Zirin : Trump’s Sports Cronies Have Much To Answer For

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(on the left – not Bill Belichick)

Though Dave Zirin’s latest contribtion to The Nation, “‘Trump’ Has Become a Racial Taunt at High School Sporting Events” was published before other outlets reported that the Hooded Casanova had broken bread with the GOP front-runner, Zirin argues the likes of Tom Brady, Mike Ditka and Colin Cowherd have lent legitimacy to the candidate, while warning, “a Trump-inspired act of violence..seems like merely a matter of time.” Though you could argue we’ve already seen a few.

In the Midwest, in two instances that we know about, high school basketball teams with Latino players have been denigrated by white fans and students from opposing teams with the chant “Trump.” Perry, Iowa, is a town of just 8,000 people. Built around a Tyson Foods plant, it has a population that is 35 percent Latino. Forty-eight percent of the students at the local high school, according to principal Dan Marburger, are people of color. “We are really more of an urban school in a rural setting,” is how Marburger put it. He said it with pride, because the school has been able to make an integrated setting work in a very monochromatic part of the country. The Perry basketball team has Latino, white, black, and Native American players and stands as a proud symbol of how they are able to function as a community.

At a recent game between Perry and a rival team from Dallas Center-Grimes high school, opposing fans chanted “Trump” and racial slurs, and threatened to build a wall and kick the Perry players out of the country. After the incident, Perry student Kevin Lopez told reporters, “We are all aware of racism; it’s alive and well in small portions, but it’s alive and well, and it’s just hurtful to see that’s what they resort to.”

That was a public school matchup. In Merrillville, Indiana, two Catholic schools—both part of the Gary, Indiana, Diocese—Bishop Noll and Andrean, faced off. The Bishop Noll team is majority Latino and had to face a large Donald Trump head being held up in the Andrean student section. Andrean students, according to numerous reports, also chanted “Build a wall!” and “Speak English!”


Raissman : Blame The (Knicks) Fans

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Surveying the recent hysteria at MSG, New York Daily News media critic Bob Raissman thinks he’s identified the persons most responsible for the Knicks’ seemingly endless futility. Phil Jackson? Kurt Rambis? Carmelo Anthony? Steve Mills? Nope X 4 — instead, Raissman points a finger at those who’d enable James Dolan (above); ie. the paying customers ; “despite the myth, Knicks fans are far from being the most sophisticated in the league. They, along with a mostly passive, gullible media (populated by many fan boys who root for the team they allegedly cover) have routinely bought into the next quick fix or the notion top free agents actually want to play in ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ — another myth.”

Losing season after losing season, they gladly continue supporting Dolan’s inferior product by purchasing high-priced tickets and watching his MSG Network. For Dolan, this has been a banner year for selling “drama.”

Man, things were cooking. It started early when Derek Fisher bolted training camp, flew across country, became an essential cog in a love triangle, and got into a physical altercation with Matt Barnes.Ka-ching!

And it continues all the way into March, with the Knicks’ thoughts already turning to the beach, Dolan, treating a grown man like a child, authors a needless apology for Anthony, while a delusional media, especially inside the Valley of the Stupid, continues selling the notion Tom Thibodeau would actually insert himself in this mess.

Yet no matter what happens, Dolan will dust off the same old script next season, selling hope, drama, and dysfunction. The same suckers will once again buy in.


Not Exactly The Way Anyone Saw Gore Returning To Politics

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Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez reports that Terrance Gerin aka longtime ECW fixture Rhyno, has announced his intention to run for State Representative in Dearborn, MI. Gerin, seen most recently starring for WWE’s NXT development arm, tells Marvez, “I think candidates that run against me will try to make fun of (wrestling) to discredit me, which is understandable. But I want to go out and discuss how we can make this state better, how we can make people’s lives easier and educate the kids.”

“The cool thing about what wrestling has done for me is opening a lot of doors,” Gerin told FOXSports.com during a Friday phone interview. “It’s given me a loud voice. That’s very important when you represent people and want to try to get stuff done. You want someone representing you who knows how hard it is to get doors open.”

Gerin said he let WWE owner Vince McMahon know backstage about his plans to run for office.

“I told Vince, ‘I hope I make you proud,’ ” Gerin recalled. “He said, ‘You already have.’ He then followed up by saying if there was anything (WWE) can do to help to let them know.

“He didn’t ask what party I was running for or this and that. The McMahons’ love for their country is just contagious.”

