Attn : Budget Conscious Shoppers – Paulie Go Nuts Merch Is Priced To MOVE

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A couple of years back, I while browsing at the Mets’ 42nd St. Clubhouse Store and overheard a clerk telling a colleague that Scott Strickland’s wife had complained that t-shirts featuring her hubby reliever’s name and number were tough to find.

I wondered who the heck was going to purchase a Scott Strickland t-shirt, but that’s nothing compared to Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone, uncovering ample inventory of Country Time and Boogie Shoes swag at the same shop.   For $7.99, I’d spring for a Lo Duca tee.  But keep in mind, I once wore a Metal Mike authentic to Yankee Stadium right after the Mets catcher had denied playing house with Sam Champion.

4 Responses to “Attn : Budget Conscious Shoppers – Paulie Go Nuts Merch Is Priced To MOVE”

  1. David Roth says:

    If you wait long enough, the prices can go down even further. My orange Tsuyoshi Shinjo name-and-number t-shirt — purchased at least a year after his last Mets AB — is proof of that. So is my fiancee’s and my dad’s. It was a good deal, I’m sorry.

  2. Jason Cohen says:

    This just might be the year I finally buy that Burrell t-shirt!

  3. David R. says:

    If someone can quote me a price on a Glavine XXL tee, it’d be appreciated — I need something to wear for future CSTB & Fans throw-downs I mean get-togethers.

  4. Jason Cohen says:

    In the end, none of this matter, because you know you’re gonna just pay the extra $22 for “PUTZ”

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