SB 1070 Author : Aurora Massacre Victims Were Gutless Pussies

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When a certified tinfoil hat-wearing, fraudulent nutjob like Sirius/XM’s Dino Costa takes to the airwaves floating the possibility that James Holmes was “a false flag”, later suggesting this tragedy might’ve been God’s wrath, I don’t honestly expect anyone to take notice.  Not even when the Mad Dog Radio host claims he’d have heroically stopped Holmes’ onslaught with his own gunfire, do the former’s employers find anything nonsensical or creepy about such grotesque grandstanding. Sadly, if Dino is out-to-lunch-as-usual, he’s got some company at the fucktard table.  When a former elected offical asks, “where were the men of flight 93????”, I’m going to take an extremely wild guess that they all perished when Flight 93 crashed.

Given the paucity of licensed firearms carriers in our cinemas, perhaps now would be a good time for pontificators like Costa and Sen. Pearce to consider new lines of work?  The latter’s currently out of the office and the former is a year away from standing alongside the highway with a sign reading “WILL PODCAST 4 FOOD”, so they’ve got little to lose.

1) Assemble an arsenal.
2) Get some enterprising FIT grad to design appropriate super hero costumes (nothing too swishy for Dino, thanks, he’d prefer a cowboy motif).
3) And with that, these incredibly courageous men can patrol the nation’s multiplexes, ready to eliminate the godless, the goth-y, and or course, THE GOVERNMENT PLANTS,  with extreme fucking prejudice!


If Danny Boyle Can Direct The London Olympics Opening Ceremony….

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…when does Nick Zedd get tapped for the Super Bowl Halftime show?  Alright, that’s a rather clumsy, if not totally inappropriate analogy, and one that pales in comparison to the Guardian’s Charlie Lyne proposing alternative British cinematic directorial icons for the Summer Olympiad’s most garish glittering spectacle.

A deafening gangsta rap soundtrack blares from the arena’s 50ft loudspeakers as fireworks explode arbitrarily from all directions. The news comes in: a rogue cable car travelling close to the speed of light is rocketing towards the Olympic Stadium, threatening to destroy everything within its path, including (but not limited to) tens of thousands of audience members, the world’s largest branch of McDonald’s and the Duke of Edinburgh. Responsibility falls to hard-bitten veteran track cyclist Chris Hoy and plucky young diver Tom Daley to halt the car’s destructive rampage, forcing the unlikely duo to put aside their differences and work together to give London a “sporting chance” of survival.

After scouring the length and breadth of the British Isles in search of the brightest luminaries in music, dance, film and performance art, Redder Ken assembles one of the greatest opening ceremonies in Olympic history – a dynamic, exuberant and undeniably moving spectacle that perfectly encapsulates modern Britain in half an hour of theatrical brilliance. Sadly, against the express wishes of Olympic officials, Loach elects to equip the stadium with only one lighting rig and a single amplified microphone, both of which are fixed not on the spectacular but squarely on him as he delivers a stinging diatribe against Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

The Team Store At Citi Field : Not Merely Overpriced, But Advancing A Thoroughly Dishonest Company Line

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Presumably, those costs don’t include the expense of acquiring any new talent you might actually have to pay for. One might think going 1-7 since the All-Star Break might create some sense of urgency on the part of Fred Wilpon or Sandy Alderson, but much the way Miguel Batista “believes” the Mets are superior to the NL East-leading Nationals, perhaps ownership is equally convinced a .500 record on July 21 is accomplishment enough.

