Let’s See ‘Melo Try To Backpedal His Way Out Of This

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I don’t know if there’s ever an opportune time to end up in a public pissing match, but in defense of Nuggets SF Carmelo Antony, who amongst us hasn’t at one time or another wanted to put a bounty on the head of someone who caused us to lose our cool?


August 28 In Tweets : Not To Speak Ill Of The Dead, But Who’d Go To A Rod Beck Rally?

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  • V. Martinez HR gives Boston a 2-1 run in Tampa ; multitude of Boston fans acting and feeling right at home #
  • Bubba Trammell swears he’s on the guest list RE http://bit.ly/diW7b3 #
  • whoops RT @BloggingBombers: If you’re going to buy the jersey, make sure the name is spelled correctly. http://tweetphoto.com/42007383 #
  • US citizen since ’07, Dominican-born Pujols lauded by drunk skipper, G. Beck in DC http://youtu.be/DosciI-Ulac #
  • Nyjer beaning victim : Philly Phans called Morgan a jockey http://bit.ly/bAiMw8 #
  • these fellas just lost a libel suit brought by a former Bengals cheerleader. Hence the cryptic message http://bit.ly/bsso7X #
  • i doubt Jessica Hopper’s getting paid for this http://bit.ly/cw02L3 #
  • Luna Vachon, dead at 48 http://bit.ly/dCxDsO #
  • doubt Dibble was a Strasburg fan? Rob would “love to meet you alone somewhere” Adult bookstore? http://bit.ly/9QFg8n #
  • 10 points out of a possible 12 for QPR…Rangers stole a point at Pride Park today. These aren’t the Stupor Hoops of old. #
  • R’s, dead in the water for 90 minutes, Agyemange & Mackie score in extra time. Derby Co. 2, QPR 2. Warnock’s Hoops stay top of the table #
  • Hugo Rodallega volley past Cudicini (who should’ve had it), 80th min, Spurs 0, Wigan 1 #
  • Drogba goal (penalty), Chelsea 2, Stoke 0, 77th min. best defensive effort vs. Chelsea so far this year…not saying much #
  • if the late Eddie Griffin were still alive, surely he’d sympathize http://bit.ly/cLvkda #
  • camera angles from White Hart Lane are so steep, it’s like watching Ohio State hoops (Spurs 0, Wigan 0, almost HT) #
  • Kris Commons’ 2nd goal of the season puts Derby County up, 1-0 over QPR (39). First goal conceed by Rangers in the Championship this year #
  • clinical finish by Malouda after a nifty bit of theft by Terry ; Chelsea 1, Stoke 0, 32nd minute #

Richard Seymour : Making Slow, If Not Steady Progress Towards A Future Analyst’s Gig

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After initially reluctance to report to Oakland following a trade from New England last season, who can forget DE Richard Seymour promising the Raiders would make the playoffs last season? Showing just as keen a grasp on reality during 2010′s training camp, Seymour tells Fanhouse’s Terence Moore this year’s edition of the Raiders are just an attitude adjustment away from a return to glory.

“Talent-wise, we’re as talented as any team in football, but it takes more than talent. It takes attention to details. It takes doing the little things, because the margin of victory is small in the league, and there has to be consistency,” said Seymour (above), the Raiders’ accomplished defensive tackle who is an expert on everything he mentioned.

But consider this, and it bodes well for Davis’ bold expectations this season for the Raiders: despite Seymour spending eight years with the Patriots and entering just his second season with the Raiders, and although his old employers have been dominant for a decade while his new ones have been dreadful, Seymour feels more tradition, more aura, more something with the Raiders than the Patriots.

“Oh, absolutely,” Seymour said, easing into the widest of grins. “My wife, she’d tell you. She always tells me that I seem like a kid in a candy store whenever I put on that Raiders’ silver and black. I don’t mind wearing our white jerseys, but if we could wear black, and if that was our only color to wear every game … I mean, there is something about putting on that black. It’s unlike putting on any other jersey in the NFL.”

Moser : The Benching Of Bullying Mariotti = Egghead Takeover

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We’re into the what may be the second week of the post-Jay Mariotti era, and with not a shred of sympathy expressed in any corner for the suspended Fanhouse columnist following his being charged with assaulting his girlfriend, the Chicago Reader’s Whet Moser takes stock of the mascara-fiend’s downfall. “It takes a rare ability to alienate people to the extent that they experience schadenfreude even in the context of a domestic violence accusation,” writes Moser, forgetting of course that at least a few of Mariotti’s targets were well and truly asking for it, regardless of the former Sun-Times scribe being exposed as a colossal hypocrite further down the road.

