Whitlock Warns His Younger Readers About The Real Meaning Behind Baggy Trousers

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(memo to Suggs : there’s a guy in K.C. who thinks you’re a wannabe prison bride).

Now that Big Sexy’s characterization of a “Black KKK” has won nationwide attention, AOL Sports’ Jason Whitlock, clearly replying to his critics, writes “I don’t hate hip hop. I hate what it has become,” claiming “prison culture swallowed hip-hop culture, turning party music into a celebration of violence, hostility, disrespect and drug-dealing.”

Prison culture is winning. It has corrupted a form of music that once gave us great joy and/or offered inspiration. Prison culture — with its BET and MTV videos, popular movies, acceptance in the mainstream media and false gods — Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg — has perverted the American dream for black youth.

Our children think they’re participating in a culture that is meant to empower them. Hip hop — disguised in low-hanging platinum chains, 24-inch rims, platinum grills and other flossy material possessions — cripples black youth and infects them with a prison mindset that even NFL and NBA dollars can’t seem to shake.

Hip hop is filled with hostility and disrespect, the tools needed to survive while incarcerated. Hip hop cares little about family and knows nothing of the rewards of parenting. You don’t parent in prison; you baby-daddy in prison. Hip hop judges love by your willingness to embrace evil — ride (kill) or die.

Just like the Ebonics language, the tattoos and cornrows are straight from the prison playbook. So are the sagging pants, which started as a way for gay prisoners to signal their availability for action.

The rappers love to tell you they’re keeping it real, but they leave out so much to the hip hip/prison culture story. “Gangbanging” and being a “rider” is glorified. They don’t tell you that much of the violence played out on the streets is directly related to the love affairs that play out behind bars.


Don’t Be Talking To Joe Morgan About Voting Qualifications

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Taurine Dream’s Hot Shit College Student claims he’s not link hunting, but he’s getting one anyway. Following the failure of the Veterans Committe to elect anyone to the Hall Of Fame (again), here’s Joe Morgan sounding a mite bit defensive (MP3)

There’s a Tim Hardaway Joke In Here Somewhere

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Craigslist makes the world go ’round:

Media Out Loud is seeking Freelance Writers for Sports Out Loud, the best gay sports magazine in the world.

Magazine experience not necessary but a plus. Be comfortable covering the gay sporting community; also be capable of interviewing high profile sports figures.

Just one question: Exactly how many gay sports magazines in the world are there?

Lute Olson Responds to Parkinson’s Rumors

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Much as I despise University of Arizona and that, once again, the Wildcats dropped my Sun Devils (barely) on Sunday, there’s not much to laugh at in this story. UA coach Lute Olson, 72, addressed in a conference call rumors he has Parkinson’s disease.

From the Tucson Citizen:

“It’s a complete lie,” Olson said. “I have physicals like everyone else does. There is absolutely no medical indication of a problem of that type.
“It’s a vicious rumor that gets passed on. It’s totally false. If need be, I can get my doctor to indicate that it’s totally false.”
Olson said he decided to address the rumors for several reasons: A television station began to work on a story two weeks ago, a sports talk radio caller mentioned it and a fan came up to him today and asked him about it.

Plus, “This is the kind of thing you get from people you are recruiting against,” Olson said.

“If the rumor is going around here, it’s certainly going to be passed around (the nation),” Olson said.
“I’m healthy. When you get nervous, you start to shaking a little. But most people my age do (shake).”

It’d be appalling, though not unprecedented, if opposing coaches were using that dagger in recruiting. However, Lute seems to have opened the door himself to ageism attacks by saying, “Most people my age do shake.”

Having admitted Sunday after the game that he doesn’t have a “handle” on his team, Olson can’t possibly stick around at UA much longer. At least that’s the hope 100 miles to the north in Tempe.

So Much Photo Manipulation…

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….and still, not even a staged hug for A-Rod! From MSNBC.com and the AP :

Derek Jeter drew quite a crowd for this at-bat ” President Bush waving in the stands, Mickey Mantle studying from the dugout.

Made for a perfect picture on Jeter™s new baseball card. Of course, the game never happened.

Instead, this Topps triple play was just someone™s idea of a visual gag. It was a card trick ” somebody at the company produced it through digital manipulation.

œWe saw it in the final proof and we could have axed it, Topps spokesman Clay Luraschi told The Associated Press on Tuesday. œBut we decided to let it run, we wanted to print it. We thought it was hilarious.”

Here’s three words I bet you hoped you’d never have to see together on the same page : “Fran Healy” and “podcast”.

Schilling : Weight Questions Are An Inside Job

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Boston’s Curt Schilling continues to protest that too much is being made of his physical fitness (or lack thereof), all but naming and shaming Larry Lucchino in the process. From the Boston Globe’s Steve Buckley.

œI know that the comments that (sportswriters) make are a lot of times given to them by some unnamed source in the organization, which is disappointing, Schilling said yesterday. œBecause I know it™s people talking who haven™t said a word to me. That™s the way it always works. They™ll try to get a message to us through you (media) guys sometimes without putting their name to it.

Schilling would not name which member or members of the organization are speaking behind his back. But he did excuse Red Sox manager Terry Francona and general manager Theo Epstein (above, right) from his harangue.

œWhen Tito (Francona) has something to say, he™ll say it, Schilling said. œTito will never try to get a message to me through (the media). You know what I™m saying? But there are other people, and it™s in every organization, where they want to inspire a player, motivate a guy, they™ll go to the media and say, ˜Hey, we think so and so and so.™ You know how that works.

