Moose : Beat On The Brat With An (Aluminum) Bat

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You’d think a Stanford educated guy like Mike Mussina would realize there’s little to be gained by a pitcher shilling for an aluminium bat company in today’s climate.  From the New York Daily News’ Lisa Colangelo (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory).

“I can unequivocally state that non-wood bats are no more dangerous than their wooden counterparts,” said Mussina, speaking as a member of the board of Little League Baseball.

“Though less dangerous than many other sports, baseball is not without risk,” the pitcher added in a statement distributed by a public relations firm that represents a metal-bat manufacturer.

“However, if New York City were to ban nonwood bats for high school players, those kids would be no more safe than when they take the field today.”

City Councilman James Oddo (R-S.I.), the chief backer of the ban, criticized the veteran hurler for entering the fray with a reference to the broken nose Mussina suffered in a 1998 game.

“Had the ball that hit Mike Mussina come off an aluminum bat, he probably wouldn’t be around to make such a ridiculous comment,” said Oddo, a die-hard Mets fan.

Mussina’s endorsement of aluminum bats also disappointed Debbie Patch, a Montana woman whose 18-year-old son died after being hit in the head by a baseball two years ago.

“Brandon was such a Yankees fan,” said Patch, who testified at a City Council hearing on the legislation last month.

“Someone should ask Mike Mussina if he would pitch against Barry Bonds using a high-performance bat,” Patch said. “It’s like suicide out there.”

Worldwide Leader : Playmaker’s Mandingo Spiel No Big Thing

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It would appear as though the powers that be at Bristol University are eager to put Michael Irvin’s latest public embarrassment behind them with as little fanfare as possible. And with the possible exception of Rush Limbaugh, the person who should take the greatest offense at the network’s inaction…is Dan Patrick (above).

The speed with which ESPN sought to disassociate itself from Limbaugh following the hate fucker’s ill-advised remarks regarding Donovan McNabb left no doubt the Disney subsidiary knew what was at stake. Their NFL pregame show was under tremendous scrutiny and a perceived cavalier ‘tude towards Limbaugh’s controversial statements would’ve been seen as the height of corporate irresponsibility.

Conversely, a moroic, unfunny joke from Michael Irvin on a radio show so unpopular, it took the blogosphere to bring this story to national attention (take a bow, Pro Football Talk and The Big Lead) was probably the sort of thing the network figured no one of consequence would notice.

I’m sure Dan Patrick will accept an apology in writing.

Sultan-Shedding SF Eyeing Manny?

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We’ve read time and time again that for all his prodigious hitting talent, Barry Bonds is a clubhouse cancer. So with that in mind, who better to replace the Sultan Of Surly than the ultimate team player? From the SF Chronicle’s Henry Schulman.

Sources on Sunday confirmed that the Giants are among the teams talking seriously to the Red Sox about their disgruntled, temperamental yet unquestionably talented slugger. Ramirez, 34, is a .314 career hitter who has swatted at least 33 home runs with at least 102 RBIs in each of the last nine seasons.

If the Giants can pull this off, they would have one of the game’s premier offensive forces in the middle of their lineup. They also would have no room for Barry Bonds, as both are left fielders.

There are many obstacles to such a deal, although money might be the least of them. Ramirez is owed $14 million and $16 million, plus a total of $8 million in deferred salary, over the final two seasons of the eight-year, $168 million contract he signed with Boston.

One source said the Giants and Red Sox have discussed a trade between the teams and possible three-way deals. The talks were described as preliminary. Boston is unlikely to move Ramirez before sewing up free-agent outfielder J.D. Drew, whom the Giants are not pursuing.

Baltimore, having already invested $12 million on reliever Jamie Walker, has reportedly sunk a further $19 million into a 3 year deal for righty Danys Baez. Baez, who toiled for the Dodgers and Braves last season (5-6, 4.53 ERA), made no further appearances after being shelled by the Pirates on August 22.

Crying Unkle : Gay Theme Leaves Anonymous Puckhead Pouting

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The Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL’s willingness to lend their names and logos to the production of the upcoming film “Breakfast With Scot” was mentioned in this space Saturday ; the movie was described by the producers as “a thoughtful comedy, about a gay ex-Leaf and his partner, the team™s lawyer, whose lifestyle and relationship are turned upside down when they become the guardians of ‘a budding queen of an 11-year-old boy.’”

