August 5 In Tweets : Saluting America’s Most Popular Brand Of Plastic Sandals

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  • fine. then go to a street corner in Kiln, MS and chant “SHOW US YOUR CROCS” RT @petegaines: Yeah, right, like Favre is going to camp. #
  • CHB vs. Ellsbury, excellent evisceration of the former by Bugs & Cranks’ Dan Tobin http://bit.ly/9RlXB6 #
  • sealed copy of the first Rifle Sport 12″ to whoever shows up at Vikes camp in a few weeks chanting “SHOW US YOUR CROCS” #
  • someone’s got a (ahem) a hard on for the Owner With A Boner http://bit.ly/chJPDV #
  • Canepa : JED HOYER, WILL U MARRY ME? http://bit.ly/afy5O2 #
  • H. Rollins might be correct about these mini-speakers, but I prefer Al Goldstein trashing Sharper Image http://bit.ly/awO8Dw #
  • Mets fans, ever wonder what it’s like to root for big market franchise? RE http://bit.ly/cBYtAo #
  • who’s a genius for not trading Lowell? http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2010/08/pre-game_notes_9.html #
  • Welcoming a new advertiser to CSTB http://tweetphoto.com/37029959 #
  • Omar Minaya, said to be safe for 2011. Tony Hayward just called, wonders how Omar would cope with shareholders #
  • Still waiting for Rovell to weigh in on Favre’s chances of doing a crocs ad #
  • I’m not sure, however, in what universe it’s a-ok to send a “creepy bitch” an unsolicited pic of your baloney pony (crocs optional) #
  • I’m sure that’s being mentioned if not implied RT @mattdubya: anyone gonna mention that Jenn sterger is a creepy bitch in her own right? #
  • RT @charles_star: I would love Kagan to announce that once she upholds Judge Walker’s decision, she’s heading to Cali to go wife-hunting. #
  • NYDN : “Deadspin reported that Brett Favre had sent Jenn Sterger creepy pictures of his penis.” As opposed to pretty pictures of his penis. #
  • Sypher, guilty of extortion. Pitino, no longer considered for Olive Garden endorsement http://es.pn/beLPqb #
  • RT @BobsBlitz: Jenn Sterger + Favre’s Crocs = a 78% Jump in Deadspin Readers http://goo.gl/fb/KnVB5 #
  • OMG IT’S GOT A BAT… RUN! http://tweetphoto.com/37015477 #
  • Dude routinely posts maxim-esque wank fodder & then denounces Sypher as a slut. Make up your mind, do you hate sex or just women? #
  • the Sea Dogs’ Slugger, stumping for the Maine Credit Union http://tweetphoto.com/37009898 #
  • Bowie 1B Joel Guzman (25 HR’s, 75 RBI’s in 2010) played in the 2006 Futures Game. Presumably a candidate for the 2011 No Future Game #

  • 2 run double down the RF line by Nate Spears, narrows Bowie’s lead over Portland to 4-3, last of the 6th #
  • RT @minda33: Every time I take a break from moving to mow the lawn, Jose Guillen gets DFA’d. Every. Single. Time. #Royals #SQUEE #
  • Paul Sorvino wanted to strangle Billy Corgan for calling his daughter a phony. Imagine what he’d do to the publisher of Deadspin? #
  • RT @BrentSGambill: Jose Guillen designated for assignment by @Royals. Official. #
  • Ryohei Tanaka, on in relief, “the first Japanese born player in Bowie history”. Guess I lost my bet concerning Alex Ochoa’s lineage. #
  • Will do, Chief! RT @TheBigLead: signing off for a few hrs. If Sypher verdict is in, something happens w/ Sterger, etc tweet/email @tyduffy #
  • RT @iracane: Chimp plays baseball. And no, it’s not a Jeff Francoeur highlight video. http://bit.ly/bEPJii via @matt_T #
  • Baysox 3B Brandon Waring extends hitting streak to 11 games with an RBI single to left ; Bowie 4, Portland 1 top 5th #
  • sac fly RBI Will Vazquez, Bowie 3, Portland 1, btm 4h #
  • Bowie DH Ryan Adams ; hits for avg. (.301), power (10 HR’s, 51 RBI’s)…an he’s wildly prolific! #
  • Sea Dogs SS Ray Chang is introduced as “the meat of the order…brought to you by The Meat House” Negative Trend fans in Maine! #
  • Retired numbers or Sea Dogs’ alumni who’ve made it to Fenway or rehabbed here? Or all of the above? http://tweetphoto.com/36998830 #
  • faux Green Monster, Hadlock Field, Portland ME http://tweetphoto.com/36995849 #
  • Sea Dogs’ Anthony Rizzo, prior to reaching first on a dropped 3rd strike. Bowie 3, Portland 0, btm 2nd http://tweetphoto.com/36995436 #
  • CBS News.com, HuffPo, both consider the OTHER Favre rumor worthy of coverage. ESPN not nearly so quick to consider Rocking Out W/ Crocs Out #
  • Bucky Dent on WFAN today says he credited increased power #’s, crazy physiques to improved training methods. La Russa nods head #
  • WFAN’s Somers : “you get the impression the people calling this show care more about the Mets than the people who own the team” #
  • it’s time for someone in NYC to get tough on crime http://bit.ly/c8Womn #
  • more Kenny Powers K-Swiss promosexuality ; TOP THAT, Old Spice Guy http://bit.ly/ayZ815 #

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    This is the 11th time “August 5 in Tweets” has been sent to my RSS feeder. I think three or four more should almost be enough.

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    there’s some sort of glitch w/ the automated twitter recap. apologies for the hassles, we’re working on it.

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