So Agassi Was On Meth…What’s McEnroe’s Excuse?

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This is about as scary as things get at MSG without hiding a camera in Steve Mills’ office.  The always down with the cultural zeitgeist John McEnroe helps a far from capacity crowd at the Knicks home opener recall “The Young Ones”. Trailing the Sixers, 40-25, at the end of the first quarter, the hosts have apparently decided to pay Halloween homage to the Washington Generals.

Owner With A Boner : Artest Would Be At Home In The Palace

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The Lakers were humbled at home by the Mavericks Friday, a contest that saw new LA addition Ron Artest, in foul trouble early, rendered a non-factor offensively. Earlier in the month, the shy, retiring Mark Cuban predicted Artest would prove a divisive force for the Lakers, a charge the Dallas owner repeated yesterday after being asked to respond to Artest’s question, “what team do I fit on? should i not be in the NBA?” From the OC Register’s Janis O’Carr :

Cuban said Friday that he indeed was glad to see Artest on the Western Conference rival because there always is the possibility that Artest™s volatile nature will get the better of him and he will cause problems for the team.

œHistory repeats itself, Cuban said. œI™m not saying something you guys haven™t considered, right? That™s just the risk. Every team has to deal with chemistry and the impact of the chemistry on the team. Normally, you try to minimize that.

œRon is an amazing talent, he™s a great guy. I don™t really know him, but the way he™s handled this is phenomenal. I give him a ton of credit. But it is what it is.

So what team does Cuban think Artest would fit best?

œI don™t know the culture of every team, so I don™t know where he would fit in best ¦. Maybe Detroit?

Cole Hamels’ Most Lifelike Performance To Date

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Big League ‘Stew consider this viral campaign for Call Of Duty to be in questionable taste, and I can’t really argue with that. But on the bright side, after showing all the personality and range of a cardboard box in commercials for ESPN The Magazine and New Era, Hamels has clearly been working with some sort of acting guru.  With a little practice, he might manage something as impressive as this someday.

Sultan Of Sloth To Phantics : No, Not I’m Telling Ripken He’s Gay, Thank You Very Much

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There are sooo many enticing storylines to consider before tonight’s Game 3 of the World SeriesCole Hamels’ recent struggles. Charlie Manuel’s alleged diss of Andy Pettitte.  A-Rod’s interior decorating.  But leave it to the New York Post to come up with the most intriguing talking point of the weekend — former Yankee David Wells’ low opinion of Philly fans.  “The people in that town would give The Finger to their own mom,” argues Boomer (above), “It™s not Brotherly Love in that town ” it™s Brotherly Hate.”

When I was in Philadelphia earlier this postseason with Cal Ripken Jr., Dennis Eckersley and Ernie Johnson for TBS, we got booed. We were just doing our show out in center field and people were walking by saying œYou fat piece of [bleep]. . . . Tell Cal he™s gay. . . . Ernie Johnson sucks.”

I™m like, œWho the hell are these people? We™ve got no part of baseball.

We™re doing the game and TBS stuff and these Phillies fans are just f-bombing us to death.

They are angry people. It™s going to be tough, because they are very vocal, foul and can maybe cause havoc on some of the younger guys, but I don™t think they will give the Yankees any problem. The only problem will be for these Phillies fans, when they lose. The Yankees will shut them up.

I put Philadelphia, Cleveland and Oakland atop my list for the worst fans in baseball, with Philadelphia No. 1.

Curiously, rather than cite any examples of CBP being a hostile environment for visiting teams, Wells makes it very clear it’s a very tough place to broadcast.  Would it be out of place to suggest Philadelphians are not necessarily terrible baseball fans, but rather, have a very low tolerance level for poor analysis?

