Mushnick : Francesa Is ESPN’s Biggest Fan

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( above : utterly washed up and his former, increasingly irrelevant co-worker.  And in the middle, Mike Francesa).

Of the recent tiff between fellow Miami alumni Warren Sapp and Jeremy Shockey, the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick writes, “haven’t been more stuck for a rooting interest since the Iran-Iraq War,”.  It’s good line, and one that might well apply to the longstanding friction between Newscorp’s resident sports media conscience and WFAN afternoon drive host Mike Francesa.  In this instance, however, I’ll declare (for this afternoon, anyway) that any enemy of Francesa is my friend, and as such, here’s part of Phil’s (lengthy) Sunday evisceration of New York’s #1 that all but labels the Mike’d Up mouthpiece….as a cut and paste artist.  Not one of Christian Marclay’s caliber, anyway.

There are those within ESPN who monitor Francesa to find strange coincidences: On several occasions, they claim, when his show comes out of an update and commercials, Francesa returns to report — as his own intellectual property, naturally — news and opinions just heard on ESPN TV and radio.

Last week, Francesa, seemingly out of the blue, claimed that he had bet that Joe Namath would rip the Jets for the Tebow deal. “Can you imagine Namath on this one?”

Mikey got one right! Hey, he was due. Namath, that day, went on ESPN 1050, from where he ripped the Jets for the Tebow deal.

Ah, but that happened a half-hour before Mikey said it would. It also was Tweeted before Mikey said that. Amazing, eh?


Tramp(oline)s Like This, Baby They Were Born To Ruin Joba’s Career

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In the wake of Joba Chamberlain’s grisly trampoline misadventure, an ill-advised father-son outing that might cost the hefty right his pitching career, New York Baseball Digest’s Mike Silva adds bad parenting to the laundry list of the reliever’s atrocities (“I don’t get why parents allow their kids to bounce up and down on such a device… there are other great ways for kids to exercise, not to mention they should be doing something a bit more stimulating to the mind,”).  He’s got a point, and deserves credit for at least having the guts to put his name on such a public critique rather than taking to Yelp like some crazed, self-entitled consumer.   Conversely, the New York Daily News’ equally scold-tastic Bill Madden chooses to invoke the name of another legendary Yankee washout, Brien Taylor (“call it dumb and dumber for two Yankee golden-arm pitchers who threw away their careers with off-the-field hijinks”)

Chamberlain had been explicitly told by the Yankee trainers not to engage in any sort of physical activity that would potentially put his arm in harm’s way. You would think they wouldn’t have had to tell him that, but then there had already been too many things in Chamberlain’s past to indicate he wasn’t gifted with a whole lot of common sense.

He didn’t handle the instant fame well, didn’t stay in shape in the offseasons and reported to camp overweight last spring.

Then there was the October 2008 DUI conviction near his home in Lincoln, Neb., in which his police video wound up featured in the Driver’s 13 episode of tru-TV Presents: “World’s Dumbest.”

It was as if he had a death wish for his career and now he’s succeeded. This is an injury far worse than the blown-out elbow. The broken bone — on his push-off ankle — was out of the skin, blood was all over the place — “he could have died,” surgeons reportedly said — and very likely it will take more than one surgery to put everything back together.

Dawkins : I’m (S)not Kidding – Tebow’s A Healer

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“More than teammates, Tim Tebow and Brians Dawkins were two of the spiritual leaders in Denver’s locker room,” reads an unbylined Fox Sports report this morning, with quotes culled from 9-time Pro Bowl safety Dawkins’ appearance yesterday on Jim Miller’s Sirius-XM program. With Tebow’s departure to the Meadowlands, there’s no surprise the subject of the 24 Year Old Virgin came up.

Dawkins said he will always have fond memories of Tebow and shared a story that reflects their religious bond.

“In our Bible study sessions when my neck was pretty bad and I’m hurting, he, along with our chaplain and (Broncos director of player development) Jerry Butler, laid hands and prayed on me pretty good,” Dawkins said. “They brought snot and tears to my eyes and all that type of good stuff with prayer.

“He really is a guy who walks what he says he walks.”

There’s no truth to the rumor (I hope) the New York Mets’ training staff have asked if Tebow might be available prior to the start of Jets camp.


There’s Something Familiar About This Yelp Reviewer, But I Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It

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Not So Good In The Hood : Sirius/XM’s Bigot Du Jour All But Pleads For Pariah Status

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Belichick’s Not Merely A Bad Fashion Role Model…He’s Fatal

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Geraldo Rivera said Friday he would “bet money” that Trayvon Martin wouldn’t have been fatally shot if the teenager hadn’t been wearing a hoodie, and the Fox News host’s comments immediately drew a fierce response, with one critic branding him a “moron” on Twitter.

“I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies,” Rivera said on “Fox & Friends.” “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.”

