The Dog’s College Fund Just Took Another Hit

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Big congratulations to the wonderful folks at Austin’s End Of An Ear on the opening of their new & improved (ie. a shorter drive from my house) Clawson Road shop, conveniently nearby Terry Sayther Automotive, Vulcan Video, Blazer Tag and one of Central Texas’ top A&W franchises.


“Where in the Hell is the Lavender House? The Story of Longmont Potion Castle” : Mere Documentary Or The Greatest Story Ever Told?

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’86 Mets Milk Drinkers Vs. The Scum Bunch : James Blagden’s “The Last Best Plane Ride ever”

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Animator/director James Blagden, previously noted in this space for the 2009 short, “Doc Ellis & The LSD No-No”, has now tackled the subject of the NY Mets’ fateful airplane celebration following their 16-inning dispatch of the Houston Astros in Game 6 of the 1986 NLCS. (link courtesy Jesper Eklow and Victory Journal). That Blagend is assisted in this endeavor by the narration of Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Kevin Mitchell and a typically genteel Lenny Dykstra, just makes the entire thing that much more fantastic.


Buffalo’s Bootlet Merch Vendors : Doing Their Best To Make Sully’s Tees Look Sophisticated By Comparison*

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* – not that there’s an officially licensed assassinate-Kaepernick-shirt to be had, but then again, I could be wrong. You watch too many “Football Is Family” commericals and they all start to blur together.


TSN’s DeCourcy To Cash-Strapped Student Athletes : STFU & Show Some Gratitude

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OK, that’s not exactly what The Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy had to say about University of Wisconsin F Nigel Hayes using tonight’s Ohio State vs. Wisconsin game at Camp Randall Stadium as a photo op / electronic begging platform (see above), but pretty close. Y’see, not only is DeCourcy skeptical that Hayes is actually skint (“one of us knows enough about Hayes’ financial situation to know whether he truly is ‘broke’… what we do know is he receives a scholarship from Wisconsin that covers his tuition, room & board, books and fees, which combined total nearly $45,000 annually,”), but he’s quick to wonder, if the hoops scholarship is so shitty, why is Hayes still enrolled?

It was his decision to compete as a senior. He could have stayed in the draft, gone to summer league and into an NBA training camp. He could have signed to play professionally overseas if none of that went exactly as he wished. There was no shortage of opportunity available to a player of Hayes’ skills and accomplishments.

Beyond rules violations, there is the imprudence of Hayes making the case that he is being taken advantage of when he willingly accepted his current arrangement for a fourth consecutive year.

Friday on Twitter, Hayes posted a message stating sarcastically, “If only there was enough money to pay us,” after quoting a USA Today report that the Big Ten Conference generated $448 million in revenue.

But how much did the University of Wisconsin generate through the tuition it collects from its 43,000 students? It’s a whole lot more than $448 million.

Indeed. And what portion of that annual tuition windfall can be traced, in part, to Wisconsin’s membership in the Big Ten and their ability to compete at a high level in football and basketball? Were Hayes attempting to drag eyeballs to this particular topic after signing an NBA rookie contract, what are the odds DeCourcy and his colleagues would still manage to find fault?


Tim Tebow Fought Keith Law (And Keith Law Won)

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Mets prospect / Heisman winner / American’s eldest virgin Tim Tebow is currently showcasing his (dubious) skill-set for the Arizona Fall League’s Scottsdale Scorpions and ESPN baseball columnist Keith Law, perhaps echoing the sentiments of longtime CSTB contributor The Randy L., declares, “chasing celebrities is no way to run a player-development department, an organization or a league.”

Tebow the baseball player is not a baseball player; he’s a washed-up quarterback who has size and nothing else. His swing is long, and he wields the bat like someone who hasn’t played the sport in more than a decade, which he hasn’t. He can’t catch up to 90 mph, which is well below the major league average for a fastball, and was cutting through fastballs in the zone on Wednesday night. He rolled over twice on fastballs, which is something you generally see professional hitters do only on off-speed stuff, and he showed below-average running speed. In left field, his routes look like those of a wide receiver, although he managed to eventually make his way around to a fly ball in left.

But other than that, he’s doing just fine!



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History’s Most Questionable eBay Auctions, Pt. XX

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Not quite the way I envisioned the Bat Shit label making a comeback, but hey, whatever it takes.


Joe Buck’s So Vain, He Probably Thinks This Post’s About Him (And It Is)

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How desperate am I to change the subject from something — anything! — other than Madison Bumgarner’s mastery of the New York Mets (and Jeurys Familia’s continued fallibility in the postseason)? Desperate enough to lobby for public sympathy for JOE FUCKING BUCK.

Fox Sports’ primary baseball and football voice has a new book hitting the shelves, “Artie Lange Ruined My Life” “Lucky Bastard: My Life, My Dad, And The Things I’m Not Allowed To Say On TV,” and in excerpts quoted by the New York Post’s Zach Braziller, Buck admits the paralyzed vocal cord he suffered in 2011 was caused an addiction to hair plugs.

“Broadcasting is a brutal, often unfair business, where looks are valued more than skill,” he wrote. “I was worried that if I lost my hair, I would lose my job.

“OK, that’s bulls—. It was vanity. Pure vanity. I just told myself I was doing it for TV.”

A few weeks before the 2011 baseball season, Buck had his eighth hair replacement procedure. When he woke up from the anesthesia, he couldn’t speak. Buck thinks a nerve in his vocal chord was damaged when a restraint used during the hair operation got jostled.

He was treated by a Harvard laryngeal surgery expert who also has worked with Adele, but Buck lied to everyone about how the impairment happened.

“I was too scared and embarrassed to tell them the truth,” wrote Buck, who hasn’t had hair plugs since. “But I’m doing it now.”


CBC : Jays Fans Not Merely Drunk, But Racist, Too

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“Do the Toronto Blue Jays have the most unruly, drunken fans in baseball?” asked the Toronto Star some 3 years ago, and in the wake of Orioles Hyun Soo Kim narrowly avoiding a tossed beer can during last night’s 5-2, 11 inning AL Wild Card defeat at the Rogers Centre, the CBC’s Jamie Strashin suggests the hosts’ patrons aren’t merely uncouth, but racist to boot.

There were again numerous fights at last night’s game (I witnessed two from my seat along the first-base line) and a beer can may not have been the only thing hurled from the crowd. There were reports of racial slurs lobbed at Orioles outfielders Jones, an African-American, and Kim, who hails from South Korea.

CBC Sports reporter Scott Regehr was at the game and says Orioles first-base coach Wayne Kirby, a heavyset black man, got a rough ride from four 20-somethings decked out in Blue Jays garb sitting near him.

“They were yelling at him to go get some more fried chicken,” Regehr says.