Former Scourge Of Long Island H.S. Cheerleader Tryouts Reveals A Previously Unseen Political Consciousness

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EAT SHIT, Katherine Harris.   Paulie Go Nuts has your number – just be relieved he’s not calling!


Blogger’s Bold Proposal For The NHL’s Destitute – Resort To Hi-Tech Begging

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(Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs – eager to learn more about this public-donations-towards-payroll business)

Whether it’s a vehicle to raise funds for an important documentary film or just a neat way for Ume to hire Creed’s engineer, Kickstarter.com has been an unrivaled success in the burgeoning electronic shakedown crowdsourcing field. After producers of a proposed “Veronica Mars” movie raised $2 million in half a day, The Hockey Writers’ Jameson Cooper suggests, “based on how Kickstarter is taking off in Hollywood, I wouldn’t be surprised if rumblings began to circulate around the front offices of many pro (hockey) teams in the future.”

If the Florida Panthers continue to remain unable to collect the money needed for a new scoreboard, then perhaps a platform like Kickstarter could be used to expedite the process. If the organization were to start a fund to help pay for the renovation either partially or in full, I have no doubt that even the Panthers’ medium sized fan base would be able to help raise the money needed to complete the project.

As I write this, there are 8 teams in the NHL whose payroll is roughly $15 million under the league’s salary cap. While the numbers may be a bit funky this season due to next year’s impending lower cap, the fact remains that many teams fail to come within reach of the league’s cap even though they are given the option. This has nothing to do with a team’s desire to win or build the best team, but rather their inability to go on spending sprees due to the limitations of their market. This is where Kickstarter could potentially come into play.

Kickstarter could not have saved the Atlanta Thrashers from moving to Winnipeg, but it could have helped improve the Nassau Colosseum enough for the Islanders to not flee to Brooklyn. I for one, would relish the opportunity to kick a few bucks toward my favored team if the return meant that my team would be in a better position than it is now.

Mets 1B Ike David – A Shining Example That Jewish Kids Don’t Have To Settle For Being Doctors, Lawyers…

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….or owners of MLB franchises. On the eve of Passover, the New York Post’s Mike Puma explores Davis’ Judaism, making certain not to ask Steve Lyons for a comment.

Last month, while in Manhattan to accept the Thurman Munson award, Davis spoke to a group of children at a synagogue. He also been asked to speak in synagogues back home in Scottsdale.

“They want to talk, how is it being looked up to by Jewish kids, showing that we just don’t have to be doctors and lawyers and stuff like that,” Ike said. “You can follow your dreams and be an athlete and do whatever you want to do. You don’t have to just be smart or whatever. It’s pretty cool that they’ll back you just because of that.”

When Ike arrived with the Mets, he was asked by Fred Wilpon, who is Jewish, if he wanted to observe the religious holidays of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah by not playing on those days. Davis considered observance, but ultimately decided he would play those days.

“I said it’s a personal choice and I couldn’t tell him if it’s right or wrong,” Wilpon said. “I offered to put him in touch with Sandy Koufax and he could talk to him about why he made his choice [not to pitch Game 1 of the 1965 World Series]. Ike said he was fine and he didn’t need to do that.”


New Mexico Blogger To One & Done Lobos : You Just Lost Yourself A Customer

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After Harvard was throttled by Arizona earlier today, you might figure said result only heightens the disappointed for fans of #3 seed New Mexico, following the Lobos’ upset defeat to Tommy Ammaker’s squad on Thursday.  It’s unlikely we’ll see a further column on the subject from Loboland’s Dennis Latta, who declares, “I’ve been around Lobo basketball for 33 seasons. For 32 of those seasons, I knew that UNM had a team that could fold and lose to anyone at any time. I never got my expectations too high because a collapse was possible anytime they walked out on that floor.”  Hey, fool Latta 32 times, shame on you.  Fool him a 33rd time, shame on him.

I thought that coach Steve Alford and athletic director Paul Krebbs were smart to announce a new 10-year contract the day before the Lobos started their march through the NCAA. No one would complain about the big dollars because UNM was on the road to glory.

I was wrong.

But I won’t be wrong again. It was a lot easier to take when expectations were lower. Losing was acceptable because UNM had almost always lost when it really counted. You didn’t have visions of greatness, only to have them dashed. After the pitiful performance UNM put up against a team that doesn’t even offer scholarships, I’ve given up. Having all five starters back next season means nothing on a team that can just disappear like that. I’d be back to wondering when it would collapse, have a terrible game and lose to an inferior team again.

No, I’ve had it. I’ve been to my last Lobo basketball game after covering the team for much of the last 33 years.

Former Rangers Outfielder Shows George W. Bush What Outsider Art Is All About

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Jose Canseco’s “Bud Selig”.   Though Jose’s chances of getting into Cooperstown without a ticket remain slim, he’s got an outside shot at the 2014 Whitney Biennial ;  I’m certain co-curator Michelle Grabner continues to read CSTB on a regular basis, and will hopefully reach out to Canseco before he peddles any more of his early works on the open market.