At Least Today’s SNY Mouthpieces Aren’t Advocating A Suicide Solution

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Fox Sports’ Tim McCarver will be honored in Cooperstown tomorrow as recipient of this year’s Ford C. Frick Award, an occasion that requires something of a career retrospective from the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir.   There’s no shame, however, in McCarver’s walk down memory lane being overshadowed by his longtime colleague, Ralph Kiner (above)

McCarver spent 16 seasons with the Mets — “the most exciting years of my professional life” — in a delightful booth partnership with Ralph Kiner, whose stories, humor and historical gravitas have long merged with his malaprops, mispronunciations and memory lapses. Kiner called McCarver “Sid,” “Ted” and “Jim,” and “Tim MacArthur,” too. Sometimes, Kiner simply forgot his friend’s name (and his own).

Kiner once had to describe the entrance of a San Diego Padres reliever while satisfying a sponsor, American Cyanamid. McCarver had checked the sponsor lineup beforehand, saw the company’s name and said, “Oh boy, that’s tough to pronounce.” And, he added, “Sure enough, Ralph said, ‘The Padres make a pitching change, and this is brought to you by American Cyanide.’

“We were advocating cyanide pills,” McCarver said. “That’s how bad the Mets were playing.”


There’s No Crying In Comebacks : Adam Morrison Defends His Defense

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“Obviously I want to make it back to the NBA, but even if I don’t I have a good family and good friends.” So claims former no. 3 overall draft pick Adam Morrison (above), whose most recent professional experience came with a brief stint with the Turkish Basketball League’s Besiktas Milangaz. Having toiled earlier this month for the Nets’ Orlando Summer League squad, Morrison is currently excelling for the Clippers’ Vegas Summer League club, writes True Hoop’s Andrew McNeil.  Who amongst us would bet against Morrison earning a 3rd World Championship ring? Aside from, y’know, every single person who knows how to read and/or has watched a basketball game.

“Maybe I’ve been typecast as a certain player, certain type of person, but I just want to show people I can play, I’m a good teammate and a good dude in the locker room,” Morrison said.

In a game against the Lakers Thursday which saw neither team shoot over 44 percent, Morrison hit eight of 13 from the field, showing he still excels in one area that NBA teams value. Though, having spent four years in the NBA, he knows that isn’t enough to get him on a roster.

“Everybody’s going to laugh, but I think I’ve played decent defensively,” he said. “Obviously I’m not Michael Cooper, but I’m not a complete sieve.”

Bombs Away On The Baseball Hall Of Fame

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Sincere apologies to Ron House for the above headline.  AHEM.  Ron Santo, Barry Larkin and Tim McCarver will be inducted in the Baseball Hall Of Fame this weekend, an occasion that inspired Rolling Stone’s Dan Epstein — author of “Big Hair and Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging ’70s” to poll a number of leading lights from the music world with the question, “name one player who should be in the Hall of Fame that isn’t.”  While Epstein must’ve misplaced phone numbers for Chuck D., Pete Nice, Barbara Manning or Ira Kaplan, he did manage to garner responses from the Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn (Jack Morris), Steve Earle (“Thurman Fucking Munson”) and former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul (Ron Washington — seriously).  Handsome Dick Manitoba picked Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds,  despite neither being HOF eligible at the moment, while Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard endorses Edgar Martinez (“if we are going to allow one type of specialty player in to the Hall (relief pitchers), we must afford the same consideration to players who spent the majority of their careers at DH”).  The longest contribution comes from Alice Cooper :

Easy: Pete Rose. I have never understood to this day why Pete Rose is not in the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose was probably the best baseball player of his era. And yet he’s not in the Hall of Fame because he bet on his own team. If he was betting AGAINST his team, I could see a foul… But he was betting ON his team, and that showed confidence in his team. He was not fixing the games. Pete Rose is not in the Baseball Of Fame because of his personal life. Now, I’m a huge fan of Ty Cobb because he was a Detroit Tiger and he was arguably the best hitter of all time… But in his personal life he was a first class bastard. And yet he is in the Hall of Fame because of what he did on the field, not off the field. Pete Rose got the rawest deal of anyone. And he’s the most deserving to be in the Hall of Fame, in my opinion.

