When & If San Antonio Gets Knocked Out Of The NBA Playoffs, The Inevitable Hitler Clip Might Be Toughter To Find

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(above : Adolf reacts to John Calipari landing on his feet at the University Of Kentucky)

Michael Jackson’s death. An early Champions League exit for Arsenal. Belichick and the Patriots going for it against the Colts on 4th and 2. All commemorated, almost instantly with the same footage  subtitled to appear as though a super fan Fuhrer is thoroughly furious. Said modern phenomena won’t be nearly as easy to come across in the days ahead writes Josh from The Open Video Alliance.

A recent wave of takedowns notices affecting many of the Hitler œDownfall parody videos has resulted in their removal from YouTube. The copyright claim is being filed on behalf of Constantin Films, the German production company that owns the rights to the 2004 film Der Untergang (Downfall), from which the clip originates.

The Downfall meme is so well-established that it has literally become standard curriculum for digital moviemaking courses, as evidenced by this class™ page which counted 14 videos before the takedowns were issued (currently, only two of these videos remain playable.

Marv’s Kin : Merely Average At Broadcasting, Exceptional At Holding It In

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Of the many questions posed by Saturday’s 20 inning encounter between the Mets and Cards (eg. “is Kyle Lohse a better or worse left fielder than Manny Ramirez?”), the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman successfully identified the most crucial. To wit, how were Fox’s commentators coping without a bathroom break?

In the 17th inning, Kenny Albert (above), Fox’s play-by-play voice, informed viewers that his partner, Tim McCarver, had left the booth in the seventh inning. Albert did not specify if T-Mac took a pause for the cause, but those familiar with the situation say he did. Albert also reported: “I have not left the booth in 17 innings.”

At that very moment, all chances of Albert landing that big-bucks Flomax endorsement deal went down the tubes. What was not known at the time is that Albert is practiced in the “art” of retention. In July 1998, he worked a 17-inning Indians-Mariners game and did not once visit a Kingdome bathroom.

“And I did not go during the entire game (Saturday),” Albert said yesterday.

How is he able to do (or not do) this?

“It’s all mental,” he proclaimed.

In the course of our investigation, it was also revealed that McCarver – still – is one of the fastest guys in the majors going booth-to-bathroom and back.

“Yes, I’ve seen McCarver fly out of the booth and get back with time to spare,” one well-embedded mole said.

Ryan Leaf : Taking Ownership Of His All-Time Suckiness

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The 75th NFL Draft takes place this Thursday night and while the annual opportunity to make fun of overzealous Jets fans is obvious sportsblog gold, it also gives us a once-a-year chance to review the most foolish selections of all time. And with all due respect to Jeff Lageman, JaMarcus Russell and Tony Mandarich, San Diego QB Ryan Leaf is arguably the biggest draft bust in history. Surprisingly, Leaf concurs with being awarded such status, telling the LA TImes’ T.J. Simers, “I was a phony person for so long, it’s so freeing now to tell the truth.”

“If I’m going to be the biggest bust, I have to own up to it,” Leaf says. “I used to go to bed at night hoping somebody else like Heath Shuler might magically leapfrog me on those all-time bust lists.

“It never happened. Why? Because I am No. 1. I can’t even think of anyone else in the ballpark that might be close to my combination of disappointment and failed expectations.”

“I dodged a bullet,” he says. “A strong case can be made that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback since Unitas. It’s bad enough as it is, but just imagine if I had been picked ahead of Peyton.”

“It was total self-destruction. My mom has old tapes. I listened to one recently and cringed. That kid was a punk. That’s my fault for leaving college early and not having someone around me to help. And if I did, as stubborn and bullheaded as I was, I probably would not have listened. I was 22, but I was 16 probably as far as maturity goes.”

Calcaterra : Mystery PED Abuser To Be Named Any Moment Now

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Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra reports Major League Baseball is about to lower the boom on an unnamed National League pitcher for an as yet unspecified performance enhancing drug violation. Writes Calcaterra, “my source tells me that it’s a ‘semi-big’ name, though not a ‘huge’ name.” I’m going to take a very wild guess that Doug Davis is not the guilty party.

