Dear Publishers Of The Generic Lunchmeat Times – Fuck Off

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Hello Gerard Cosloy,

I’m not sure if you are aware that The Deli will be present in Austin during SXSW with a printed pocket issue – you can see the 2012 edition here.
We wanted to let you know that we have added your showcase/party to our “Best Unofficial Shows” section!
The Deli is a NYC based magazine and blog that features underground/up-and-coming musicians.  We have a quarterly issue that centers around NYC musicians, and a yearly issue on SXSW which we distribute in Austin during the festival.

Since your show is featured, we hope that you will allow us to distribute our (free) magazine at your show.
Please let us know, and see you in March!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Much as I respect your right to freely assemble and exercise your First Amendment chops, I’m gonna have to pass on this one.  Yours is a commercial endeavor, not unlike that of CSTB (except for the part about this one not sucking).  This blog and the bands participating are going to great expense to put on this free show — we’re not spending money to help you promote your staggeringly undistinguished operation.  The very fact you’d even ask shows colossal ignorance and blatant disrespect for what we’re trying to achieve here.  Would the makers of Cheetos request permission to hand out free bags of their toxic product in front of the Doritos Jacked Tower?   Would Keystone Light attempt to hijack an event sponsored by Michelob Ultra?   Do representatives of British Knights creep around in the shadows during events at House Of Vans?  I THINK NOT.

hoping your SXSW is as boring as your site,

Full Credit To Derek Erdman – I Can’t Remember What A Dishwalla Shirt Looks Like, Either

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above by the unstoppable Derek Erdman, via The Stranger


Look On The Bright Side – At Least FAU Didn’t Sell Stadium Naming Rights To Citibank

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Florida Atlantic University announced yesterday they’d signed a naming rights agreement worth some $6 million for the school’s new football stadium with Geo Group, the private firm that manages an immigration detention center in nearby Pompano Beach. While school President Mary Jane Saunder called the deal, “a true representation of The GEO Group’s incredible generosity to FAU and the community it serves,” not every member of that community was thrilled, as the Miami Herald’s Brenda Medina points out.

“The fact that they are locking up people of color and immigrants like my parents is shameful,” said 22-year-old Noor Fawzy, a political science student at FAU whose parents are Palestinian immigrant. “We don’t want our university to be associated with an entity that is being investigated for human rights abuses.”

Besides the United States, GEO Group also has private prisons in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia, where in 2003 it lost a contract after evidence was found that children detained in its facilities suffered cruel treatments, The New York Times reported in 2011. The company, which controls thousands of beds in private prisons and is worth almost $3 billion, is now in the middle of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit about mistreatment of prisoners.

BTC has recently been in the midst of controversies after activists and people detained in the place denounced irregularities. Some complained to the media that they weren’t getting the proper medical care while others argued that they have been detained for lengthy periods of time at BTC despite meeting the qualifications to be eligible for prosecutorial discretion offered by the Obama administration.

Philly Mag Scribe Attempts To Reason With The Unreasonable

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When a Pulitzer-winning investigative female journalist  — in this case, ex-Patriot News/current CNN contributor Sara Ganim, she of the diligent pursuit of convicted sex offender Jerry Sandusky —- is harassed by a group of profane, misogynist Joe Paterno apologists, what’s the right response?  Ignoring the creeps?  Calling them by name out publicly?  Or, if you’re Philly Mag’s Joel Mathis, you pen an open letter to Ganim’s abusers, suggesting that such grotesque attacks are bad for the school.

Let’s put aside how incredibly tedious, tiresome and unavoidable the “Paterno truther” brigade has become for anyone who dares write (or even tweet) credulously about the downfall of Saint JoePa. What even the truthers should understand is this: Fighting back against Paterno’s critics by using sexually demeaning and degrading language is really not the best way to demonstrate that you have your priorities in the right place when a sex abuse scandal—and the ease with which it was overlooked—is at the heart of the whole neverending mess in the first place.

You don’t have a ton of credibility, truthers, except with each other. You reduce it further every time you call Ganim a “bitch” or suggest she’s been sleeping around. And you reduce it when you keep your silence in the face of such misogyny, just because you don’t like Ganim and her work. All of which will actively short-circuit a renaissance for Paterno’s memory, or Penn State itself.


Indianapolis Residents : Colin Cowherd Can Read Your (Racist) Minds

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(if you’re not doing your part to pay this man’s salary, maybe you’re a racist. Or maybe not. SO HARD TO TELL)

Putting aside the the creepier aspects of Colin Cowherd’s morning pontifications for ESPN Radio (ie. his boner for Courtney Love),  the host is an unlikely advocate for the entertainment value of an NBA regular season game.  He’s also one of the last persons in sports media who ought to feel comfortable calling analyzing someone else’s racial sensibilities.  But both of those things are exactly what happened earlier today.  From The Indy Channel.com’s Jenna Kool :

ESPN sports talk host Colin Cowherd said Tuesday that race is to blame for low attendance figures for the Indiana Pacers.

The Pacers, 32-21 on the season, have been at or near the bottom of NBA attendance figures for several years as the team’s on-court performance languished.

Now that the team’s performance has rebounded, Cowherd said on his nationally syndicated show that there is no excuse for lagging attendance figures.

“You’re holding an organization to a standard that happens because of race. There’s no other explanation why people don’t go to Pacers games,” Cowherd said.