Yanks’ Mensa Candidate : There’s Nothing Swishalicious About Getting Booed In Oakland

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“Not counting canines, the game drew 23,382,” is the final line of Yahoo Sports’ recap of Oakland’s 4-3 home victory over the Yankees last night.  With the Bombers’ slipping to a mere 22 games over .500, there’s clearly a more important storyline than the A’s stellar play of late, or the abundance of dogs in attendance.  And with that, take it away, former Athletics OF / current Yankee self-obsessive, Nick Swisher (quotes culled from CSNBayArea.com’s Nick Stuhlbarg)

“I’ve never been booed this much in my life,” Swisher said, visibly bothered. “That’s all I really got to say about that.”

But it wasn’t.

“You boo Chavvy. You boo me. For what?” he added.

So, would he admit he was upset with A’s fans after their performance Thursday?

“No,” Swisher said. “I just don’t care,” his tone and demeanor belying the words coming out of his mouth.


Mariners Prospect Scott Savastano’s Unique Achievement(s)

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Tacoma (PCL) utility IF Scott Savastano ended an 18-inning, 5 hour, 32 minute marathon against Sacramento last with a home run giving the host Rainers a 2-1 victory. The Seattle Times’ Larry Stone points out, however, that Savastano “actually pitched the top of the 18th inning, retiring Sacramento 1-2-3.” So there you have it, Elias Koteas Sports Bureau ; a position player who earns the “W” while hitting a game-winning

“He’s a utility infielder who really hasn’t played much at all in the last month, since a couple of things happened,” Tacoma play-by-play announcer Mike Curto explained. “He went into May and early June playing every day. Then some guys got healthy, Nick Franklin came up, and it completely crushed his playing time. Now he’s getting in once or twice a week for a couple of at-bats.”

Savastano entered the game at first base in the 13th inning, and when the Rainiers finally ran out of pitching, manager Daren Brown put him on the mound. Savastano had actually pitched three times last year for Jackson, so he had a little bit of experience, and he got through the inning “with help from an unbelievable catch by Darren Ford in center field,” Curto said. “That would have been a double at least.

Sacramento also put in a position player to pitch, Shane Peterson.

“I’ve since found out he pitched in college at Long Beach State,” Curto said. “He was throwing 91, a left-hander. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a (position player to pitching) conversion story down the road. Savastano goes deep and wins his own game. I haven’t seen that. Obviously, pitchers never hit in the PCL. That’s technically a pitcher hitting a game-winning home run.”

Dear President Obama : Please Pardon Fred Willard

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Several years ago, I compiled a list of persons I felt deserving of a lifetime Get Out Of Jail Card for their contributions to society. For anything short of rape or murder, mind you.

Admittedly, the list was hastily assembled. Fred Willard should’ve been included.

Chris Russo, Laboring Under The Delusion His Listerners Are As Undeservedly Wealthy As He

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There’s no shortage of Knicks fans unhappy with the consolation prizes of Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton at PG after The World’s Worst Blues Guitarist refused to match Houston’s offer sheet for Jeremy Lin.   Putting aside for a moment whether or not any franchise should take a huge luxury tax hit for a player with as modest a top flight resume as Lin, it would not be an exaggeration to say MSG has lavished riches about players with far less popularity, local or otherwise.

With the current furor in mind, Sirius/XM’s Chris Russo (above) took to the airwaves this afternoon to pronounce Dolan’s dectrators, “stupid” for paying “$700-800 for a regular season game.”

“An NBA regular season game is terribly expensive,” howled Russo, who suggested that if Knicks fans are tired of handing over their hard-earned money to James Dolan, “you should just watch the games on TV. They’re just as exciting.”

Putting aside for a moment the average price for a face value Knicks ticket last season was $117.47 (and those sold in what used to be called the blue seats aren’t nearly so expensive), let’s say for a minute I’m enraged at James Dolan picking this of all moments to become a tightwad, and I’ve decided in my infinite wisdom to really stick it to him by only watching Knicks games on television.

