August 20 In Tweets : KC Radio Presents “Whitlock : Raw”

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  • just another boring day of Kansas City sports radio http://bit.ly/cgIWPE #
  • Chris Carter is clearly the answer for the Mets’ cleanup spot. The one playing for Oakland, I mean. #
  • diamond-encrusted? RT @HPbasketball: Just so everyone knows, this is even better on television, with Whitlock in a Ball State jersey. #
  • Gravelface recovery. don’t say, “I’ll drink to that” RE http://bit.ly/buGTKX #
  • way too ready for his closeup RT @RoscoeBedBugDog: Watch for me today Friday on the 5 oclock news on WABC Channel 7! http://bit.ly/bHZJKk #
  • @95Sports i’m well aware of the Troy rumor(s), it’s been mentioned before. best of luck w/ your own time travel http://bit.ly/aD9BmV in reply to 95Sports #
  • if @TonyGwynnSexTap and @GaryCarterRaw are being composed by the same person, I’d suggest outsourcing. Yr spreading yrself too thin #
  • takes a while, but essentially this blogger-with-balls says Troy Aikman is something that rhymes w/ Romosexual http://bit.ly/dASZjA #
  • don’t wanna scapegoat HoJo for all #Mets failings, but after two years of anemic offense, is there no one else more qualified to do his job? #
  • @SurfingTheMets if firing HoJo is pointless, his job description is senseless. #
  • @dhm or manager of the Texas Rangers. in reply to dhm #
  • A day after learning Lou Gehrig didn’t have Lou Gehrig’s disease, turns out the San Andreas Fault is at fault. Often http://bit.ly/dBQhKR #
  • if Tyson Gillies could’ve just exercised a bit more self control, he could’ve scored off a member of the Reid family #
  • Bayless’ reaction to “Scott Pilgrim”, identicial to mine after seeing the S Club 7 movie RE http://bit.ly/bnihIY #
  • proving he’s down w/ pop culture in 2010, Post’s Mushnick throws a Lucy Ricardo/Ethel Mertz reference into today’s column #
  • Jets’ CB Cromartie claims HBO asked him to feign foggy memory of his kids’ names. A better actor than Jerry Ferrara! http://bit.ly/aWHmWz #

  • shame on Will Leitch’s employer for not mentioning Bell Environmental’s Roscoe by name. http://bit.ly/cRNfJn #
  • is a career update from Big Sexy really ratings gold in KC? http://bit.ly/b0g4au #
  • scathing stuff about Frank McCourt’s biz practices (via TBL). How’d this guy ever get approved to own an MLB franchise? http://bit.ly/b0g4au #
  • time for a new screener ; WFAN caller just denounced Tony Dungy as a racist (ie. TD critiqued Rex Ryan, advised Michael Vick) #
  • when you combine Snooki, Snacks and Best Coast, it’s pretty much an internet explosion. ka-boom RE http://bit.ly/atkP7W #
  • Pat Misch just found out what the rest of the Mets starters learned a while ago ; you’d better be near perfect if you want to earn a W #
  • Jonathan Sanchez vs Philly tonight ; 8 IP, 2 hits, no runs, 2BB 7 K’s #

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