(UPDATE : MLB has suspended Reds P Edinson Volquez for 50 games. If you had money on Houston’s Brett Meyers, cheer up, he’ll be suspended for something, eventually).

Joakim Noah – No Longer In The Running For My Extra Copy Of Pere Ubu’s Hearpen Singles Box

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Suddenly facing a 2-0 deficit to the Cavs, it’s probably a bit much to expect the normally outspoken Bulls F Joakim Noah to adopt a diplomatic tone. But it’s pretty unfair to say no one’s ever vacationed in Cleveland — didn’t Braylon Edwards take a few Sundays off, albeit in uniform? LeBron James might even spend a couple of days in nearby Akron next year after he relocates to New York or Chicago.  And while dumping on the so-called Mistake By The Lake has never quite gone out of fashion, Noah has a ways to go if he wants to outdo these guys.


MLB To Maddon : Hoodie No Goodie

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Though it’s doubtful Rays manager Joe Maddon needed to channel Bill Belichick in order to supervise Tampa’s sweep of the Red Sox this weekend, the Tampa skipper no longer has the freedom to choose his own attire, according to the following unattributed piece in Monday’s Chicago Tribune (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

Maddon (above) has been told by Major League Baseball that he can no longer wear his favorite hoodie. Maddon likes to put on the pullover during cold days at the ballpark, but MLB said it’s not approved for use during games.

Baseball reissued a memo last Friday saying managers and coaches could only wear jerseys or outerwear OKed by MLB.

“There was a time where they first did it, it was more of — the quality was less. The quality has been raised, it’s more of a shiny kind of material now that I know presents well. I’ve seen them on TV, it presents really well. I have no idea why this is happening. For me, it’s just a comfortable thing. I’ve always worn hoodies,” Maddon said.

“Go back to your collegiate days, I did a lot of football — I don’t know if they think it looks too football-ish. I have no idea,” he said. “All I know is that it’s a comfortable piece of clothing, I think it’s attractive, if you’re looking for younger fan, I think those are the people that really are attracted to something like that, too. Listen, I will state my case because I think I can, but I will follow the rule.”

Savior / Anti-Mike Jacobs Arrives In Flushing

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Tired of watching an alleged major league first baseman flail away at pitches your grandmother could hit? Eager to see huge expectations placed upon a young man who may or may not be the next F-Mart / Gregg Jefferies? Tune in to SNY tonight, when the unsuspecting Chicago Cubs face the wrath of newly promoted Mets 1B Ike Davis! Matthew Cerrone at MetsBlog compares the event to the day David Wright was promoted, but I believe Mr. Cerrone is underplaying the occasion.

Nats’ Ticket Design : Crap Art, Or A Holdover From An Offseason Pursuit Of Brett Myers?

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(image taken from Wonkette)

On multiple occasions, Stan Kasten’s unusual hospitality towards Philadephia Phillies fans has been noted, but in this instance, it’s pretty clear the Nationals team president has gone much too far.


The Strikeforce Brawl : Finally, An Opportunity For Gus Johnson To Be A Calming Influence

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I’m tempted to say this was the most worst thing that could happen to an CBS MMA telecast this side of Kimbo Slice being exposed, but to be fair, none of the participants came off nearly as badly yesterday as Kevin Garnett.

