Sharp : Ship Stompy Suh Somewhere Else

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Lions LB Ndamukong Suh escaped league censure for his 2nd annual Thanksgiving attempted-maiming of an opponent, in this case, Texans QB Matt Schaub, but that’s not enough to satisfy the Detroit Free Press’ Drew Shap, who calls the Nebraska grad, “annoyingly arrogant and capricious.” And he likes to step on necks, too!

Only Suh can properly describe his intent on the Schaub kick, but the man’s lost his last benefit of the doubt. I don’t believe he said to himself while flipping to the ground “Hmmm, might this be an opportune time to kick a quarterback in his junk?” Last time, I checked Suh wasn’t a ninja. But I do believe Suh deliberately and angrily initiated a clearly non-football act, justifying in his mind that wherever his cleats met Schaub, so be it.

Suh’s actions aren’t a big deal in relation to the bruising collisions contributing to concussions and neck “stingers.” But his kick did nothing to lessen the perception that he’s no more than a dirty player who thinks he can get away with this stupidity. That won’t work in an NFL now obsessed with purveying a public image that it’s committed to policing extraneous football violence. It’s worried about future lawsuits from former players.

But it hasn’t helped the Lions that they’re perceived as thinking they’re above the law — whether it’s a coach throwing a challenge flag when the rules said he couldn’t or a defensive tackle throwing a kick where he shouldn’t have.

The New York Mets Public Relations Dept. : Overzealous Or Simply Full Of Shit?

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So what are we to make of the New York Daily News’ Andy Martino claiming the Mets have offered David Wright a 7-year extension, “well in excess of $100 million”, followed some hours later by Wright pouring cold water on the report? It would hardly be the first time in recent memory the club’s version of events differed from that of a player or his agent. And the timing is certainly fortuitous, with Metsradamus deeming it “absolutely hysterical”, that said offer created a mild stir less than a day after the Rays locked up Evan Longoria.

Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t think that the Mets just started putting together offers Monday afternoon. But I do think it’s funny that this gets leaked the day after Longoria happens. And I realize that I come off as a conspiracy theorist here. But think about how much the Mets have based their decisions on fan reaction and public relations, and then tell me that it isn’t at least a little bit possible that the Mets organization intentionally floated this red herring.

Red herring or not, I hope this does lead to something significant. Preferably a press conference re-introducing David Wright as the face of the franchise until his retirement. If it leads to a rejection and a subsequent trade, so be it. It’s better than what seems to be the Mets usual course of action, which is to do nothing and then bemoan outside circumstances and convince us that they gave it the ol’ college try. So forgive me for being a pessimist until there’s a resolution.

Andray Blatche Is Not Quite Finished Talking About The Past

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Nets F Andray Blatche seems to be taking a little too much pleasure in the plight of his former employer, the Washington Wizards. 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier couldn’t help but notice Blatche’s poorly veiled shots at the Wizards, and invited God’s Gift To Lazy Bloggers to answer such not-loaded-at-all questions like, “what do you think your legacy was in Washington?”

Blatche vs. Kushner, Rouhier (MP3)


The Slouch’s Bold Alternative To Maryland’s Big Ten Entry

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As you’ve probably read elsewhere, Rutgers and Maryland recently agreed to leave the Big East and ACC respectively, enticed by the television riches of the Big Ten. Acknowledging the Terrapins’ windfall (as well as a likely violation of the Maryland Open Meetings act), the Washington Post’s Norman Chad (above) argues, “it’s preferable for a great university not to have Division I athletics.”

Remarkably, Spelman College in Atlanta just made this very decision, announcing its withdrawal from Division III intercollegiate athletics. “Hoping to replace organized sports for the few with fitness for all,” as the New York Times put it, Spelman determined it made little sense to spend $1 million annually on 80 student-athletes when it could redirect time and money to the physical welfare of the entire 2,100-student body.

I realize my College Park brethren — who refuse to rise and revolt against the athletic industrial complex that rules the day — will reject this option. So I have a more pragmatic proposal that keeps Maryland in the ACC and solves the fiscal crisis:

Open a casino on campus!

(You don’t even have to recruit “student-gamblers” — they’re already there.) Maryland voters just approved Las Vegas-style table-games gambling. Replace vending machines with slot machines and library tables with blackjack tables, and we’re talking a new weight room for the football team within 18 months!!!

At a minimum, I’d open a card room in the student union. Heck, the gent who just won the World Series of Poker Main Event, Greg Merson, briefly went to Maryland. So let’s break ground on the Greg Merson Poker Room — of course, first I’d make him come back to College Park and complete his degree.