It’s a wonderful plan — especially if you’re a complete moron with zero knowledge of the most obvious facts. For instance, Dolan owns the TV network. Every single person reading this already knows this.  In Russo’s universe, where the most simple research is beyond the means of the host or his staff, peasant protests against the likes of Dolan are simply a waste of time, much the way Sirius/XM subscribers who have the temerity to criticize Russo’s colleagues are routinely blocked on Twitter.  Why should the Dog be so eager to roll over and play dead for a guy who is notoriously inaccessible to the media and in one instance, gift-wrapped Marv Albert for the Nets after the NYC broadcasting icon failed to follow the MSG company line.

I guess where I’m going with this is also, pretty obvious.  When Russo’s Sirius/XM deal finally runs out in 2013, is there any doubt he’s the right guy to do the Chris Douridas-thing when J.D. & The Straight Shot’s next EPK is ready for late-night screening on Fuse?


AJC’s Schultz : Arkansas Is Getting The Football Coaches They Deserve

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Newly hired Arkansas football coach John L. Smith was apparently cracking jokes at SEC Media Day this morning, but when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jeff Schultz asked him, “do you own a motorcycle”, Smith resisted the temptation to respond, “that’s a clown question, bro.” That’s just as well, because it’s pretty clear that in the wake of Bobby Petrino’s eventful departure from Arkansas, Schultz considers “the invertebrate” and his successor a total joke. “This is what happens when a college athletic program hitches its wagon to the morally bankrupt,” scolds Schultz, who must be willing to admit this has been some kind of year for moral bankruptcy in college football.

Athletic director Jeff Long went behind the Falcons’ back and hired Petrino. They gave him everything he wanted. They played dumb when he hired his mistress for a legitimate job posting. They asked only for wins in return. In the end, they got a mangled Harley and national humiliation. (How Long still has a job for enabling this mess is remarkable.)

Smith hasn’t been a head coach for six years. He went 14-21 in his last three years at Michigan State. He got the Weber State job because, well, it’s Weber State and he went to school there.

As if overcoming the emotional trauma of Petrino’s clumsy philandering and firing isn’t enough, Smith is trying to function as an SEC head coach while basically suffering from financial ruin. Seriously. He admits that a series of failed real estate ventures likely will lead to him to declare bankruptcy soon. That might explain why he was willing to take a U-turn out of Weber State and grab the short-term job for $850,000.

Crawford’s Abuser Suspended From Leominster P.D., Fails To Employ “The Bob Geldof Defense”

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You might recall a couple of weeks ago, Red Sox OF Carl Crawford claimed he was the target of racial abuse from fans attending a Portland Sea Dogs / New Hampshire Fisher Cats  game during his rehab stint with the former.  While WEEI helpfully gave one of Crawford’s tormentor some airtime, it turns out the Leominster, MA Police Department was less tolerant of Officer John Perrault’s explanation.  From WHDH.com :

The city of Leominster said 38-year-old Perrault has been with the department for about five years. He faces a civil service disciplinary hearing next week. At the hearing he could be terminated.

Perrault is being investigated after he allegedly called Crawford a “Monday” while the slugger was rehabilitating his wrist with the Portland Sea Dogs in Manchester, N.H. on July 5.

Crawford said he heard the word and took it as a racial comment — some people do not see it as a racial comment, others do.

Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella and Police Chief Robert Healey said similar instances may have also happened to other people.

“We have included that yes in fact he did utter the word — a word — to Mr. Crawford, who took that as a slur. In addition to that, other information has arisen, whether we have uncovered it or it was handed to us, as of yesterday we have concluded that Officer Perrault would have violated several rules and regulations of the Leominster Police Department…violations of our rules of conduct,” said one official.

7News tried to speak with Perrault, but he had no comment. Perrault’s nieces, who say they are Dominican, protested outside of Wednesday’s news conference.