Scottish Football – Not Quite Over The Prank Phone Call Craze

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The infamous Tommy From Glasgow is fast becoming the most prodigious telephone terrorist east of WFAN’s long-lost Jerome From Manhattan. Earlier this week, the former rang Rangers striker Francisco Sandaza claiming to be a US-based agent trying to engineer a move to Major League Soccer, with the ensuing conversation earning Sandaza a suspension and no shortage of ridicule. From the Daily Mail’s Graeme Yorke :

The Spaniard complained of the standard of football in Division Three claiming: ‘I didn’t sign for the level, I signed for the money. I’ll get another contract after Rangers.”

Celtic supporter Tommy – who has never revealed his surname – was pretending to be middle-man Jack McGonigle and has previously tricked disgraced former Rangers owner Craig Whyte and ex-SFA chief executive David Taylor, now a senior UEFA official.

Sandaza tells the prankster he is on £4,500 a week for the first season of his four-year deal, which goes up to £10,000 in the final year. By that time the Ibrox club would expect to be back in the top flight of Scottish football.

The 28-year-old striker, who believed ‘McGonigle’ was approaching him about a move to Major League Soccer in the United States, admitted he would quit Ibrox for a better deal but insists he does not want the club to know about the conversation.

He says: ‘Do not do it officially through the club. Send me the contract first. I don’t want trouble if Rangers find out about this.’

No One Told These Southern Academics To Ignore The Comments : Analysing Public Patience With Josh Hamilton

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While Scott Weiland’s current club tour continues to generate daily headlines (well, at Blabbermouth.net, anyway) another legendary reprobate, Angels OF Josh Hamilton is contending with disgruntled Rangers fans and heavy expectations from his new employers alike.  Through all of it, however, Jimmy Sanderson, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Clemson University, and Elizabeth Emmons, a doctoral student in the College of Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Alabama, seem to think Hamilton is held in relatively high regard, using nearly 500 comments from a Rangers message board as their basis for research.  From Medical Daily’s Justin Caba (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

“Josh Hamilton is a perfect example of a transparent, likeable athlete with a lot of support from fans,” Emmons said. “With his well-known struggles with alcohol and other addictions, he has disclosed personal aspects that people can relate to, and thus when he falls short, people have an avenue to respond to him through digital media.”

The findings revealed that Hamilton’s supporters forgave him through offering support, “addiction is hard” narratives, human condition attributions and justification. Another majority claimed they were incapable of forgiving Hamilton due to his apparent character flaws.

Surprisingly a large segment of the forum’s contributors expressed feeling closer to Hamilton because of his endeavors. One fan commented: “You are just like all of us because we all stumble, fail, and have to get back up and recover from our bruises too.”


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YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY, LADY PERSONS. First, you get the right to vote. And now Luke Winkie can simultaneously judge your tech credentials AND your hotness! Lest you think The New Dean Of American Rock Critics is some kind of knuckle-dragging bromosapien, Mr. Winkie issued the following disclaimer after the Complex slideshow was published ;

The idea of perpetrating the same old gender divisions in an area like tech – which has predominantly been a boy’s club throughout history – seemed like kind of a messed up thing to do. It represents the most banal form of internet content that exists.

“Most banal form of internet content that exists”? Bad enough that Luke wants to have it both ways, but was it really necessary to issue an open challenge to Bleacher Report?


Marty Brodeur Extends His Career Goal Scoring Lead Over Christopher X Brodeur, 3-0.

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Congrats to Devils goaltender Martin X. Brodeur on padding his Hall Of Fame credentials in the most unusual way possible. Your move, Chris!

Stymied In Their Attempts To Nail Ryan Braun, MLB Finds A New Target

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Few connected with the Miami wellness clinic Biogenesis are in a hurry to share crucial info with Major League Baseball investigators, and the New York Times’ Michael Schmidt reports MLB’s new tactic for Friday will be a lawsuit against the clinic’s owner, Anthony Bosch,  and Juan Nunez, an associate of player agents Sam and Seth Levenson.

The suit is an attempt to solve the longstanding problem that Major League Baseball has faced in trying to discipline players who have been linked to doping but have not tested positive for a banned substance. After a 2007 report by former Senator George J. Mitchell detailed widespread use of performance enhancers by major league players, Commissioner Bud Selig created a department of investigations — composed of former law enforcement officials — to better police the sport.

But to make a doping case against players who have not tested positive, the investigators need documentary evidence or witness testimony. And because the investigators do not have law enforcement privileges, like subpoena power, they have had little leverage in trying to build cases against players that would lead to suspensions.

So now baseball is trying a new tactic. A lawsuit, if allowed to proceed, would give the sport the ability to subpoena records from the clinic, which is now closed, and compel depositions. Some of the information uncovered could then conceivably be used by baseball to justify disciplinary actions against players.