Someone’s Social Media Department Is On Auto-Pilot

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#Patriots win the toss and elect to kick. #NEvsNYJ

— New England Patriots (@Patriots) December 27, 2015


Peyton’s New Mouthpiece In The Fight Against HGH Allegations : Ari Fleischer

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Unsurprisingly, Broncos QB Peyton Manning has dismissed charges stemming from an Al Jazeera report linking him to human growth hormone allegedly procured by his wife in 2011. As the Denver Post’s Troy E. Renck and Nicki Jhabvala report, Manning has the (paid) support of someone very accustomed to defending the indefensible :

Ari Fleischer, who heads a sports communications company and is an adviser to Manning, slammed the accusations in an interview with The Denver Post on Saturday night, calling the report “junk journalism.”

“There’s no truth to it,” Fleischer said. “What they have is a well-known con man from England who secretly recorded a former intern.”

Charles Sly was an unpaid intern at The Guyer Institute from February 2013-May 2013, according to Fleischer. This disputes information in the documentary, which says Sly worked at the institute in 2011. Sly confirmed Fleischer’s account, telling ESPN on Saturday that he worked at the institute in 2013, not in 2011 as the Al Jazeera report alleges.

According to Fleischer, Manning was a patient of The Guyer Institute in the fall of 2011 for rehabilitation from neck surgeries. Manning has not been a patient since, Fleischer said.


Mets’ Syndergaard Moves From Brushing Back Alcides Escobar To Infringing On Jason Whitlock

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On the bright side, at least The 7 Line haven’t figured out a way to profit from this.

(ADDENDUM : It seems these shirts are the handiwork of Barstool Sports. So there’s no bright side whatsoever)


WPRB’s Jon Solomon : The Man Behind A Holiday Tradition More Beloved Than Overpaying For Culturcide’s “Depressed Christmas”

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Jon Solomon‘s 24 annual 25 hour Xmas Marathon is in progress on WPRB. Christmasparticipants this year include a number of luminaries and rules of secrecy prevent us from mentioning exactly The Gotobeds who is taking part.


CSTB Holiday Cinema Rundown 2015

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(EDITOR’S NOTE :  For a variety of personal reasons NONE OF WHICH ARE YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS, I only saw 3 theatrically released motion pictures in the last calendar year. It’s not that I’m uninterested in the medium nor do I subscribe to the contemporary sentiment that streaming films at home and/or watching thousands of hours of “appointment” television is a better use of time, either. When Hollywood starts making films are that are nearly as compelling as running Matt Harvey out of town, I promise you’ll have to throw me out of the multiplex. Possibly because I’ll be homeless at that point.

All of that said, there’s a number of films in wide release this Christmas season that I’m sure you’re curious about. And simply because I’ve not actually seen any of them is no reason to prevent me from weighing in — the nation’s pop critics do this stuff all the time without ever actually listening to what they’re writing about  — at least I hope that’s their excuse. – GC)

“The Big Short” (director, Adam McKay)

Supposedly this does for the housing/credit bubble of the early 2000′s what “Moneyball” did for baseball, the crucial difference being no one has to watch Philip Seymour Hoffman squeeze himself into an Oakland A’s uniform. Several of Hollywood’s most attractive actors are called upon to portray vastly overpaid jagbags, which has to be considered far less difficult than Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s task in “Moneyball”.  Nothing sounds like family fun time or sure-thing date night action quite like telling the inside story of the the credit default swap market, unless of course, you’re talking about…

“Concussion” (director,Peter Landesman)

From the looks of trailers that prominently feature Will Smith’s super fake Nigerian accent and explicit tales of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, this has Oscar-bait written all over it. Shame then, that the filmmakers have chosen to cast Luke Wilson as Roger Goodell when Aaron Eckhart has spent his entire goddamn existence preparing for this role. To say nothing of this guy!. Still, I am not without sympathy for the movie studio in this instance because lord knows the holiday results for this film would’ve been 100X better had they been allowed to re-use the title, “Brain Smashers : A Love Story”.

“Joy” (dir – David O. Russell).