- MJ Lee, Politico, 3/23/12

Sirius/XM’s Dino Costa : Channeling The Weekly World News’ Ed Anger, With Predictable Results

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Following a series of tweets last night in which Mad Dog Radio host/determined Tim Tebow apologist Dino Costa (above) characterized The Nation’s Dave Zirin as “a dumb ass flaming lib” and this very blog as a “little website”, I thought it might be a tad illuminating to check out Costa’s own attempts at stringing more than 140 characters together.   On Wednesday, Costa informed his dozen or so readers, “sports leagues have gone overboard with these uniforms that have a matchup like we had last night, the ‘El Magic’ taking on the ‘Los Bulls’…if you’re like me (someone who never thought it was cute) you’re sickened with the frequency that we see these jerseys and uniforms adorned with foreign names.”  Seriously, what the hell is a “Blue Jay” or a “Raptor”?  How can we as Americans be expected to understand such obscure, foreign references?

As far as the NBA is concerned, this is all part of something they call;  Noche Latino.

I call it; Bullshit.

These are American franchises operated on American soil, and the last time I checked, you needed to purchase tickets to NBA games with American money.

Everything else in this going to hell in a handbag country is up for sale — that apparently includes our sports leagues as well.

In the politically correct and sickeningly frightening world of the NBA, Noche Latino involves cities with franchises that have the most concentrated Latin & Hispanic communities.

What about the top 5 markets with the most Jewish representation — don’t those folks count too?

I have a message for the NBA and Major League Baseball.

This isn’t the Dominican, this isn’t Mexico, it isn’t Argentina, and it’s not El Salvador.

Your teams and your leagues operate in The United States Of America.

This is America, Mr. Stern.

This is America, Mr. Selig.

It used to be anyway.

A cursory  Google search failed to turn up Costa columns castigating MLB or the NBA for teams wearing green uniforms on St. Patrick’s Day, or any praise for the New York Mets hosting Jewish Heritage Night. At the risk of regurgitating a portion of last night’s tweets, I’ll say this much for Dino — making Chris Russo seem thoughtful or well read by comparison cannot be a very easy job.

On the bright side, the Southern Mississippi band might’ve found their new triangle player.


Mahoney : Odom Is A One-Man Army (Of Apathy)

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With apologies to La Peste for the above mangled headline, Mavericks F Lamar Odom totaled one point, one rebound and 2 assists in 28+ minutes in Wednesday’s loss to the Lakers. Remarkably, the box score might not entirely do justice to Mr. Khole Khardashian’s current level of non-intensity. “I want so badly to take it wasy on Odom,” writes The Two Man Game’s Rob Mahoney, “but this is getting ridiculous.:

Lamar Odom was entirely reduced to being a spot-up guy. Not a spot-up shooter — just a spot-up guy. He parked himself on the perimeter — spacing the floor in theory, I suppose — for entire possessions at a time, and didn’t get all that many touches as a result. Rick Carlisle has given him miles of leeway, and yet 43 games into the season we have yet to see any kind of sustained spark. Inconsistency is one thing, but Odom’s lack of effort — in a matchup in which he had everything to prove, no less – is completely pitiful. I won’t fault another man for dealing with his problems in whatever way he wishes, but I will say that this particular man is playing a brand of basketball so apathetic as to be altogether disrespectful to an organization that had embraced him as one of their own.

That (A)darn Fake Schefter : Tweeting All The News That’s Fit To Delete

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Yesterday was a frantic day for those covering the NFL, and between the league’s disciplinary action against the Saints and the on-again/off-again/on-again Tim Tebow trade to the Jets, it wasn’t a great time for ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s Blackberry to go kaput. Enter then, an enterprising man or woman who helpfully filled in for Schefter during a crucial spell, as described by Sports Rantz’ Diamond Joe ;

On Tuesday, an account was registered with the handle @AdarnSchefter. Let me repeat that: @AdarnSchefter. See, the real Adam Schefter is on Twitter – though, incidentally, his tweeting day would be cut short after he dropped his Blackberry and it was rendered “inoperable”. Bad time for that to happen, considering not only the possibility of a huge story breaking while he buys a new smartphone, but the Twitter impostor going by the name of “Adarn Schefter” – that’s A-D-A-R-N, as opposed to A-D-A-M… slick, huh? – could have broken more invalid stories at the real Schefter’s expense.

“Adarn’s” bio doesn’t copy the boilerplate ESPN legal notice you find on their Twitter accounts. Instead, it tells you right away that it’s “a fake account, breaking fake news”. “Adarn” made his debut at around 3 PM Eastern time on Tuesday. Within the hour, he would tweet “news” involving retired Steelers receiver Hines Ward and NFL Draft-bound quarterback Ryan Tannehill. But the crescendo would come at the end of the hour, when he wrote: “Filed to ESPN: The Jacksonville #Jaguars have offered The Denver #Broncos a 3rd round draft pick for QB Tim Tebow.”

Some were quick to point out the fake, but others – including respected sports journalists like the New York Times’ Judy Battista – were not so lucky.

Tommy Lasorda Answers The Uncomfortable Question, “How Is Running A Small Airport Like Managing A Baseball Club?”

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I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s about time someone, ANYONE, tried to “build a powerful connection between sports management decision-making and the critical need for transition of Ontario Airport to local control.”   (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)