The Boy That Cried Yelp : The Bronx’s Randy L. – Consumer Advocate, No. 1!

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Bad News For Mushnick : Gregg Doyel Just Wrote Phil’s Next Column

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The top-shelf edition of Nike’s new LeBron X shoe carries a list price of $315.00, a sum CBS Sports.com’s Gregg Doyel (above) finds discouraging.  James, ‘still uses kids as pawns, whether it’s the Boys & Girls Club he held up like a human shield when he went on national television to announce he was taking his narcissism to South Beach — or whether it’s this. Shoes most of his young fans can’t afford.” Presumably LeBron’s allowed to hawk products to adults, too?

Poor kids are gonna find a way to buy the $315 LeBron X. Some of them, the dorks and losers, will settle for the $180 brand that doesn’t come with the bells and whistles and street cred of the most expensive version, which will apparently tell a kid more than his quickness or vertical leap. The $315 version will also tell a kid he’s cool, he’s secure, he’s valuable because he’s wearing shoes that other kids want.

And there’s merit in that, come to think of it. Self-esteem at any age is valuable, but for a kid it’s priceless.

But LeBron is willing to put a price on it. Your self-esteem is worth $315, check payable to Nike, royalties due to King James.

LeBron is trading on the most vulnerable part of his fan base: their self-image. He knows there are kids out there who will do whatever it takes to slip their feet into the same shoes worn by LeBron. How does a poor family, the kind of family in which LeBron grew up — born to a single mother, LeBron and his teen-aged mom moving from apartment to apartment, LeBron spending chunks of time with other relatives because his mom couldn’t feed him — scratch up the three bills for a pair of LeBron X shoes?

By “poor kids are gonna find a way”, I sincerely hope Doyel is referring to paper routes and mowing lawns. Because if he’s suggesting even for a second that James oughta be held accountable for inspiring criminal acts, let’s review for a minute some of the items hawked by other celebrity pitch-persons ;

Derek Jeter – Ford Focus ($15,650.00)
Michael Phelps – Omega Seamaster Watch ($3450.00)
Peyton Manning – Sony Bravia 55″ flatscreen ($1810.00)

Of course, no one has ever committed a crime or spent beyond their means in the pursuit of automobiles, jewelery or high-ticket appliances. I don’t know if you’ve seen the stats, but almost 99% of all violent crimes in this country are sneaker-related (source : Phil Mushnick, NY Post).

The Mysterious Randy L.’s Triumphant Return To Yelp – Don’t Call It A Comeback…

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…because he’s been pissed for years.


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order it here.


How Many Times Does Warren Sapp Have To Explain He’s Not Selling Air Jordans On eBay?

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Warren Sapp on SportsRadio 610 (mp3)

Good Seats…Heck, An Entire Upper Deck Is Still Available For This Thursday’s Rockies/Mets Matinee

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Once upon a time, the New York Mets actively sought to intervene in Carl Everett’s alleged child abuse. Fast forward to 2012, however, and the Mets have assumed the role of the abusers themselves.

The New York Mets today announced a Kids Go Free ticket offer for the Mets-Rockies game this Thursday, August 23 at 1:10 p.m. at Citi Field. Up to three children 12 and under will get free admission with the purchase of regularly priced tickets.

For the Kids Go Free ticket offer available via phone at (718) 507-TIXX and in person at the Citi Field Box Office, fans buying one adult ticket will get up to three complimentary kids tickets. or the ticket offer available online at Mets.com/KidsFree, fans may purchase a Family Four Pack that includes four tickets for the price of two.

For the ticket offer available online at Mets.com/KidsFree, fans may purchase a Family Four Pack that includes four tickets for the price of two.

All tickets must be picked up at Citi Field the day of the game and children must be present.

For more information, contact the Mets Ticket Office at (718) 507-TIXX.

Sirius/XM’s Dino Costa : Bravely Doing His Best To Take The Heat Off Todd Akin

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In which The Yonkers Cowboy asks the slightly-loaded question, “where is the Katie Couric of sports?” Congratulations, Doris Burke, Jackie MacMullan, Emma Span and Maggie Hendricks just to name four female members of the sports media off the top of my head. Your motives for working in your chosen field, your qualifications and your ability to “hold an audience” have been challenged by Talkers Magazine’s #98 SPORTS YACK HOST. Who could possibly know more about capturing the public’s imagination than a guy holding down that most coveted of satellite radio time-slots, the hours during which nearly all sane sports fans are watching or listening to a game?

If Drunken Baseball Analysis Doesn’t Pan Out, Rick Sutcliffe Can Always Become Sheriff Of Maricopa County

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Fascinating stuff from Rick Sutcliffe, as always.   Going by the above bit of logic, Canada should’ve deported Matt Whiteside in 1995.


B-Easy’s B-zarre Garage Sale

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F Michael Beasley signed a 3-year, $18 million contract with Phoenix last month, and as such, he’s looking to jettison some of his worldly possessions before leaving Minneapolis. However, as Fox Sports North’s Joan Nisen reports, Beasley’s estate sale featured a varied and unpredictable inventory.  “The further in I got, the creepier it became,” writes Nisen, who presumably struck out on a bargain priced bong.

I missed out on the first day of the sale, and by the time I arrived Sunday morning, it had descended into the discount round. Every item had two prices listed: Saturday’s outdated one and Sunday’s bargain closeout. A table that once was $400, now discounted to $150! Anthropomorphic rabbit salt and pepper shakers, now for the bargain price of $5! Women’s handbags, now $150!

So there was no yelling about Beasley, but there were whispers. Neighbors gossiped to workers about the time a sports car ended up wrapped around a tree last winter outside the house, and anyone who did know the identity of who had previously lived there couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow in nearly every room they entered. The entire thing posed so many questions: Why does Michael Beasley need a copy of the Physicians’ Desk Reference? Or a book of Ingmar Bergman screenplays? Or giant glass grapes? What use does Beasley have for a floral headboard? Why does he love tasseled pillows so much? Whose handbags are those?

There’s no way to answer those questions. There’s no way to guess what 10 percent of the items weren’t Beasley’s, because next to nothing in the house looked like anything you’d ever imagine the basketball player purchasing.

Lt. Dangle’s Triumphant Return To Television

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It’s always an exciting moment when an idol from years gone by steps out of the comfort zone and tackles the endurance test that is CBS’ granddaddy of car crash TV reality shows, “Survivor”.

But enough about Blair from “The Facts Of Life”.  Apparently Jeff Kent going to compete, too.  And while I’ve have to plead ignorance when it comes to the other contestants, it seems as though Kent has an unfair competitive advantage.  Anyone who lockered near Barry Bonds for as long as Kent is already an expert in back-biting, recriminations and looking out for no. 1.