Feagles : Plax Committed (Unarmed) Robbery

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(a rare photo of Plax not catching a football, shooting himself in the leg or ignoring phone calls from Jeff Feagles in the Lowe’s parking lot)

Do any of us really care about Giants punter Jeff Feagles being slighted? Probably not, but if the slight in question provides a national magazine (and by extension, this blog) an opportunity to kick firearms felon / WR Plaxico Burress when he’s down, let the cutting and pasting commence. As such, I have no idea what would possess Sports Ilustrated’s Matt Dollinger to approach Feagles on the matter of the various jersey numbers he’s worn during a 23 year NFL tenure, but assuming no one cares about Plax adjusting to a post-prison life, here’s the story :

Feagles admits he’s never been too attached to his number. He’d worn No. 10 for as long as he could remember, but didn’t mind handing it over to a rookie when the Giants drafted Eli Manning in 2004.

As is customary in the NFL, Manning compensated Feagles for the numeral — but not with a load of cash. Instead, the rookie sent the veteran and his family on a week-long, all-expenses-paid vacation to Florida.

After giving Manning his number, Feagles was headed into his 17th season in the league. Thus, he decided to switch to No. 17 as a tribute. But a year later another new teammate came knocking for his number. This time it was Plaxico Burress, who had signed with the Giants on March 17 and thought it would be fitting for him to wear No. 17 for his new team.

“I said, ‘you know what, why don’t we do the same deal that I did with Eli,’” Feagles said. “Except I’m kind of re-doing my outdoor kitchen, so I basically told him if he could pay for it we’d be good.”

Instead of striking the deal himself with Feagles, Burress unleashed his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, to negotiate the exchange.

With Burress wearing No. 17, Feagles was numberless once again. In search of his third number in three years, he went with No. 18, this time in honor of his 18th season in the league.

Three years later, Burress is no longer a Giant and Feagles ended up financing his own kitchen. Feagles told SI.com recently that Burress (who was released by the Giants in 2009) stiffed him.

“I never got paid for it,” Feagles said. “I asked [Burress] for it. Every time I went to Drew he said, ‘That’s between you and Plax.’ Bottom line, I never got paid. He basically stole my number.”

Are we to believe that Feagles has never had professional representation of his own? Or that presenting his former teammate with an invoice would be so difficult? What’s the worst thing that could happen? It’s not as though Plax has proven himself to be an expert marksman.

Bush League Broadcaster Throws His Employer A Curve

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(it seems having a cartoon likeness on the team’s website is not considered much of a perk)

In a unique incident Tuesday night that some Mets fans can only hope provides Wayne Hagin with inspiration, Altoona Curve (Eastern League, AA) play-by-play announcer Dan Zangrilli quit his position as the team’s director of broadcasting, leaving in the middle of a game against the Erie Seawolves. From the Altoona Mirror’s Corey Gieger :

Zangrilli called the first three innings of Tuesday’s game against Erie at Blair County Ballpark, then went off the air, as usual, for the middle innings. His assistant, Mike Passanisi, always handles the middle innings of home broadcasts, and occasionally he stays on for the remainder of the contest when Zangrilli would be handling other duties.

Passanisi stayed on the air for the remainder of the game, and nothing was mentioned about Zangrilli.

“I started the game, and then I wound up — it became apparent that we weren’t going to be able to move forward any longer,” Zangrilli said.

“It came to a point where I realized that there were some compromises that weren’t going to be made, and I had to move on,” Zangrilli said.

Asked to clarify if he meant compromises he expected the franchise to make, Zangrilli said, “Correct.”

Curve general manager Rob Egan would not disclose any specifics about what led to Zangrilli’s decision.

“We’re not going to get into what happened and all that,” Egan said Wednesday afternoon. “We just have philosophical differences, and he left the team effective immediately.”

Zangrilli said the differences were not an isolated or recent occurrence.

“It became apparent over an extended period of time that there wasn’t going to be any movement by either party,” he said.

A Rare Eck Failure, Gibby’s Clutchitude, Inna 8-Bit Style

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Video link ripped off from Vin Scully Is My Homeboy (via Bugs & Cranks) ; the limitations of RBI Baseball are such that one cannot properly recreate Dennis Eckersley’s mustache. However, the person responsible for this clip deserves substantial credit for opting to use Vin Scully’s call from Game One of the 1998 World Series rather than opt for Jack Buck’s oft-played, “I don’t believe what I just saw”.