This is the 3rd time Russell’s paired Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper and the 2nd time he’s combined Lawrence, Cooper and Robert De Niro (for an assault on the bank accounts of people with ferociously pedestrian tastes). Reportedly, the film chronicles the multi-decade saga of The Miracle Mop, as pioneered by Lawrence’s Joy Mangano. Given the staggering commercial and critical success of “Flash Of Genius” (in which Greg Kinnear tells the spine-tingling story of how the intermittent windshield wiper changed the automobile industry), the sky’s the limit for this. Especially if every available print is placed on a rocket ship aimed at Saturn.

“The Revenant” – (director, Alejandro G. Iñárritu)

Leo DiCaprio continues his dogged pursuit of adult male roles while playing the part of 1820′s frontiersman/fur trapper Hugh Glass. Keep in mind, this sounds an awful lot like “HUGE ASS”,  and sure enough, DiCaprio has a highly publicized encounter with a grizzly bear that the film’s producers have gone to great lengths to stress is not a rape. Regardless, 20th Century Fox didn’t get to where it is by making stupid decisions (a sister company’s hiring of Colin Cowherd aside) and they know all too well this sort of “will they or won’t they?” question will be hanging over the heads of DiCaprio and his furry co-star (above) right until Christmas Day. I can’t wait! Especially since I’m staying home.


Whitlock : I Gotta Be Me

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Jason Whitlock’s eventful but not entirely impactful return to ESPN was chronicled in detail by Deadspin’s Greg Howard, which the former is no doubt, still smarting over.  On Wednesday, Whitlock submitted to an interview with The Indianapolis Star’s Dana Hunsinger Benbow which mostly concerned Big Sexy’s most recent flame out in Bristol and subsequent resurfacing at Fox Sports 1.  “I can be more honest and transparent at Fox,” insists Whitlock, who if nothing else, can match Dino Costa stride for stride when it comes to believing his own bullshit.

Question: How did the ESPN website “The Undefeated” go from being your brainchild to you being pulled from the project?

Answer: Ha. Tough question to answer in a small space. A noncorporate, non-PC person trying to muster internal corporate support to do an ambitious, revolutionary project inside an establishment brand would make a great documentary. I just finished watching Netflix’s outstanding doc “Making a Murderer.” Mine would be called “Making a Scapegoat.” LOL. Seriously, I was the wrong fit at ESPN. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Q: How did your departure from ESPN go down? The company statement said it was your decision. True?

A: True. I wanted to leave ESPN when control of “The Undefeated” was taken from me. “The Undefeated” was the reason for me to work at ESPN. “The Undefeated” justified the sacrifice of my voice. I considered the possibility of staying at ESPN as a columnist and fill-in host at “Pardon the Interruption.” But at the end of the day, in order for me to reach my full potential, I need an environment that allows me to be me. … The executives at Fox Sports get and embrace me. Fox Sports allows me to be real.

Q: Do you believe race in any way played a part in how things turned out for you at ESPN?

A: Uh boy. Really difficult question in this space. My race played a role in the sense that certain people want the American establishment challenged in an easy-to-dismiss, highly divisive fashion. Certain people and groups seem invested in convincing black people that black people are liberal. We’ve traditionally been conservative, church-going people. Certain people are working to keep black people and white people divided. A black voice that tries to point out the common ground between black people and white people, particularly poor and working-class black and white people, is viewed as dangerous. Martin Luther King was most dangerous when he started working to bring poor people of all colors together. I think my vision for “The Undefeated” conflicted with the goals of people invested in keeping poor people and religious people divided.


NYP’s Schwartz : Panthers’ Provocation Of Beckham Jr. Makes About As Much Sense As A Football Bat

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If you’re amongst those struggling to understand exactly what was behind Odell Beckham Jr.’s high profile meltdown at the Meadowlands Sunday, the New York Post’s Paul Schwartz claims to have it all figured out :

The Panthers carried a black baseball bat onto the field at MetLife Stadium for pregame warm-ups and, according to sources, one of their players swung it menacingly at Beckham and others made homophobic comments to the Giants receiver prior to the game.

On a video posted on the Giants’ Instagram account, Eli Manning is shown greeting his teammates in the pregame warm-ups, with a Panthers player not in uniform — practice squad safety Marcus Ball — in the background holding a black bat. There is also video from NFL Films showing Norman holding the bat in a pregame huddle.

Ball swung the bat menacingly at Beckham and Panthers players shouted anti-gay slurs at him, according to Giants sources.

