MetsBlog’s Chat With Mex : SNY’s Two Most Valuable Properties Compare Notes

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Metslog’s Matthew Cerrone has posted an exceptional Q&A with Keith Hernandez today…and I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering just how much longer we’re gonna have to wait to read about Chris Cotter’s Turn On’s and Turn Off’s.

Matthew Cerrone:  I see a guy like Derek Jeter, and there are reports him going out and he lives the life of a 28-year-old guy, as he should, but he balances it. He is able to perform month in and month out and never let it get to him. And there are some players that you hear about who do the same thing, but they just can™t make that balance. Maybe they are going through something in their personal lives, who knows, but that off field starts to creep in.

Keith Hernandez: You can look at Tony Romo from Cowboys, right? He™s going to eat all that because of Jessica Simpson. I just told my wife that he is adding an extra element there and it makes a better story for the media if he looses.

Matthew Cerrone: Exactly. So, how do you clear your head and just focus on the game?

Keith Hernandez: Well, what™s most important? I mean, you can™t sit home. I never felt that you could go home and walk the straight line. You will have a nervous breakdown when you are trying to break in to the league. You have got to have some sort of diversion outside the game. It doesn™t mean that you are just chasing women. I think it™s a natural thing for men to go out with gals “ and vice versa. Most of these kids when they come up are in their twenties. They are not married. So, they are not going to stay home. For me, that™s the worst thing you can do. I am not saying, ˜Go out until 4:00 in the morning.™ But, the focus has always got to be on, it should be on, baseball¦You know, ˜I™m not here to get in to a Met uniform so that I can go out with 1500 girls,™ you know. Instead, my objective is to have a twenty-year career, a fifteen-year career. That™s always got to be the focus.

Matthew Cerrone: And that™s the mental end? Right? On the physical end¦Actually, Ron Darling was telling me how he thought Jose Reyes might have tried to steal too many bases, where his body was getting to a point where maybe it was breaking down¦

Keith Hernandez: Umm, how old is Jose by the way?

Matthew Cerrone: 24 years old.

Keith Hernandez: Lou Brock was 35 when he pulled 118 bases.

Gayelle Sayers, Gayelle Goodrich Unavailable For Comment

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D-Listed writes “I have no idea if this shit is old news and I’m barely getting in on it, but what the hell?” Old news, indeed.

Gayelle is the gayest thing I ever heard of in my life. Hey, but if that’s what you want to be called, more power to you. I will gladly call you Gayelle to your face and then turn around and call you a “stupid dyke” behind your back. I won’t say it too loud, because I’m scared of Gayelles. They can beat me up. And for the record, all the lesbians I know would never want to be called a Gayelle. If they did, I would have to dick slap them and that wouldn’t be pleasant for either of us.

The resulting comments from D-List readers are a bit of a minefield (to say nothing of the original post), but I’ll give the individual authors a small bit of credit — it beats wading through the comments that follow Kelly Dwyer’s NBA Experts Blog entries.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I Think We’ve Found Our Next Mark Schlereth

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“I know it’s dated” writes long-long CSTB commentator Tommy Hoops, “but when you think about it, it’s also timeless.”

Indeed, and perhaps trend-setting. Who amongst us would complain if Andrew Siciliano started wearing a mask?

ESPN’s Jacobsen : Not Merely Drunk In Public, But Crazily Anti-Catholic, Too

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I don’t know if “First Take”‘s Dana Jacobsen has the Feederz’ “Jesus Entering From The Rear” on her iPod, but she can borrow mine anytime she likes. While Ms. Jacobsen’s behavior at a recent Atlantic City roast of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic has been noted elsewhere, it appears her anti-Golic sentiments make Frank Expression’s sound positively rational by comparison. From World Net Daily (link swiped from Awful Announcing) :

Jacobson, reportedly intoxicated, was speaking at a celebrity roast in Atlantic City, N.J., when she unleashed a profane tirade, saying, “F— Notre Dame,” “F— Touchdown Jesus” and finally “F— Jesus.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said he pressed ESPN on the issue and received an e-mail with an unsatisfactory statement by Jacobson.
The statement said, in part, “My remarks about Notre Dame were foolish and insensitive. I respect all religions and did not mean anything derogatory by my poorly chosen words.”