Contagious is certainly one word for it.

Trump Chanters 86′d From Celtics/Knicks Tilt

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Not to nitpick regarding a rather ugly sentiment, but surely the knuckleheads in question have some understanding that Spanish-born Caulderon arrived in the United States via airplane.


That Newcastle Press Conference No One Had The Presence Of Mind To Videotape

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Friday’s Daily Mail included an item from Craig Hope (above) claiming that embattled Newcastle United manager Steve McClaren would be terminated if his squad comes up short tomorrow against AFC Bournemouth. Following a post-training session press conference Friday, McClaren tore into Hope, as The Mirror’s Simon Bird details :

The United boss was pursued out of his press conference by an angry reporter who shouted at the former Boro and England chief: “He’s been out of his depth since the minute he walked in.”

McClaren said: “It’s done by a journalist who for the last 18 months has written nothing but negative things about Newcastle, a journalist who used to work at this club and who four or five years ago was released from this club.”

After McClaren concluded the press conference he was told by the reporter: “Don’t you dare accuse me of having an agenda.”

“You are second bottom of the league. Is this your latest excuse? You’re the problem not me.

“Walk away Steve, smile, grin.”

Mejia : I Was Framed

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If you’re amongst those who wondered how former Mets closer Jenrry Mejia could manage to flunk a doping test 3 times, especially knowing the 3rd violation meant a lifetime ban, he’s got a fascinating answer, as collected by the New York Times’ Ben Berkon.

Mejia said that baseball officials told him that if he appealed the punishment for the second doping offense, “they will find a way to find a third positive,” Mejia said through an interpreter. “I felt there was a conspiracy against me. I feel that they were trying to find something to bring me down in my career.”

Baseball officials denied making any such threats. “No one at M.L.B. or representing M.L.B. has met with Mejia regarding any of these drug violations,” Pat Courtney, a league spokesman, said.

“The (Player’s) association should have done more,” Mejia said, adding that he thought the union “should have been there to defend me — because that’s what they’re there for. They should have found something to appeal for.”

Mejia said he had no regrets. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he said. “If the situation was meant to happen, then it was meant to happen. If God wanted it that way, it’s going to happen.”

Like most persons residing on Planet Not Out To Lunch, Metsradamus isn’t having it (“if MLB had the power to conduct witch hunts, why would they do that with Mejia?”) :

I mean, he thinks that they are using him and sacrificing his career to get to a steroid kingpin in the Dominican Republic. Yeah, the same people who take two weeks to come up with a ruling on draft pick compensation. Those are the guys you think are pulling off real life Law And Order? Those guys?


Granny Flyer Fan Interview Takes A Turn For The Masturbatory

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Clip via Crossing Broad. By the time this segment is over, I’m sure you’ll be asking the same question as me ; “how directly is this woman related to Roy Ziegler?“.

Presenting Yoenis Cespedes, The Only Carnivore In Professional Sports

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Well, yeah, Mets OF Yoenis Cespedes can’t possibly be the only major sportsman who enjoys dining on dead animal flesh. But that’s the only conclusion I can come to after learning The Big Lead sought out a PETA spokesperson for comment following news Cespedes had purchased a prize-winning, $7,000.00 pig and sent his new acquisition to a butcher.

“It’s a shame that Cespedes dropped the ball here and missed the opportunity to send this pig to a sanctuary where he could have lived out his days in peace,” said PETA’s Lisa Lange to The Big Lead’s Kyle Koster, to which I can only wonder, how many of the other sportsmen and women routinely featured by TBL are vegetarians or have done much of anything to ensure livestock are raised with care?

Apparently, the price Cespedes pays for flamboyance (sorry we can’t all be as deadly dull as David Wright) is a hysterical degree of scrutiny. But consider the irony of this 30 year old being taken to task for the murder of one pig, while Fred & Jeff Wilpon have overseen (and wildly profited from) the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of pigs, cows, and possibly horses as well. And that’s to say nothing of the Mets’ long-standing association with the North Shore Animal League. Let he or she who has never devoured a Shake Shack burger (or helped prop up a glorified puppy mill) lecture Yoenis Cespedes about the ethical treatment of animals.


Anthony To Paying Customer : Do I Look Like The Complaint Department?

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Here's a look at Carmelo Anthony discussing how he told a heckling fan to ask James Dolan for his money back: pic.twitter.com/bAqkpUfG0W

— Ian Begley (@IanBegley) March 2, 2016

Carmelo Anthony released a statement Wednesday, saying he let his frustrations get the better of him during Tuesday night’s loss to the Trail Blazers.