The Panthers do not deny the existence of the bat, saying they have used it often before games as a “Bring the wood’’ sort of symbol. Cornerback Bene’ Benwikere, who was injured and did not play in the game, on Twitter explained that he carried the bat before last week’s game against the Falcons. Norman after that game said the bat symbolizes the secondary wanting to make big plays, like home runs.


Kilgore On The Giants’ “Gutless” Odell Beckham Jr.

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That WR Odell Beckham Jr. is one of professional football’s most electrifying players if not the best thing about watching the underachieving NY Giants has been long established. However, his behavior during Sunday’s 38-35 defeat to the still-undefeated Carolina Panthers raised the ire of the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore, who claims CB Josh Norman,”flustered Beckham past the point of petulance and into madness”, while calling the post-whistle, helmet-first spear of Norman, “a gutless, crazed act that should have disqualified him from the remainder of the game.”

Beckham’s spineless hit on Norman unnecessarily endangered another player. He is one of the most breathtaking players in the NFL, a star who possesses the kind of athleticism that drives millions to the couch each Sunday. His spearing of Norman was unpardonable. It is a big deal. The NFL has a tendency to over-punish, but it ought to throw everything it can within the rules of the collective bargaining agreement at Beckham. He should be fined and suspended to the hilt.

Beyond next week, which in a just world Beckham will not participate in, Beckham will be looked at in a different light than before Sunday. His one-handed catches are seared into the collective memory of NFL fans. Now there is another image right next to it, and it brands him as a coward who tried to injure an opponent when the other guy wasn’t even looking. Frustration so often reveals character, and that’s who Odell Beckham is.


The Fiver : Not Quite Done Trashing The FIFA Movie No One’s Seen

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The monumental box office bomb, “United Passions”, a big budget, FIFA-sactioned, well, story of FIFA was dismissed earlier this by the Guardian’s Jordan Hoffman as “pure corporate pamphleteering”, or if you prefer, “excrement”. Fast forward 6 months later, and Guardian colleagues Jacob Steinberg, Paul Doyle and Nick Miller take the occasion of The Fiver’s 2015 Christmas Awards to present said opus with “THE MICHAEL CAINE AWARD FOR TROUSERING A FAT CHEQUE IN EXCHANGE FOR DUBIOUS ART” :

“I have never seen the film,” said Michael Caine, so the legend goes, when asked about his role in ‘Jaws 4: The Revenge’, “but by all accounts it was terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.” That certainly sprang to mind when the Fifa-funded opus United Passions emerged from the very bowels of cinematic civilisation this year, with assorted rather well-credentialed artists attached to it, including Tim Roth, Gerard Depardieu and Dr Alan Gran … sorry, Sam Neill. One hopes they were paid handsomely for their troubles, something for which only the churlish and those expecting a warts-and-all portrayal of Fifa’s history from a film it paid for could possibly begrudge them, and also that they regard the experience with a little more happiness than the film’s director, Frédéric Auburtin. “Now I’m seen as bad as the guy who brought Aids to Africa or the guy who caused the financial crisis,” he wailed. “My name is all over [this mess] and apparently I am a propaganda guy making films for corrupt people.” Sounds about right, actually.

Spoiler Alert : Mike Francesa Talking About Star Wars Will Make You Want To Put Your Head In An Oven

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A real shame Malcom Tucker wasn’t available to sort out the confusion.


Never Forget Dept. : Browns’ “Bottlegate”

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At least one interested observer ranks the above debacle as the Worst Cleveland Browns Loss Of All-Time (or at least the worst one that didn’t feature Ernest Byner). 14 years ago today, presenting, resenting, Bottlegate :


The Year In Prerecorded (And Live) Entertainment : CSTB’s Best Of 2015 (In Non-Slideshow Form)

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(Editor’s Note  : A panel of exactly one brilliant person was convened to compile the lists shown below ; perhaps CSTB’s former contributors have some opinions on these matters, but frankly, they can all go die (until I need their help with something, anyway).  Perhaps one of the national struggling outlets they’re writing for is eager to publish an essay about some grotesque festival gig or a reunion of a band that sucked from day one.