“[He’s not racist] because we’re from the Dominican Republic. He has a brother-in-law here…It’s ridiculous. We’re not white ourselves,” said a relative of Perrault.

If Perrault loses his job or faces additional disciplinary measures, he can always tell the media he was simply comparing Carl Crawford to these guys.  

History’s Mundane eBay Auctions, Pt. XII

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Perhaps I’m out of line in telling eBay seller boilers91 how to conduct a proper auction.  But since we’re already down this road, I really think he or she will need to reduce the Buy It Now price of $6.99 if they expect to unload this artifact.


Caps/Wizards Owner Leonsis Is Sick Of Your Dopey E-Mail

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Washington Capitals / Wizards owner Ted Leonsis has long maintained a rep for accessibility and awareness of nu media, but those days are over, writes the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg.   Leonsis, besieged with mountains of fan email, has decided to put the kibosh on his Caps and Wizards accounts at the end of the month.  Now, if Leonsis has to interact with the fans, he’ll just have to settle for the old-fashioned method : assaulting them.

“I’m not learning anything any more,” Leonsis told me Monday afternoon, not long after he had gone through that day’s batch of fan e-mails. “I just found myself spending an hour or two hours every day, and it wasn’t helpful any more. I’m finding that meeting with people one-on-one, being on message boards, reading comments on [The Post’s Web site] — it’s just a better, more efficient way. And to be honest, e-mail has changed. It just has changed dramatically from the way you communicate to the way you sell.”

I assumed Leonsis was checking out because the tone of his e-mails had gotten less civil, but he said the reverse was actually true. When he first started responding to fans, the Caps were a less successful team, and fans unleashed “pent-up frustration” through e-mail, which helped the owner learn about his base.

But now he gets e-mails from a guy in Vancouver who wants the Caps to trade for Roberto Luongo, or notes from a mother in Nashville whose daughter needs help with a fundraiser, or queries about what he thinks about the political situation in Cyprus.

“I have lots of other ways to get input and interaction; this one just ran its course,” Leonsis said. “I just feel that e-mail has lost its initial reason for being. It used to be a one-on-one way to communicate. Now it’s more about spam and push marketing and anonymous communications.

Jim Helwig Would Like To Congratulate All CSTB Readers On Stepping Up To The Fucking Edge Of The Cliff

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…and I’d like to congratulate The Warrior for not letting a little speed-bump in the form of his reality show with emo-saps Asking Alexandria get in the of opening his own university.  This is no mere motivational guru sideline, it would appear to be the sort of virtual institution where all non-bombastic expression has received the death penalty.

Busted Coverage On Dez Bryant’s Mom : She’s A Whore

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If you’re looking for trenchant analysis of the most recent bit of off-field hassles for Cowboys WR Dez Bryant, look no further than the Twitter feed of T&A specialists Busted Coverage. BC took a brief respite from hard news stories like “Team USA’s Alex Morgan Shows Off Abs” to take a cheap shot at Angela Bryant, presumably the victim in this particular incident.  It’s not the first time Dez’ mother has found herself the target of sneering, and given that some folks find teenage pregnancy so utterly despicable, I guess we’ll have to assume they’re also massive proponents of reproductive rights for the underaged.


Pearlman : Joe Po’s Joe Pa Bio Oughta Be Shelved

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Last November, Joe Posnanski told Penn State undergrads that Joe Paterno was being made “a scapegoat”.  At the time, Posnanski was putting the finishing touches on a hotly anticipated Paterno biography, completed with no small amount of cooperation from the PSU head football coach’s family and friends.   Fast forward several months later, and it is entirely probable that Posnanski regrets some or all of his defense of Paterno, but in the wake of last week’s publication of the Freeh Report, Posnanski colleague and fan Jeff Pearlman opines that ‘Paterno”s rush to August 21 publication is a very bad idea (“scrap the whole thing… aybe wait a year or two, then—when the dust clears and the implications are more understood,”)

But there is no possible way, one month removed from a report that details Joe Paterno’s knowledge of a pedophile roaming the Penn State campus (and his refusal to do anything about it, when he clearly could/should have), a proper biography can be released. No. Possible. Way.