When it was pointed out to Schilling that New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner often has criticized players through the media, Schilling said, œHe never did it anonymously, which I like.

Asked specifically which Red Sox employees he believes are making anonymous comments about him to the media, Schilling™s response, verbatim, was as follows: œPeople. No specific person. And nobody in mind. I just know that this is one of those organizations that there will be things said in the paper from a writer that you know didn™t come from the writer that came from somebody here that wanted to get a message to a player without telling him themselves.

In an unrelated story, GPS manufacturer Tom Tom have enlisted Schilling as one of 70 preloaded voices that can be selected the next time you’re lost in Southie. Though if you’re in a hurry, you might wanna opt for another celebrity.

Quote Of The Day Award goes to Feeding The Monster’s Seth Mnookin, who after reading Murray Chass’ latest Times column (“for the longest time, I had no idea what VORP meant and didn™t care enough to go to any great lengths to find out. I asked some colleagues whose work I respect, and they didn™t know what it meant either,”) was compelled to respond,
It™s been a good long time since I™ve heard a reporter actually brag about his total and utter lack of curiosity regarding his work

I loved watching baseball in the days when I couldn™t identify a breaking ball from high and tight heat. But if it was my job to watch baseball games and then inform the public about these very same games, I™d sure as shit make sure I knew everything I could about the sport, regardless of what language I used to write about what was taking place on the field.

It’s True, It’s True : Albert’s Totally Clean New Pal

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From the Associated Press :

Slugger Albert Pujols and wrestler Kurt Angle took turns slugging balls in the Cardinals batting cages while Pujols took part in spring training.

Angle was present as part of Team Eckstein, named after World Series MVP David Eckstein. Eckstein is a lifelong wrestling fan and played the role of manager for a professional wrestling match in Orlando earlier this month.

Angle took Pujols’ batting pointers to heart.

“By the time he retires, he’ll be considered one of the best ever. It was an honor him telling me what to do in there. It would be like me getting him in the ring,” Angle said.

“I really admire these guys because of their work ethic and the way they go all year long,” Angle said.

Bud Selig and George Mitchell might be interested to know that last August, Angle was granted his release from the WWE for unspecified “personal reasons”. Such a move is analogous to the San Francisco Giants making Barry Bonds a free agent in the middle of the season.

Knicks’ Crawford Done For The Season

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The morning after one of the Knicks’ more encouraging results of the year — a 99-93 defeat of Miami that included some sterling 4th quarter play by Stephon Marbury (25 points, 18 in the final stanza), shockingly competent D from Malik Rose, and yet another clutch 3-pointer from Jamal Crawford (shown above, Zapruder-stylee!) — New York’s playoff hopes were dealt a serious blow. WFAN is reporting this afternoon that Crawford has suffered a right ankle stress fracture and is unlikely to return this year.

Since I’ve been all-too willing to link to those eager to dump on Jason Whitlock, in the interests of equal time, True Hoop’s Henry Abbott has stressed that Big Sexy (cough) wasn’t totally out to lunch.

I do not startle easily, and I’m telling you, Whitlock is not wrong when he says that the crowd at All-Star was dangerous. Forget baggy pants. Forget skin color. The scene was bad, and any event organizer would tell you that if you were organizing this event again next year, you’d want to make sure it went better. I have no expertise in this area, I’m not sure what crowd control changes (no guns might be one, come to think of it…) to recommend. But I’m pretty sure you don’t want that many people that drunk and violent in that way again, if it’s avoidable.

The Trade Deadline Where Something Actually Happens

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While Bill Guerin’s been moved from St. Louis to San Jose, Rangers coach Tom Renney (as quoted by Newsday’s Steve Zipay) refutes reports that Jaromir Jagr is on the block. Zipay’s colleague, Mike Casey claims the Blueshirts have requested Todd Bertuzzi’s medical records (presumably for some purpose besides identifying his corpse), and the Detroit Free Press’ Helene St. James writes the Red Wings have been offered Islanders F Jason Blake (above).

On Monday, Vancouver acquired Bryan Smolinski from the Blackhawks in exchange for a 2nd round draft choice. Orland Kurtenblog’s Mike Halford was inspired enough to do some heavy research :

He is often referred to as “Smoke”. May I make the humble suggestion that, whenever Smolinski scores a goal in a Canuck uniform, celebration must include torching a bowl, or – at the very least – digging a roach out of the ashtray and sparking it.

- One Chicago forum guy hates the deal and is posting a minute-by-minute countdown to when he can go home and drink the six-pack he bought on his lunch hour. It’s Monday, by the way.

(UPDATE : WFAN is reporting the Rangers have dealt D Aaron Ward to Boston for player to be named later. I’m pretty sure he won’t be named Derek Sanderson.)

Your Big Chance To Have Something Spilled On You

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Dear Friends,

I’ll be delving deep into my vast archive of recorded material this evening at the Beauty Bar (617 E. 7th St., Austin) from 10pm ’til closing. While I hope to see you there, please be advised that while I’d love to take requests,

a) I strongly dislike Hall & Oates. Especially Oates.
b) if it was just about hearing your favorite shit, we’d go over to your house and I’d pay you $5 for a drink while you looked (in vain, hopefully) for that Hall & Oates record
c) I won’t be taking requests.

All of that said, I can promise you it will be a fun evening. For me, at least. And unless you’re some kind of selfish creep, isn’t that really the most important thing?

see you tonight,