As in past years, projects from labels that either pay the CSTB bandwidth bill or directly contribute to the growing neglect of CSTB are ineligible.  A version of this list was previously published elsewhere.  If you’re seeing it for the second time today, congrats — at least you’re not reading The Hard Times – GC)

LP’s :

Sleaford Mods – Key Markets (Harbinger Sounds)
75 Dollar Bill – Wooden Bag (Other Music)
Golden Pelicans – Oldest Ride, Longest Line (Total Punk)

Dick Diver – Melbourne, Florida (Trouble In Mind)

Obnox – Wiglet (Ever/Never)

Life Stinks – You’ll Never Make It (S-S)
Institute – Catharsis (Sacred Bones)
Joan Shelley – Over & Even (No Quarter)
Spray Paint – Punters On A Barge (Homeless)
Ultimate Painting – Green Lanes (Trouble In Mind)
Stickmen With Ray Guns – Grave City (End Of An Ear)
Salad Boys – Metalmania (Trouble In Mind)
Video – The Entertainers (Third Man)
Thee Speaking Canaries – Platter Base Must Be Constructed of Moon Rock (Chunklet)
Scharpling & Wurster – The Best Of The Best Show (Numero)
Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art)
Waxahatchee – Ivy Trip (Merge)
Destruction Unit – Negative Feedback Resistor (Sacred Bones)
The Lloyd Pack – A Tribute (Amish)
Mint Mile – In Season & Ripe (Comedy Minus One)
Icepick -Amaranh (Astral Spirits/Monofonus Press)

Power – Electric Glitter Boogie (Cool Death)
Diãt – Positive Energy (Iron Lung)
Motherfucker – Confetti (Sick Room)
Anthony Pasquarosa – Morning Meditations (Vin Du Select Qualitite)
The Barreracudas – Can Do Easy (Oops Baby)
Black Time – Aerial Gobs Of Love (Förbjudna Ljud)
V/A – We’re Loud (90′s Cassette Punk Unknowns) (Slovenly/Black Gladiator)


Black Panties – “Prophet Of Hate” b/w “Violence” (Total Punk)

Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing – “Nine Of Swords” b/w “Ng.” (Crane Fortune)

Savoy Motel – “Souvenir Shop Rock” b/w “Hot One” (Official Memorabilia)

Mystic Inane – “Eggs Onna Plate” 7″ (Lumpy)
Dan Melchoir & Russell Walker – “Sad Son-In-Law” b/w “I Could Sit Here Forever” (Kill Shaman)
Uranium Orchard – “Unchurched Shitheads” (Cold Vomit)

ISS – s/t (Loki)

Rik & The Pigs – s/t (Lumpy)
Homostupids – sleepy time music man tape (Outsider Tapes)

live :
Flesh Eaters, Great American Music Hall, January,
Deaf Wish, Trailer Space, Austin, October

Golden Pelicans, Will’s Pub, Orlando, March,
Xylouris White, Bowery Ballroom, February
Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, over and over again, various Austin locations
Wrekmeister Harmonies, The Owl, Chicago, April
Sissy Spacek, Elk’s Lodge, Cambridge, July
Mordecai, Ace Of Cups, Columbus, July
Big Zit, Mohawk, Austin, June
Watery Love, Rickshaw Stop, SF, July

Musk, Hi Tone, Memphis, September
The Grifters, Beerland, Austin, November

big screen : “The Entertainment”, “The Overnighters”
small screen : “Rick & Morty”, “The Leftovers”, “Nathan For You”

book : Richard Price – “The Whites” (Holt & Company)

2016 look out below dept : Lung Letters (Austin), Borzoi (Austin), Wet Ones (K.C.), Slimy Member (Dallas).


Deadline’s Fleming : What’s The Times’ Real Problem With “Concussion”?

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Earlier this year, the New York Times’ Ken Belson claimed that Sony Pictures had ordered revisions to the upcoming Will Smith star vehicle, “Concussion” to appease the brain-injury merchants at the NFL. Writing for Deadline.com, Mark Fleming Jr. takes exception to Belson’s version of events while reporting the Times recently scrapped an Arts & Leisure section piece on “Concussion”, instead greenlighting more critical coverage in the sports section by Belson.