Mike Pelfrey’s First Save ; Slightly More Momentous Than Raul Valdez’ First Hit

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At the start of yesterday’s Mets/Cardinals game, I was an eyewitness to Tim Lincecum’s nearly effortless mastery of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  During the later portions of the former contest, I was driving along Southern California’s I-10 en route to a game that lacked the historic implications of Ublado Jiminez’ no-no.  As such — thanks to the even worse than advertised coverage of AT&T — I was unaware of the events unfolding in St. Louis until about the top of the 13th inning. MLB.TV’s ridiculous blackout restrictions meant I had to resort to the WFAN feed and suffice to say, Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin really earned their money Saturday night.  Anyone (well, not Chip Caray) can fashion a decent call of a classic ballgame. It take a pair of real professionals to manufacture something entertaining out of a diabolically poor showing by both teams, and an absolute clinic in over management from St. Louis’ Tony La Genius. When Mets reliever Raul Valdez was nailed advancing from first to second by Albert Pujols late in the night, Hagin sighed, “he didn’t slide because he doesn’t know how to run the bases.”  Upon Felipe Lopez being removed after just two innings of relief work, it was suggested that perhaps La Russa “wants to save him for tomorrow”.

(How long, by the way, before DirecTV debuts a commercial in which an actor playing the part of Jason Bay’s father angrily rings the Mets’ dugout after watching his son hopelessly overmatched?)

While La Russa’s decisions over the course of nearly 7 hours (paging Joe West) of baseball are under obvious scrutiny, the handiwork of the very-much under-fire Amazins’ skipper Jerry Manuel, is hardly cause for celebration writes The Eddie Kranepool Society‘s shy and retiring Stephen Keane, “nice job having Frankie Rodz warm up for eight innings and have him leave his best stuff in the bullpen.”   Indeed, who’d have anticipated that after nearly 3 weeks of baseball, Mike Pelfrey would have more saves than a healthy K-Rod?


Where’s The Apology For Bowling Scribe Harry Page?

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I’ll start with mine -  SORRY! More than two years ago, CSTB briefly mentioned the matter of San Antonio Express-News bowling columnist Harry Page being relieved of his duties after being charged with plagiarism by the newspaper’s editors. Page and his readers have long countered that rather than accept a buyout, the veteran sportswriter was sacked via the paper’s flimsy excuse that his quoting from other sources (and crediting them as such) on his SA E-N blog constituted theft.

As it turns out, Page has been vindicated, as the following item from the San Antonio Informer explains.

In November 2007, the Express-News terminated Page after editors accused him of lifting material for his bowling blog from two Web sites, www.pbatour.com and www.bowl.com, without attributions. The works appeared on the paper’s site, but was later removed. Page insisted he reposted material with credit as outlined in his job description and did not plagiarize.

Page, represented by attorney Darryl K. Carter of the Houston-based Glickman, Carter & Bachynsky, L.L.P., law firm, sued the newspaper believing that the Express-News invented the false plagiarism charges after he refused to participate in a “voluntary separation program” in October 2007.

The settlement came in District Court of Bexar County Texas, 224th Judicial District, case no. 2008-CI-07082, after the Hearst Corp. was denied a summary judgment to get the suit dismissed in December 2009.

Details of settlement weren’t disclosed.


TNT’s Craig Sager : A Clown Jim O’Donnell Finds Unfunny

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TNT’s NBA crew came to the United Center Tuesday night, and temporarily at least, the Bulls’ playoff hopes took second stage to growing speculation surrounding alleged fisticuffs between head coach Vinny Del Negro and GM John Paxson.  The Sun-Times’ Jim O’Donnell watched the telecast and offers a scathing critique of TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager (above, left), “he of the AutoMart sports coats and wintry Bob Barker smile.”

In the third quarter, the furnace blasted. Sager — suddenly a journalist — summoned the worst of his career lightweight-ism and outed Chicago Tribune beat writer K.C. Johnson as an allegedly unwilling uncoverer of the Paxson-Del Negro story.

”The report was first heard from Tribune writer K.C. Johnson,” Sager blathered. ”He held the story back for several weeks out of respect for Vinny Del Negro. I asked him why he held it back, and he said, ‘When somebody’s future is in my hand and I can affect it. … I did not report it.”’

Sager’s ”reporting” implied Johnson was attempting to hop on the scoop express alongside the Web site that originally released the story. At no point did Sager take his microphone and cameraman to Johnson during a game break for more detailed elaboration.

