Like So Many Mets Fans Before Him, Daniel Murphy Turns To Prayer

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There’s no Jose Reyes, no money, and almost certainly no Johan Santana by Opening Day for the 2012 New York Mets. In such desperate times, while I’m tempted to cite current circumstances as evidence there is NO GOD, recovering 2B Daniel Murphy, he of serious knee injuries in successive campaigns, tells the New York Daily News’ Anthony McCarron that he’s got a friend in Jeebus Jesus.

“It’s something I grew up with, the church,” Murphy says. “You start stacking up all the things that happened, it really became real to me this offseason.

“I was really tested, especially after this last injury, and my faith has really come out of these injuries and it’s really been blossoming after this last one. It was frustrating, but God has me looking forward. I’ve definitely come to peace with the injuries I’ve had.”

“I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason and it’s led me to this peace,” Murphy adds. “I didn’t have that before. I’m excited and ready to go to work.”

While Murphy knows that 2011 was no banner year in Met history, what with the club’s financial turmoil and the departure of Reyes, he is hoping 2012 can be “an opportunity for younger guys like myself, (Lucas) Duda, (Ruben) Tejada, Ike, to really get established in the big leagues.

“And definitely it’s an opportunity for David (Wright), Jason (Bay) and (Andres) Torres to come in and get where they want to be. I’m a huge believer in David Wright and Jason Bay and I think they will have big years.”


Finally, A Kickstarter Campaign No Right Thinking Person Could Possibly Take Exception To

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OK, in the past several months I’ve taken a somewhat critical view of Kickstarter campaigns designed to finance projects ranging from a movie with the dopiest premise of all time to the launch of a highbrow sports blog guaranteed to hasten CSTB’s obsolescence. That said, even if I could find a single thing wrong with a fundraiser for a new Jason Molina 10″ EP (with a portion of the proceeds going to Molina’s mounting medical bills), all objections flew out the window (or more appropriately, down the toilet) upon learning one of the premiums offered is a GG Allin coloring book by artist William Schaff. Whether or not The Bard Of Hooksett, NH’s estate has approved this endeavor I do not know, but it is certainly a more fitting tribute to the man than say, another attempt by Nachtmystium at covering one of his classics.

The Air Jordan Concord XI Launch : Nike Provides Mushnick With The Easist Column He’ll Ever Write

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Though scenes at Daly City’s Serramonte Mall aren’t nearly as chaotic as those that unfolded in Detroit or Seattle, could there be any greater parental nightmare than a group of racially mixed young people DRESSED LIKE BILL BELICHICK, gathered en massse?


McGrath : Liverpool’s Suárez Tees Were “In Bad Taste”

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As noted in this space earlier this week, the nature of Liverpool F.C.’s response to Luis Suárez’ 8 match ban for the racial abuse of Manchester United’s Patrice Evra last October has struck some as wildly inappropriate. That clumsy public statement, however, was a mere harbinger of what was to come Wednesday, when Liverpool’s players wore t-shirts depicting a grinning Suárez prior to their scoreless draw at Wigan.  Speaking with the Guardian’s Andy Hunter, former Manchester United defender Paul McGrath suggests, “It would have been much better for Liverpool Football Club if they had have worn anti-racism shirts” (“maybe Kenny [Dalglish] is trying to make a statement to the FA but I just think it is in bad taste that he sent them out in those shirts.”

“It’s about respect. There’s this issue going on about respecting your opponents. It is actually a game. The game itself has gone too big, it’s about winning and the money. The actual element of football being a game has long since gone, it is all about protecting your interest, protecting your best players. There are a lot of children that watch these games and to have done what they did last night, doing their warm-up in T-shirts with his smiling face on it, having just been done for a supposedly racist comment to one of his opponents, is shameful for football. It puts the anti-racism campaign back to the beginning as far as I’m concerned.

“If I was in Glen Johnson’s situation, I’d have thrown the shirt to the floor. If that had been someone in my time and I’d heard the comments or I’d even suspected he was guilty – and obviously there has been a tribunal – then I would not wear a T-shirt with his name on it, saying all is well and good here.”

You Can Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder, Buster Olney ; Logan Morrison Doesn’t Really Want Your Job

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For the first and perhaps last time in history, I find myself in agreement with David Samson.  Logan Morrison’s Twitter addiction needs to be dealt with.