It isn’t immediately clear whether the Arts section writers who cover Hollywood as their beats were called off the story or bailed after the Sports department won a turf battle to make a second critical story the newspaper’s priority. A NYT spokeswoman said, “We don’t comment on what may or may not appear in future editions of The Times.” Sony also declined comment. I’m told this has created internal rancor within the newspaper and it raises the question of why Belson and the sports section seem so bent on discrediting a film when its first article was misguided. Concussion director Peter Landesman told Deadline on the day that first story ran that neither he nor the studio had any exchanges with the league and that any scenes cut were done so because they couldn’t be independently corroborated. What is depicted onscreen is factually accurate, he said, an assertion that might come under new scrutiny with the planned NYT piece.

Curious in all this are the underlying ties between the newspaper, the Concussion story line, and Landesman. Landesman became a screenwriter after selling screen rights to several articles he wrote for NYT Magazine, where he worked before he became a director. Many of the revelations shown in Concussion were unearthed in NYT stories written by Alan Schwarz in over 100 early stories on football concussions and CTE, many of which originated in the Sports section. While NYT isn’t involved, Schwarz sold those story rights to a rival project at New Regency, one that has 8 Mile and The Fighter scribe Scott Silver and Gone Girl and Social Network helmer David Fincher at its center, along with rights to participants in the story who didn’t align with Concussion. Beaten to the screen by Concussion, the other project is moving full-speed ahead as a miniseries that will tell a longer story about the still-evolving subject of football concussions, how the NFL is handling it, and the long-term effect on players.


Finally, Something About The Kingdome (Almost) Worth Remembering

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Some 3 years ago, I called Seattle’s Kingdome a sporting venue, “hardly anyone misses”, a claim that raised the ire of Emerald City transplant Derek Erdman. Instead of feeding me to the wolves (I was talking about sports, Derek, not some glue-huffer’s fond memories of monster truck rallies or Van Hagar concerts), Erdman and his malicious editors would’ve been well advised to post the following song by former Mariners IF Lenny Randle, who also happens to the subject of a documentary airing on the MLB Network this very week.


AHL Hockey Is Your Best Entertainment Value (Provided Someone’s Handing You A Crusher Bobblehead_

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Salutations to the Milwaukee Admirals for organizing one of the greatest marketing initiatives in major or minor league history ; on Feb 21, the Admirals are giving away Crusher bobbleheads to the first 5000 fans who attend a matinee against the Iowa Wild (I’ve been to Iowa a few times, and I can promise you that it’s extremely wild). Even better, it’s Purina Dog Day, meaning for an extra $2 you can bring your dog to the game. With the possible exception of thunder and Michael Vick, there’s nothing dogs like better than noisy ice rinks filled with people brandishing Crusher bobbleheads.


Tate George Has A Fool For A Client

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OK, I admit the entire reason for this post is the above headline. Self high-five, etc.  Former UConn star Tate George, found guilty of fraud in a Ponzi scheme that victimized (among others) former Huskies teammate Charlie Villanueva, chose to represent himself at this week’s sentencing hearings. From The Harford Courant’s Christopher Keating :

George, who has not attended law school, was instructed at various times Wednesday about sentencing rules.

Both the judge and the prosecution questioned the relevance of some of his questions, including those related to the FBI agent’s lack of expertise in real estate.

“The relevancy is the government hasn’t done an investigation of why the money was spent the way it was,” George responded. “I’m trying to build the relevancy on why the money was spent the way it was.”

George argued that prosecutors and federal agents lacked a “complete picture” of all of the transactions in his real estate business and focused too much on Simsbury Bank records that showed money being withdrawn from various accounts after investors’ money was deposited.

At another point, the judge told George that some questions were going “far afield” and that the process was taking too long.

“Don’t argue with the witness,” the judge told George at another time. “You can argue otherwise, but not with the witness.”

George, 47, has fought his battle largely alone. No high-profile members of the UConn basketball community, including former coach Jim Calhoun, current coach Kevin Ollie or any former players, attended the trial or Wednesday’s sentencing proceedings.


DiCaro : Dusty’s Not Alone In Taking Sides

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While Reds closer/trade bait Adrolis Chapman — currently under MLB investigation for allegedly choking his girlfriend and firing a gun in their garage — is described as “toxic” by one observer, former skipper Dusty Baker (above, currently toiling in Washington) strongly defended the reliever (“he’s a heck of a guy”). Though Dusty’s done a bit of backpedaling since, CBS Chicago’s Julie DiCaro has grown weary of “a vocal segment of the male population who inherently question any story that pits a woman’s word against a pro athlete’s.”