Donohue contended the response “fails on several counts.”

“First, there is no evidence that ESPN is taking this matter seriously,” he said. “Are we to believe that her hate speech is of no consequence?”

Finally, the Catholic leader said, “By far the most offensive thing she said, ‘F— Jesus,’ isn’t even addressed!”

“It is obvious, then, that neither Jacobson nor ESPN is dealing with this matter in a professional way,” Donohue declared. “To put this issue behind them, ESPN must deal with this issue quickly, publicly and fairly, something it has yet to do. After all, most Christians are yet unaware of this event, but once they learn of it, they are sure to demand accountability.”

On the contrary, Mr. Donohue, there’s a tremendous consequence. Dana has just supplanted Zach Selwyn as my favorite ESPN personality of all time.

Berman : MSG Goons Roughed Me Up

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On the Wednesday morning Larry Brown described an intensely creepy work environment at Madison Square Garden, the New York Post’s Marc Berman has further firsthand details of an incident during Monday’s loss to the Celtics, previously reported by fellow Knicks beat writer, Newsday’s Ken Berger.

As I and two other Knick writers, David Waldstein and Ken Berger, were leaving the Garden rotunda after interviewing Giants Plaxico Burressand R.W. McQuarters, we noticed a fan being jostled by security and led out of the building early in the third quarter.

Because of the incident last month in which a fan named Jason Silverstein was ejected for holding up a “Fire Isiah” sign, we were naturally curious what had happened now. I had overheard the fan tell security his crime was yelling for Jared Jeffries to be taken out of the game.

As we followed the alleged heckler being escorted out, about four Garden security officers tried intercepting our path.
I got pushed around pretty good by a couple of the green blazers while in chase of the heckler, as security became more physical than anything that happened between Quentin Richardson and Paul Pierce.

Suddenly, a security officer, in the heat of the moment, yanked my press credential right off my neck as I walked.
The green blazers screamed for us to back off, saying we were not allowed to be in the rotunda, which is false. When we realized it wasn’t worth getting further manhandled, we stopped. Waldstein shouted at the fan for his phone number. The fan shouted it over the din.

Moments later, we were reprimanded by the security chief and he took our names – as if we about to be reported to the principal or Jim Dolan. The security chief informed us Jones was ejected for hurling profanities and couldn’t understand why we had the audacity to want to speak with him.

I spoke yesterday to Jones, a 28-year-old Brooklyn studio musical engineer who went to school with Stephon Marbury at Lincoln, two grades behind. Jones was more upset about being manhandled than being tossed. He had sneaked down at halftime from the 300 level to the lower bowl to shout a message to Isiah Thomas on his substitution patterns.

“They said they were doing it because I said, ‘ass,’ Jones said.

There’s A Call On Line One From A Real Texan

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The above clip comes via the eagle eye of Josh Weill. Responds David Roth, “this is easily the most pissed off I’ve ever heard Wade Phillips.”

Marathoner Ngetich, Dead At 34

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From the AP :  (link courtesy Sam Frank)

Wesly Ngetich, 34, who won the Grandma™s Marathon in Duluth, Minn., in 2005 and 2007, was fatally shot with an arrow, the second international athlete to die as Kenya struggles with post-election chaos, a sports official and a fellow athlete said Tuesday. Ngetich and other Kenyans had withdrawn from the Rock ™n™ Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon because of the strife in Kenya.

The former Olympic runner Lucas Sang was hacked to death in western Kenya during the election violence.A fellow athlete said Ngetich was caught in a dispute between ethnic groups Monday in Trans Mara, on the outskirts of Kenya™s Masai Mara game reserve. The death had nothing to do with the election violence, said William Yiampoy, a neighbor and one of Kenya™s top 800-meter runners.