Milton Bradley And Vernon Wells – Not Untradeable If They’re Swapped For Each Other

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(Cubs GM Jim Hendry and Milton Bradley, back before they got to know each other)

When Buster Olney floats the possibility of an (admittedly unlikely) Oliver Perez-for-Milton Bradley swap.  the circumstances are rather obvious ; the only way the Cubs will be able to jettison an obvious scapegoat escape their contractual obligations to their tempermental outfielder is if they take on an equally brutal salary in exchange.  The Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliot quotes one unnamed Cubs insider as saying there’s some truth to  rumors of a Bradley-for-Vernon Wells discussion (“”It’s early on, but we think this one has some legs”)

Wells has six years left on his contract extension, $107 million remaining, including the $8.5-million final instalment of his signing bonus, which is due in March. Team president Paul Godfrey and former general manager J.P. Ricciardi signed Wells to the contract extension.

The Cubs’ idea is to split the difference on monies owed — Wells’ $107 million and Bradley’s $21 million for a difference of $86 million. Each team absorbs $43 million.

The Cubs have to deal Bradley. Other possible landing spots: The San Francisco Giants for lefty Barry Zito, who has four years remaining at $83 million; the Indians for Travis Hafner, three years for $40.25 million, Giants’ Aaron Rowand, three years at $36 million, the Dodgers for Juan Pierre, two years at $18.5 million, and Tampa Bay’s Pat Burrell, one year at $7 million.

If You Ever Envisioned A-Rod As A Unicorn, Think Again

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“What kind of aesthetically challenged dolt doesn’t have a portrait of themselves as a mythical creature from Greek mythology?’ asked WNBC’s Josh Alper, formerly of the late, lamented The Feed, responding to claims by Us Weekly that Yankee 3B Alex Rodriguez had not one, but two such framed illustrations in his boudoir, featuring his own visage re-imagined as a centaur.

Thanks to Faith & Fear In Flushing‘s Jason Fry, here’s an example of exactly what Kate Hudson saw the first time she visited A-Rod’s bachelor pad.


Erin Andrews, Fuck Off : Recalling The Journalistic Chops Of Penny Crone

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For New Yorkers of a certain vintage, shots of a manical Penny Crone cackling away in front of celebrating Yankee fans were a big a part of the local TV news tapestry, right up there with regular Freddy “Sez” sightings.  The exploits of the former WNYW reporter — now selling real estate for a tony NYC agency — are remembered fondly by the New York Times’ James Barron.

Early in Derek Jeter™s career, she took a look at him in street clothes, and wondered about the fit of his slacks.

œI walked right up to Derek Jeter and I said, ˜Derek, why don™t you wear tighter pants?™  she recalled. œAnd what did Derek say? Not too much. He looked at me like I was nuts.

“Gatorade man? She yelled that at someone who walked into the stadium with a large barrel of ” well, you know. He was blocking her shot, which ruins everything in television news. The man turned out to be Willie Randolph, a Yankees coach at the time and later the manager of the Mets.

There was the day she went to a bagel factory and the anchor introduced her as œan industrial accident waiting to happen.

And there was the time she interviewed Yogi Berra and called him œYogi Bear.

œMy husband told me that Yogi Berra was named after Yogi Bear, she said, œso I thought his name was Yogi Bear. So we™re sitting in his living room, me on one side, Yogi Berra on the other, the fireplace, and I said, ˜Good evening, Mr. Bear.™

Avery Accused Of Sizism

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(the phrase, “have another doughnut, you fat pig”, is of course, trademarked by Jim Schoenfeld)

Did NHLPA interim executive director Ian Penny jump or was he pushed? Who gives a fuck when we’ve got another sensational item involving hockey pariah Sean Avery? The fashionista / loose cannon’s former AHL coach, current Capitals boss Bruce Boudreau, has a new book coming out, “Gabby, Confessions Of A Hockey Lifer”, in which he describes Avery’s rude rhetoric during last spring’s New York/Washington first-round playoff clash. From the Washington Times’ Corey Masisak :

Boudreau said he wanted a “rated-PG book,” but there are some juicy stories – especially about his departure from Manchester and his dealings with Sean Avery. He was let go by the Monarchs despite leading the franchise to the playoffs in its first four years of existence, but Boudreau paints a picture of backstabbing and betrayal by a couple of people in the organization who he felt wanted him gone.