It’s really fucking sad all around, both that it got to this point, and that Mariotti fed off it to the extent that his last real star turn revolved around an almost citywide hostility. Not surprising”I knew from the minute I heard Mariotti had been arrested that a shitstorm of grim joy would follow”just bottomlessly horrid.

And I think something else is going on. Mariotti’s style”loud, hectoring, and aggressive”is on its way out. There’s a revenge of the nerds happening in the genre. Thoughtful statheads like Nate Silver, Christina Kahrl, and Rob Neyer are ascendant, as baseball fans nerd out over articles like an analysis of Mariano Rivera’s mastery complete with a data-based multimedia presentation. Even a master of traditional, elegiac literary sports journalism like Joe Posnanski is well-versed in the arcane numerology of baseball. The swaggering, two-fisted, TV shouter is burning out, as was probably inevitable. It stopped being fun, if it ever was, and the knives are out.

Mariotti hasn’t just been abandoned by colleagues and readers, he’s been left behind by sportswriting, like the mirror of a Deford or Updike creation, and this story is about as depressing. He spent so long trafficking in joyless, wearying schadenfreude, and is now surrounded by the ghosts of his own spiteful history.

If indeed, Mariotti’s M.O. is truly “on its way out”, the memo has yet to reach most of the nation’s sports talk radio stations. It’s lovely to imagine the likes of Rob Neyer being positioned for as wide a televlsion or internet audience as Mariotti, but the fact remains such gigs are routinely assigned to persons who’ve been in the trenches themselves (ie. a Steve Phillips, a J.P. Ricciardi) or an egoist nearly Mariotti’s equal (eg. Jason Whitlock and his new $2.1 Fox contract. Mariotti’s brand of knee-jerk provocation is sadly very much in vogue ; i’s his (reported) criminal behavior he’s being punished for, not his indefensible prose.

Q : What Do You Get The Man Who Has Everything?

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A: Unless you really fucking hate him, something other than this, please.


August 27 In Tweets : To All Of Our New Readers Via Fox Sports.com – Please Fuck Off & Die

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  • Simple Circuit, party barge, Lake Travis http://yfrog.com/3m22rxaj #
  • today on XM , Dibble explains how he misquoted himself #
  • in a battle of wits, he’s already lost RT @dcsportsbog: Would getting pummeled by Dibble be worth the inevitable page views? I’m voting no. #
  • Bradley : UGA’s Richt is a bad babysitter (with a 90-27 record) http://alturl.com/iwv9g #
  • NOOOOO RT @MikeDrucker: Maybe the Lockhorns should just divorce already. #
  • so why do Brooklyn Vegan’s anonymous commentators hate women so much? http://bit.ly/dBaoYq #
  • 4 of the kids on the Columbus, GA Little League squad cite Chipper as their fave MLB player. That’s some BAD parenting. #

  • Where’s Mike Francesa-Grundy Now? RE http://bit.ly/91YEv7 #
  • I guess no one else thinks the M&M pretzel commercials are homophobic, huh. (yes, I will keep repeating this one) #
  • ooof RT @DPLennon: Francesa compared pool scene at Bar A to Vegas. Turned on YES. Looks more like retirement community in Boca. #
  • only people happy about the Strasburg news are the Mets medical staff. http://yhoo.it/ccbvcH #
  • Dibble’s first game back from hiatus (suspension?) would be a great time to say he still thinks Strasburg’s a pussy RE http://bit.ly/cFHP0B #

Dibble Has An Even More Powerful Foe Than The Internet…

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…and it’s called Photoshop. A hearty WELL FUCKING DONE to the folks at Tauntr for their series entitled “Rob Dibble’s Summer In Motivational Posters” Of course, this is all in good fun, as there’s probably no one else nearly as broken up over the astonishingly bad news that Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg might not throw a baseball in anger for 12-18 months.  Previously,XM Radio analyst Dibs had argued that Strasburg — rather than calling on his manager and Washington’s training staff the moment he experienced discomfort — should’ve just, y’know, stopped acting like a giant pansy. And indeed, we’ll never know for certain how well Dr. Dibble’s prognosis would’ve worked out.  Some of you gutless, enabling types probably think young Strasburg would’ve suffered irreparable damage to his throwing arm had he taken Dibble’s advice.  Others –especially those with testicles the size of the solar system — recognize the possibility, however slim, this selfish, pampered punk might’ve saved the Nats bullpen one more inning of work in an all-important late season contest.