By all accounts, Joe Posnanski’s biography was—until relatively recently—a love letter to Joe Paterno; an ode to a legendary coach and the men he inspired. Well, that no longer works. Like, not partially doesn’t work—doesn’t work at all. When a man allows the molestation of multiple children to take place on his watch; when the molestation of multiple children is brushed under the carpet in the name of protecting a football program (a football program!?) … well, call me crazy, but I no longer care about D.J. Dozier’s warm reflections of the time cuddly ol’ JoePa had him run off tackle against Ohio State. Not only do those sort of details turn insignificant—they turn insulting.

(UPDATE :  Simon & Schuster’s promotional video for ‘Paterno’ that originally appeared in this post was removed from YouTube yesterday).

The Talkers Sports Radio Heavy Hundred : The Ultimate Argument Starter…

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…or exhibit “A” in the case to abolish sports yack radio?   Calling the assembled collection a rogues gallery would be a grave insult to rogues, but whether the trade publication’s criteria are artistic, commercial or some combination of the two, congratulations to Sirius/XM’s Dino Costa on cracking the list at #98. If you count the various duos and trios included on the list, this means Talkers ranks Costa as one of the nation’s top 199 or so sports radio orators, some ten places lower than that broadcasting legend, Craig Shemon of Yahoo Sports Radio, 7 spots beneath San Diego’s corpse-with-a-microphone, Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton.  Or rather, some 42 places lower than WFAN’s Steve Somers who doesn’t even have a regularly scheduled program during much of the calendar year.

Still, even having scaled these industry heights, there’s no telling where Costa’s career trajectory might take him. An ingenious scheme to add 10 new bogus twitter followers for every legitimate reader he blocks has further endeared The Yonkers Cowboy to his Mad Dog Radio colleagues to the point he’s now being paid to work from a couple of time zones away. When the Sirius/XM deal wraps up in 2013, I have every confidence that either he or his Ryan Patrick alter ego has the intestinal fortitude to hold off a #100 challenge from podcasting hopefuls like Joe Morgan.

Gronk Makes History – For The First Time, Something Interesting Happened At The ESPY’s

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OK, technically the ESPY’s Red Carpet. Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski (above, left) has already run afoul of media and management for past transgressions including hanging out with a porn star and making a fool of himself shortly after New England’s Super Bowl loss to the Giants. So when Gronk was confronted by Outsports’ Cyd Ziegler Jr., who identified his website as being akin to “ESPN for homos”, the former allegedly claimed he was “afraid of saying something wrong”. Full points then, for giving the right answer without consulting the team’s P.R. dept.

“Have you ever played with a gay teammate?” I asked.

He thought for a moment and said he didn’t know of any.

“How would you feel if one of your teammates on the Patriots came out of the closet this season?”

This time he didn’t pause.

“If that’s how they are, that’s how they are,” Gronkowski said. “I mean, we’re teammates so, as long as he’s being a good teammate and being respectful and everything, that’s cool.”

And with that, Gronkowski added his name to the growing list of professional athletes who would welcome a gay teammate. Because of the way we treat celebrities in our culture, it nearly didn’t happen. As a fan of the player and his team, I was proud he got past his fears of the potential backlash and gave me a minute of his time.

Unrelated to the Outsports item, Gronkowski has reportedly been asked by the Patriots to keep a lower profile, which is a bit comical given the classy, dignified acts of the club’s 71-year-old owner.