Not only did Boudreau lead the Bears to back-to-back appearances in the Calder Cup Finals, he also went 7-0-1 against the Monarchs, including a four-game sweep in the Eastern Conference finals in 2007.

Boudreau coached Avery for the Monarchs, and the experience ended up being a negative one. But that was tame compared with what Boudreau recalled Avery saying during Game 7 in the first round of the last year’s playoffs against the New York Rangers.

“He told me I was the biggest, fattest bleeping pig he had ever seen,” Boudreau said in the book. “He told me I was fatter than bleeping Ken Hitchcock. He told me I was going to die because I was such a fat bleep.”

An Around The Horn Halloween : Jay’s Scarier Than Usual

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Mariotti’s Kate Hudson is most certainly not the slump-buster A-Rod is looking for. And good thing Kevin Blackistone is wearing a name tag, otherwise we’d have no way of knowing who he’s supposed to be . However, the latter deserves massive credit for prefacing every spiel with “i’m gonna let you finish, Kate Mariotti…” Somebody remind me, did Mariotti dress up as Ozzie G. last year?

WSC : Hull’s Brown Undone By Bandwagoneers

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Hull City A.F.C.’s embattled manager Phil Brown is said to face immediate dismissal if his side can’t defeat Burnley tomorrow, a circumstance that has When Saturday Comes Daily’s Chris Donkin recalling the scene outside KC Stadium shortly after the Tigers secured promotion in 2008. “In the big league everyone knows your team,” sighs Donkin, “and unfortunately that also means everyone knows when they lose 5-0, too.”

A ridiculous queue formed quickly outside the ground. Some of the new army of fans were seen wearing Liverpool and Manchester United shirts. One of the overnight queuers summed up the attitude of the glory supporters perfectly when asked by BBC Radio Humberside: “So, what are you looking forward to seeing next season?” He replied, with little thought: “I can’t wait to see Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney in action.”

Seeing your club’s popularity grow should be a good thing. The problem is that the new fans have hopelessly unrealistic expectations. For most, City only entered their consciousness when Dean Windass powered home the winner in the play-off final against Bristol City, after a season where the team won far more games than they lost. As a result they expect the side to win every week and if they don’t the manager gets the blame and has to go.

Longer-term fans have better memories and you will hear few true supporters calling for Phil Brown’s head. Were it not for Brown the club would have certainly been relegated from the Championship in 2007. Then by the end of his first full season he’d rebuilt the team and achieved promotion to the top tier for the first time in the club’s history. Of course, when the inevitable happens and City’s tenure among the elite expires, these new fans are the ones most likely to not renew their tickets and go back to their armchairs to watch Man Utd rather than trek to watch a rainy Tuesday evening match against Blackpool.

Hot Tip For All Tampa Media Hoping To Stay Employed : Dont’ Diss The Glazers

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(Glazer patriarch Malcom, contemplating whether being mistaken for Charley Steiner is a compliment or not)

The Tampa Tribune’s Roy Cummings reports a local radio host has been suspended by Clear Channel after claiming Thursday morning the Glazer family — owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United — had lost nearly a half billion in Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme, and might soon be forced to sell the NFL franchise.

Dan Sileo, who hosts the early morning show on WDAE, quoted a “friend” who works with the Securities and Exchange Commission as saying the Glazers lost $440 million in the Ponzi scheme.

Mike Killebrew, program director for WDAE, said that WDAE and Clear Channel Tampa will not be issuing any comment about Sileo’s remarks until they “get a handle on the situation.”

Killebrew said station officials have asked Sileo not to make any comments about the situation, as well.

Sileo said the Glazers’ involvement has led them to consider bankruptcy. Sileo also gave his opinion that the team could be for sale as a result of the owners’ financial distress.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not, nor have they ever been for sale,” Glazer’s statement said. “In addition, our family or any of our related companies have never invested one penny with Bernie Madoff.