Slam Sports’ David Unkle consults Columbus’ Anson Carter (above), as well as a retired player who curiously, prefered not to reveal his identity (link courtesy Jason Cohen)
When asked about whether the use of the Leafs’ logo in a film of questionable content was appropriate, Carter commented, œThat™s a tough call.

œYou™re talking about a lifestyle”homosexuality and heterosexuality”it™s a choice…but people are people from my personal standpoint.

œWe have 700 players (in the NHL) and if we have one gay player in the league, I wouldn™t be that surprised.”

Carter went on to say that it wouldn™t bother him if a teammate was openly homosexual, œas long as you™re a good teammate and a good person…that™s all that matters to me.

At least one former NHL player (who preferred to remain anonymous) commented that the film œtarnished the sacred icon of Canada and the Maple Leafs™ organisation.

œWhat do you expect when you have a former basketball guy running the league, the player stated, in reference to Commissioner Gary Bettman’s previous tenure in the National Basketball Association.

At the risk of regurgitating an earlier point, indeed, it would be very, very sad if anything was done to tarnish the Maple Leafs’ good name.


Raiders Foiled By The Fumble That Wasn’t

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(who knew the Aaron Brooks Fan Club would be allowed to display their own banner in San Diego?)

Isn’t it enough revenge for the league, watching Al Davis slowly die while his franchise sinks into further irrelevence?

While taking zilch away from Vince Young’s most impressive day as a pro, the Giants blowing a 21 point lead with 10 minutes left against the Titans was a choke job for the ages. Rookie DE Mathias Kiwanuka seemingly had VY in his grasp on 4th and 10 with 2:48 left and Big Blue clinging to a 21-14 advantage, but the former must’ve momentarily thought he was playing touch football. Colonel Coughlin promptly went apeshit ; the next time the Giants lose their composure, there are no prizes for guessing who set the terrific example.

While it is far too early to pronouce Eli Manning a total bust, he’s having a crap second half of the season for the 2nd year in a row. The second of his two passes picked off by Pacman Jones could only be characterized as something other than ill-advised if Eli had bet money on Tennessee. Congrats to the current generation of Giants fans, you’ve now experienced your very own Joe Pisarcik moment.

Brewers Acquire Catcher Estrada, Sultan’s Rep Negotiates With Imaginary Suitors

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Milwaukee has garned the services of an NL All-Star receiver (circa 2004) in a deal broken down by the Journal-Sentinel’s Tom Haudricourt.

The Brewers acquired starting catcher Johnny Estrada, right-hander Claudio Vargas and reliever Greg Aquino from Arizona in exchange for left-hander Doug Davis and minor-leaguers Dana Eveland and David Krynzel.

The key to the deal for the Brewers is Estrada, 30, who batted .302 with 11 home runs and 71 RBI in 115 games last season. Damian Miller, who began the year as the Brewers’ No. 1 catcher, was banged up throughout the second half and played sparingly, hitting .207 with one homer and 10 RBI.

Estrada, who batted .329 left-handed and .272 right-handed last season, is a free swinger who doesn’t walk much (13 times in 414 at-bats) but also puts the ball in play (40 strikeouts). The Brewers have been one of the top strikeout teams in the league in recent seasons, and GM Bob Melvin cited that factor in his interest in Estrada.

Melvin said he was not looking to trade Davis, but the Diamondbacks were short of left-handed pitching and asked for him in any deal for Estrada. Melvin, in turn, asked for a starting pitcher back, and Vargas was included in the trade.

Davis, 31, was a fixture in the Brewers’ rotation since late in the 2003 season. He went 37-36 in 111 starts, never missing a turn while surpassing 200 innings in each of his three full seasons with the club.

, as their practice, reports that today marks the 44th birthday of Chuck Finley. Though I neglected to send Chuck a card this year, it is probably consolation enough knowing that Tawney Kitaen might soon be incarcerated.

If you’re a Pirates fan bummed out over your team’s recent inactivity, buck up. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Dean Kovacevic ID’s a number of players that oughta be on the club’s wishlist, including Adam Dunn (too expensive), Aubrey Huff (supposedly, not on the Bucs’ radar) and Kip Wells (said to be unwilling to return).

Barry Bonds’ agent Jeff Borris, as quoted by the New York Times’ Murray Chass.

