August 27 In Tweets : To All Of Our New Readers Via Fox Sports.com – Please Fuck Off & Die

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  • Simple Circuit, party barge, Lake Travis http://yfrog.com/3m22rxaj #
  • today on XM , Dibble explains how he misquoted himself #
  • in a battle of wits, he’s already lost RT @dcsportsbog: Would getting pummeled by Dibble be worth the inevitable page views? I’m voting no. #
  • Bradley : UGA’s Richt is a bad babysitter (with a 90-27 record) http://alturl.com/iwv9g #
  • NOOOOO RT @MikeDrucker: Maybe the Lockhorns should just divorce already. #
  • so why do Brooklyn Vegan’s anonymous commentators hate women so much? http://bit.ly/dBaoYq #
  • 4 of the kids on the Columbus, GA Little League squad cite Chipper as their fave MLB player. That’s some BAD parenting. #

  • Where’s Mike Francesa-Grundy Now? RE http://bit.ly/91YEv7 #
  • I guess no one else thinks the M&M pretzel commercials are homophobic, huh. (yes, I will keep repeating this one) #
  • ooof RT @DPLennon: Francesa compared pool scene at Bar A to Vegas. Turned on YES. Looks more like retirement community in Boca. #
  • only people happy about the Strasburg news are the Mets medical staff. http://yhoo.it/ccbvcH #
  • Dibble’s first game back from hiatus (suspension?) would be a great time to say he still thinks Strasburg’s a pussy RE http://bit.ly/cFHP0B #

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