James Dolan, Fiscal Conservative

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Hands up, everyone who believes Houston will really be the team paying Jeremy Lin $15 million dollars two seasons from now? Perhaps the total number of persons waving their hands wildly at a computer screen are also willing to swallow the notion that James Dolan isn’t a creepy, vengeful sort. Writes ESPNNY’s Ian O’Connor of the Knicks’ decision not to match the Rockets’ offer sheet to Lin, “Dolan, a notorious grudge-holder, feels betrayed that the Harvard kid took him to school after the Knicks gave him his big shot.”

Never mind that the Knicks were ready to waive Lin before he went off on Deron Williams and the Nets. Never mind that the Knicks got rid of Felton when it suited their needs last year despite his loyal service under D’Antoni. Never mind that business is business in the NBA, where it’s understood that management and players always cut the best deals they can cut.

The Knicks are making this personal, and letting their emotions shape a decision that should be made at room temperature. There’s no good reason to believe that Lin, a better player than Felton last year, won’t be a better player than Felton next year and beyond.

Lin is four years younger, with a greater upside. As for the Knicks’ pressing concern that Lin’s third-year salary will saddle them with four players (including Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler) eating up $75 million, leaving them with a luxury tax bill in the tens of millions, what happened to the one positive Dolan forever brought to the table — his willingness to spend, spend, spend?


Jason Kidd Has Never Heard The Old Saying, “Nothing Good Ever Happened In The Hamptons….

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(image taken from joenetsfan.com)

….At Any Time Of Day, But Especially 1am”. The New York Post’s Selim Algar refers to the Knicks newly acquired PG as “an apparent replacement for Jeremy Lin” (nice to slip that one in) while reporting Kidd crashed his 2010 Cadillac Escalade into a light pile just before 2am this morning, shortly after which time he was hit with a DUI charge by Southampton police.

Kidd, 39, was treated at Southampton Hospital, processed at the Southampton police station and then released from court on his own recognizance, officials said.

Hours before the incident, Kidd was spotted partying at an East Hampton charity function. He was photographed with model wife Porschia Coleman and cross-town Nets rival Joe Johnson at Ne-Yo’s Compound Foundation event “Fostering A Legacy.”

After the charity event, Kidd and his wife headed to nearby club SL East, where the NBA star was seen acting drunk, sources said.

Valentine : Youkilis Needs To Learn How To Accept His Manager Blasting Him Thru The Media

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While former Red Sox 3B Kevin Youkilis has experienced something of a career revival since being dumped on the Chicago White Sox, Boston skipper Bobby Valentine can’t leave well enough alone. While it’s unlikely Valentine sought out reporters to further bury Youkilis after the fact, if ever there was a good time for Valentine to clam up, this would’ve been it. From the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman :

“I think the comment I made early, he made a big issue about and I don’t think he ever wanted to get over it,” said Valentine.

Was the relationship strained?

“No idea, it’s whatever he wanted it to be,” said Valentine.

Valentine scoffed at the idea that he and Youkilis had friction in spring training.

“There was no friction in spring training. I think that’s a joke,” he said. “We didn’t have a strained relationship in spring training.”

In Kansas City for his team’s series final with the Royals, Youkilis addressed Valentine’s comments by telling reporters, “I got nothing about any of that stuff. I’m over all the Boston thing of this year.”


Cyberpunk, Eugenics, Sabermetrics, WHATEVER. It’s All Bad According To Juan Pierre & Marcus Hayes

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“Every year they say, ‘He can’t throw. He can’t hit. He can’t run anymore,” grouses Phillies OF Juan Pierre, 34, currently hitting .304 with 20 steals in his 13th big league season.  Making just 800K, Pierre’s been something of a find for Philadelphia, with the Philadephia Daily News’ Marcus Hayes quick to warn Pierre’s legion of detractors, “the Giants and Cardinals won the last two World Series bunting and running the bases”.  So presumably, we’ll see a contender deal for Pierre!

