Robbery At The Erwin Center : Wisconsin’s Flowers Responsible For Texas’ First Home Loss

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Texas – still unbeaten against anyone who’s not in the Big Ten!

Results aside, this was an early game-of-the-season contender, and if Damion James continues to improve as much he’s shown in the past 5 weeks, talking heads and opposing coaches will have something else to gush over besides the guard tandem of Augustin and Abrams.

Motherwell’s O’Donnell, Dead At 35

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From The Scotsman :

Motherwell captain Phil O’Donnell died on Saturday after he collapsed during his team’s match with Dundee United.

The 35-year-old midfielder fell to the Fir Park ground just as he was about to be replaced by Marc Fitzpatrick. O’Donnell was taken to Wishaw General Hospital where he later died, club chairman Bill Dickie confirmed. He was pronounced dead at 5.18pm.

After been treated for around five minutes on the field the former Celtic player was carried off on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.

O’Donnell’s nephew, David Clarkson, who also playing in the match, was taken off after being alarmed by the incident.

O’Donnell, who won one Scotland cap, began his career with Motherwell and rejoined the club in 2004 following spells with Celtic, who he joined in a £1.75 million deal in 1994, and Sheffield Wednesday.

ATHF’s Carl : Singlehandedly Putting Wayne Root Out Of Business

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Austin’s First Place Toros

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(Da Bull, prior to his glorious rebirth in lucky silver & black)

Somewhat (cough) obscured locally amidst coverage of the no. 9 Longhorns (tipping off against Wisconsin in a few minutes) and UT football’s 4th consecutive bowl victory, the Austin Toros (9-4) have claimed 1st place in the D-League’s Southwest Division with last night’s 113-87 defeat of Tulsa. Said victory was achieved without the services of PG Keith Langford, summoned by the parent Spurs earlier in the day (and held scoreless in 4 minutes of action during San Antonio’s 83-73 loss to Toronto).

Langford became the 4th member of the Toros to suit up for the defending NBA champs this season, joining Marcus Williams, Ian Mahinmi and Darius Washington. Washington was waived by San Antonio this week, and while he didn’t accomplish much during his limited opportunities coming off the bench for the Spurs, he did average an eye-popping 28 points /6 assists per game earlier in the year with the Toros. The chances of his challenging Manu Ginobili or Tony Parker for playing time were pretty slim, but as of today, he’s a free agent and represents a far more appealing option at point guard than say, Nate Robinson.

Pedro : I Failed To Take Advantage Of Modern Chemistry

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Or to paraphrase Alan Partridge, “needles to say, Pedro Martinez had the last laugh”. From the New York Daily News’ Christian Red.

“When a report reveals that close to 100 players were using steroids, I thank God that I’ve always pitched clean,” Martinez said in an interview in Spanish with the Dominican newspaper Listin Diario. Martinez was in Santo Domingo Thursday to receive a plaque recognizing his baseball accomplishments, part of an awards ceremony for the Dominican winter baseball season.

“Even when I felt pain in my arm, I got on the mound and pitched in that condition. I was a dominant pitcher in the steroids era,” said Martinez. “That was a difficult period for pitchers and it makes me happy that all I have done in baseball has been clean. No one can question me.”

Martinez, who returned from rotator cuff surgery on his pitching shoulder to make five starts in 2007, also said he had planned to try and pitch for the Licey Tigers team this winter in the Dominican, but that the Mets had advised him against doing so. With one season left on his four-year deal with the club and with GM Omar Minaya so far failing to sign a replacement for departed southpaw Tom Glavine, the Mets can ill afford to lose Martinez.

And on that note, Steve at the Eddie Kranepool Society can accept the pursuit of Jon Lieber under the circumstances. And while I’d rather see Lieber in a Mets uniform than stomach the thought of Kyle Lohse cashing in, it does appear as the notion of strating Aaron Heilman will never be seriously considered.


Dear Motherfucking Content Thieves, Pt. II

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Bad enough that Blackwater’s Xmas card didn’t announce a donation to The Human Fund —- the copy is 100% stolen from CSTB’s 2003 greeting to advertisers and investors.

At Long Last, The Wait Is Over : ESPN To Cover Rugby AND Cannibalism!

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Well, sort of. Newsday’s Neil Best reports that Chris Connelly — man cannot live by exploiting terminally ill children year-round — will helm an “Outside The Lines” telecast next week centered on a 1972 plane crash in the Andes mountains. Said crash and resulting efforts by the surviviors to consume human flesh, have already been dramatized in the motion picture “Alive”, culled from the 1974 book by Piers Paul Read.