When managers, teammates and organizations come out with the seemingly innocuous “we stand by our guy, he’s a great guy” statements, they (perhaps unintentionally) send the message that they doubt the accuser and that fans should, too. This almost always happens without the speaker having spoken to the accuser or having heard that side of the story.

In Baker’s case, he issued a blanket absolution of Chapman without having even read the allegations against him, which included Chapman’s own admission that he fired a gun at least seven times in anger while a toddler was in close proximity. Chapman’s friends eventually locked him in a room. In blindly absolving Chapman of any wrongdoing, Baker implied that the accuser is a liar and that he doesn’t believe her story.

Baker’s refusal to even consider that there may be another side to Chapman perfectly encapsulates the bigger problem with allegations of violence against women by pro athletes, one in which fans and teammates are quick to dismiss allegations against a player because they can’t imagine the player behaving violently. That’s not the guy “they know.” In the age of Twitter, Instagram and Vine, it’s easier than ever for fans to succumb to the illusion that the players they follow are extended parts of their family, that they really “know” them based on what they see online.


Francesa Promises At Least Another Two Years Of Giving Mushnick Steady Material

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(above : a once crucial entertainer who in recent years has essentially been snoozing on the job. No, wait, there’s two of them!)

After announcing earlier this month a one-night-only (we pray) charity fund-raising reunion with former daytime partner Chris Russo, WFAN’s Mike Francesa today announced he’s no longer seeking an exit from his existing deal with parent company CBS. From Newsday’s Neil Best :

“I have come to the conclusion there is no way to do anything but play out my contract,” he said. “I’ve come to the conclusion, and the company has made it clear, that that’s what they want to happen, and there really is no other way to deal with it.”

Francesa said “a lot of the disputes that we had have been rectified in one way or another, so we don’t have anything hanging over our heads right now.”

Francesa said he has not considered his next step beyond Dec. 31, 2017. “I’m not looking one day past that,” he said. “Time goes very fast. Two years is a very short time in our business. As you get older you find out how fast time goes.”


Bidding War Alert, Pt. XXVII : The Motives Of Existence

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Earlier today, Brian Turner was kind enough to forward the above tale of MI trio The Motives Of Existence, whose recent chops-fest of a rehearsal was interrupted by an attempted home invasion. Former Chemical Imbalance publisher Mike McGonigal, now ensconced at Detroit’s Metro Times, couldn’t resist the temptation to check out some of the band’s YouTube clips and at the risk of you, y’know, spoiling a surprise, it’s pretty obvious who’s gonna be the next Motown ensemble to follow Wolf Eyes onto the Third Man roster.

Sarkisian To USC : Pay Up

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Just shy of two months after being canned as University Of Southern California head football coach, Steve Sarkisian has filed a wrongful termination suit against the school, claiming he was denied an opportunity to address his alcoholism. From the LA Times’ Nathan Fenno :

“Instead of accommodating Steve Sarkisian’s disability, USC kicked him to the curb,” the lawsuit said.

The 31-page complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleges breach of contract, discrimination on the basis of disability and invasion of privacy. It also provides Sarkisian’s first public account of the events that led to his ouster after less than two years as USC’s head coach.

Sarkisian has completed “intensive” treatment, the complaint said, is sober and ready to return to coaching.

“Steve at this point lost his team, lost his income, lost the job that he loved,” said Alan Loewinsohn, Sarkisian’s Dallas-based attorney. “USC left him no choice but to bring that to light and seek the justice the law affords.”


Cedar Park – It’s Like The East Rutherford Of Central Texas

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Fresh off his rim-breaking stint in Austin with the NBA’s Developmental League, rookie center Boban Marjanovic has been recalled to the Spurs, the club announced Sunday.

On Saturday night, the 7-foot-3 native of Serbia recorded 34 points, 13 rebounds, four assists and two blocks while hitting 16-of-18 shots in a 137-132 win over Reno.

The game included about a 5-minute delay after a dunk by Marjanovic loosened the rim from the backboard.

