York College Grapplers Want You To Know They Had No Fun Whatsoever While Contracting Herpes

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“Inside the humid confines of college wrestling practice, grapplers spend hours banging heads, grinding faces into the mat and contorting into uncomfortable positions. They spill a little blood and leave puddles of sweat” writes the Philadelphia Daily News’ Jason Nark, setting the scene for a medical tragedy (and getting several CSTB readers aroused in the process).  York College’s James Harris, a former wrestler for the school’s Division III squad is “afraid that people will think he contracted herpes from a prostitute, instead of at wrestling practice.”  Much as I want to sympathize with Harris’ plight, what’s up with disparaging prostitutes? Aren’t their jobs difficult enough without being accused of fucking amateur wrestlers?

“I feel uncleansed,” said Harris, 23, a former standout wrestler for Winslow Township High School, in Camden County. “There’s a stigma attached to it.”

Harris and two other ex-wrestlers – Andrew Bradley, of Delaware, and Alex Binder, of Maryland – are suing York College of Pennsylvania, in York County, claiming that coaches knew that a teammate had contracted herpes simplex virus Type 1, yet allowed him to continue wrestling and infecting others during the fall of 2006.

The lawsuit, filed last month in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, contends that the coaching staff disregarded NCAA guidelines and actually “required” the wrestlers to engage in practice with open lesions wrapped in gauze.

Although the York wrestling team made each infected wrestler sit out for three days, NCAA guidelines dictate that athletes with active herpes outbreaks must not compete, even with bandages, until a five-day anti-viral treatment is completed.

Harris, who recently graduated from York, said that at one point roughly 70 percent of the team – or about 25 wrestlers – had contracted herpes, which is treatable but not curable.

Not to make light of a very serious story, but I’m pleased to finally read a story that features the words “wrestling” and “herpes” without once mentioning Buddy Landell.

Del Negro : Spoelstra Needs To Learn Garbage Time Etiquette

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What could justify Miami’s Erik Spoelstra calling a time out with little more than a half minute to play in last night’s 90-77 blowout of Da Bulls?  Other than, y’know, checking on his eBay bid for a copy of The Eat’s “Communist Radio”.  Instead, the Heat’s head coach insisted to the Sun-Sentinel’s Ira Winderman, “I wanted to get our starters out”, but his Chicago counterpart — who lost the services of Luol Deng earlier in the night — isn’t buying it.

“They had some guys at the scorers’ table,” Spoelstra said.  “I wasn’t clearly doing anything to show anybody up. That is a common practice in the NBA. I wanted to get our guys out, just in case something crazy would happen, and it allowed them to get their subs in, too.”

The Bulls didn’t see it that way. During that timeout huddle, Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro could be seen imploring his players to, “Remember this!”

After the game, Del Negro first said sarcastically, “They were just calling timeout to set up a play or something.”

He continued, “I don’t know what they were doing. There’s 30 seconds to go in the game. They’re up 15 or 13 or whatever. But, whatever, we’ll play them again.”

Replay showed no substitutes waiting at the scorers’ table for the Bulls, nor did Chicago substitute during that break.

“I don’t know why they’re all fired up,” Spoelstra said. “If they want to make a big deal about it, whatever.”

Winderman points out there was a prior stoppage of play with 1:20 remaining, so there was an earlier opportunity for Spoelstra to make his moves.

Rosenberg On The Lions’ Date With History

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Detroit’s Cherilus Godser calls tomorrow’s trip to Green Bay, “our Super Bowl”, a rather curious way of looking at things for the 0-15 Lions, as the Super Bowl is generally played several weeks after the regular season….between two teams with winning records. The Detroit Free Press’ Michael Rosenberg isn’t having a tough time finding the humor in all of this, acknowledging Detroit’s announcement of a price cut on ’09 club seats by sneering “I was not even aware they were selling the club seats before, because as far as I can tell, nobody ever sits in them. I always wondered why they built a storage facility for La-Z-Boy in the middle of Ford Field, but I was too embarrassed to ask about it.”

As the Lions head to the frozen grass of Lambeau, though, I wonder: Could they (accidentally) win this game?

We are trying to calm ourselves by remembering that the Packers are one of the best 5-10 teams in the history of the league, which sounds like faint praise, but the Lions would KILL for that kind of honor.

Despite their record, the Packers have actually outscored their opponents by 29 points. For comparison’s sake: the Arizona Cardinals, who have clinched their division, have been outscored by 12 points.

Possibly in an attempt to ease our concerns, Lions coach Rod Marinelli promised this week that the Packers will use a lot of personnel packages and try to spread the field.

This means that Green Bay can match its third and fourth receivers against the Lions’ fifth and sixth defensive backs, and the genius of the strategy is that the Lions don’t actually have six defensive backs. This will force the Lions to burn all their time-outs while they scan the stands for anybody who looks like they can play safety.

The strategy should work. The Lions have the worst pass defense in the league by a mile, and Aaron Rodgers, statistically, is the fourth-best quarterback the Lions have faced this season.