œIt™s not true he died because of the election violence in Kenya, Yiampoy told The Associated Press, citing eyewitnesses in their village. He said a man from Ngetich™s tribe had shot a boy with an arrow, and the other group was avenging the attack. Ngetich was hit accidentally, Yiampoy said.

Hussein Makke, Ngetich™s agent, said Ngetich told him that he had 150 cows, but that it would take 1,000 to make him a big man in his village. œThis was really his main focus, to become a moneymaker from running, Makke said.


Kravitz : Tony Dungy’s A Lousy Dad

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OK, the Indianapolis Star’s Bob Kravitz didn’t really call Tony Dungy a bad father.  He merely suggested the Colts’ returning head coach is “something of a hypocrite”.

As one of the chief spokesmen for All Pro Dad, an organization dedicated to strengthening the bonds of fathers with their children, Dungy has spoken passionately about the importance of men putting their faith and family first, before football and all else.

So I don™t understand:

What came first here?

If family is really first, doesn™t Dungy decide to live in the same city with his wife and children? Remember, Dungy not only has one adult daughter and a high school-age son. He and his wife also have three little ones, a first-grader, a kindergartener and an infant.

Dungy said Monday that he had the support of his family, but my guess is the three youngest ones didn™t have much input.

Again, I™m uncomfortable. I™m uncomfortable about passing judgment on anybody or anything deeper than a decision to punt on fourth-and-2. I™m especially loath to pass judgment on the way another man handles his personal business.

But Dungy has used his pulpit as a head football coach to advise others in the art of fatherhood, and has left himself open to charges of hypocrisy.

It™s understood that owner Jim Irsay, whose heart is bigger than even his wallet, has made arrangements that will allow the Dungys to spend additional time together. Tony will fly to Tampa, the family will fly to Indianapolis, all of that on Irsay™s dime.

Understand, though, we™re not talking about a man who, like Dungy™s late father, had to teach in a school district 80 miles away from the Dungy home and was, at times, a weekend dad. Tony Dungy had the financial freedom to make a choice based solely on what he believed was best for his family.

Is it better for a father to be a phone call away, or merely a whisper?

I’m just curious — how many times has Kravitz walked away from a multi-million dollar payday that required him to miss weeknights with his teenage daughters?  Might the total number be greater than or equal to zero?

The Mainstream Media’s Shameless Hounding Of Sporting Superstars

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Never mind TMZ chasing Tom Brady through the streets of the East Village. We’ve seen separate items today about Wally Szczerbiak blowing off the Daily Oklahoman and Brandon Inge avoiding the phone calls of the Detroit News’ Lynne Henning.

Without denying the right of any athlete to their privacy, let’s spare a thought for the long suffering journalists. Being told Wally Sczerbiak won’t talk to you in 2008 is kind of like learning Foghat won’t allow flash photography.

Dude’s Night Out : Kobe’s Compton Slumber Party

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Why doesn’t Andrew Bynum get invited to these parties?  Video feed after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Ken Tremendous’ One Man War Against D-Bags

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OK, the following excerpt is several days old, but I don’t see why you should be penalized for my failure to c&p it promptly. Fire Joe Morgan‘s Ken Tremendous cringed at J.P. Ricciardi’s unabashed desire to populate the Toronto clubhouse with so-called “dirt bags”, and wondered if the Toronto GM really knows what he’s saying.

Saying you need more “dirtbags” on your team is like saying, “We need more skeevy dudes who will get drunk and wear tank tops and get tattoos that say ‘Born to Bone’ and listen to Nickelback and try to roofee some chicks.”

You know. Like these guys.