Stay Dead, Oscar Wilde : Noah, Gooden In Chops-Busting Overdrive

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How did the NBA’s leading lights manage to feud before the advent of Twitter?  Imagine what Tim Thomas could’ve accomplished had said social networking platform existed in his prime?  With the Bucks visiting the Bulls tonight, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley quotes from the burgeoning pissing matching between Joakim Noah (above, right) and Drew Gooden :

It started on Sunday, when Gooden tweeted out “Just made it to Chicago. Bulls tomorrow payback’s a b—-.’’

Noah then fired back: “Quit clownin and eat your food goodybagz.’’

Then it was Gooden’s turn, as he tweeted to Noah, “Heard you eating @PGChangs tonight. Don’t get the chopsticks tangled in your wig.’’

“What’s the story behind that? He wants a Twitter war so I gave him a Twitter war,’’ Noah explained after afternoon shoot-around on Monday.

Then he let the cat out of the bag.

“Nah, I love that guy, man. That’s my guy,’’ Noah said of Gooden, who has been inactive anyway. “That’s my best friend, man. Yeah, my best friend.’’

The Sun’s Zurawik Has Many Doubts About Dan Fouts

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The Baltimore Sun’s Dan Zurawik had a tough time coping with CBS’ coverage of yesterday’s Ravens/Chargers tilt, not simply because the former Tiffany Network missed the opening kickoff, but mostly due to the commentary analyst Dan Fouts, described by Zurawik as “a gasbag who often makes predictions only hoping he’s right because they are not based on insight or knowledge” Of Fouts’ insights during Baltimore’s 16-13 OT victory, Zurawki notes, “he proved to be a worse analyst than Dan Dierdorf, something I thought I would never live to see. And if I did live to see it, would not survive.”

With five minutes and 48 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Flacco hit Torrey Smith for what looked like a key first down. But there was a flag on the play.

As the referees discussed it, Fouts first told viewers, “Not good for this San Diego team. It looks like it’s going to be on San Diego.”

Then, the folks in the production truck must have said something, because a few seconds later, he said, “They may call pass interference on the Ravens.”

As the delay continued, the fans started to boo.

“The fans are booing now, but they’re going to be clapping real soon.” And then after a brief pause, he added, “I hope.”

The actual call: unnecessary roughness on Boldin.

So, let’s see, he was wrong on the Chargers being penalized, and he was wrong on the nature of the penalty on the Ravens. This is how you fail a multiple-guess test.



Fireman Ed’s Persona – The Latest Collateral Damage From Mark Sanchez’ Ineptitude

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Jets superfan Ed Anazalone, aka “Fireman Ed”, tells the readers of NY’s Metro freebie that he’s hanging up the fire helmet “because confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common.” Who’d have thought a Browning Nagle throwback would have ever been the better sartorial choice?

This is an indication of how society has lost and is continuing to lose respect for one another. The stadium has become divided because of the quarterback controversy as well. The fact that I chose to wear a Mark Sanchez jersey this year and that fans think I am on the payroll — which is an outright lie — have made these confrontations more frequent. Whether it’s in the stands, the bathroom or the parking lot, these confrontations are happening on a consistent basis.

Although I can “hold my own,” I do not want to lose my temper and make a stupid mistake. I have a responsibility to the families and kids that enjoy the game and Fireman Ed.

(Mike) Tramp(s) Like Us, Baby We Were Born To Wear Tin Foil Hats

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If the American public can tolerate 9/11 Truther tirades from analysts ranging from Rashard Mendenhall to Dino Costa, what’s stopping former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp from weighing in?  Hot Metal’s Steve Mascord was the lucky recipient of correspondence from the Danish vocalist who declares, “I have 250 books on the subject and every DVD ever released and I firmly believe those two planes did not bring down the Twin Towers.”

“That can’t be answered in a short email as I head to bed,” Tramp wrote, upon being asked what brought down the World Trade Center.

“But I can put it this way, it wasn’t the two planes, and there are 100?s of organizations of scientist, architects, and pilots for the truth of 9/11 that says it can’t be done.

“Another thing is very few people knows that at 5pm in the evening, 10 hours after the two towers came down. A third building (world trade center 7) a 47 story building came down in 9 seconds in free fall, and no plane ever hit that.

“Only when you start reading the books and get the facts can you form your own opinion, I can’t do that for you.”

The New York Post – Where Diverse Baseball Opinions Flourish…

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….either that, or Davidoff and Vacarro’s editor took the weekend off.


Dino Costa’s Favorite Sports Commish Continues His Love Affair With Fans, Players

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Granted, the likes of Stern, Selig and Goodell have no shortage of detractors.  But in light of Sirius/XM’s Dino Costa reminding his culturally-challenged listeners of his deep love and respect for NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on an almost daily basis, let’s consider the following ;

1) In what other major sport has a player felt comfortable enough, even momentarily, encouraging a fan to wish death upon his profession’s chief executive?
2) if Bettman is going to persist in publicizing the cancellation of events fans were actually looking forward to, can he at least pull the plug on something no one in their right mind would attend, especially if Jay Mohr was MC’ing?