Ingebrigt Håker Flaten : The Man Behind Austin’s Sonic Transmissions Festival (And Jon Taffer’s Newest Enemy)

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Sonic Transmissions Festival 2 from Sonic Transmissions Festival on Vimeo.

(EDITOR’S NOTE : With the second edition of the Sonic Transmission Festival taking place September 23-25 at Austin’s North Door, Rio Rita and Central Presbyterian Church,featuring an amazing lineup including but not limited to Obnox, Chicago Underground Duo, Marshall Trammel, Shit & Shine, USA/Mexico, Gunvor Gustavsen, Paul Giallorenzo, Chad Taylor More Ease and many others, the time seemed rife to quiz festival organizer / onstage fixture Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (The Thing, Young Mothers, Close Erase) about the inspirations behind the event. Also, trying to set the stage for one of those worked feuds with a certain reality TV lynchpin, though Ingebrigt seems reluctant to play along! – GC)

Q: Was there a particular prior event or artist that provided the catalyst for the creation of the festival?

A: Yes, my band The Young Mothers was the whole reason I started this festival last year. TYM have members that as well as being great improvisers are as active in the Texas hip-hop, grindcore, indie rock and jazz scenes, and I wanted to create an event that showcased my band and at the same time represented music from all the different genres within the group.

Q: you’re wearing multiple hats here : curator, promoter, performer. And it’s not like you’ve got nothing else in your creative life going on. Any part of this feel overwhelming?

A: Yes, absolutely! It’s quite overwhelming and sometimes I’m asking my self why the heck I’m doing this. BUT, its extremely rewarding too. I’m learning a lot and it feels valuable to have this experience as a promoter and curator (It’s very easy for musicians to forget all the work that’s behind presenting concerts and it feels important to be experiencing all the different aspects of this!). And of course having to research a lot of new artists for future festivals is very inspiring, I find a lot of great music I probably wouldn’t have if i didn’t start this fest. But maybe the most important aspect is being part of (hopefully) creating a new community in Austin where a lot of presenters and musicians from different ‘scenes’ work together to present creative music!!

Q: Obviously there’s other music fests in and around the region — some more interesting than others — but this the only one I’m aware of that places equal importance towards genres most of the more commercial tests either pay scant attention to or ignore entirely. You’re aware there’s nothing else like this, right?

A: I am aware of this, and this is my whole vision and purpose of the festival! I want to put equal importance to multiple genres and my goal is that it will draw a mixed audience that’ll get new experiences! But, I do realise that it is an ambitious goal and that it might take a while for audiences (and musicians!) to understand what I’m trying to do… But I’m into it for the long haul!!

Q: who are you most looking forward to seeing at STII?

A: I am looking forward to see all the acts! But if I have to pick some; i can’t wait to see Chicago Underground and Rabit on Friday night and a specially Obnox on Saturday. But all the bands will kick ass, so stoked to have them all there!!!

Q: Jon Taffer visits the N.D. the day before the festival starts. Name a couple of the sweeping changes he’s responsible for by the time night one starts INCLUDING THE NEW NAME OF THE VENUE

A: Who (the f**k) is Jon Taffer? Sorry, I might not have experienced enough American popular culture to be able to answer this…sorry!

Q: Pains me to say this but “Sonic Transmissions”-the-name is the weakest thing about this glorious event. Do we have your permission to host a contest to rename the event for 2017 (with the grand prize being a Christian Laettner rookie card from the 1992-93 season)?

A: Hahah, you have my permission. would love to see the suggestions. and if you wanna know; the name was inspired by the book Sonic Transmission by Tim Mitchell about Tom Verlaine, Richard Hell and Television. an interesting read!


Yet Another Important Message From The Entertainment Division Of Cumbucket Media

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It is with considerable sorrow that I must announce the passing of former 12XU publicist Drinky McGlugglug. Drinky, known to his close friends as “Drinky”, served the label tirelessly in London during the early 2000′s and though he was forever pissing himself at record-release launches and being hauled into court for leaving his children at the playground unattended, I’ll still remember his love for the music, the backyard bbq’s, the drinks and the repartee. Mostly the drinks, however.

It was Drinky’s dying wish that 12XU and it’s cavalcade of stars would emerge from the darkest, cowebbiest corners of the underground and someday scale the P.R. heights of his former clients like Men$wear and Dodgy.

“Drinky, you do realize that cobwebbiest isn’t a real word.”

Alas, he couldn’t reply. Because he was dead.

So it is in the memory of this wonderful music industry veteran that I am extending an invitation to a young person (well, younger than Drinky, hopefully) ready to get his or hands (very) dirty in the P.R. game on behalf of this label. Clearly, ownership hasn’t simply burned bridges, they’ve been fucking napalmed. Perhaps by providing a buffer — perhaps one with fewer anger issues/personality defects —- positive changes will occur.

There’s no money, not even what Mo Fuzz would call an “on spec” arrangement*. But there’s piles of records, intense glamor and loads of good stories for the magazine article or blog post you’ll someday write about how poorly you were treated.

(* – if you get one of the bands booked on Uncle Floyd or Wally George’s TV shows, we’ll talk about it)

inquire via info@12XU.net. Your physical appearance is of no consequence, though if you are hideously ugly, you might be asked to utilize an avatar (that’s even uglier). Maybe we’ll play it by ear.


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Photo swiped from Brian Turner. Man, I sure hope Paul Giamatti is the voice of one of the birds!


Gorillas In The Midst (Of Deeply Confusing Jay Horowitz)

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Noah Syndergaard, (above, right), enjoying Cincinnati’s cultural hotspots before Tuesday night’s clash with the Reds.  Let no one question Thor’s bromosapien status!