Sileo’s report also said the Glazers allotted only $2 million for free agent signings each season the past five years. The Bucs are $23 million below the NFL’s imposed team salary cap of $127 million.


Philly Scribe Condemns The Nu Stadium’s Deplorable Working Conditions

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(image swiped from The Mets Police)

As late as Monday night, the crappiest upper tier seats at Yankee Stadium for Game One of the World Series were going for nearly $400. Despite being allowed inside the Steinbrenner family’s glittering palace for free as a member of the working media last night, the Inquirer’s Frank Fitzpatrick is far from grateful, complaining, “Several Yankees employees walk around the concourse holding signs that say “How may I help you?” It’s all for show. They were unable to get me a seat in the main press box.”

Four hours before Game 1, the main press box resembled the Tokyo subway. Bodies and computers made things impassable. The adjoining work rooms were overflowing too, the precious spots apparently having been claimed at dawn by savvy veteran journalists.

The poor Yankees. How were they know people would be interested in covering a World Series? Having hosted 39 others, there was no way they could possibly have anticipated a crowd.

Beat a hasty retreat for the auxiliary press box, a lofty, outfield perch where Philadelphia sportswriters were assigned seats and sherpas to get them there.

After rappelling up there, it was quickly apparent that more clothing, binoculars and oxygen would be required. The freezing wind howled like a New York cabbie. The puddles of water that two days of rain had left on our chairs and tables were icing over.

We all would have huddled near the TV monitors for warmth had there been any TV monitors. Apparently it was OK for the cream of the nation’s sportswriters to get wet but not for TVs.

Far below, set up atop the right-centerfield wall, we could see a pair of NYPD snipers. Had New Yorkers finally tired of the Yankees uber-obnoxious broadcast team of John Sterling and Susan Waldman?

Have (My) Reports Of Chuck Biscuits’ Death Been HIghly Exaggerated?

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Hopefully, yes. My sincere apologies to Chuck and anyone else saddened by a post from earlier this afternoon. D’oh!

Stan Van Gundy – No Longer The Master Of Panic

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Sorry to grab a clip you’ve undoubtedly seen on all the highlights shows already, but on the slim chance you’ve not seen Orlando’s intro for head coach Stan Van Gundy prior to Wednesday’s 120-106 defeat of Philly, well, get used to it.  I predict Stan V.G. becoming bigger than Keyboard Cat and Kayne parodies combined. And on this rare occasion, genuine props to Tony Kornheiser for coming up with the most creative answer so far to the question “what was Van Gundy thinking?” (“…of ways not to get J.J. Reddick into the game”)

Heyman : Mets Re-Introducing Candidate To Breathe Down Omar’s Neck

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NY Baseball Digest’s Mike Silva has it on good (albeit anonymous) authority Mets GM Omar Minaya is a lousy listener. This winter, Minaya might want to feign fascination with what others in the organization have to say, if not learn to work by committee, as SI.com’s Jon Heyman reports former Amazins executive Sandy Johnson is returning to the club as a VP of scouting. Quoting a “mid-level” mole, Heyman warns the addition of Johnson, “sets the stage” for MInaya’s firing, 3 years and 3.5 million remaining on his contract or not.

Mets COO Jeff Wilpon is said to have thought it imperative that Johnson, who had a big hand in building winning teams in Texas and Arizona, return to boost the front office. Johnson had previously expressed to the Mets that he was likely to retire. Johnson was said by one club official to have been given basically “a blank check” to return, signaling the Mets’ desperation to keep him. The vast majority of Mets scouts had their contracts renewed within the past few days with no raise, said to be the result of a bad economy and the team’s poor performance.