– Tom Osborn, San Antonio Express-News


Remembering The All-Too Brief Sports Blogging Run Of Scott Weiland

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(EDITOR’S NOTE : As you’ve undoubtedly read elsewhere, former Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver vocalist Scott Weiland passed away on Thursday. Weiland’s misadventures and public statements made him something of a fixture throughout CSTB’s 12 year run, but few of yesterday’s eulogies saw fit to mention Scott’s deep devotion to the Notre Dame football program. From January 10, 2007, “Myers : Coughlin Reign Of Error To Continue” – GC)

Though it will come as news to the New York Post’s Paul Schwartz (“Tom Coughlin hasn’t been fired as the head coach of the Giants, but the team yesterday did not confirm he’ll be back, either,”), the New York Daily News’ Gary Myers reports that Tom Coughlin’s reward for a 2-7 finish is a one-year reprieve.

The healing process from three years of turmoil starts today, when the Giants are expected to announce Coughlin has agreed to a one-year extension and Jerry Reese has been promoted to general manager.

Ultimately, the Giants decided that Coughlin gives them a better chance to win in 2007 than anybody they could hire right now, with Charlie Weis staying at Notre Dame and Bill Cowher taking the year off. They had no desire to go out and find the next Eric Mangini and risk coming up with the next Les Steckel.

Besides members of the Coughlin household, the single most relieved man in America might be musical avatar Scott Weiland, who as widely reported on websites that usually don’t follow his every movement, was shitting bricks over the possibility of Charlie Weis heading for the Swamp.

Though Deadspin’s Will Leitch characterizes Weiland’s fixation with Notre Dame as “inexplicable” (sorry, inexplicable is being an avowed Bowie acolyte yet sounding like Eddie Vedder Jr.), careful followers of the Velvet Revolver frontman’s words of wisdom are no strangers to his love affair with South Bend. From last September 8 :

Go Irish!! I haven’t seen a Notre Dame team play with such focus and urgency in years. The offence was executed with surgical efficiency you see in Florida teams. You see them dominate defenses with their pro aspects and deliveries. But the Irish? Is this too good to be true? Gosh darn Brady Quin, you looked like Joe Montana! Offensive line, running game, tight ends, defense, special teams, this is the game one I’ve been dreaming of for years.Coach Weisse, you’re the coach I’ve been praying about for a long time now. Now a lot of folks are going to say, “Don’t get ahead of yourself,” and that’s probably true. However when was the last time anyone saw the Irish play like that? These boys have attitude! Damn that was Fun!- Scott

If things don’t work out with Velvet Revolver, Scott might well have a future writing a daily column for Blogcritics.org.


Zirin On The Spectre Of Met Life Stadium Patrolled By Armed, Off-Duty Police

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Earlier this week, National Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Cantebury (above) petitioned NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, demanding that the rent-a-cops that shadow the nation’s stadiums during football Sundays be allowed to carry concealed firearms. The Nation’s Dave Zirin argues that Cantebury knew there was zero chance Goodell would capitulate ; “the FOP’s number-one job at the moment is not fighting terror but fighting the perception—seen so clearly in too many cities—that police are off the leash and inflicting lethal force with impunity.”

The FOP is not only using the terror attacks to rehab its image but also to advance the 0 percent gun-restriction agenda of their compatriots in the NRA. (The order would not respond to repeated requests for comment.) It is also exposing the way we view the terror of ISIS versus the terror of living in a country where mass shootings happen with a numbing regularity. The right-wing idea that brandishing a gun represents freedom from tyranny ignores that it creates a new tyranny, a tyranny of the armed against ideas and legal institutions they oppose. Ask people in Colorado Springs or San Bernardino how they would define terror.

Lastly, it is worth noting that in Paris the bomber never entered the stadium because security personnel—some of whom were Arab and Muslim—did their job. Let the security personnel here do the same. As for off-duty police officers, they should not be armed inside NFL games. Hell, after watching that video from Chicago, they should not be armed outside of NFL games either.

Wait ‘Til You Hear Their Pitch For Grave Blankets

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Nice to see that someone’s laying off Jahil Okafor.


With Friends Like Stephen A., Does Mark Jackson Need Enemies?

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Our country operates secret prisons in various corners of the globe, facilities where international laws are ignored and suspected terrorists are subjected to solitary confinement,sensory deprivation, waterboarding and forced liquid diets, amongst other methods devised to extract “intelligence”.

Human rights advocates and members of our armed forces alike will continue to debate and criticize these interrogation techniques, but pretty much everyone — including those subjected to torture — will concur ; at least we’ve never locked someone in a box and made him or her listen to Stephen A. Smith’s Sirius/XM radio program.