That left Reggie Miller to pillory Johnson on national TV, concluding, ”K.C. Johnson is just upset he didn’t get the credit.”

Sweaty Freddy Explores Alternatives To Leaving Men On Base

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Blue Jays 7 White Sox 3

Given that the Pale Hose had dropped their previous ten games against the Jays, a 2-2 series split might, in some quarters, be viewed with a certain satisfaction. To snap such a longstanding spell – and to do it with former Blue Jay Alex Rios leading the charge – might provide succor on the South Side.

But it won’t. Instead, panic buttons from Pullman to Pilsen are receiving more energetic jabbing than the Fielder family turkey at Thanksgiving. With a loss record equaling basement-dwelling Cleveland, Sox fans – a proudly dour and fatalist bunch to begin with – need little more than a pair of staff rotations to divine a glum future AL Central dominated by Twins.  Will the pessimism be justified?

The consternation in White Sox Nation has risen upon the recognition that crappy hitting with RISP is not the only way to lose games. This team could leave as few as 4 on base and still lose, as 5th starter Freddy Garcia (L, 0-2, 8.10 3IP 8H 7R 3K) aptly demonstrated last night. Garcia’s 2nd ining lob to Travis Snider for a solo HR was the low point of an 8-hit outing that RH reliever Randy Williams couldn’t get out of.  The vaunted rotation is demonstrating something less than complete command.

On the bright side, down by 7 in the 5th, backup C Donny Lucy had little splainin’ to do, sending Dana Eveland’s (W, 2-0, 1.35, 6IP, 3H, 2R, 4K) up fastball into the stands. AJ Pierzynski, fleeing from Canadian justice at the time could not be reached for comment.

CSTB Legal Advice To A Pukey Philly Phan…

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…just tell the judge you were watching Kyle Kendrick pitch. No sensible court in the world will convict you. “Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend,” writes Rog, forwarding a WCBS TV report concerning a 21 year old man charged with intentionally vomiting on an 11 year old girl during Wednesday’s Phillies/Nationals tilt.

Matthew Clemmens of Cherry Hill, N.J., was arraigned early Friday morning on charges stemming from an incident during Wednesday night’s game.

Police say Clemmens began trying to make himself vomit on an off-duty police captain and his family after a companion was removed from the stadium for unruly behavior.

Easton police Capt. Michael Vangelo says he saw Clemmens put his fingers down his throat and throw up, hitting Vangelo and his 11-year-old daughter.

Philadelphia police say Clemmens also punched Vangelo and vomited on an arresting officer.

Highly Anticipated Rock Fest Tarnished By Negative Campaigning

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(video link linked swiped from Ryan Brush)

I made plans to attend the Atlanta Mess Around several weeks ago, and now that I’ve learned about the bitter rivalry between the event’s two host venues, I’m thinking I’ll need something a bit more sophisticated than a phone cam to properly document the hostility. I wonder if Barbara Koppel is free that weekend?


Kim’s Deal: ESPN’s Arnovitz Praises Clippers’ Frank, Doomed Interim Coach

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The Clippers may well never stop being the Clippers until they’re rid of owner/Living Los Angeles Nightmare Donald Sterling. (Related: dude is racist as hell) But as long as there are goofy masochists who care about basketball — or reasonable humans who hate the Lakers because It’s The Right Thing To Do — there will be Clipper fans.

It’s hard to argue that said fans were well-served by this year’s typically underachieving Clips, but (and here’s where I drop the pretense) we were at least well-served by the fact that interim coach Kim Hughes (above), who took over from fraudulent ex-capo Mike Dunleavy around midseason, was perhaps the most hilariously straight-talking coach in NBA history. At TrueHoop, Kevin Arnovitz pays tribute to the admirably frank and frankly doomed Hughes:

How would Hughes fare as a head coach if given a legitimate opportunity to run a training camp and put his hand print on a team? It’s hard to say. But here’s one thing I can say with some degree of certainty:

I’d love to cover that team.