“We are all frustrated by the team’s recent results — everyone, including me, my teammates, coaches and the fans,” he said in a statement released by the team. “Last night, a fan and I let those frustrations get the best of us. I should not have responded the way I did.”Al Iannazzone, Newsday, March 2, 2016

Give Anthony some (scant) credit — he handled this unfortunate exchange with far greater composure than his employer would’ve.


Twins DH Rightfully Confused By Terrible TV Program

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With a story that makes me long for the days in which spring training hi-jinx were best typified by teammates beating up the pizza guy who caught them urinating in publicTwin Cities.com’s Mike Bearardino reports the Twins are attempting to bond with former Korean Baseball Organization MVP Byung Ho Park by forcing him to watch ABC’s “The Bachelor” (link swiped from Baseball Think Factory) :

“I didn’t understand it,” Park said in English, referring to the popular show’s concept.

“Park was kind of confused why the guy (Ben) kept kissing all these different girls and he’s not married or dating any of them,” teammate Brian Dozier said. “He didn’t know what was going on.”

Apparently there is no equivalent of “The Bachelor” on South Korean television.

“Absolutely not,” Dozier said. “We had to teach him that. Everything went good. We had fun with it. It’s not like we’re serious into ‘The Bachelor’ or something.”

The above assurance aside, Dozier tells Bearardino he intends to have more colleagues over for next Monday’s episode (“women tell all,” apparently).


Tulowitzki’s Thoughts On Rockies Continue To Evolve

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Tulowitzi talked openly about that bitterness, talked about how the Rockies promised to keep him in the loop and “man, that was the furthest from the truth.” At the time, I wondered whether Tulowitizki would ever move forward. But as I walked into the Jays’ spring-training clubhouse on Friday, I quickly discovered that he had.

“I was honest last year saying it was very tough for me,” Tulowitzki said. “And now I’m honest saying I’m over it.”- Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports, February 28, 2016

“I’ll never talk to him, never talk to those people,” Tulowitzki told USA TODAY Sports. “You get lied to, straight to your face, you get upset. I believe in forgiveness, but at the same time, I don’t plan on being friendly with them, or anything like that.’’ The last time he talked to Rockies GM Jeff Bridich was the evening of July 27. Tulowitzki was sitting with Walt Weiss in the visiting manager’s office at Wrigley Field, and he was screaming at him, after being notified he had just been traded to Toronto. – Bob Nightengale, USA Today, February 29, 2016

And That’s All For Scot Summers…

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@RealKeithLee Hitting a monstrous moonsault on Scott Summers

A video posted by Mason Bowman (@wewalkupright) on

Keith Lee lowering the doom on Scot Summers last night at Inspire Pro Wrestling‘s Faces Of Vengeance.  Out of concern for the delicate sensibilities of CSTB readers am I steering clear of footage of Masada’s near-murder of the Unholy Complex’s Jason Silver.


Baseball Analysts United In Sympathy : How Will Ian Desmond Get By On $8 Million?

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After turning down a 7-year contract worth $107 million two springs ago, former Nats SS Ian Desmond accepted an one-year, $8 million contract to play left field for Texas yesterday, a precipitous drop in market value that left more than a few observers questioning the competency of Desmond’s agent, Doug Rogalski. Amongst those outraged ; MLB Network’s Jim Bowden and Dan Duquette, as quoted by the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg :

“I’m in a state of shock,” Bowden said on his SiriusXM program Sunday morning. “So [Howie] Kendrick gets 20 [million] for two [years], Desmond gets one year at eight. I am stunned. Absolutely stunned. … That’s a shocking number. What a great job by [Rangers GM] Jon Daniels to hang around long enough to get Desmond for one year at eight. So he went from 107 million to losing 99 million over the last 12 months? You want to talk about a humbling sport? How does a player’s value go from 107 to [eight]?”

“Here he is at age 30, giving up the position at shortstop for the most part,” Duquette said. “Now maybe that’s not the case. Maybe he’ll go back on the market next year as a shortstop. But we’ve talked about this quite a bit: the agent has not done a very good job in this particular deal, obviously turning down the money with the Nationals. But to now look at him in left field, on a one-year deal? I’m sorry. That’s about as bad as it gets for the kid, and I feel bad, because we know what kind of player he is and we know what kind of makeup he is. There should have been a multi-year deal out there somewhere.”


