August 24 In Tweets : Plenty Of Good Seats Available At Citi Field Tonight (And Lots Of Lousy Ones, Too)

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  • Brett Myers, God Of Blunder http://bit.ly/bpNQMS #
  • "Jordan Rides The Bus" outtakes – Oakley carrying bag of bats, rushing the mound when MJ is brushed back, etc. #
  • if we're gonna crucify Bautista for a Brady Anderson-eque career year, can we at least punish Anderson first? #
  • if you're looking for visual evidence Bautista's not on PED's, be very careful with your spelling using image search http://bit.ly/b8fTEH #
  • Robin Yount, wearing pajamas in public http://yfrog.com/myqalp #
  • given the difficulty of finding such stories in 2010, understandable it took YES so long to mention Clemens indictment http://bit.ly/cQfrIH #
  • Selig statue unveiling, live on MLB Network. Love those state senator intros #
  • Dibble is killing multiple mediums RE http://bit.ly/bJHy5x #
  • I keep looking for audio of the allegedly super defensive Michael Heisley interview. This is the best i could do http://youtu.be/1PaGdpRY5FQ #

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