œTeams I™m having discussions with are having their managers and players call Barry to urge him to play in their cities.

The above statement leads me to conclude one of the following :

1) Borris — whose Beverly Hills Sports Council is strangely without a web presence — is suffering from the same delusional thinking as the guy who claims he’s leading an invisible posse of anti-CSTB zealots.
2) he’s totally full of shit.
3) both of the above.

I’ve neglected to check out Bobby Valentine’s site for a few weeks, so I missed the introduction of Bobby V’s new line of actionwear.

I don’t wanna be mean, but even David Wright would think twice before wearing this.

Falcon Flips Bird

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I’ve got to give Atlanta’s embattled Michael Vick a ton of credit. Another QB in his situation, after having been let down by his offensive line, Algie Crumpler missing an assignment, Roddy White dropping a couple of passes and the ATL defense proving more porous than ever, would’ve sulked up a storm in the wake of a 31-13 defeat to New Orleans.

Vick, however, took the opportunity, not once, but twice, while leaving the field today, to let his fans know, “We’re Number One.”

Either that, or he was waving to the coach’s dad.

Mushnick, Gassy Knoll-It-All

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From Phil Mushnick in Sunday’s New York Post,

Although Wednesday was Nov. 22nd, the anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and although WFAN programming included somber recognition, WFAN also continued to run an for “Seinfeld” DVDs, one that carried word that George Costanza getting married is even “bigger than the JFK assassination!”

Even worse, Friday marked the anniversary of the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Phil has nothing to say about the Nike logo that’s been superimposed on the left jacket sleeve of Jack Ruby.

Much Ado About A Member Of The Dolphins Practice Squad

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Like clockwork, every Monday I receive an email from a polite gent representing AOL’s Fanhouse section, requesting that I link to an item or two. Though I generally try to link to stuff I read (though not necessarily endorse), I do understand the Fanhouse is trying gamely to build an audience.

So with that in mind, here’s some linkage. The Fanhouse’s Ira Cohen has what we in the bloggity blog trade like to call a hard on for Virginia Tech, so much so that his laundry list of VT atrocities includes a lengthy summary of Marcus Vick’s track record. Along with dubbing ‘Lil Vick “Ron New Mexico” (no need to attribute the nickname to whoever came up with it), Cohen helpfully suggests “for the sake of the Virginia football and the world at large, keep your legs closed next time, Mrs. Vick.”

Tremendous stuff. By all means, Mrs. Cohen, keep your legs wide open so that you might continue to produce offspring capable of writing that is as witty as it is timely.

Enjoying NFL Week 12 : No Reason For Jake Plummer To Turn Down A 2nd Slice Of Pizza

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A responsible blogger would be paying closer attention to Chester Taylor imposing his will on the Arizona Cardinals. I, however, am far more consumed with the question of whether or not Childress Mustache.com is any more or less terrifying than Sal’s Pals.

There’s a fascinating clash of offensive styles taking place in the Georgia Dome. New Orleans’ Drew Brees (9/12, 201 yards, 2 TD’s) had a monster first half, while the Falcons’ most impressive running threat, for better or worse, remains QB Michael Vick. Nice grab by the Saints’ Terrence Copper on a Brees Hail Mary at the end of the half, but there’s no way that ball should’ve been caught. 30 defenders camped out in the end zone and nobody can bat the pass down? The words “coach killers” come to mind.

Baltimore’s Bart Scott knocked Ben Roethlisberger out briefly, though the Steelers’ Biker Rock Loser might wanna stay down next time. The Ravens seem well on their way to winning their 5th in a row, proving that good things happen to those who part ways with Jim Fassell. Other than the Giants.

The Rams’ Steve Jackson is narrowly ahead in his 1pm duel with SF’s Frank Gore
, and while St. Louis have been decidedly average thus far in ’06, there’s no reason they can’t run the table the rest of the way, save for a Dec. 11 meeting with the Bears.

The only drama remaining in Cleveland today is whether or not the Browns keep Ocho Cinco out of the end zone. Well, that and whether Charlie Frye attempts fewer than 25 passes in the 2nd half.

Jay Culter will supplant Jake Plummer
as the Broncos starting QB when the Broncos play Seattle on December 3. Keep in mind, however, there are far more important things in the world to worry about.