August 6 In Tweets : Madison Square Garden, The World’s Most Forgiving Arena/Workplace

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  • Q for Pete Carroll : what do you think of Lane Kiffin getting out of Tennessee just before the shit hit the fan? http://es.pn/aX1Mm0 #
  • Gary Cohen picks Pat’s in the Pats/Geno’s schism. Darling says he’s never been. Surely Keith would have an opinion were heĀ  in the booth #

  • is F-Mart washed up? Ted Berg points out he’s still younger than most of the Cylcones http://bit.ly/cEByQw #
  • makes sense RT @EliFromBrooklyn: BREAKING: The Knicks have just re-hired Anucha Browne Sanders to work in the front office. #
  • “Football Night in America”, now sans Non-Metallic K.O.. http://bit.ly/a8uqCr #
  • I was born there. how’s the statue in my honor is coming along? RT @TheRopolitans: Any1 have stories that need to be covered in Norwalk, CT? #
  • @eammonbrennan is rarely as smart or as good looking as when he’s ECHOING MY SENTIMENTS http://es.pn/bOZJFy #
  • so so so sad no one’s done a Richard Simmons / Albert Haynesworth video #
  • suddenly, I wanna defend Wavves RE http://bit.ly/d6UmH2 #
  • i taught him a sick version of “Frat Cars”.RT @OGOchoCinco: Jordan Shipley practicing on his guitar while on break http://twitpic.com/2c68wu #
  • first time i was in germany, the former missus grabbed the white pages to see how many “Hitler”‘s were listed http://bit.ly/bMRQfk #
  • rather than blast a certain afternoon WFAN host for “breaking” news I’d already learned on Twitter, I’m just gonna flip to @WFMU for a while #
  • Cuban : ” the dumbest guys in the room are always the media guys” like Randy Galloway? http://bit.ly/a6FYCS #
  • anyplace he wants! RT @LonelyTailgater: Auburn coaches say they’ll find a place for RB Ladarious Phillips in the offense. He weighs 289lbs #
  • the Iron Sheik hates Amar’e RE http://bit.ly/cCMpPT #

  • porn biz is big on stunt casting, topicality. “Fatal Erection” starring Steve Philips, Karen Sypher, str8 to DVD in 2011. #
  • also, I keep googling “true sound of seattle” and this is all that comes up. Seriously http://youtu.be/m-ft-GJrVd4 #
  • new Nick Zedd project! RT @bigleaguestew: Is it just me or does Karen Sypher look like she would have starred in a women’s prison movie? #
  • btw in all fairness, I didn’t see Soundgarden tonight. Perhaps they were good. There’s a first time for lots of things #
  • thanks. Women’s prison movies and gluten-free dining, too! RT @bigleaguestew: cstbtweet We get it. You know a lot about bands. #
  • Wright has huge trade value, Reyes slightly less so. Beltran – only if Mets eat salary. Pelf – back to zero RE http://bit.ly/a8S2Qk #
  • there was a Blackouts/U-Men reunion show? RT @bigleaguestew: My ears are bleeding. A triumphant return for the true Seattle sound. #
  • Phil Cuzzi cannnot believe how badly the Marlins were fucked over tonight by Bob Davidson #

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