I am going to go ahead and recommend that the term cease to be used in a non-pejorative way. I mean, dirtbags means: dirtbags. Men of questionable moral character, who wear lots of cologne and get fake tans and spike their hair and flash gang signs at the camera when their picture is taken even though they grew up quite white-ly in Dumont, NJ and think that pec size is fucking key to getting chicks and had their most spiritual moment ever at an Everclear concert in 1998 when the ‘Clear played “Father of Mine” acoustic and it fucking rocked and they have a good buddy who’s serving 18 months for sexual assault but he was totally innocent and someday they hope to like start their own club in Miami where the music would be awesome and there’s dollar-Jaeger-shot Tuesdays and it would be fucking tiiiiiight.

Dubious T-Shirt Designs Of The 21st Century, Pt. II

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We’ve all heard the stories about how the locker room championship tees printed in advance for losing sides often end up being shipped to war torn, poverty-stricken villages across the globe.

In the unlikely event New England loses Super Bowl XLII to the Giants, even the most destitute persons on the planet will look upon the above tees and say (perhaps out loud), “was that the best you could do?”

While the sellers of the above monstrosity deserve scant credit for being savvy enough not to use the words “Super Bowl” or “NFL” in their pitch (“19-0.org has produced unique t-shirts to commemorate the National Champions of Professional Football”), ’tis a shame their aesthetics are no match for their chutzpah.

We Have Official Confirmation Rudolph Giuliani’s Presidential Campaign Is Over

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Though inviting a prominent member of the New York Yankees to make a public appearance in a state filled with former NYC residents seems cynical obvious enough, perhaps Rudy should enlist the services of someone who has actually won something in pinstripes?

And besides, Jimmy Leyritz could probably use a day out of the house right about now.

(Near) Battle Of The Russian Starlets

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And assuming you’re not Olie The Goalie or Dany Sabourin, the rest of the game was fantastic, too.

MSG Security : Defending The Honor Of Jared Jeffries, First Amendment Be Damned

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One of the only pleasant moments for Knicks fans attending Monday’s loss to Boston occurred when several members of the NFC Champion Giants were introduced to the Garden crowd.  However, shortly after reporters were granted a few seconds of Q&A time with Plaxico Fantastico, R.W. McQuarters and Aaron Ross, things turned typically ugly, writes Newsday’s Ken Berger.

As we headed back toward the tunnel to continue watching the game, two other reporters and I noticed security guards arguing with a fan in a Yankees cap. The fan evidently was being ejected for unruly behavior and was quite vocal in proclaiming that all he said was, œGet Jeffries off the court.

A couple of ushers began escorting the man toward the exit, and we reporters followed, hoping to do what reporters do “ interview a member of the public.

Several ushers began shouting at us to stop, telling us we weren™t allowed back there. (Even though we were in an area where celebrity interviews are conducted all the time during Knicks games.) Ozzie Jones of Brooklyn “ hardly a celebrity “ was about 50 yards away but was able to shout his cell phone number to one of the writers despite the best efforts of the Garden gulag to shout over him.

I would estimate that a dozen ushers surrounded the three reporters, including myself, physically blocking our path and berating us for not listening to their orders, not œrespecting them and not letting them do their jobs. I explained that, in truth, it was the other way around. The security staff was keeping us from doing our jobs.

One reporter was physically restrained and had his credential torn off his neck. The apparent leader of the turquoise-clothed brigade took all of our names down, and within a few minutes, a Knicks P.R. executive sought me out in my seat behind the basket to ask what happened.

If only the Knicks were as persistent in defending Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett as the Garden security staff were in taking care of Ozzie Jones and three newspaper reporters.

Couch Slouch To Jersey Eggheads : Just Give Up

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At 0-20 this season, the New Jersey Institute Of Technology (NJIT) Highlanders Men’s Basketball Squad have achieved so little while pursuing the Division One Holy Grail, you might call them the Miami Dolphins of amateur athletics.  “Beating Duke is arguably the most rewarding athletic or non-athletic endeavor on the face of the Earth,” intones the Washington Post’s Norman Chad. “But NJIT should stick with stem cell research and solar physics.”