“Nobody’s saying everybody in Indianapolis is racist. Nobody is saying Indianapolis won’t support African-American athletes,” Cowherd said. “What we’re saying is Indianapolis punishes the Pacers more than they punish the Colts for indiscretions off the field or off the court, and a lot of that is racial.”

“The Pacers are fantastic, have been for several years, nobody goes to the games,” Cowherd said. “Your tickets are reasonably priced. Your team is outstanding. The locker room is full of good guys.”

While Cowherd seems to be a little mixed up (ie. Pacers fans have an allegedly race-based grudge against the team, yet “nobody is saying Indianapolis won’t support African-American athletes” —- is this a racial bias or evidence the NFL has leapfrogged the NBA in popularity in what used to be considered a hoops hotbed?), he’s got a funny notion of what constitutes “reasonably prices”.   While there’s plenty of upper tier tickets at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in the $15-$37 range, when was the last time Colin Cowherd paid his own money to attend a sporting event with lousy seats?  For the tickets that might actually afford a person with average eyesight a chance to ID a player sans binoculars, seats are a slightly less bargain-basement $101-$153 (and we’re hardly talking courtside).   For persons who aren’t being paid six figures a year to make shit up off the top of their pointy heads, $101 might seem like a very high price to pay to bask in the star power of the Hansbrough Brothers.

Tin Foil Hat Nation To Dirty Dutch Mantel : Stop Mimicking Us So Effectively

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Given the political leanings of Linda McMahon, on the surface there’s something ironic about the WWE dragging Dutch Mantel out of seclusion to play the part of Jack Swagger’s anti-immigration mentor, “Uncle” Zeb Colter. Then again, given the tens of millions Vince flushed down the toilet during Linda’s failed senatorial bids, perhaps this is the chairman’s subtle revenge against the Tea Party for not embracing his wife’s candidacy with nearly enough zeal to get the job done.

More likely, Mantel’s politicized brand of promo-cutting is an effective backstory for the microphone-challenged Swagger, not to mention a great way to reposition Alberto Del Rio. Alas, for the freeze-dried food hoarders at Alex Jones’ InfoWars (and scribe Paul Joseph Watson in particular) Mantel’s schtick is tantamount to “the divide and conquer tactic of cultural subversion to manufacture racial division and to characterize the Tea Party, conservatives, libertarians, opponents of uncontrolled illegal immigration and constitutionalists as racist, extremist radicals who should be pushed to the fringes of the political discourse.” Yeah, because we’ve never heard anyone with a megaphone on the street corner who sounds nearly as crazy.

During Swagger’s match, commentators Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler joked that Swagger and Colter had received “fan mail” from conservative radio talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones.

Twitter users reacted with outrage, slamming the WWE for “crapping all over the Tea Party” by “promoting a Racist, immigrant hating Tea Party character vs a Mexican wrestler.”

Now the demonization runs so deep that it’s even being bolstered by WWE wrestling.

The fact that WWE is owned by Vince and Linda McMahon, who are part of the Republican establishment, also tells us a lot about how grass roots conservatives and libertarians are viewed by those near the top of the power structure.

Carmine Appice : Blatantly Pandering To Former Music/Sports Bloggers Utterly Obsessed With Cooking

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You have to admit, that’s a slightly larger demographic than persons utterly obessed with “Black Roses”.


Finally, Bumblefoot & Jim Leyritz Have Found A Project They Can Work On Together

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The project in question is a certain future Palme d’Or winner ;  “Gravedigger”, scheduled to feature such thespian titans as Brian McRae,  Billy Sample, Leyritz and a guy I once dubbed, “The Barry Bonds Of Bodybuilding”.   The Kansas City Star’s Pete Grathoff explains :

McRae will play Billy Randolph, who doesn’t appear to be the guy actually digging the graves and exacting his own form of justice.

Save the snide jokes about the Royals being a horror show on their own the last few years, because here’s the synopsis of the movie, which is scheduled to be released this year:

“A vigilante serial killer is stalking, killing and burying those he has judged guilty and anyone in this corrupt town could be next! Murder, Mayhem, Blood, Deception & NO way out are a few ways to describe this disturbing new heart pounding thrill ride.”

Other cast members apparently include Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal of Guns N’ Roses, a couple of former “Survivor” contestants, and Gregg Valentino (above), who was on TLC’s “The Man Whose Arms Exploded.”

Who knows, it could surprise you.

Is it fair to say I’m surprised already?

“Couldn’t You Wait? : The Story Of Silkworm” – Available for download today

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A virtual high five / raised glass tonight ito filmmaker Seth Pomeroy, whose years of hard graft (and listening to self-important bozos pontificate on ’90′s rock) have resulted in a documentary as thoughtful/necessary as it was highly anticipated. “Couldn’t You Wait? : The Story Of Silkworm” is available today for the insanely reasonable price of $5, though if you’re a fan of the band the deluxe versions w/ a plethora of live footage are also a great deal.   Best of all, the producers can guarantee — in writing, I believe — there’s not one moment of commentary from Henry Rollins.

(DISCLAIMER : on multiple occasions, I was one of the persons responsible for pimping these talented young men. That the experience wasn’t always lucrative for any of the parties concerned is of little consequence — i am very confident their body of work beats the fuck out of yours, and I write those words knowing full well just how many former State Fair Lollapalooza main stage performers routinely stumble across this blog while googling their own names).

Best band, best guys. Music documentaries usually leave me cold but I’m very happy this one was made.

Helpful Advice For My Close Friends On The Fun Fun Fun Booking Commitee

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Of course, if they need to wait for confirmation that Ron Reyes is participating, I would fully understand.