The Mets also are looking for another senior baseball executive to join Johnson and assistant GM John Ricco and form a strong triumvirate under Minaya, who is said to by people in the organization to be on thin ice after the Mets’ disappointing season. Some Mets people believe that Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel won’t survive a poor start in 2010, and that the presence of Johnson and Ricco gives the Mets an alternative should Minaya be fired

Chuck Biscuits, RIP Among The Undead

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(photo by Ed Arnaud, used sans permission)

JGTWO reported the passing of drumming virtuoso Chuck Biscuits last week, following a long battle with throat cancer.  Though Biscuits punched the clock with latter period stints in Social Distortion, Danzig and the Circle Jerks, his tenure with DOA and cup of coffee with Black Flag are what earned him his iconic status. Chuck was 44.

Chuck was easily one of my favorite drummers of all time and anyone who saw him play —- even with lesser lights — felt pretty much the same way.  Ever heard the claim made that you’d go to see a band purely to watch the drummer?  I did that a couple of time, simply because of Chuck. He was one of the rare drummers who elevated a merely good band to great, and on some occasions, took someone pretty mediocre and at least made them interesting.   Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

(ED. NOTE : There’s a fair bit of contention surrounding the James Greene post and several persons are insisting Chuck Biscuits is very much alive. If that’s the case…in the words of Emily Litella, NEVER MIND).


Empire State Of Lying : Calcaterra Calls B.S. On MLB’s Jay-Z Coverup

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If you’re like me, upon hearing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ scheduled performance of “Empire State of Mind” prior to Game One of the World Series was being delayed to Game Two due to poor weather, your first thought  was “big deal, Mushnick won’t be calling Hova a drug dealer until Friday”. The eagle-eyed Craig Calcaterra of Circling The Bases is a tad more observant than you or me, however. pointing out what several thousand Ohioans already knew —- Jay-Z was booked to perform at Columbus’ Schottenstein Center tonight.

My guess:  someone here in Columbus told Jay-Z’s people that they’d sue him for breach of contract if he didn’t show up for tonight’s show and he begged Major League Baseball to let him move his Alicia Keys thing to Game 2.  Whether it was Jay-Z or baseball who, in the first instance, thought that the good people of Columbus would stand idly by while he dissed us for New York is unclear, but as always, the wholesome Midwest triumphs over the forces of east coast decadance and evil.

Kenny Smith On The Knicks’ 2010 Free Agency Hopes : Keep Dreaming

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œWe™re not even close to being a throwaway, Coach Mike D™Antoni tells the New York Times’ Howard Beck, refuting widespread speculation the entire 2009-2010 season (tipping off tonight in Miami)  has already been flushed down the toilet while Donnie Walsh clears cap room to pursue LeBron, D-Wade or Chris Bosh next summer. œWe™re ready to try to make the playoffs and have a great season. And hopefully, the fans will enjoy what we™re doing. And if you believe that, Mike’s got a Newsday online subscription one of his colleagues would like to sell you.  From Beck’s Wednesday article :

Because of the N.B.A.™s salary-cap rules, the Knicks cannot outspend any other team to land a superstar. In fact, James and Wade can make millions more by staying put. D™Antoni is tremendously popular among N.B.A. stars, but his charm and his wide-open offense will get the Knicks only so far on the recruiting trail. Ditto for the mystique of Madison Square Garden and the lure of Madison Avenue.

At some point, the Knicks presumably have to show some progress and some promise, and the ability to help a superstar realize his championship ambitions.

œThat™s the logic, said the TNT commentator Kenny Smith, assessing the free-agent decisions of James and Wade. œBecause the criticism of your move is: Did you go to win? And if you™re going and you can™t win, then why did you move?

He concluded, œYou 100 percent have to go somewhere and win, and have a chance to win.”

Can the Knicks make a compelling enough case? Will they be more attractive to Wade or James or Chris Bosh than the other half-dozen teams that are projected to have substantial cap room?

Smith, who was part of two championship teams in Houston, is not convinced. He considered the Knicks™ roster and their coach, their arena and their city, and concluded simply, œThat list isn™t enough.”