If NJIT split the squad and played each other, it’s possible neither team would win.

The coach, Jim Casciano (above), even left the team for a month earlier this season for what he called a “combination of medical factors.” The prevailing medical factor? HIS TEAM CAN’T SHOOT.

Against Manhattan, NJIT missed 40 of 48 field goal attempts. Last week in a 64-33 loss to Cornell, the Highlanders missed 32 of 40 field goal attempts. They have not shot 50 percent from the field in any game this season; in fact, in six games they have shot under 50 percent from the foul line. If an NJIT player fell out of the team bus while on the Garden State Parkway, he wouldn’t hit pavement.

In NJIT’s defense, while it doesn’t shoot well, the team also doesn’t pass or rebound well.

NJIT’s on-court woes mirror those of the California Institute of Technology — that’s Caltech, folks — which has been famously losing Division III basketball games at a record clip for years. Since 2002-03, Caltech’s season records have been 1-23, 0-24, 1-24, 0-25, 1-24 and 1-13, and the Beavers have not won a conference game in nearly 23 years.

Frankly, tech schools should learn to stick with what they know best.

You don’t see Dunkin’ Donuts offering pan-fried trout.

You don’t see the Communist government in Cuba buying Microsoft stock.

You don’t see Adam Sandler doing Shakespeare in the Park.

The Debut Of Kaplan’s Korner

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(l-r : Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan, Ed Kranepool)

Wow. Steve Keane, eat your heart out. I think we can safely the gentleman on the left is at the very least, a worthy successor to one of NY sports broadcasting’s more beloved icons.


Good News & Bad New For Tom Hicks

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The good news is that one of the properties his Texas Rangers directly profit from, MLB.com, is apparently closely monitored in the United Kingdom.

The bad news is that after hearing some of Hicks’ recent remarks, many Liverpool fans would like to see him torn limb from limb.

One the same day the relationship between Martin O’Neill and Aston Villa’s American paymaster was described as far chummier than the rapport between Rafael Benitez, George Gillette and Hicks, Liverpool’s overextended owners were pilloried by the Guardian’s Barry Gledenning and Paul Doyle.

It turns out the foreign billionaire investors they presumed to be more special and different and cuddly than any other club’s foreign billionaire investors aren’t so great after all. And now that dead-eyed co-owner Tom Hicks has insisted he will not sell his 50% stake in the club to Dubai International Capital, they’re up in arms. “I’ve not received any offer to purchase the club from DIC or anyone else, much less accepted any such offer,” he brayed. “Nor do I have any intention of doing so.”

Unsurprisingly, this statement of intent from the American baseball franchise owner (who recently told MLB.com that “people are worried that I might take money away from the [Texas] Rangers to build Liverpool – it’s just the reverse”) has pleased Liverpool’s notoriously chippy supporters no end.

“The fans want them out, unconditionally,” Reclaim The Kop’s Kevin Sampson told the Echo, shortly before turning into Chuck Norris. “Liverpool is the most welcoming city and its people are the most generous hosts you’re going to find anywhere. But cross us, and that’s that. We’re enemies, for life. [Hicks and the Other One] tried to capitalise on our good will and our unswerving love for this club. But they underestimated us badly, and badly underestimated our love for Rafa.”

There was a time not so long ago when Liverpool’s fans told anyone who’d listen that “you can’t buy [insert number between one and 117] years of tradition”. Now they’re waiting anxiously for it to go up for sale..

Pujols : Half The Press Are Liars

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On the day the Mitchell Report was released last month, New York’s WNBC.com initially issued a list of players said to be implicated. A number of news organizations (and this very blog) took WNBC’s report to be accurate, only for said list to be removed a few hours later.

Cards 1B Albert Puljols was amongst those fingered, and he’s not quite over it. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch :

Before participating in a question-and-answer session Monday at the Cardinals’ Winter Warm-Up event at the Millennium Hotel, Pujols requested that any cameramen or reporters from KTVI be asked to leave the session.

