ALDS Game 3 – Jumping On The (Barely A)live Blogging Bandwagon

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(Stephen King and fellow members of Chowderhead Nation look on in disgust as your editor spends the entire game sending text messages)

Angels 4, Red Sox 3 (last of the 5th)

Yet again, I get to play the “drunk, retarded or really old” game with an overheard conversation during one of my all too infrequent visits to Fenway. You see, according to the budding Dave O’Brien sitting next to me in section 17, Josh Beckett (5 IP, 8 thousand pitches) “is really in labor”.

According to the Elias Koteas Sports Bureau, Jacoby Ellsbury’s 3 run single off Joe Saunders was the first such incident in post season history. No truth to the rumor Larry Lucchino already has the ball in a safe deposit box.

If you’re a Red Sox fan, the evening’s bad news involves a pair of Mike Napoli HR’s off an ineffective (if not knocked up) Beckett. On the bright side, the first of said blasts may have incapcitated a former member of the November Group, spotted busking on Landsdowne Street.

(UPDATE : Angels 5, Red Sox 4, 12 innings.   Lanaheim wins the battle of the bullpens, but not without anxious moments from K-Rod in the 10th, plus a baserunning boner by Torii Hunter. Apparently the Angels’ Gold Glove outfielder didn’t get the memo that Manny is no long patrolling left field at Fenway.   Mike Scioscia was asked before the contest how he’d account for his club being swept in an ALDS 3 times by Boston, and the backstop-turned-skipper replied with a guarantee of a Game 3 victory.  “I wonder what he said last year?” chortled Dave O’Brien on WRKO, ignoring the possibility Scioscia has to contend with rather unhelpful suggestions on routine basis. Hey, do I come over to O’Brien’s workpace and knock the smug satisfaction out of his mouth?

A few years back — prior to a stunning comeback in a Red Sox uniform — I opined that Mike Lowell had the ugliest swing of any major leaguer who wasn’t named Al Leiter.  The banged up Mike Lowell of October ’09 looks far worse — and he’s not inspiring much confidence on his throws to first, either.  Chances of a Kirk Gibson-esque “I can’t move, but look at this act of heroism” moment are pretty slim.  ‘Tis very hard to view Lowell as much else besides an automatic out at this point.)

13 Responses to “ALDS Game 3 – Jumping On The (Barely A)live Blogging Bandwagon”

  1. kt says:

    how the hell does the fastest player the red sox have had since tommy harper wind up with a 3 run single? did he blow out a hammy coming out of the box or something?

  2. GC says:

    you’ll see the replay — bases loaded bloop to shallow center ; everyone was running on 3-2… Ellsbury made it to first with sufficient speed. But the ball was catchable — seemed as though Kendrick thought Hunter called for it..

  3. Please tell me you aren’t posting these from your iPhone. That would at least mock-heroic.

  4. At least BE mock-heroic. Sadly, I typed that on my laptop, too. Ok, you’re my mock-hero.

  5. Ben Schwartz says:

    I advise phone blogging from ballparks. You will spill a beer or mustard on your laptop, but a phone is easier to maneuver around a crowded box seat. How Gerard types on his iPhone with that giant red “#1 Sox Fan” finger on, tho, is beyond me.

  6. GC says:

    Ben, as long as I’m wearing my trusty “Jeter Drinks Wine Coolers” tee (autographed w/ silver sharpie by the Sports Putz), there’s nothing I can’t accomplish.

  7. Ben, you didn’t know that GC had one of the big ones? He could blog from the Frozen Confines of Lambeau Field in January, typing with a Cheesehead:


  8. GC says:

    you’re a bunch of mean motherfuckers, all of you. I’ll have you know THAT’S MY REAL FINGER and as a result, I can’t wear gloves!

    I can, however, hail a cab from several blocks away. So it all evens out.

  9. If Red Sox Nation hands out medals, they should reserve the shiniest of them for the valiant efforts of Torii Hunter.

  10. kt says:

    tony massarotti had a column today about how badly it hurts to watch lowell today. according to mazz his hip is so fucked that he couldn’t even get dressed after the game.

  11. Tim Cook says:

    Blogging with an iphone… that explains the complete lack of copy/pasted material in the above post…

  12. GC says:


    I thank you for pointing out the iPhone’s technical limitations. P.S. – you’re fired.

  13. Rog says:

    If Red Sox Nation hands out medals, they should reserve the shiniest of them for the valiant efforts of Torii Hunter.

    And they should save a nice shiny Silver Star for one Mr. Mike Scioscia.

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