The McCourt Divorce : No Need To Take Up A Collection For Frank Or Jamie

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Shortly after we’ve learned Fred and Jeff WIlpon actually profited from the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme, details from Jamie McCourt’s divorce proceedings againsts Dodgers co-owner Frank reveal an alleged net worth of some $1.2 billion. No more jokes, presumably from T.J. Simers, wondering if his standard of living would drop were he to switch jobs with Frank for a week. Amidst claims from Jamie’s lawyers that Frank, “will continue to enjoy the marital life of luxury, reside in the fabulous homes, enjoy the lush gardens, the pools, the spas, and all the other amenities of the family properties. He will continue to travel in luxury on private jets and stay in the grandest hotels,” Dodger Thoughts’ Jon Wiseman insists “the McCourt’s have torched themselves in the Los Angeles community.”

From player payroll to Dodger Stadium ticket and amenities pricing, the explicit acknowledgment of where so much of their money goes, their unrepentant selfishness and greed, is going to bring exponentially more skepticism to any future Dodgers-related decision they make.

I’m not trying to say it’s shocking that the Dodgers owners are greedy “ or that they are unique in their greed. I’m just saying that they’re no longer going to be able to cover their greed with a pretty picture, and that does make a difference.

Some fear the divorce proceeding will hamper the Dodgers’ offseason plans, and for good reason. On the other hand, isn’t this the time when you buy the kids a nice pony to take their mind off the ugliness?

The Fightins To Phair Weather / Phaux Phillies Phans : Phuck You

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(three unidentified gentlemen who who don’t need or want your patronage, Mets fans)

As mentioned previously, at least one prominent Mets blogger is on record as advocating his comrades in arms take up the cause of the Philadelphia Phillies in the ’09 World Series rather than root for the Yankees. Chamomiles Davis of The Fightins has taken such sentiments into consideration and replies, “take that support and cram it far, far up into your ass. We don™t want you rooting for our team. Fuck off. Really.”

In 2000, the Mets and Yankess met in the latest incarnation of what pundits call œThe Subway Series. The Yankees won that series, and I was happy. Do you know why, Mets fans? Because I rooted for them. And do you know why I did that?

BECAUSE I HATE THE FUCKING METS. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER ROOT FOR THE METS TO WIN ANYTHING AS LONG AS I LIVE. I don™t care if they™re playing Satan for control of the Earth. Goooooo SATAN! In short, screw the New York Mets with a rusting rocket ship. So why the hell would you root for our team?

Y’know, when he puts it that way, I can’t remember why. A pox on both houses, then, the Nu Stadium and CBP. May both venues and all who inhabit them (CSTB contributors aside) be reduced to vapor when an MLB-sanctioned stunt to promote the upcoming “2012″ goes horribly wrong.


Agassi : Meth Turned Me Into Felix Unger

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I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to watch “Advantage Agassi” the same way ever again. The Times published excerpts earlier today from Andre Agassi’s soon-to-be-published autobiography, Open, including detailed revelations about the 1992 Wimbledon champion’s experiences with crystal meth.

In his book, Agassi recounts sitting at home with his assistant, referred to only as Slim, and being introduced to the drug. œSlim is stressed too … He says, You want to get high with me? On what? Gack. What the hell™s gack? Crystal meth. Why do they call it gack? Because that™s the sound you make when you™re high … Make you feel like Superman, dude.

œAs if they™re coming out of someone else™s mouth, I hear these words: You know what? F*** it. Yeah. Let™s get high.

œSlim dumps a small pile of powder on the coffee table. He cuts it, snorts it. He cuts it again. I snort some. I ease back on the couch and consider the Rubicon I™ve just crossed.

œThere is a moment of regret, followed by vast sadness. Then comes a tidal wave of euphoria that sweeps away every negative thought in my head. I™ve never felt so alive, so hopeful ” and I™ve never felt such energy.

œI™m seized by a desperate desire to clean. I go tearing around my house, cleaning it from top to bottom. I dust the furniture. I scour the tub. I make the beds.