In the NBA, very little of substance is spoken on the record. Even when you’re fishing for nothing more than a little education about the game, answers are often doled out in neatly wrapped platitudes. That’s not the case with Hughes, whose flat midwestern accent conveyed things you rarely hear from NBA coaches — things like self-doubt, nuance and re-evaluation…

Prior to his first game, I asked Hughes if he’d spoken to Chris Kaman about how the new running attack might impact the center’s preference for a structured half-court game.

Hughes responded, “Let me preface this by saying that Chris is retarded, okay? He’s really not, but he is emotionally handicapped.”

As usual, thanks to Brendan Flynn for the link.

He So Horny Angry : Luther Campbell’s Jackie Robinson Day Message

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Former Two Live Crew mainstay Luther Campbell is no stranger to the Miami sports scene and uses this week’s Jackie Robinson Day celebrations to essentially amplify Torii Hunter’s remarks from last spring. “(Baseball’s) plan, argues Campbell, “is to eliminate black Americans and replace them with Dominicans.”  From Tuesday’s New Times (link culled from Baseball Think Factory) :

Major League Baseball adopted a sweatshop mentality by targeting countries like the Dominican Republic, where players don’t have a chance of being drafted or getting a scholarship right out of high school. A baseball team has to pay much more money to the African-American kid coming out of college than a kid from Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata. A former pro baseball player who is now a minor league coach told me all about the farm system in Latin American countries. The Dominicans often accept being shipped to minor league farm systems where they have to sleep dormitory-style, 100 to a room. In Mexico, minor league players have to play games all day and all night. Sometimes a game doesn’t start till midnight. And every Major League Baseball team has people on the ground scouting for talent.

How do the Florida Marlins manage to field a competitive team and keep the payroll low? Because the club has one of the best farm systems in Major League Baseball. They can get top-of-the-line Dominican players at a bargain price.

Much as I hate to credit the Marlins with anything , the Fish have also consistently developed players who were born-in-the-USA. If a small percentage were black, that’s a charge that could also be leveled at MLB clubs with much higher payrolls.

Where’s Randy Cohen When We Really Need Him? A.J.’s Big Fib

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If I had to make a list of the top 3 players most likely to insist they were hit by a pitch that didn’t touch their person or clothing, White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski might occupy all 3 spots.  Fangraphs’ Alex Remington calls A.J.’s ploy  “effectively the baseball equivalent of flopping in soccer and basketball.”

But how do you punish him? The commissioner™s office can™t very well levy a fine for doing something that isn™t prohibited in the rulebook, and public ostracism won™t make much of a difference either: A.J. Pierzynski has made a career of ticking off fanbases and clubhouses alike. As satisfying as it would be to punish a player for lying, it isn™t very practical ” after all, it™s impossible to know exactly whether a player is genuinely mistaken or intentionally dissembling.

The best part of this is imagining Pierzynski’s reaction (head butt? knee to the groin?) were Remington or anyone else to accuse him of “intentionally dissembling” to his face. I am willing to bet real money that despite the catcher’s past, this would be the very first time he heard such an accusation (in those words, anyway).

Is Nate Robinson (Partially) Responsible For Doc Rivers’ Burnout?

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The morning after another 50 loss Knicks campaign came to a close, Mike D’Antoni might be forgiven for cracking a smile.   After the competing Herald suggested Wednesday that Celtics coach Doc Rivers (above) was leaning towards bailing on the final year of his Boston contract, the Globe’s Marc J. Spears Gary Washburn hints that one of D’Antoni’s biggest headaches also managed to drive Rivers to distraction.

Danny Ainge added some pieces to a team that appeared primed for one final title run, but none have worked. Rasheed Wallace has been inconsistent. Marquis Daniels has showed he can™t produce in the spotlight and is best suited for a smaller market and less pressure. And Nate Robinson has been tentative, and privately the organization has questioned his maturity.

