A Sad Postscript To The Greatest Game Ever Played

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It wasn’t all hook & ladder plays and proposing to cheerleaders at the Fiesta Bowl last night, as Tim Cook writes, “Don’t know if you weathered Thom Brennaman and those ugly Bronco unis long enough to see Boise St.’s wildly entertaining victory over the Sooners last night, but let us have a thought for J.R. Simplot on this day of celebration.”

From Tuesday’s Idaho Statesman :

Billionaire J.R. Simplot, Idaho’s wealthiest citizen, was injured in a fall Monday night outside the University of Phoenix Stadium following the Fiesta Bowl and was operated on that night in a Phoenix hospital.

Simplot, according to J.R. Simplot Co. spokesman Fred Zerza, fell from a scooter he was using and hit his head on the pavement.

œThey were going to be picked up by a vehicle and were waiting for it when he turned and the scooter flipped him offl, Zerza said today.

The Simplot Co. is one the largest agribusiness companies in the world. Forbes Magazine estimated Simplot™s worth last year at $2.6 billion. Simplot™s wealth allowed him to bankroll the start-up of Micron Technology Inc.

Adds Tim, “on the bright side, at 98, Simplot has Gerry Ford and William Burroughs beat by a mile.”

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  1. Kevin says:

    Feel bad for the old man. But Thom Brennaman … “Booooy, oh, boy” he is awful. I think I speak for all Arizonans when I say we are happy to have his melodramatic ass outta here on D-Backs coverage.

  2. matt says:

    brennaman and whoever the third dude in the booth was (not alvarez…even though he sucked too) should’ve been fired in the 2nd quarter and replaced by the yelps of deaf kids. worst announcing job i’ve ever heard.

  3. Rog says:

    Agribusinesses are ruining bio-diversity in the food supply, so I’m not so sure why all you lazy elitist hipsters should give a shit.

  4. GC says:

    I’m just disappointed we’ve not been told if it was a Rascal or a Segway. Or a bog-standard golf cart.

  5. Timothy Cook says:

    Boise is my hometown, and although the Broncos are not necessarily ‘my team’, I thought I’d express a sense of civic pride now that I have an opportunity that all non-lazy elitist hipsters like yourself should understand.

    Afterall, it’s college football we’re discussing here, no one should give a shit. Fun game to watch, you gotta admit.

    Also, ORE/IDA brand tater tots kick asses along the frozen food aisle.

    GC–whatever it was, it is the best money can buy. Should’ve come with a seat restraint, sure, but with the Boise State Broncos winning the Fiesta Bowl, he can die contented in Republican bliss.


  6. Rog says:

    “Afterall, it’s college football we’re discussing here, no one should give a shit.”


    “but let us have a thought for J.R. Simplot on this day of celebration.”

    So, what’s the focus again? My simple, non-Idaho non-Republican mind can’t comprehend the complexity of your original post.

    Yeah, ORE/IDA is a fine product. That is, if you’ve never traveled outside of your 30-mile radius comfort zone enough to know what fresh flavorful food should taste like. The entire agribusiness industry is destroying bio-diversity but as long as younger generations are ignorant enough to think that there’s only one variety of any vegetable and that they all taste the same, then I’m not surprised that some old white guy was able to build a billion-dollar fortune predicated upon such terrible destruction. But with all the willful ignorance in our society, we deserve ‘heroes’ such as this, to be sure.

  7. Hot Shit College Student says:

    Rog, for someone who doesn’t know where the Midwest is, you probably should keep the travel advice to yourself.

  8. Timothy Cook says:

    “That is, if you’ve never traveled outside of your 30-mile radius comfort zone enough to know what fresh flavorful food should taste like.”

    Wow. You got me there.

  9. Jeremiah Klashorst says:

    Wow, Rog, pull your head out of your ass. I understand that you are have a bit of a hard time with this, but can’t you tell a joke when you read one? Were not talking about CNN here, this is CSTB and even if I didn’t know TC personally, I could still picture his tongue firmly planted in cheek as he typed. The post is a humorous aside to a freekin’ sports story and you want to climb on your soapbox to lecture about the evils of agribusiness? Gimme a break. As much as it pains me to admit it, I probably even agree with you, but your comment couldn’t be anymore beside the point. Let the World Court try ol’J.R. for crimes against humanity and unfair business practices, meanwhile we can all have a hearty chuckle when he falls off is scooter. I suspect that you may be taking yourself and this site just a little too seriously. If you simply can’t help but to pontificate to a disinterested audience about completely unrelated matters, at least do us the courtesy of finding a suitable political blog, where they are sure to get all gooey over your environmental sensitivity. I like the planet too, but I don’t think a lame-brained comment posted on a smart-alecky sports website is going to do much to save it and I’d rather not have to endure your self-righteousness. Don’t be such a tool. I’m off to get some tasty ‘tots, pray for my soul Rog. (btw, that’s a joke Rog, keep up).

  10. GC says:

    I do think this will be the first (and perhaps last) time Rog is accused of taking this site too seriously.

    the Sugar Bowl has been kind of a washout (sorry, N’awlns) compared to the Fiesta, but the I must admit I was deeply moved when Charlie Weis proposed marriage to a huge plate of fudge.

  11. jason says:

    Wow… I just realized that nearly every sports team ever has links to big business and the Republican party. As a form of protest, I shall renounce all sports from February 5 to March 10.

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