Decision ’08 : Which Candidate Has Successfully Wooed The All-Powerful Sports Blog Voting Bloc?

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(l-r : Mr. November, Senator I’m Not George Bush, eagerly awaiting an 11th hour audience with Sports By Brooks)

“Only a very few sports blogs have been covering the Presidential election in a way that clearly declares their position,” declares Sports On My Mind‘s MODI, suggesting that just like a daily newspaper, a sports blog oughta weigh in. “A typical week for Deadspin will net more than two million page views.  After Al Gore lost the 2000 Florida election (technically speaking) by 537 votes, silence can™t possibly be golden.” Hey, don’t think I haven’t tried to find a way to blame the W. presidency on Deadspin’s former editor.

Deadspin is in fertile territory to potentially influence the political process as any perusal of its comment section will find no shortage of œblithering idiots. Or is Deadspin a 40 Million-Page-View-Slave?

And what about that other big-but-not-as-big blog The Big Lead? TBL is a self-described œIndependent that likes to slip in an important political links when nobody is looking. It might be an SNL video on Palin or this really scary video at the Vegas McCain rally.  So here is a very modest proposal to Jason McIntyre: a) Grab your balls; b) come out of your Obama closet; and c) don™t disclaim, preface, or apologize because your article might have some educational significance. If Obama can have great faith in œthe American people, then you can go out on a limb with your readers. Instead of merely linking to Colin Powell™s endorsement as you did (and it was a fine endorsement), why not lay out your systematic reasons for your Obama vote. Go ahead. Just do it. ¦or do Republicans click web sites too?

While I  don’t know if any sports blogger is obliged to formally endorse a candidate, I have no objection to someone doing so. At the same time, I don’t entirely agree with MODI that a failure to do so is entirely based on cynicism — some of the most frequently visited sites in the blogosphere feature decidedly dogmatic political content. In many instances, the political blogs rank far ahead of their sporting neighbors when it comes to ad revenue.  While TBL could run the risk of alienating some portion of the readership with overtly political content, there’s no shortage of short-fused characters from all over the political spectrum who have axes to grind. Their traffic counts, too!

Though I acknowledge there’s much at stake in the general election, a proper endorsement of Sen. Obama from this corner feels a little too much like grandstanding.  Endorsing the front runner a week before the election isn’t exactly going out on a limb.  And given that I’ve already voted for Obama in both the primary and in early voting for the national ballot, it did occur to me there’s something far more useful that I can do, an effort likely to have a much greater impact than a mere thumbs-up from a poorly read sports blog.

That’s right. Voter fraud.  Any schmuck can vote for Barack Obama once. But it takes a truly committed schmuck to visit a succession of battleground states on Nov. 4 and through a variety of means (stolen ID’s, disguises, chloroform), vote for the Illinois Democrat as many times as possible.  And don’t think I’m above supressing the vote, either.  Whether it’s a matter of spreading a little “siting around money” through a country club or locking hundreds of people in a gymnasium who think they’re attending a free Lee Greenwood concert, I am prepared to do whatever it takes, even if it means pissing all over the electoral process.  Rig the election?  YES WE I CAN.

Thank you, and God Bless America.

Oden’s NBA Debut : Is Too Early To Invoke Sam Bowie?

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Probably.  But while a negative X-ray of the 2007 No.1 overall pick’s right foot oughta be considered good news, seeing Greg Oden make a quick exit just 12 minutes into his professional career after missing the entire ’07-’08 season had to bring to mind the injury-plagued career of you-know-who.


Totally Wired : Presumably, Bubbles Is Not Voting For Bob Barr

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There’s nothing online yet about Sen. Obama extending his lead in a poll of U.S. television critics, but give it another day or two.

Finally, An All-Inclusive Club For People Just Like Me & You (Or Perhaps, Just You)

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Thanks to Che Ryeback for his kindness in forwarding an invitation to join the Facebook group, “1,000,000 People Against Frank Caliendo”.  While I’m seriously stoked to be a part of this Virtual Million Man Or Woman March, I do wonder, what’s with the one million capacity?

Arenas : Cavs Sans LeBron Are A D-League Outfit

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While Cleveland has a 28-22 lead over Boston after one quarter in the NBA 2008-09 opener, Cavs nemesis Gilbert Arenas is already in midseason form when it comes to quotability.  DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg caught the following snippet from Arenas’ most recent Dime profile :

“You can’t do anything. We played them last year in Washington and LeBron was injured. We were beating them by 30-something points. I told them, ‘you guys look like a bad NCAA team.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it ain’t easy when LeBron ain’t out there. You guys are [bleep]. You guys are garbage. You look like our practice team.’ They’ve got one megastar who’s carrying them, but you take him off the team and they’re the Cleveland NBDL team.

Gil was also asked whether DeShawn stupidly riled up LeBron by making that series into the most wildly entertaining first rounder of the year.

“No. LeBron’s scoring 30 because LeBron always scores 30. It’s not like he’s scoring 30 because he’s mad; that’s what he does….People like Charles Barkley saying DeShawn’s an idiot for getting LeBron riled up; you didn’t need stuff to get riled up when you were playing against Michael Jordan and those guys? Everyone talked so much trash, but that was the No. 1 watched series in the first round. We had Jay-Z making diss tapes. We had Soulja Boy. We made money for the NBA. It was an exciting series. What more do you want? People are saying DeShawn is stupid–he can’t be that stupid if he made one comment and now we’re playing [Cleveland] on Christmas Day. I’ve been in the League seven years and never played on Christmas. That one comment got us a Christmas game. That’s called marketing to me.

