August 21 In Tweets : There Goes Mariotti’s Moral Authority

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  • 9 runs in their last 14 innings for the Mets’ high octane offense ; HoJo must feel pretty good about all the offseason job offers #
  • What are the public schools like in Reno, NV? http://twitter.com/jonmorosi/status/21787779869 #
  • RT @Neil_Hamburger PLEASE retweet this if you have ever killed another human being! #unsolvedcrimes #
  • ESPN radio’s Freddie Coleman says the Giants’ OL “almost got Eli killed last week”. Coleman’s Brandon Jacobs’ favorite announcer. #
  • having a bad day? need to feel superior to others? check out the audience reaction shots on “CenterStage”. You’re welcome! #
  • @ebertchicago, not above kicking former Sun-Times colleague Mariotti when he’s down RE http://bit.ly/cDhLfF #
  • Mets’ alleged hitting coach blames pupils, card-playing. http://bit.ly/9Oev3O #firehojo #
  • 2nd prize is 4 tickets to “Last Play At Shea” RE http://bit.ly/a1y13L #
  • oh, and Angelos is a meddlesome jerk. That too. #
  • Grace on O’s woes : “they’ve been playing in the AL East for years” True, but advent of YES and NESN are contemporary disadvantages. #
  • Mariotti arrest is on ESPN’s lower screen ticker ; might as well delete my letter to the ombudsman #
  • Fraschilla on D. Rose’s fancy passing ; “worry about the lob when you’re up 20″. #
  • fair enuff. Mets were prob. gonna drop ‘em, too RT @AdamRubinESPN: Word is Fox likely to drop two upcoming Saturday games involving Mets. #
  • much conjecture over Buzz blasting the Redbirds, but maybe he’s right? http://bit.ly/a7bsjp #
  • FBI investigations of Bear Bryant, ‘Bama program deemed unworthy of mention in today’s Birmingham News. at least the web version #
  • last time QPR won their first league matches : 1947 #
  • behind a pair of neat passes from Adel Taarabt, QPR’s 2-0 defeat of Scunthorpe puts the Super Hoops at the top of the table. Rubbing eyes. #
  • Wigan 0, Chelsea 6 (FT). Chelsea on pace to score 228 goals this season. #
  • Stoke striker Mamady Sidibe, probably done for 2010-11 after tearing his achilles tendon vs. Spurs earlier today #
  • dunno about you but I can’t wait to see the Russell Branyan plaque in Monument Park next year #
  • Vazquez’ poor location cited. Indeed, he’s standing on the pitcher’s mound #
  • Marlins-esque amont of empty seats for Coventry City v Derby Co. earlier today. Acres of empty sections for Wigan v Chelsea right now. #
  • Posada, 2 run HR to left (14), Gecko doing an obscene grind on the Jumbotron. No better way to honor the memory of Big Stein #
  • B.S., J.W.C., Golden Boys Mohawk, Friday night http://yfrog.com/6t7crij #
  • a far too rare Glorium set at Mohawk http://yfrog.com/6936106189j #
  • Pavano’s not seen Francoeur’s ‘stache yet but wonders, “it’s like Eric Roberts in ‘Star 80′, right?” #
  • much gasping over Doumit’s blast…foul by 30 feet. Anything to keep themselves entertained #
  • Pirates chatter dudes on FSN predict Pittsburgh will get the tying run to the plate, citing Mets’ lack of a closer. Talk about a bad TV job #

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