The Celtics™ locker room is fractured. There are the old schoolers (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Michael Finley), the Sheed crew (Wallace, Robinson, and Daniels), and the future stars (Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins), while the rest bounce from group to group.

There comes a time when teams tune out their coach, regardless of his credentials or player-friendly style. Neither Rivers nor Ainge are concerned that it has reached that point, but Rivers hasn™t been this frustrated with a team since taking over six years ago. His losing teams were young and expected to struggle, but never has he coached a squad with so much talent and so many issues.

Wallace needed to emerge as a leader, play strong defense, plant himself in the post, and take pressure off Garnett. Daniels needed to play defense with passion and spell Rondo. And Robinson needed to show a refinement not seen from him consistently in New York.

NCAA Delivers Dual Blow To Free Expression

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(image taken from Tebow’s Eye Black)

In addition to banning wedge blocking, the NCAA announced a pair of additional college football adjustments Thursday, with the following being forbidded by the governing body writes the Dallas Morning News’ Chuck Carlton :

*- No eye black messages. Accurately or not, this will be viewed as the Tim Tebow rule. Players will not be able to feature a favorite Bible verse or a shoutout to an area code or simply make a statement. Verdict: Is this really a problem?

* – New taunting penalties. Players who are flagged for taunting while scoring a touchdown will be penalized from the spot of the foul, beginning in 2011. In other words, the points will come off the scoreboard. Verdict: Expect inconsistency and controversy. Imagine a player diving into the end zone between defenders for a go-ahead score. Taunting or valid play? The difference will be either a touchdown or the ball at the 16. Big difference. Remember, the penalty call on Georgia’s A.J. Green after a touchdown against LSU last year?

Not to channel Phil Mushnick or anything, but the anti-eye black ruling seems somewhat discriminatory. There’s currently no edict preventing college footballers from visiting their campus tattoo parlor and having any number of editorial slogans placed prominently upon their persons. We’ve long known the NCAA is terribly dependent on network TV loot, but what sort of kick-back are they getting from the tattoo industry?

Fuck Tha Police Dodger Stadium Rent-A-Cops

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There’s a civil liberties problem at Chavez Ravine, and for once, it has nothing to do with Steve Lyons. I’ll be at this Saturday’s Giants/Dodgers tilt in Los Angeles and rest assured, I will be on my best behavior in the parking lot. (video link culled from Walkoff Walk)


It’s Official : Bronx Bummers Just As Irrationally Cranky As Flushing Fuck Y’All’s

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Earlier this week, Mets fans took some criticism from this corner for their harsh treatment of Johan Santana in what was just the 5th game of the season and the pitcher’s 2nd start of the year, respectively.  Yankee fans, of course, always have to outdo their Queens counterparts, and today was no exception, as starter Javier Vazquez heard it loud and clear from the entitled creeps boo birds in his 2nd appearance since returning to the Bronx. I was on hand for the occasion, and while I passed up the opportunity to meet a true legend (see above), it struck me there’s an expectation of near perfection bordering on the psychotic ; the hostility towards Vazquez comes just 24 hours after (some) of these cretins saw their team awarded World Series rings. Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra is quick to stress he’s not calling all Yankee fans “ignorant” (“just those who were at the game today”)   (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

The boos weren’t merely a function of Vazquez leaving in the sixth inning after giving up a couple of hits and a wild pitch: they started in the first inning. A fan at the game tweets that fans were chanting “we want Melky” in the third inning.

The man has started two games this year. These boos are almost certainly a function of people thinking back to 2004, which is amazingly weak given that, you know, the team just won the World Series five months ago. For a fan base that fancies itself so much more knowledgeable than anyone else’s, this was pretty bad.

Da Bulls – Showing The Wrong Kind Of Fight Down The Stretch

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Frequent CSTB readers are already aware the matter of Joakim Noah’s playing time is a somewhat sore subject between Bulls head coach Vinny Del Negro and his boss, John Paxson. What you possibly didn’t know prior to today is that Paxson and Del Negro have been accused of coming to blows over the dispute, with one version alleging the GM tried to strangle his subordinate with the latter’s tie. ESPN Chicago’s Melissa Isaacson contradicts the Yahoo Sports report, giving an audience to an unnamed source’s claim Del Negro was the aggressor…and he’s been asking for a beating for some time.