Pujols, La Genius Booked For Right-Wing Kook Apolitical Beck/Palin Rally

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Glen Beck and Sarah Palin’s attempt to hijack the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” oration will not come without it’s share of contemporary star power.  The St. Louis Post-Dispatc’s Joe Strauss reports manager Tony La Russa and 1B Albert Pujols have been enlisted to support the cause of modern fascism event.

Organized by Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck and featuring former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (above), the “Restoring Honor” rally is scheduled to take place at the base of the Lincoln Memorial.

Beck, who met Pujols at Busch Stadium before a June appearance at Chaifetz Arena, is promoting the event as an apolitical celebration of the First Amendment and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, scheduled to introduce Pujols, insisted Thursday that he and Pujols are attending only after receiving assurances that the event is not a thinly disguised political rally.

Some liberal critics have portrayed the three-hour event as a platform for the conservative Tea Party movement.

“I made it clear when we were approached: I said, ‘If it’s political, I wouldn’t even approach Albert with it.’ I don’t want to be there if it’s political,” La Russa said.

“I made the point several times: What is this about?” La Russa said Thursday, noting an understanding that invitations were ‘sent out across party lines, different disciplines, all kinds of stuff.

“I don’t know who’s going to be there, who’s going to accept it. But the gist of the day is not political. I think it’s a really good concept, actually.”

Possibly The Most Philly Tattoo Of All Time

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With the money you’ll save on not purchasing the sold out debut 7″ from Puerto Rico Flowers, you might wanna invest in the body art of Dan Judge, whose series of Iggles-inspired tats can be purchased thru Etsy. (link taken from The 700 Level)


August 26 In Tweets : Hey, We Already Ran This ‘Reyes To Cease Baseball Activities’ Story

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  • esp. if she’s on Charlie Rose RT @fangsbites: Tonya Harding on any TV show should include her whacking someone on the knee. #
  • huge chants for Francoeur. They’re yelling “LATE INNING DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST”. Admittedly, not a very catchy chant #
  • Francoeur thrown out going 1st to 3rd by Wes Helms ; Darling likes the “calculated gamble”. Helms was pretty shallow at the time #
  • Darling on the Marlins financials – teams w/ first class ballparks paid by the public oughta spend on players. Y’know, like his bosses. #
  • Darling on Hanley Ramirez : “if you have hair like that, you’d better hit”. Now we know why Wattie from the Exploited never made the bigs #
  • looks like Tejada beat that one out. Ruben’s never gonna get in the hall of fame if he keeps being victimized like this #
  • SNY’s Cohen says Reyes reinjured the right oblique – unfucking real how much playing time Jose’s missed in his short career #
  • that’s how we all feel when Francoeur is in the lineup RT @BobKlap: #Mets officials say Jason Bay is still experiencing nausea, vomiting. #
  • #extendhojo RT @EliFromBrooklyn: The Mets, with David Wright’s blast today, have 96 HRs on the season. In 2009 – the team finished with 95. #
  • Nuggets new GM’s task – move Melo, K-Mart and JR Smith http://bit.ly/chaKMZ #
  • surely a game-used Magik Markers guitar is worth more than $50 http://bit.ly/duSW2I (via Derek Erdman) #
  • (ferries = new Brokaw/Weston project) RT @treorsi: Tre Orsi + MV Ferries + Arc In Round + Z. Cale @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn tonight. #
  • sad. and I always thought Mick Foley was more of a Billy Joel kinda guy http://youtu.be/Gpq8TTFWDs4 (via @drkmtch) #
  • “Jeremy Piven In My Eyes” RT @mosurock: I was more dismayed with the use of a Death song, in that no cast members actually died. #
  • i totally get the gag of a Dramarama song on “Entourage”, but no one in their right mind wanted to ever hear that again #
  • yeah, but the NCAA rulebook is SOOOOO dull. RE http://bit.ly/az4lAu #
  • what part of of “they lost hundreds of millions” do people not get? RE http://bit.ly/9qghbX #
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