Blackpool F.C. Apologizes For Gross Insensitivty (Not To Mention Shitty Musical Taste)

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Any chance supporters of Bradford City might adopt The Best Show‘s #billyjoelsucks hashtag? Wishful thinking on my part, as they’ve probably got more serious matter in mind this evening, as the Press Association explains :

Blackpool have apologised to Bradford City and their fans for playing the song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” on the Bloomfield Road sound system at Saturday’s League One match between the two clubs.

Bradford hold an annual memorial in tribute to the 56 supporters who died in the Bradford fire disasterb in 1985 and in May last year the city staged a special Remembrance Service to mark its 30th anniversary.

Blackpool have said the choice of song at Saturday’s game was unintentional, after some of Bradford’s fans took offence at the lyrics in the Billy Joel song and later complained on social media.

“The club would like to apologise for any unintentional offence caused by a song played at [Saturday’s] match,” Blackpool said on their official Twitter site.

Bradford made no reference to the song during the live commentary on their official website and have not commented on the incident.


Phil Mushnick’s Money Management 101 (With No Racial Overtones Whatsoever)

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Good to see Yoenis Cespedes, at 30, isn’t spending his money on expensive, silly things like pimped-out, three-wheeled sand buggies. How long before we read he is broke?Phil Mushick, New York Post, February 26, 2016

Here we ago again
; it may only be spring training, but Phil Mushnick’s targeting of Yoenis Cespedes is already in mid-season form. Prior to customization, the sticker price of a Polaris Slingshot is $26,499.00. Chatting on “SportsCenter” Thursday morning, Mets starter Matt Harvey was asked about his choice of automobile and admitted that he’s got a Maserati in the same parking lot as Cespedes’ ride.

Cespedes 2016 salary is $17.5 million, plus there was a $10 million signing bonus. Conversely, Matt Harvey will earn a mere $4.3 million this season. Maybe Phil’s not big on researching car prices or player salaries. OK, I don’t think that’s really the case, but it’s a much nicer conclusion to come to than believing there’s any special significance to calling Cespedes’ ride, “pimped out”.


Dada 5000 Kin : Joe Rogan’s A Racist

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As you may or may not have noticed over the weekend, Bellator 149′s much vaunted matchup of YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice and Dhafir Harris aka Dada 5000 was, novelty aside, a miserable advertisement for MMA, television and the human race, not necessarily in that order. Both competitors were winded early in the proceedings and upon the completion of a bout that pretty much redefined “sluggish”, Harris was hospitalized and reportedly, almost perished from renal failure.

Weighing in via his Fight Experience podcast Sunday evening, UFC mouthpiece Joe Rogan took a rather dim view of said clash, and Harris’ relatives took great exception to the tone of his remarks. From Facebook :

“The Harris Family is appalled at the overtly racist and offensive comments directed at Dada 5000 by Joe Rogan who said in an interview that Dada’s heart was filled with “cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and orange soda”, mocking the family’s statement issued the previous day.

“We don’t recall Mr. Rogan ever challenging anyone with this amount of vitriol and ignorant racial overtones, all directed to a man who is still hospitalized.

“For the record, Dada lost 40lbs over course of 3 1/2 months while in training camp where he had a boxing coach an MMA coach, and a nutritionist hired by his team. As fight week approached Dada was only 2-3 pounds over fight weight. He took this fight very seriously as evidenced by his gutsy performance. Mocking Dada 5000 with hurtful and racist comments is despicable and divisive and has no place in the sport of mixed martial arts or in our society.”


Let He Or She Without An Interesting Browser History Cast The First Stone At Kurt Rambis

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As I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere, Knicks interim head coach Kurt Rambis — suddenly nostalgic for the days when his biggest problem was getting decapitated by Kevin McHale — found himself the object of widespread giggles when an intrepid GQ reporter discovered that Rambis had recently liked a Twitter post “that included a sexy pornographic picture of a lady masturbating.” Wrote the mag’s sneering, leering Jack Moore (IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME, jack-more, GET IT?), “I’m all for sex positivity, so I say let your freak flag fly, Kurt. If you enjoy looking at photos of Asian girls masturbating, then by all means you should fav the shit out of them. But just be ready to own it…but if you’re an easily embarrassed person, just don’t click that heart.”