The relationship between Paxson and Del Negro has been deteriorating for some time and reached a head over the use of Noah, who has been hurting since mid-January. Del Negro, the source said, directly defied orders by Paxson and Forman in playing Noah seven minutes longer than ordered to against the Portland Trail Blazers on Feb. 26 when Noah was “clearly hurting,” according to the source.

“[Del Negro] put his own interest ahead of the Bulls,” the source said.

Noah missed the next 10 games, all Bulls losses.

The source said when Noah was brought back a second time after the injury, it was made even more clear to Del Negro what Noah’s time limit was, but he was allowed to save a minute or two for close games or play Noah for one possession at the end if he had already reached his time limit and the game was close. Those were the only exceptions. And Del Negro looked for “loopholes,” the source said.

The Bulls need to defeat Charlotte tonight (along with requiring some help from the Knicks) in order to qualify as the no. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference, but even if they succeed and win the right to become the Cavs’ sacrificial lambs in round 2,

Wrigley Tee Vendors : Equally Hateful Towards Cubs & Non-Cubs Alike

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The Huffington Post was huffing and puffing (sorry) yesterday over the already publicized instances of street vendors outside Wrigley Field peddling t-shirts with slogans ranging from crude to stupid.

Though The Huff Po and Bleacher Nation both cite the “Ozzie Mows Wrigley Field” tee spotted by CSTB’s Rob Warmowski last summer (btw, happy birthday, Rob!), the above shirt demonstrates that ugly stereotypes are hardly limited to crosstown rivals and NL Central opponents. Such fashion statements are considered free speech — certainly on the part of those selling ‘em if not those purchasing — and isn’t that what our right to unfettered expression is all about? The ability to display the dopiest slurs and sentiments right outside of Big Z’s workplace?


Redknapp : Campbell Might Need Earplugs

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When Sol Campbell(above) left Spurs in 2001 for Arsenal, it was hard to imagine the England centre back would be the target of nearly as much invective from Tottenham fans nearly a decade later.  To hear Spurs manager Harry Redknapp — who supervised Campbell for two seasons at Portsmouth prior to a surprise return to the Gunners this winter — tell the tale, Wednesday night’s North London Derby will provide the patrons at White Hart Lane with ample opportunity to intimidate a former favorite.  “”I never thought he would want to go anywhere near Arsenal again,” Redknapp tells The Guardian’s David Hytner and Dominic Fifield.

“I wouldn’t want to say what he told me but he wasn’t happy. He just felt he didn’t want to be there and he was desperate to get out. I never thought Arsenal would take him back, either. They were very pleased to let him go before.”

Redknapp said that he knew of no player who had suffered more terrace abuse than Campbell, a hate figure in the eyes of the Tottenham crowd. In September 2008, when Campbell played for Portsmouth against Tottenham at Fratton Park, police made 11 arrests, following sickening chants from the away enclosure. Six of the fans were banned from football for three years, with the other five receiving cautions.

“I can’t think of anyone who would get much worse than Sol nowadays,” said Redknapp, who revealed that Campbell took a £3m-a-year wage cut to swap Arsenal for Portsmouth. “It has been a long-running saga but they have got the hump with him here at Tottenham and they are not going to forgive him.

“He will get it again. That can happen. They pay their money and they are going to do what they want to do, aren’t they? I just hope they don’t do or shout anything silly. Sure, if they want to jeer him or whatever that is fine but we saw trouble before at Portsmouth with people making remarks that weren’t right. You do not want that.”

The Metropolitan police and Tottenham have classified the game in their highest risk bracket. “An appropriate policing plan is in place,” said a police spokesman. “We are working closely with both clubs and should any apparent offences come to light, they will be dealt with appropriately.”