The Perfect Gift For The Obscure Injury, Obsessed Baseball Fan In Your Life

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Mets fan / former Parisian Amelie Mancini is peddling a series of hand-printed linocut baseball cards marking the sport’s more pathetic unusual injuries and/or the excuses fans and front-offices alike were expected to swallow (ie. Clint Barmes falling down the stairs while trying to carrying sacks of deer meat). Though I’m sure we can all cite injuries Ms. Mancini omitted from the collection (Steve Tracshel trying to pitch with a broken heart, or Vince Coleman being attacked by a tarp), perhaps she’ll see fit to print a second edition. Or branch out to other sports (link courtesy Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

The Incredible Moment When Will Leitch Found Someone Even More Efficient At Media Whoring

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I’ve met (Darren) Rovell a few times, and I find him to be a generally affable, professional, intelligent human being. He has a certain well-hello-people-who-are-not-me-but-are-obviously-just-here-to-see-me vibe to him, but I just chalk that up to an occupational hazard of appearing on television regularly. And all told, the guy has always done good work (in addition to the Nike press releases and Fathead sales updates, of course); he’s a legit reporter. But something about Twitter has caused him to lose his goddamned mind. He’s asking people to send him pictures of their lunch, showing up in public with his Twitter handle on his back and, perhaps most infamously, installing himself as a sort of Twitter cop, with his rules of Twitter and his scoldings of those who disobey his laws. I’m fairly certain Rovell considers a moment he’s not on Twitter to be a wasted moment.

This, of course, has been nothing but rewarding for Rovell: It just got him his own TV show. It might be just that, as frustrating as he is (and I honestly can’t follow him), he’s just better at it than the rest of us are. He has simply transplanted his life and personality onto Twitter in a more efficient way than anyone else.

William F. Leitch, Deadspin, December 22, 2012

Yes, well, who knows? Perhaps someday Rovell will have one of those grand epiphanies — y’know, like the sort Screech experienced when he left Deadspin because (in his words), “I was starting to worry I was becoming more a blog than a person.” In the meantime, taking the latter to task for insubstantial tweets is kind of like expressing disappointment in Korn’s foray into dubstep. Much as there’s something slightly screwy about taking to the internet to declare Darren Rovell has been too zealous in his embrace of social media. I’m not so sure an unchecked boner for blogging and tweeting is contributing to an (even) dumber brand of discourse. Or to paraphrase the gun lobby, “Twitter doesn’t bore people to death. You do.”

Bruce Jacobs Pads His Hate Fuck Resume

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Former Fox Sports radio host / frequent sub Bruce Jacobs (above) has made a few appearances in CSTB’s prior history, most notably for expressing outrage over French (well, Tony Parker) hip hop and playing a tape of Clevon Little saying, “where all the white women at?” while criticizing Bryant Gumbel. Newly ensconced at Albany’s WTTM, an ESPN Radio affiliate, Jacobs yesterday decreased his chances of ever again working in a major market by referring to the WNBA’s Sparks as “the Los Angeles Lesbians” and calling the Mercury, “the Phoenix Dyke-ury.” Though Jacobs issued an apology for remarks he’s since deemed, “ridiculous, stupid and amateurish”, he also rejected calls for his dismissal — and denied disrespecting anyone’s “lifestyle” — in a phone conversation with the Albany Times-Union’s Mike Singelais ;

“We live in a society today where no matter what you say, you’re a bigot or you’re a racist,” Jacobs said. “I don’t like it, but it comes with the territory. So obviously I think that’s ridiculous.”

“Bruce’s insensitive statement is a serious matter that is being dealt with internally,” program director Brian Noe, also a host on the station, said in an email.

Jacobs said on the air his WNBA comments were “into the gutter” but didn’t reflect any resentment toward the gay and lesbian community.

“Bigoted, not even close,” he said. “If you know me, and a lot of you folks don’t know me, I don’t do judgment on people, their personal lifestyles. … I’m all about equality. I have zero issues with gays, lesbians. I make jokes about everything.”

Thanks To Monta Ellis, We’ve Found The Wrong Sort Of J-Church Video On YouTube

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(if Sirius/XM’s Mad Dog Channel ever needs another mouthpiece who can uphold their incredibly high standards, they need look no further than the fella above)

While I offer my sincere apologies to the late Lance Hahn for the above headline, Golden State G Monta Ellis and his Warriors employers are facing a sexual harassment suit after Ellis was accused of sending the team’s former community relations director, Erika Smith, a series of explicit text messages, including (but not limited) to that time-tested winning gambit, a cock pic. It’s that element of the case that syndicated (?) Walter Shitty radio host Jimmy Church finds particularly sensational, so much so, that I am very grateful he’s shot from the waist up.


Kris Humphries : Primary Casualty Of Forbes’ Awkward Segue Into Bleacher Report Territory

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“Was the (Kim Khardashian/Kris Humphries) marriage fake all along? Was Kim really caught in a nude Yoga session with a male instructor in their home?” asks People’s Forbes’ Tom Van Ripper, by way of providing background for a p.r. firm’s poll that determined Nets F Humphries is now “The Most Disliked Player In The NBA”, supplanting none other than universal pariah LeBron James. Analyzing a Top Ten (with slideshow accompaniment) provided by Nielsen Research and E-Poll Marketing, Van Ripper helpfully explains that in the case of hated contenders Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, fans have “a natural hankering to root against super teams formed by aligning superstars.” Bosh, Van Ripper explains, “have never been previously regarded as controversial”, thus ignoring the possibility Toronto fans might have hard feelings of their own.

It seems a tad farfetched to think that Humphries, while widely ridiculed, could actually inspire a fraction of the hatred generated by James. I’m also not sure I want to live in a country where a naive putz like Humphries is considered a more deserving target than Christian Death.