Rodgers could be third-best by the end of the day. And the Lions should be 0-16. Nothing is Possible, or as Al Michaels might say: Do you believe in Nothing? Yes!

For Graham Le’Saux, It’s Too Little, Too Late : The FA’s Anti-Homophobia Campaign

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From ANI.com :

A video showing football stars speaking out against homophobia will be released next year as part of an unprecedented drive by the sport’s governing bodies to tackle a sharp rise in abuse and discrimination.

The video will be shown in cinemas, on TV and in stadiums in an attempt to rid terraces and pitches of homophobic chants and slurs, The Guardian reported.

The Football Association (FA), the Professional Footballers’ Association, the players’ union, Kick It Out, the sport’s diversity and inclusion campaign, and Peter Tatchell, of gay rights group Outrage, began work on plans for the video.

It is hoped that up to a dozen players, including David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand, Sol Campbell, David James, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and Cristiano Ronaldo, will be persuaded to take part.

The video is due to be released in March 2009 and could be shown in schools if the FA wins the backing of the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

If some old allegations by former Chelsea punching bag/Guardian reader Graham Le’Saux are credible, Becks is a curious choice for this campaign.

Dodgers Consider Radio Appointment Bound To Boost Cable TV Ratings

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It’s been a trying offseason for Dodger fans, with LA being a non-factor in the free agency market thus far and Julie McCourt suggesting Manny Money could be better spent on playgrounds.  None of that, however, matches the following item in terms of terror potential, as the Arizona Republic’s Jim Gintino reports Jeanne Zelasko hopes to become the Dodgers’ new radio play-by-play announcer (link swiped from Baseball Think Factory).

A position became available when Charlie Steiner, who did 40 games a year on cable, had his role redefined. Fox, meanwhile, canceled the baseball pregame show she hosted with Kevin Kennedy due to the loss of advertising revenue.

“I love everybody I work with and would do it until I fell out of the chair, and I love sports,” she said. “But this is an interesting time for me as I try to figure out, ‘OK, what’s next?’

“There is an opening for the Dodgers . . . so I have been beating down their door a little bit.”

Zelasko said it is understandable that the Dodgers asked her if she ever had done baseball play-by-play – the answer is no – but she had that role for ice-skating and gymnastics competitions.

“But I’ve been around baseball for a very long time, and Kevin Kennedy, who should be managing somewhere, taught me more about that the game than I think most people could even consider. I was blessed to be next to him for eight years. So I’m excited. I don’t know if they’ll bite.”

She knows the experience and gender factors are not in her favor, but she has conquered the odds before. She was the first female reporter to walk the NASCAR pits, and she has handled other “firsts” with relative ease.

“Honestly, I have walked on this thin ice before with anything I’ve ever done in my broadcasting career,” she said. “As I was telling the Dodgers, I would never ask for something I thought I would fail at. I think it’s gonna take the right woman at the right time, and if I may be so bold, I believe that person’s me.”

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth Server To Be Plugged Back In

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First off, I hope you all had a terrific holiday. Much as I’d like to claim I did my part by denying you a escape-the-family-valve in the form of 3rd hand sports gossip/news/griping, CSTB’s record breaking two days AWOL had less to do with your editor’s laziness and totally down to a denial of service attack launched by Colin Cowherd billing issue we’ve thankfully resolved.

Normal service will resume just as soon as I can remember which room I watch television in.


Eggers Considers What’s In A (Nick)Name

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When Blazers mouthpiece Brian Wheeler calls Brandon Roy (above), “The Natural”, the Tribune’s Kerry Eggers frowns. “The problem is, the nickname™s not exactly original. Sport™s ‘Naturals’ already have included the likes of Robert Redford, Randy Couture, Jeff Francouer “ and I™m probably missing somebody.” Hey, if Ric Flair wants to put Kerry in the figure four, that’s totally his call.  But Eggers is thinking oh-so-clearly in bemoaning the scourge of “this first-initial, last name thing” (“anything but B-Roy, D-Wade, T-Law, T-Mac, J-Kidd and C-Webb…we need to erradicate it like smallpox.”)

Greg Anderson was allegedly called œCadillac because he rode his bicycle to and from campus at the University of Houston. Wouldn™t œSchwinn have been more appropriate?

I like John œHondo Havlicek, Cedric œCornbread Maxwell, Dennis œWorm Rodman, Robert œChief Parish and œDr. J (Julius Erving) and œThe Big O, Oscar Robertson. You gotta love Sam œBig Smooth Perkins and Lionel œL-Train Hollins (and Simmons) and the two John Williams “ œHot Rod and œHot Plate.

There™s a dearth of good ones in the big leagues these days, though. Most of them have to do with size (Big Unit, Big Papi, Big Hurt). I™m OK with K-Rod, given the play off A-Rod and Francisco Rodriguez™s strikeout capacity.

Today™s NBA?