August 25 In Tweets : Say Hello To My Little Friend The Worst Scarface Homage Ever

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  • Barring a 9th inn. comeback, Mets have blown a chance to lower WC margin to 6 games behind Philly.  Still, shouldn’t stop team from mailing playoff invoices #
  • @DavidRayDog unless and until The Backroom is reopened, I’m not sure there’s an appropriate ATX venue for @kyleturley. Hooters? in reply to DavidRayDog #
  • Wade/LeBron/Bosh tee for sale at Modell’s, Herald Sq. How many of these do they expect to sell in NYC?
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  • Rose/Hagin discussion of Gavin McLeod’s acting career temp. delayed by Brett Hayes’ RBI double. Fish 4, Mets 1, t6 #
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  • proof that thoroughbred racing must be rigged http://youtu.be/tQRlZw4Rad0 #
  • Via PFT, Ricky Williams might have seen “Inception” after all. http://bit.ly/9Je7Bb #
  • RT @benschwartzy Hitler being Jewish ends all bans on internet Nazi analogies. “Is KISS worse than Hitler?” is now open for debate. # Read the rest of this entry »

Cote To Loria / Samson : Apologize (You Lying Sacks Of Shit)

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Though I doubt the above headline will take much attention away from a Mets 9th inning comeback that fell short earlier this evening, you can’t blame me for trying.  And assuming you have no conscience, you can hardly blame Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria (above)  or team president / diminutive accu-jack enthusiast David Samson, the extent of whose violation of the public trust was revealed in gory detail earlier this week by Deadspin.  While Commissioner Bud Selig is on the warpath searching for whoever was responsible for such information reaching Gawker Media’s sports blog, the Miami Herald’s Greg Cote correctly insists, “the issue and wrongdoing here isn’t that someone leaked private financial statements. The issue and wrongdoing is that the information in those financial statements clearly means the Marlins have been lying about the team’s profitability.”

Fans are entitled to their anger, and to mistrust this regime and think less than ever of Loria, and they do, based on my blog poll in the post directly below this that shows around 75% of fans call Loria a bad or terrible owner. (Voting continues). Local government also is entitled to be furious that the Marlins cried poor in 2008 during stadium negotiations even as they were making about $38 million profit that year. “They took us for a ride,” says Miami-Dade commissioner Carlos Giminez. There is no undoing what has been done. But an apology by the Marlins is needed. No matter the new stadium in 2012 and no matter the team on the field, plenty of fans cannot bring themselves to support Loria and Samson — now more than ever. Healing is needed. A public apology by this ownership would be a start. [Note: Samson appeared on 790 The Ticket this evening. I expected dodging and spinning, but no apology. Unfortunately, I was not disappointed].

Manchester City, Redefining “Elite”

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“If there’s one thing worse than being told you’re not good enough,” mused The Guardian’s Rob Smyth and Paolo Bandini, “it’s being patronised.” Remarkably, they’re not talking about a former Mets utility man being dubbed “‘Super’ Joe McEwing”, but instead Manchester City’s referring to their reserve team as “The Elite Squad”.

Rebranding was only the start of the humiliation. “City’s [You're All Winners To Us XI] gave a battling performance against a Manchester United side packed with … almost £50m worth of talent,” tootles the club’s website this afternoon following last night’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester United’s Reserve Militia, yet a cursory look down the team-sheets showed the visitors hadn’t even bothered to field their most talked-about summer signing. Bebé set United back £7.4m over the summer and had been expected to get his first run out in front of Lord Ferg before the manager had a late change of heart.

Scurrilous rumours today suggest Bebé had simply not been playing well enough in training, but surely the truth is that Ferg was simply employing his infamous mind games, implying the Special In Their Own Way Selection put out by City were so poor that the midfielder was not even required. Or could it be that the one thing worse than telling someone they’re not good enough, is admitting that you were wrong to tell everyone that they were good in the first place?

Of the Elitist approach employed by City, Red Force Rising opines, “you™ll be happy to know that United™s reserves team is still known as ‘The Reserves’ and not œ’the Supreme Second String’ or ‘The Best Team After The First’”.

Dan Shaughnessy Just Can’t Believe Anyone Would Prefer Detroit To Boston

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(Damon, waving to the CHB in the Fenway press box in 2005)

Of Tigers OF Johnny Damon rejecting a proposed wavier deadline return to Fenway Park, the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy sneers, “his decision to stay with the Tigers is downright idiotic . . . or there is some larger force at work.” And with that, the columnist who routinely questions the character of players who’d love to stay in Boston forever, takes a dagger to one who’d prefer to stay away.

Were the Sox that insulting? Did they look Damon in the eye and tell him that they thought Coco Crisp was a better player? Did John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino tell Damon he was lucky when he hit those two homers in Game 7 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium? Did Shonda Schilling say something insulting about Michelle Damon™s scarves?

Think about it: For the next five weeks, you could live in downtown Boston and your wife could shop on Newbury Street. Or you could live in downtown Detroit, amid the boarded-up buildings and the proverbial skeleton frames of burned-out Chevrolets. Is this really a tough call?