“When my name comes up, when my name was dropped, I deal with that,” Pujols said Monday. “I don™t care about anything else. I care about my name, that some idiot says was on the (Mitchell Report) list when I wasn™t. That™s not right.

“Things started here in St. Louis, and that™s not right. That™s why I made sure before I came out here that nobody from (KTVI) was here.

“They™re going to have to pay for that.”

MLB.com’s Mike Leach collected a few more expansive quotes from Pujols.

“It’s a good thing that it happened so that the people out there in the United States and here in St. Louis, they can look at it and say 50 percent of the things that you guys write are not true,” he said.

“I’m really disappointed about the media in St. Louis, whoever from Channel 2 or FOX that started that thing here in the city of St. Louis. I didn’t appreciate that. If it was New York or somewhere else, I wouldn’t care. But here in St. Louis? My people? It hurt. It hurt.”

“Just like [you're] excited to write something negative about you, be that excited and apologize to everybody that day or that hour — not two days later,” he said. “That’s not right, two days later. No matter what he says, I know I’m forgiving whoever did it, I forgive them. But there is nothing they can do to clean this up. They ruined that image.”

Asked if he felt any need to prove himself all over again in light of the report, Pujols didn’t hesitate.

“I don’t have to prove myself,” he said. “Since 2001, I’ve been proving myself with the numbers. I’ve been proving myself every year. How much better can I get? Only God knows how much better [I can] get. But do I need to cheat in this game to get better? This is nothing for me.

“Baseball is just a hobby, man. God has blessed me. And I fear God too much for me to do a stupid thing. I fear him. If I do some stupid things to help me out, to hit .400 or three-something or hit 30 home runs, he’s going to take that away from me. So why not be the natural guy like I’ve been since I was in the Minor Leagues? To cheat in this game, that’s not right.”

St. Louis signed C Yadier Molina to a 4 year extension Monday reportedly worth $15.5 million. It’s kind of amazing to consider Johnny Estrada is a year removed from driving in 71 runs, he’s only 31 and still unsigned. Apparently, there’s something to be said for getting along with your colleagues.

ATHF’s Carl Recognizes Lawrence Tynes’ Right To Exist.

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For now, anyway.

Travis Outlaw – Icewater, Burgler Guts, Cool Pillows, Etc.

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(the photographic equivalent of a LeRoi Neiman rendering…as done with a broken wrist)

I don’t think anyone who saw some or all of either game will argue the Blazers’ MLK Day 111-109 OT win at Atlanta wasn’t far more interesting than the Celtics’ clinical dispatch of the Knicks (well done, however, to Isiah Thomas’ charges for not losing this one by a half century). But Travis Outlaw (above, left) had the sort of extra session (8 points, including the game winning jumper with .9 seconds remaining) that not only saved the afternoon for Portland, but presented a further challenge to the Cowherdian notion a random regular season contest can’t be compelling.

Which is just my way of saying I’ll watch almost anything rather than put up with repeated shots of Scott Pollard waving a towel like he’s the modern incarnation of Jack Haley.

I don’t think there’s enough beer in Oakland to console Don Nelson, who watched Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson struggle to get untracked against Minnesota. Baron Davis missed a layup at the buzzer, as the Timberwolves won just their 6th game of the season, 109-108. Ryan Gomes scored a career high 35 points for the T-Wolves who were 9 for 20 from beyond the arc. Incredibly, Antoine Walker was only responsible for 4 of those 11 long-range misses.

In addition to a gushy profile of Austin Toros head coach Quinn Snyder — whose club is a Southwest division best 15-6 after Sunday’s 113-107 defeat of IowaYahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski has little patience for jokes at the expense of collegiate ball’s tallest man.

Yes, those whacky ESPN analysts “ always preaching class and dignity, blah, blah, blah “ are having a hell of time riding 7-foot-7 Kenny George of UNC-Asheville. One of them compared him to The Chief in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” on air and another “fell out of my chair laughing” upon hearing it.