œHalf Man, Half Amazing for a younger Vince Carter was inventive. And œThe Chosen One for LeBron James, whom some people are now calling œLBJ “ not bad.

But K.G.? G.O.? L.A.? Please.

Can™t we do better than that?

Yeah, well, I’d like to think so, too.

Happy Birthday CSTB Employee of the Year Gerard Cosloy!

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[Mr. Cosloy, pictured, receiving late breaking news of a new Mushnick column.]

An internet adult friend finding service networking hotspot, Facebook, currently lists today as the birthday of one Gerard Cosloy.  My best to you, sir.  As such, I think it might be a good thing for all of us to take a moment from enjoying our holiday to appreciate CSTB.  In much the same way George Bailey came to appreciate his life’s worth at the end of It’s A Wonderful Life, viewing a world he never touched, I wonder what the sports world would be without this forum.  In that nightmare world, Will Leitch is a respected sports journalist at a major magazine.  The Mets continue to make ineffective deals and questionable hires for manager each year.  Sports journalists like Phil Mushnick write without fear of looking ridiculous. Tim McCarver and Joe Buck’s broadcast careers go unhindered, making baseball fans everywhere miserable.  And this reporter?  Without CSTB, I would have been unable to offer managerial advice to stop the Cubs from choking in post-season, push Sam Zell to sell to Mark Cuban, and with unrelenting posting, land Jake Peavy or Randy Johnson.  It was here I broke the Roger Clemens steroid story, years before the Mitchell Report.  I had no proof, just malice and a venue to print such spite, called CSTB.

Happy Birthday Gerard!

Jon Solomon’s 24 Hour Xmas Marathon – In Progress

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Edition 21 of Jon Solomon’s 24 Hour Christmas Spectacular is in progress as of this writing on WPRB.com. Please keep in mind, just because you can see Jon and he cannot see you is no excuse for not wearing trousers.

Vaccaro : Mets Need To Keep Up With The Joneses Steinbrenners

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There have been no shortage of heated reactions to the Yankees lavishing an 8 year, $180 million pact on 1B Mark Teixeira yesterday in the wake of the CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett acquisitions. While the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Phil Sheridan claims the Bombers “represent the very worst in America”, an equally hysterically Brewers owner Mark Attanasio called for a salary cap, telling Bloomberg News, “At the rate the Yankees are going, I’m not sure anyone can compete with them.”  Though I’m thankful Attanasio’s perspective is not shared by Rays skipper Joe Maddon, the New York Post’s Mark Vaccaro has one of the more curious takes on the subject, highlighting the alleged pressured faced not by the Yankees’ AL East rivals, but rather by the New York Mets.  It’s time, writes Vaccaro, for the Mets “to act like they belong in the same sentence – or the same city – as the Yankees…unless, of course, the Mets and the Wilpon family don’t have as much money as they say they do, and unless they want to ensure that questions about just how much they lost at the hands of Bernie Madoff will never, ever go away.”

Right now, immediately, the Mets need to consummate their pursuit of Derek Lowe (above), need to find a way to close a deal with the best available starter on the market, filling the most gaping hole on their roster.

Right now, immediately, they need to re-investigate their negotiations with Oliver Perez, and at least call Orlando Hudson. Unless the team is drowning and dying in red ink – which it insists it is not – the Mets need to prove with their checkbooks that they really are in the same category as the Yankees.

The Mets were delighted by their work at the Winter Meetings, and it is true that acquiring Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz made them instantly better in one area of need.

But it also is true that part of what made the K-Rod deal so satisfying was the dearth of dollars it cost. They got him on the cheap, at least compared to what his initial market seemed to be.

No one is suggesting the Mets need to throw money into a bonfire just to keep up with the Yankees. But they do need to improve their team, which right now looks, at best, to be second-best in the NL East behind the Phillies, with the Marlins and Braves very much in the same neighborhood. And decidedly second-rate in their own city.

There still are gems, expensive ones, necessary ones, out there for the taking. All you have to do is pay them. Ramirez. Lowe. Perez. Hudson, who would bring the kind of fire and leadership for which this team has been screaming for years. The Mets need starting pitching, and could sure use lineup help. You can make an argument for any of them.

Much as I like the odds of Derek Lowe winning 15 games in a Mets uniform next season, I’m far less enthused about him commanding a 4 or 5 year deal. And it’s the height of paranoia (or stirring shit up for the sake of it) to suggest a team featuring Johan Santana, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, David Wright and Francisco Rodriguez has been rendered irrelevant by the Bronx spending spree. Whether the Yankees win 100 or 130 games next season is of little consequence to Mets fans — their team making the postseason is their primary concern.  In signing K-Rod and trading for J.J. Putz, Omar Minaya addressed a pair of his club’s most glaring weaknesses.  By contrast, Brian Cashman’s purchases of Sabathia, Burnett and Teixeira, while unquestionably making his team stronger, still leave the Yankees as a less than fully realized squad.  Teixeira might get on base 4 times out of 10, but his resume as a middle reliever is awfully thin.