Asking Carl Everett To Repeat Himself

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Perhaps worried that newly acquired Mariners OF Carl Everett (above)might go an entire week without making another controversial statement, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Jim Moore cut to the chase…and invited Everett to repeat his more questionable remarks one mo’ time.

Naturally I had to beat a dead dinosaur to death, wondering how he could deny that these prehistoric creatures existed when evidence shows otherwise.

“That’s what they say, but nobody’s ever seen ‘em,” he says.

I tell him I went to the Burke Museum on the University of Washington campus and saw actual dinosaur bones, and asked him if he wanted to go there when he got to Seattle.

“I don’t go to that stuff,” Everett said. “Do me a favor, the next time you see a paleontologist, ask him if they agree with one another.”

What that meant, I have no idea.

Asked whether he had any regrets for what he said in Maxim, Everett said: “For what? Read the article. There should be no regrets.”

Well, what about your views on homosexuality, that being gay is wrong?

“It’s in the Bible,” Everett said. “A woman and a woman can’t have a baby, and a man and a man can’t have a baby.”

But what would you say to gay Mariners fans? Aren’t you concerned about offending them?

“I didn’t say nothing about the person,” he said. “It’s the act …”

Everett isn’t a piece of work as much as a body of work, and I’m standing in front of the artist trying to grasp what he’s attempting to say.

“What about your comments that it’s been proven that 99 percent of baseball fans don’t know what they’re watching?” I ask.

I want to ask him, “proven by whom” but Everett launches into something about 99 percent of sportswriters not having a clue either, and our stories are the ones read by fans, so consequently …

That line of thought somehow leads to Peter Gammons again. Everett ripped the Boston Globe baseball writer and ESPN commentator in Maxim, saying: “Peter Gammons sucks. He hears something and then throws it out there, and some of it is true, so it makes him sound like a genius. But he knows nothing. He knows nothing unless somebody tells him something. That’s it.”

No, there’s more. “Peter talks because Peter can’t write,” Everett says on his first day at spring training. “Have you seen him in the clubhouse? I guarantee the guy’s gonna say something about the Seattle Mariners. How can you believe what a guy says who’s not here?

4 Responses to “Asking Carl Everett To Repeat Himself”

  1. notorius says:

    Carl may be incredibly ignorant and homophobic, but does this dead horse need to be beat again, for the millionth time? It’s been a decade and Carl has yet to add anything new about these so-called dinosaurs.

  2. GC says:

    true ’nuff, but this is the first time he’s gone after Gammons that I can recall.

    also, elsewhere in the article, he has some fascinating things to say about contemporary TV.

  3. egg says:

    Guys like Carl give idiots a bad name. He makes Barry Bonds seem cuddly in comparison.

  4. David R. says:

    Just for the sake of clarification:

    Barry: asshole
    Carl: idiot AND asshole
    Damon: idiot

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