LeBron James told the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Boyer he had no plans to watch the Celtics receiving their rings and raise their Championship banner tonight.  Clearly, The Chosen One was under the misconception you can still get a pregame beer at Chet’s Last Call.

Buffalo’s Adam Mair Will Hunt Down Those Who’ve Wronged Him…

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…even if he’s in skates and they’re in flip-flops.  (link taken from Kulkas Korner) Senators RW Chris Neil missed the hallway confrontation shown above, but said of Mair, “Maybe he was trying to take a 10-game suspension because he’s already had two of those. He obviously doesn’t like getting paid.”

McCain Favors Greater Government Regulation of World Series, Network Television

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Buried in this AP story about Game 5′s postponement and bad weather:

More rain and possible snow showers were expected Tuesday, so commissioner Bud Selig said Game 5 was tentatively set to resume at 8:37 p.m. Wednesday night — after Democratic president candidate Barack Obama’s 30-minute ad on Fox and other networks. Major League Baseball and Fox agreed two weeks ago to push back Wednesday’s first pitch — originally for Game 6 — by about 10 minutes.

“No one will delay a World Series game with an infomercial when I’m president,” Republican candidate John McCain said to loud applause at a Tuesday rally in Pennsylvania.

Certainly, Democrats and Republicans can both agree: Game 5 2/3 of the World Series is far more important than the upcoming election. Though, isn’t the latter getting better ratings?

Starbury’s Obama Endorsement : McCain’s Last, Best Hope?

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There’s been no shortage of Knicks news over the past 24 hours, from the club waiving rookie Patrick Ewing Jr., to Eddy Curry officially being releagated to garbage time, to Harrison, NY police releasing further details that challenge the credibility of the recently hospitalized Isiah Thomas.  Instead, we’ll focus on the larger picture ; having failed to dent the popularity of Sen. Barack Obama after linking him to the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Tony Rezko, how might the McPalin ticket benefit from calling attention to the Democratic nominee’s ties to a truly despised figure? Newsday’s Anthony Rieber explains.

Stephon Marbury, who donated the individual maximum of $2,300 to Obama’s campaign in June 2007, said he’s not looking for a tax break from the next president, even though his 2008-09 salary of $20.8 million puts him in an income bracket the rest of us can only dream about.

In fact, Marbury told Newsday on Monday that he’s more than willing to pay his share and even endorsed what he called Obama’s plan to “spread the wealth.”

“I think that it’s going to help,” Marbury said. “By him trying to create change and by him trying to spread the wealth as opposed to the rich getting rich and the poor staying poor, he’s trying to make it diverse and I believe in that.

“I pay taxes just like everybody else — half of my money goes to taxes — and I feel like it should go to the people who need it. Me coming from where I come from, I’m aware of the situation that people are in right now, coming from Coney Island and the projects. Me having what I have is a blessing.”

Of the 20 New York athletes who made or will make $10 million or more in salary in seasons that began in 2008, only two gave money to a presidential candidate, according to Federal Election Commission records:

Marbury and Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod, who can’t deliver in October, won’t even be in the game in November. He donated $2,300 to Rudy Giuliani’s failed campaign in March 2007.

Marbury, who has a better shot of being named Secretary of State than winning an NBA title with the Knicks, can at least be a very small part of a winning team on Election Day if the polls are to be believed.

“I’ll be at the ballot at six o’clock in the morning if I have to,” Stephon the Basketball Player said.

Tatum Bell, Still Remembered In Detroit (And Dallas)

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Not to be outdone by John Kitna’s mockery of pantsless Detroit assistant John Cullen, newly acquired Cowboys WR Roy Williams made a cameo appearance at the Lions’ annual Halloween bash Monday night, done up as accused klepto / former teammate Tatum Bell.  From the Detroit Free Press :

The prominent underwear in Williams’ costume is a reference to the fact that Johnson’s underwear was among the items missing from the bag when it was returned to Lions headquarters. The rest of the ensemble is a bellhop’s get-up with a name tag that says his name is “T. Bell.”

Williams told the crowd at Plaza Lanes in Plymouth that he got permission from Bell to wear the costume.

Costume creativity aside, what’s up with the Lions allowing recently traded players to attend team functions?  Does anyone know what Brett Favre is wearing to the Packers’ Halloween festivities?

Anonymous Phillie : Bud’s Unfit For Shit Supervision

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The resumption of Game 5 of the the World Series won’t happen this evening, as it’s still raining in Philadelphia.  In the Phillies’ clubhouse last night, sentiments were awfully close to those expressed by this guy, as the Courier-Post’s Mike Randano recounts :

œThat (expletive deleted) guy, one pitcher said as he saw commissioner Bud Selig before walking out the back door of the clubhouse. œI wouldn™t let him supervise one of my (bowel movements). He has no clue. Not one (expletive deleted) clue.

œ(Expletive deleted), one position player said in the direction of one television pausing only for a moment before leaving. œHe™s a moron. How stupid can one person be?”

Cole Hamels is now done. He won™t be available to finish this game despite a low pitch count. It™s a stretch to believe that he will be ready for Game 7 even if this game resumes on Wednesday. That means three days of rest and we know the history on that one.

œI feel really bad for Cole, catcher Carlos Ruiz said. œHe was pitching well even though the ball was tough to grip. I don;t know why we started that inning. I don™t understand this at all.