At 5-11 and 175 chiseled pounds, Pierre has 17 career home runs. Between steroids, human growth hormones and sabermatricians, Pierre had no chance.

“I was right through the whole steroid age. I was there at its height,” Pierre said – though he realizes purists with calculators consider him a dinosaur, too.

“With all the computers, the cybergenics [sabermetrics], whatever they do, I think I rate the lowest possible in those things. The things I do don’t show up in box scores. Sacrifice bunting doesn’t make any sense to do. They don’t look at the guy going first to third or taking that extra bag.

In fact, Pierre’s sabermetric WAR-wins above replacement, the gold standard of metrics – stands at 1.4 this season.

Which, according to one pocket-protected website, rates him as a “scrub.”

If Pierre has supplanted Shane Victorino as the Phillies’ No. 2 hitter, what does that make the Flyin’ Hawaiian? Toe cheese?

Captain Fucko’s Garage Sale

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Though not as spectacular as say, Derrick Coleman’s attempts to downsize, it sounds like the clearance sale at the John Franco Estate (Staten Island, NY) is yielding bargains galore.  If you didn’t get there early, however, you’ve no chance of finding a original copy of  Chain Of Strength’s ‘True Til Death’   From the Staten Island Advance’s Tracy Porpora :

Merchandise — everything from Mets memorabilia and video arcade machines to 19th-century oil paintings and a Harley-Davidson Roadster — drew antiques collectors and sports enthusiasts by the dozens yesterday.

The motorcycle, a custom job presented to Franco by his teammates in recognition of his 400th save — it’s engraved with “400″ — fetched $7,000, said Wendy King, president of EstatesNY, who orchestrated the sale.

Items for sale included a set of four 18th-century neoclassical sconces ($6,000), a pay phone from the 1970s, Ralph Lauren sleigh and four-poster bedroom furniture, pool table with custom inlay, antique-production Duncan Phyfe dining room set, Baldwin ebony baby grand piano, Swarovski crystal, porcelain urns and figurines, and much more.

Gina Biancardi, founder and president of Casa Belvedere on Grymes Hill, purchased sconces and two antique chandeliers ($5,550 for the pair) for her museum. In addition, she bought two display cases that will house some of Franco’s sports memorabilia at Casa Belvedere.

“These items are an important part of Staten Island history. John Franco is a prominent Italian-American who has lived on Staten Island, and his items will now have a permanent home in the borough’s premier Italian cultural institution,” said Ms. Biancardi.


The Numbers Don’t Lie (Especially If You Believe Armageddon Is On The Horizon) : Lincecum Sucks

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Your travel-weary editor is headed to San Francisco tomorrow, and while I’d ordinarily be keen to attend a Giants game started by Tim Lineceum, there’s not inconsiderable competition in the form of a Monoshock reunion (with support from Lamps). Also, there’s this  — the Wall Street Journal’s Tony Olivero points out, ‘if the season ended today, Lincecum (above)—a two-time Cy Young Award winner—would have the worst adjusted ERA, 55, of any pitcher who has thrown at least 95 innings in a season since at least 1901.”  Of course, the season doesn’t end today, so there’s really no justifiable reason for Olivero calling The Freak, “the worst pitcher in baseball history”, unless he’s got some inside knowledge about an alien invasion that would render the 2012 campaign, “the shortest season in baseball history”.

Lincecum (3-10, 6.42 ERA) must improve his adjusted ERA by at least two points to avoid setting a rather undesirable record. Bill Stoneman of the 1973 Montreal Expos, Carl Lundgren of the 1908 Chicago Cubs and Rube Bressler of 1915 Philadelphia Athletics all finished seasons with record-low adjusted ERAs of 56.

Pitchers rarely compile adjusted ERAs as bad as Lincecum’s because they are usually benched or demoted before they throw many innings (and do more damage). The idea of this happening to the 28-year-old Lincecum, one of three active multiple Cy Young winners, would have been inconceivable just three months ago.