Recalling The Time Antonio Alfonseca Failed To Put The Six-Finger Death Claw On The KISS Demon

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On Monday, the Chicago Tribune’s Paul Skrbina caught up with former minor leaguer / son of ex-White Sox/Mets skipper Jeff Torborg, Dale Torborg (above), whose WCW stint as the KISS Demon was followed by a tenure as Marlins strength and conditioning coach. It was during that third act in the younger Torborg’s American life that he had his fateful encounter with Florida reliever Antonio Alfonseca, detailed by Skrbina as follows :

After spending a year on his father’s staff with the Expos as a strength coach in 2001, Dale took the same job with the Marlins the following year, when Jeff took over as manager. He still was moonlighting as a wrestler.

Father and son had been on the job there but a couple of days when Alfonseca locked himself in an office during spring training. According to Jeff Torborg, the story goes that Alfonseca had sworn at Dale and challenged him to a fight after the two had a disagreement about Dale’s request that Alfonseca weigh himself after arriving to spring training.

Jeff was in the middle of a phone conversation with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria in his office when he heard a noise.

“I said, ‘Dale, is that you?’” Jeff said. “He said, ‘Dad, I’m going to kill your closer.’

“I said, half-jokingly, ‘Don’t kill him till I get off the phone.’ I’m the manager and I’m his father and I’m like, ‘Is he this wild or is this his wrestling mystique?’”

Jeff finally opened the training room door. Dale flew in and stood nose to nose with the 6-5, 250-pound reliever.

He got his apology.



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Holy shit, you type “Joe Pisarcik ignores Lena Dunham at the Met Gala” into YouTube search and this is the first thing that comes up!


Mariotti To (What’s Left) Of The Blogosphere : Fuck You, I’m Rich

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(for a guy who’s generated millions, Jay seems suspiciously frugal when it comes to paying a graphic designer)

In the midst of reminding us that he has the full capacity to publish a PDF sold by Amazon that no one will ever buy (AND CALL IT A BOOK), former Chicago Sun-Times/ESPN/Fanhouse columnist Jay Mariotti took to Twitter last night to remind “bloggers” (ie. A.J. Daulerio), that JAY WON! Sure, Jay might not have had Peter Thiel financing a lawsuit, but surely there’s some karmic payback from Deadspin’s frequent reminds of the domestic violence charges against Jay. Though Mariotti has since deleted a tweet from last night in which he reminds us he was NEVER CONVICTED OF NUTHIN’, here’s a helpful summary of the trumped-up charges against this heroic fighter for the rights of middle-aged white men (who or may not have explosive anger issues).

After all, if if Grantland Rice was alive today, he’d be publishing PDF’s explaining how he didn’t mean to pull his GF’s hair out.


Sending Thor A Copy Of ‘No New York’ For Early Xmas

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Abdul-Jabbar : Kaepernick Detractors Are Picking The Wrong Fight

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Without question one of the all-time NBA greats turned-comedic-powerhouse/TV critic/social commentator Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has weighed in on Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for “The Star Spangled Banner”, arguing the Niners QB, “behaved in a highly patriotic manner.” From Monday’s Washington Post :

One of the ironies of the way some people express their patriotism is to brag about our freedoms, especially freedom of speech, but then brand as unpatriotic those who exercise this freedom to express dissatisfaction with the government’s record in upholding the Constitution.

We should admire those who risk personal gain in the service of promoting the values of their country. Both athletes are in fine company of others who have shown their patriotism in unconventional ways. In 1989, when a federal law prohibiting flag desecration went into effect, Vietnam Veterans burned the American flag as a protest to a law curbing the First Amendment. Their argument was that they fought for the freedoms in the Constitution, not a piece of cloth, and to curtail those freedoms was an insult to their sacrifice. Ironically, the original purpose of flag desecration laws between 1897 and 1932 wasn’t to prevent political dissent, but to prevent the use of flag imagery for political campaigns and in advertising.

What should horrify Americans is not Kaepernick’s choice to remain seated during the national anthem, but that nearly 50 years after Muhammad Ali was banned from boxing for his stance and Tommie Smith and John Carlos’s raised fists caused public ostracization and numerous death threats, we still need to call attention to the same racial inequities. Failure to fix this problem is what’s really un-American here.


Another Important Message From The Entertainment Division Of Cumbucket Media : Coming September 30, The Debut LP From Sick Thoughts’ DD Owen

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DD OwenDD Owen (12XU 091-1), out September 30

On the heels of an impressive pile of records under the Sick Thoughts, Chicken Chain and LSDOGS monikers, 19 year old Drew Owen left Baltimore, decamped to New Orleans and recorded his first 12″ under the DD Owen imprimatur, 8 songs that reflect a new-found maturity, songcraft, enhanced production values and deeply sophisticated worldview.

Alright, at least the part about the record being 8 songs long isn’t a total fucking lie.

Features the soon-to-be-smash, “I Shoulda Been Aborted”. The only color vinyl on this one is black. There’s a download card but it’s not like you’re getting into heaven any faster by using it.

Drew’s currently in Finland where Sick Thoughts are touring with Die Rottz. You can catch him at Goner Fest this September and that’s probably a good idea as he’s promised this label there will be no DD Owen tour to speak of after this album hits the streets. Man, the selling points are just falling from the sky like golf-ball sized hail, aren’t they?

In all seriousness, if you’ve heard the previous DD Owen singles for Ken Rock, Windian and Goodbye Boozy not to mention some of Drew’s other sprawling output for folks including but not limited to Goner, Episode Sounds, Total Punk and Slovenly you already know he’s as determined as he’s prolific. Would it be hyperbole to call him the voice of a generation? Perhaps, but if you do a Claude Bessey impersonation while saying it, at the very least you’ll be a hit at parties.

Preorder at 12XU.bigcartel.com or at ddowen12xu.bandcamp.com.