Maybe it is.  Damon’s already got two rings and helping the Red Sox erase a considerable deficit to Tampa or New York might not be the biggest thing on his mind right now. And if you’re gonna measure Boston vs. Detroit in terms of Newbury Street shopping vs. “boarded up buildings”, then you might just as well applaud Damon for picking the home of Tyvek over the big DYS reunion this weekend.

The Most Obscene Wilpon Money-Dump Not Named Oliver Perez, Delayed Indefinetly

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Pro Wrestling Insider’s Mike Johnson reports the newly formed Florida-based Worldwide Wrestling Promotions (aka WWP), a partnership between Milton Wilpon and R. Sean Pascoe (aka Sean Davis, above)), has scrapped plans for an Autumn 2010 launch. The promotion, said to be targeting talent from a succession of independent organizations, supposedly was promising medical benefits despite no television deal in place.

In the email, which PWInsider.com acquired from numerous sources, Davis wrote that “the financing side” of the company told the wrestling side, “our original time table is not at all feasible. While we were all committed to launching in October we know now that has become an impossible goal. Our new goal is to start operations in the first part of the new year however we do not as of today have a firm date. That unfortunately means that contracts will have to be changed to a new starting date.”

Pascoe went on to explain that while he “fought this decision KICKING AND SCREAMING (literally)”, that the “corporate side of the company” feels the delay has to happen. He warned the roster that “unfortunately it comes down to either this move is made or this company does not move forward.”

Pascoe told the wrestlers and staffers that they would be issued contract addendums drawn up by WWP’s attorney and if the talent didn’t wish to sign them, he understood. Pascoe told those emailed, “You will still be welcome to come back to work for us in the future once we are up and running in the early part of the new year. For those of you that sign the contract addendums you will be receiving extra shares of company stock and the addendums will also spell out our full health and benefits plan that will be made available to you.”

Pascoe noted that the company has been hit with “more than our fair share of bumps”, blaming it on “many forces in the wrestling business.” Pascoe wrote these forces were “doing whatever they can to sabotage everything we are trying to do and doing everything in their power to make sure that this company will never launch. I can promise you though that no matter how many hurdles we have to jump over that there are people here dedicated to doing everything they can to make sure this company WILL launch and we will be a long time player in this industry.”


August 24 In Tweets : Plenty Of Good Seats Available At Citi Field Tonight (And Lots Of Lousy Ones, Too)

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  • Brett Myers, God Of Blunder http://bit.ly/bpNQMS #
  • "Jordan Rides The Bus" outtakes – Oakley carrying bag of bats, rushing the mound when MJ is brushed back, etc. #
  • if we're gonna crucify Bautista for a Brady Anderson-eque career year, can we at least punish Anderson first? #
  • if you're looking for visual evidence Bautista's not on PED's, be very careful with your spelling using image search http://bit.ly/b8fTEH #
  • Robin Yount, wearing pajamas in public http://yfrog.com/myqalp #
  • given the difficulty of finding such stories in 2010, understandable it took YES so long to mention Clemens indictment http://bit.ly/cQfrIH #
  • Selig statue unveiling, live on MLB Network. Love those state senator intros #
  • Dibble is killing multiple mediums RE http://bit.ly/bJHy5x #
  • I keep looking for audio of the allegedly super defensive Michael Heisley interview. This is the best i could do http://youtu.be/1PaGdpRY5FQ #

The End (Of The Washington) Times : Moonie Paper Can’t Survive Sans Sports

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(above : former publisher Sun Myung Moon, shown lambasting Thom Loverro for his failure to make quota selling flowers by the side of the highway)

Less than a year after eliminating their entire sports section, the deeply conservative, Unification Church-owned Washington Times is preparing to cease publication write the Washington Examiner’s Katy Adams and Nikki Schwab :

DCRTV.com reported Monday that Preston Moon, son of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon who runs the paper, planned to break the news via press release on Friday that he planned to shutter the paper.

In DCRTV’s report, the closure was halted due to a last-minute offer from an unknown bidder to purchase the conservative newspaper. Preston Moon and his family have long been fighting over the future of the former daily. DCRTV’s unnamed source told the Web site that Preston Moon has had it with the paper and isn’t interested in making a deal.

“It is now about showing Daddy Moon who has the bigger cajones,” the source told DCRTV. “If this offer — and it is a reasonable one — is rejected, the paper could close its doors this week, just shy of 30 years in the nation’s capital.”

The source continues, “The paper has large debt load but there is a buyer. Normally, this would be a good thing for a seller. In the zany world of the Moon family, and the son’s disregard for the family’s wishes, it looks like the final edition is imminent.”