August 25 In Tweets : Say Hello To My Little Friend The Worst Scarface Homage Ever

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  • Barring a 9th inn. comeback, Mets have blown a chance to lower WC margin to 6 games behind Philly.  Still, shouldn’t stop team from mailing playoff invoices #
  • @DavidRayDog unless and until The Backroom is reopened, I’m not sure there’s an appropriate ATX venue for @kyleturley. Hooters? in reply to DavidRayDog #
  • Wade/LeBron/Bosh tee for sale at Modell’s, Herald Sq. How many of these do they expect to sell in NYC?
  • terrible, terrible advice for @beerlandtexas RE http://bit.ly/arEHtr #
  • Rose/Hagin discussion of Gavin McLeod’s acting career temp. delayed by Brett Hayes’ RBI double. Fish 4, Mets 1, t6 #
  • big night for former QPR striker Peter Crouch http://youtu.be/M89JQAVBHB4 #
  • Joe Benigno-Gazingo? RT @tommyjets: #jets trivia: Name the Jets groupie currently fucking at least 2 NY JETS? #
  • proof that thoroughbred racing must be rigged http://youtu.be/tQRlZw4Rad0 #
  • Via PFT, Ricky Williams might have seen “Inception” after all. http://bit.ly/9Je7Bb #
  • RT @benschwartzy Hitler being Jewish ends all bans on internet Nazi analogies. “Is KISS worse than Hitler?” is now open for debate. #
  • Mets are 7 GB Phillies for NL W.C. with a mere 4 other teams to leapfrog. It’s that Omar-saving “big finish” Heyman was talking about! #
  • offensive threat Jeff Fulchino. 285 pounds of man candy http://yfrog.com/n8vi2j #
  • figures RT @dodgerthoughts: Merry Barajasmas: New catcher stars in 5-3 victory http://es.pn/9md2Gt #
  • Philly radio guys are howling for blood following the molestation of Ryan Howard #
  • Pagan scores from 2nd on Beltran’s RBI single to right ; former ties the game on an 0-2 count. Hold your “called strike” jokes. #
  • in the middle of thoroughly uninspiring Mets season, it’s pretty cool the way Pagan refuses to quit #

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