruckity roll wrapped up, tune into to Her Jazz’ Maria on WPRB today from 2:30-5:30 EST, for another compelling point-of-view.

(Real Player, iTunes or Windows Media friendly)

Bayless Answers The Bell

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Subbing for Jim Rome this afternoon, the extremely tight-faced Skip Bayless (above) accepted Charles Barkley’s challenge to square off in “Celebrity Boxing” (surely both fighters have to be celebrities?) and went on to proclaim that despite being “17 or 18 years older than Charles…I’m in much better shape. I can outrun him for 15 rounds. He won’t even last two rounds with me.”

I do hope this match occurs, if only because it will give America’s No. One (thousand) author of books-for-teens something else to do other than sneer at depressed kids.

Kreutz’ Market : Bears C In Pro Bowl Flap With Fat Slob

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Sincere thanks are due to Olin Kreutz (left) and Pat Williams (right) for adding much needed intrigue to an otherwise meaningless Week 17 contest, if not the even less-meaningful Pro Bowl.

From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Brad Biggs.

Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams is out for revenge for what he feels was a Pro Bowl snubbing orchestrated by Kreutz, a charge the Bears center finds ridiculous. Don’t be surprised if Kreutz petitions coaches to let him play in an otherwise meaningless game, despite spraining an ankle Sunday at Green Bay.

Williams ripped Kreutz in a Nov. 4 article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, calling the five-time Pro Bowl player “a joke.”

”You all want to bump the guy up,” Williams said. ”Kreutz, he ain’t nothing but a joke. He’s been a joke since he came in the league. I’ve never respected the guy.”

The bad-mouthing was followed last week by comments from Angelo Wright, Williams’ agent, in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, alleging that Kreutz worked to blackball Williams in Pro Bowl voting by players. Williams finished in the top three among NFC defensive tackles in fan balloting but was not named to the team, passed over by, among others, the Bears’ Tommie Harris.

”I know for a fact that the Bears were upset about Pat’s comments about Olin Kreutz,” Wright told the Pioneer Press. ”So Kreutz and the players called around and were in cahoots to make sure Pat didn’t get votes.”

Those comments set off Kreutz, who started ahead of Minnesota’s Matt Birk in last season’s Pro Bowl.

”When [Williams] talks nonsense about me like that, I can respond in so many ways,” Kreutz said. ”I can attack him. I can call him a fat slob. I can tell him he has never made the Pro Bowl. I can say all of this stuff. Then his stupid agent comes out and says I am manipulating Pro Bowl votes. Like I actually know that many people.

”Obviously, if everyone likes you, you’re probably doing something wrong. I’m glad there is someone out there that hates my guts. It makes me feel good about myself.”

Gourmet Corner

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From Wednesday’s editions of The Mirror, a list of potential new menu items for Tom Conran’s insanely overrated and overpriced Lucky 7 (Westbourne Grove).

Fancy a Mars Bar sandwich washed down with a glass of milk and coke?

Or perhaps you’d prefer a buttered Weetabix.

The bizarre snacks are revealed in a survey of the nation’s most unusual eating habits.

The study, for bakers Warburtons, found we are increasingly keen to try new combinations.

Mandy Lloyd of Birmingham College of Food said: “People are becoming more adventurous.

“With a wide selection of food available they love to experiment.”

Top 10 most unusual concoctions: 1 Spaghetti Bolognese on a bed of crisps, 2 Mars Bar sandwich, 3 Chicken casserole with chocolate sauce, 4 Coca-Cola with milk, 5 Gherkins and ice cream, 6 Peanut butter and bacon sandwich, 7 Banana in chicken soup, 8 Honey and cheese sandwich, 9 Chocolate and salted crisps, 10 Coca-Cola and red wine.

Taking Names With Nate Robinson

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Knicks rookie G Nate Robinson led a spirited garbage time comeback against the Nets on Tuesday night, cutting a 21 point NJ lead to 7 and generally raising the level of intensity en route….to fouling out in 20 minutes of playing time. The New York Times’ Marek Fuchs on Robinson’s relationship with NBA referees.

Larry Brown seems to regard Robinson (above), appreciatively, as something of a puzzle – like a well-loved middle child who’s also something of a handful. Brown can often be seen counseling Robinson. “Half the time I’m talking about his emotions,” Brown said. “It’s not always basketball related.”

Instead, it is the way Robinson seems to gesture and express outrage over so many calls against the Knicks.

“He’s like a barrister,” Brown said. “He negotiates everything. I’m trying to get him to focus on basketball, the task at hand.”

Robinson said of his chats with Brown, “He’s just always telling me to keep my mouth shut.”

He said that some teammates, including the veteran Malik Rose, who fought with him in the locker room early this month, had advised him to romance the referees by calling them by their names.

But for a lively rookie making his first turn around the league, such advice is not easy to follow.

“There are so many different names, and they have the same names,” Robinson said. “There are a couple of Mikes, one Dick, I remember, and another guy – a Richard. It’s kind of easy, but at the same time it’s hard.”

The Newark Star-Ledger’s David Waldstein on a similar theme.

Referees around the league have already pegged Robinson as a problem child, a player who complains about every call, even though as a rookie he hasn’t yet earned the their respect or their whistles.

He’ll yell, “Hey, Ref,” at an official, instead of calling him or her by their first name, and make faces showing varying degrees of anguish every time the whistle blows against him. Referees, like everybody else, talk, and the word is spreading.

Referees know only what they see and hear, and they don’t appreciate a lack of respect from a 21-year-old rookie. One official, whom Robinson called “Ref,” gave the rookie the following terse response. “My name is Tim!”