Moore has a pretty interesting version of sex positivity. On one hand, he claims to have no problem with Rambis viewing explicit materials, but also adds conditions like, “be ready to own it”. Because why else would Rambis be embarrassed if there wasn’t a stalky journalist keeping track of his Twitter likes?

Clearly, the coach is embarrassed, hence MSG’s likely story that Rambis was hacked (there’s really no need to detail all the reasons why that’s bullshit). But rather than meet Moore’s standard of “owning it”, wouldn’t it have been cooler for Rambis to reply, “what sort of adult spends his or her time patrolling someone else’s internet habits?”

There’s something deeply wrong in how this victimless bit of social media carelessness has seemingly caused greater alarm for Rambis’ employer than Isiah Thomas’ treatment of Anucha Browne-Sanders. At last check, Rambis is not an elementary school teacher, he’s not a man of the cloth, and he’s not an elected official. How is calling attention to his apparent interest in pornography of great public interest? It would be one thing were he an an anti-masturbation crusader like Andy Pettitte. Or if, for instance, he maintained a museum-level archive like that of Hideki Matsui. Are we to believe that none of GQ’s readers have ever viewed materials similar to the tweet that caught Rambis’ eye? Is having this in one’s browser history (or, if you prefer, working for the company that produces it) any more or less shameful?

Laughs aside, perhaps public figures like Kurt Rambis wouldn’t feel obliged to give ridiculous excuses if media & fans alike simply acknowledged that porn-is-very-popular. Is the resulting web traffic really worth shaming a person over something that isn’t particularly shameful? You tell me, Jack Moore.

An Important Message From The Entertainment Divison Of Cumbucket Media, re : Empty Markets

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Milwaukee-to-Austin transplant Drew Schmitz has made his presence felt in bands ranging from Brain Attack, Gremlins UK, Party Garbage and most recently as the 4th wheel in the long-running paragon-of-excellence that is The Hex Dispensers. All of those cultural contributions aside, the one project of Drew’s that probably most relevant to this discussion is the trio known as Cruddy, whose 2011 12XU LP ‘Negative World’ was one of the year’s more acclaimed releases, and Schmitz’ bleaker-than-bleak worldview (to say nothing of inventive guitar work) was an awfully big part of that.

Fast forward a few years and armed with a new rhythm section in the shape of drummer Jordan Rivell and bassist Wendy Wright*, Schmitz’ newly formed Empty Markets aren’t entirely removed from the vision of Cruddy (you’ve got the same fella yelling and playing guitar, no arguing that) but am I allowed to use the dreaded word PROGRESSION without morphing into Alan Parsons? Make no mistake, on ‘Stainless Steel’, engineer Ian Rundell (fresh off recent knob-jobs for Spray Paint, The Rebel and Xetas) has captured the tumult, the agitation, and perhaps most importantly, the precision of Empty Markets in glorious fashion. There’s few other bands mining this sort of territory with nearly as much confidence or as little concession to genre considerations. If Cruddy was a grim snapshot of a hopeless future, Empty Markets is a Hasalbald-quality, full-scale portrait of a hopeless present. If you find an occasional moment of daylight seeping thru, please trust it wasn’t a manufacturing error.

(* – following the recording of ‘Stainless Steel’, Sweet Talk’s Stephen Svacina replaced the eastern-bound Wright on bass)

First 125 on clear vinyl. Preorders received a limited print of the album art via Port Au Prints Get yours here.

EM1 copy




Stitches : Preparing To Violate The Sanctity Of Celebrity Boxing

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In what we can only hope will prove to be as long and storied boxing career as those of Cowboy Bob Orton, Jose Canseco and Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Stitches, the man behind THE GREATEST SONG OF ALL TIME, has agreed to face Philly MC Jemal “Supreem” Carter as part of something called  the World Xtreme Entertainment Celebrity Boxing championships.  From New Times’ Ryan Pfeffer :

This isn’t the fight Stitches really wants. He wants to fight the Game, a rapper whom he’s publicly feuded with over the past six months. Stitches actually did try to Fight the game back in December. He stalked the rapper outside Story, where the Game was making an appearance, but he was eventually knocked out by a member of the Game’s entourage. The whole thing was caught on video. Soon a mugshot surfaced showing Stitches with actual stitches. The whole thing, again, was either very funny or sad, depending on your perspective of life.

The Game did not respond to World Xtreme Entertainment Celebrity Boxing’s request for a match, according to owner Damon Feldman. Feldman hopes this match will build enough hype for the Game to eventually step in the ring.