If you’re not psyched about staring at Chris Connelly and Bob Ley, you can always just stick to YouTube.

The Tireless Activism Of Manute Bol

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“It’s funny,” writes DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg “when you get an e-mail with a subject line reading ‘Manute Bol Takes on the Candidates in Iowa,’ you figure it’s gonna contain nothing but hilarity and photos of Manute Bol wearing an Abraham Lincoln hat.”

Then, when you read the e-mail, it turns out that Manute Bol is actually holding a press conference and rally on the west steps of the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines on Tuesday afternoon, while joined by hundreds of Sudanese U.S. citizens, who will be demanding the Presidential candidates address atrocities in Darfur and throughout Sudan. Among their questions:

What would you do to end the genocide in Darfur?

Should the U.S. deal with the Government of Sudan by segmenting Darfur, Southern Sudan, Nubia etc. as separate and isolated matters, or with Sudan as a whole?

Actually, Bol’s an old hand at this kind of thing — most of his public stunts over the years (KO’ing the Fridge, putting on skates for minor league hockey) were with the express purpose of raising loot or awareness about events in the Sudan.

I eagerly await the results of Tuesday’s activity, mostly ‘cuz if I continue reading this I’ll be laughing too hard to get any work done next week.

Yankee Legend In His Own Mind Charged With DUI, Vehicular Homicide

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Supplier of the sordid link, Kevin Rys writes, “someone should tell Jim Leyritz that alcohol is not a performance enhancing drug when it comes to driving.” From WPLG Miami :

Police said Jim Leyritz was behind the wheel of a Ford SUV that collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Southwest Seventh Avenue and Second Street in the Himmarshee area of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The impact caused the other car to roll over and the female driver of that vehicle was ejected and she died after being taken to Broward General Medical Center, police said.

Leyritz was arrested on suspicion of DUI because he refused a Breathalyzer test, police said.Leyritz is being held on $11,000 bond. According to police records, he was booked at 4:30 a.m. Friday.

Simply awful stuff. While there’s no word yet on how this incident will impact Leyritz’ employment with MLB Radio, surely there’s some kind of job in the St. Louis Cardinals organization?

Mr. Loser Pretends The Giants Will Play To Win

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While the Boston Herald’s Mike Felger concludes the 15-0 Patriots “beat up on a weak league”, the ever-excitable Steve Serby of the New York Post would have you believe the Giants are sold on the questionable import of tomorrow night’s clash with New England.

The Yankees are hated for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they have won 26 championships. Everyone wanted to knock off John Wooden’s UCLA teams, especially the ones with Lew Alcindor sky-hooking opponents into submission. Oh, how they hated Red Auerbach for lighting up those victory cigars during his Celtics reign of terror. Wilt Chamberlain once bemoaned the fact that nobody likes Goliath.

Now, here come the Hatetriots, the 15-0 Hatetriots, marching into Giants Stadium, and only the Giants are standing between them and the first 16-0 regular season.

The last thing the Giant players want, even with a wild-card playoff game in Tampa the following week, is to wave a white flag and surrender to the perfect team so close to becoming Greatriots.

They would much prefer to stop the Hatetriots.

Even as they fully understand it is Tom Coughlin’s decision as to who plays and how much and who rests, an umistakeable œnot against us” mentality has gripped them and won’t let go.

It is as if they feel compelled in some way to defend the honor of the rest of the league.

On the road, where they are 7-1, it is œus against the world” for the Giants.

Tomorrow night, it is Hatetriots against the world, and the world outside New England is with the Giants.

Good job, then, to Big Blue’s Osi Umenyiora (“I’m what you’d commonly refer to as a hater”), who hypnotized Serby with promises of not-lying-down (“we are a brotherhood and nobody really wants to see a team just looks that much better than everybody else”), thus ignoring the most obvious scenario of all : Col. Coughlin’s job is on the line, and if a starter were injured tomorrow evening in pursuit of a meaningless win while the club still has a shot (however remote) at winning a Super Bowl, he’s almost certainly headed back to college football.

The only outcome I’m rooting for would be Jared Lorenzen putting up crazy numbers against N.E. backups, thus leading to a public outcry for Eli’s benching against the Buccaneers. Sure, it’ll never happen, but neither will New York’s first-stringers be allowed to risk injury late in the game, not if Coughlin has an ounce of smarts remaining. Umenyiora knows this, and chance are, so does Steve Serby.