Fed Ex Field- When You Absolutely, Positively Have To Check Your Civil Liberties At The Door

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While there’s no truth to the rumor merely playing The Fall’s “Bingo-Master’s Breakout” in the Fed Ex parking lot would result in a beatdown, Cheap Seats Daily does report Redskins fans attending last night’s unsuccessful debut of Sherman Lewis as Washington’s offensive play-caller were under what our Prince Far I might call “heavy manners”.

Dan Snyder™s jack-booted thugs were out AGAIN? It™s harder to get into a Skins game than an El Al jet?

Dan Snyder™s attempt to kill the message was in full force. I didn™t go to the game, so everything™s anecdotal, but there™s so much.

Tales of scuffles with security over signs and t-shirts blasting the owner abound. The only first-person account I got was from a friend who called me from FedExField just after being searched at the gate like he was boarding an El Al flight.

He asked the frisker, œAre you looking for anti-Snyder paraphernalia?

œAs a matter of fact, I am, the guard told him.

TBL’s Duffy : Thinking Outside Of The Bun Brain

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(a delicious taco for Bob Griese, courtesy of Torchy’s)

ESPN suspended college football analyst Bob Griese today for the former Dolphins QB’s ill-advised remarks about Colombian NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya during Saturday’s Minnesota/Ohio State game.  The Big Lead’s Ty Duffy considers ESPN’s actions kowtowing to “PC fascists”, surmising, “political correctness has a place, but that place should be weeding out legitimate racism, rather than hounding an innocuous old man for a minor incident.”

Bob Griese mistook Juan Pablo Montoya for a Mexican. Montoya is Columbian. Griese could be old whitey mistaking all Latin Americans for Mexicans, but it™s far more likely he was just unaware.  He had no time to google.

Assuming Griese was genuine, the taco comment wasn™t offensive.  Mexicans eat tacos.  They are an indigenous part of their cuisine.  They predate the Spanish.  There™s nothing demeaning about eating a taco.

Saying a Mexican is eating a taco is like saying an Englishman drinks tea, an Irishman went out for a pint, or an American was eating a hambuger.  It™s a stereotype.  There certainly are Mexican people who don™t like tacos, but it™s not a gross disparagement of Mexican culture.

Griese™s gag was lame but not scandalous.  It would have appeared in a Dan Shaughnessy column.

Though I have no desire to see Bob Griese lose his job over one isolated incident, it’s pretty hard to understand why said incident should be excused as inoffensive merely because some people weren’t offended.  On the Colombian/Mexican question, ignorance is a poor excuse. The phrase, “they all look alike” comes to mind, and unless Disney believes they really all do look alike, they’re smart to kick Griese to the curb, even if temporarily.

“There’s nothing demeaning about eating a taco.”  Hey, you might think there’s nothing demeaning about eating watermelon, either, and Rick Barry‘s still dealing with the fallout from that one. Anytime you choose to describe someone in terms that specifically target their ethnicity (or what you presume to be their ethnicity) rather than their individual characteristics, they’re reduced to a caricature.

Griese could’ve skewered Montoya for his reputation for arrogance (“he’s probably kissing a mirror somewhere”) or for aggressive driving. Instead, he went after the first thing that popped into his tiny head ; Latino = taco chomping. If that’s the kind of free expression Duffy wishes to defend, perhaps TBL can take up a petition drive to have Steve Lyons replace Steve Phillips on Baseball Tonight next spring.

Bucks Co., PA Police Continue Harrassment Of Creative Types

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Some women will do anything to get a better glimpse of Charlie Manuel in person.  There’s a Chooch Train joke in here somewhere, but I’m not telling it until I’ve had a few drinks later tonight. (h/t Stadium Insider)

NewsCorp : Unfair To Hawaiians (And Crossdressers)

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Would it have been so difficult for someone at the Post to properly research what a traditional Hawaiian skirt really looks like? And surely the persons responsible for this front cover of today’s paper are aware once you go down this particular road, there’s no turning back?