Yes, let’s compare a mild-mannered, polite college student to a mentally ill character in a movie.

George, a serious student, has plans on going into the film-making business. He isn’t a freak. He’s human.

Of course, he plays just at UNC-Asheville.

If Kenny George played in Durham or Chapel Hill, the ESPN guys would be lecturing us on civility.

Let No One Question Victor Thompson’s Fanhood

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Though I’m certain the words “I’d like Tom Brady’s helmet on my head” have been uttered by overexcited men all over this great land on many occasions, until now, we’ve not seen anyone do nearly this much to make it happen.

On the slightly related topic of Pats fans with sense of perspective issues, Shoot Your Hopes & Dreams takes Bill Simmons to task for mistaking REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin with Chicago’s Peter Cetera.

Anyway, immdediately upon discovering the error I, and presumably thousands of other pathetic losers, sent a message to Simmons alerting him of his mistake. Minutes later “Peter Cetera” was taken out of the article and replaced with “REO Speedwagon.” While I felt some form of accomplishment for righting an unforgivable wrong, I was troubled by the fact that Simmons would simply replace words in an already published article without striking through or at least mentioning the error.

Indeed, this could be a fascinating full hour topic for a future episode of “E-60″, if not worthy of a month long investigation by The Ombudslady.

Great Minds Think Alike Dept. : NY Bloggers Pay Homage To The Neglected Genius Of John Amos

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example A, from Hot Foot‘s Anthony De Rosa :

and example B, from Newsday’s Neil Best :

Dubious T-Shirt Designs Of The 21st Century

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The above is currently being flogged by 289.com. Not since the Hitler European Tour tee have I seen a shirt as likely to get the wearer barred from most right-thinking establishments.

Great News For Budget Minded Parents That Hate Basketball

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Now they can purchase (almost) twice as many pairs of Stephon Marbury’s cheap sneakers, as reported by the New York Post’s Marc Berman.

Talk about symbolism. Stephon Marbury’s Starbury sneaker line is selling now at a cut-rate $7.99 in a special winter clearance at most Steve & Barry’s outlets. The Starburys, which have received national acclaim, are normally priced at an already basement price of $14.98. Steve & Barry’s have never disclosed Starbury sales.

Marbury’s season could be over because of ankle surgery to repair chronic bone spurs, scheduled to take place tomorrow. Marbury’s contract with the Knicks ends after the 2008-2009 season but his contract with Steve & Barry’s expires this summer. Marbury had planned to branch out so his Starburys could be sold at more locations. His ambition of playing in Italy after his contract expires partly stems from having his Starburys go international.

Isiah Thomas has thrown Marbury under the bus regarding the ankle surgery, saying it was Marbury’s decision and he œdidn’t notice” him being effected by he injury in his final game 10 days ago vs. Toronto. Thomas believes Marbury could have postponed the surgery to see if rest and treatment would alleviate the pain

Berman claims Marbury’s jersey is the NBA’s 9th best seller. I guess Mike Breen is stealing all the Chris Bosh swag.

Newsday’s Alan Hahn claims Barack Obama was the recipient of a maximum donation from Marbury. So there’s another blown opportunity for the ill-fated Mike Gravel campaign.

True Hoop’s Henry Abbott opines the New York Giants’ surprising postseason run might give James Dolan a small window of opportunity. “The Super Bowl is big. Very big. Maybe even big enough that between now and the big game the Knicks could introduce a new coach without getting quite so savaged by the local sports media. With a little recent winning under his belt, the next few days could be the best chance Isiah Thomas will get this season to part ways with the Knicks with some dignity intact. ”

It’s an interesting suggestion, though depending on who that new coach might be, I’m not entirely certain the organization will get much more abuse for what most fans and media alike consider an overdue move. If Thomas remains ensconced as team president, however, the vibe is likely to stay ugly.