The three-round fight will take place May 7 at 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.


Most Likely The First & Last Time You’ll Contemplate Owning A Shirt With Ted Cruz’ Face On It

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If you’ve spent much time online this week, you’re already aware that all signs point to Ted Cruz being The Zodiac Killer.  And by “all signs”, I mean, you have to love the way it sounds out loud.  Since no meme is complete without being hijacked for political purposes, these wonderful people (who may or may not have some connection to this organization) are peddling the above garment with funds going towards El Paso’s West Fund.

Ted Cruz is a terrifying monster. You know who else was a monster? The Zodiac Killer, who claimed to have killed 37 people in the Bay Area. Ted Cruz has never denied being the Zodiac Killer. The conclusion is simple—and Ted Cruz has never publicly refuted it.*

After paying the artist $100 for his work, all proceeds from the sale of this shirt ($11±1/shirt) will benefit the West Fund, which provides funding and support for abortion services to the people of southwest Texas—women most severely punished by the barbaric policies of our own Zodiac senator. 


Post : Islanders Want Out Of Brooklyn

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In stark contrast to the Nets’ warm welcome at the Barclays Center, the NHL Islanders’ inaugural season in Brooklyn has alienated longtime fansand left the club’s new ownership underwhelmed. According to the New York Post’s Rich Kalder and John Kosman, both the franchise and their landlords are looking to severe ties far sooner then the end of the existing 25 year lease :

Jonathan Ledecky — who heads a group of investors set to replace Wang as the team’s majority owner July 1 — apparently is listening. A source close to the Islanders and other industry sources say he’s enamored with possibly moving the team to Queens or back to Long Island.

In either scenario, a new arena likely would have to be built — an expensive proposition considering it cost $1 billion to open Barclays Center in 2012. Another option is renegotiating the Barclays Center lease to salvage the relationship, sources said.

“The Islander deal was forced from the start because the club was hemorrhaging so much money playing on Long Island … and had to bail,” another source said. “Now you’re left with this weird situation where Barclays’ folks pay the Islanders to play there — but aren’t getting the bang for the buck they desired, not to mention all the crap they’re getting from Islander fans who are finding every little fault they can with being in Brooklyn.


Not For The First Time, The Wilpon Family Name Used For Something Questionable

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Nearly 11 years after Amazins OF Mike Cameron was impersonated by a Long Island con artist, Mets COO Jeff Wilpon (above, right) was the subject of a similar ruse, as Newsday’s John Riley details :

A New Jersey man who impersonated New York Mets executive Jeff Wilpon to secure financing in office equipment lease deals pleaded guilty to fraud Thursday in Brooklyn federal court.

Michael Conway, 40, of Verona, said he forged lease deals with the Mets — including a letter from Wilpon, the son of owner Fred Wilpon — as well as with law firms, hospitals, universities and hotels, to convince lenders to give him $3.5 million for the purchase of the equipment to be leased.

Conway pocketed most of the money, prosecutors say. He could face up to 20 years in prison for wire fraud, and will also have to pay restitution under a plea agreement.

Pittsburgh’s ’79 Throwbacks : If You’re Gonna Charge Hundreds For A Dale Berra Jersey, You’d Better Get The Details Right

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(Link courtesy Larry Brown Sports)


Not Coming To An EMP Pop Conference Near You

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Tennessee Cop : Beyoncé Is Trying To Kill Me

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Rutherford Country (TN) Sheriff Robert Arnold reported 8 gunshots heard outside his Murfreesboro home Monday night, and on Tuesday morning floated an unusual motive for the gunplay, as The Tennessean’s Mary M Reeves writes :

Arnold said when he first heard the shots, he wondered if they were inspired by the Super Bowl halftime show.

When asked to clarify that comment, he added, “You know, Beyonce’s video.”

In an email Tuesday afternoon to further clarify the sheriff’s Super Bowl statement, Arnold said, “My comments reflect the violence and senseless killing of seven deputies in the U.S. since the show aired. My comments are an observation of the violence that has occurred but in no way is meant to offend anyone.”

The email also included a link to The National Sheriff’s Association’s website with the following information: “The senseless killing of four law enforcement officers just this week — on the heels of the anti-police “entertainment” at the Sunday Super Bowl halftime show — reminds us that the men and women in law enforcement take a solemn oath that includes putting their lives on the line every day to protect our citizens.”