Hull City F.C. : Undisciplined Dopes Or Guys Who SImply Care Too Much?

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Aston Villa’s 1-0 defeat of Hull City Monday snapped a 12-game winless streak for the hosts and placed the visitors dangerously close to the drop zone.  While the duo shown above are a little light on details, the Independent’s Paul Walker provides insight regarding what can charitably be called poor team chemistry.

Not only did Phil Brown’s men extend their dramatic slide but their seemed capitulation depressingly manifested itself in infighting within the ranks as well. Daniel Cousin and Geovanni had to be separated to compound another miserable evening for Hull. Strangely, Brown said afterwards that he would not be speaking to either of his miscreants. He claimed not to have seen the incident he described as “a discussion” and even went as far to say “it shows how much they care”

Stiliyan Petrov’s 34 minute tackle on George Boateng led to the move upfield which saw Ashley Young deliver a typically inch-perfect centre for Carew to flick in from the edge of the six-yard box. There was a suspicion of offside; indeed, before he peeled off to celebrate, Carew turned to check for a flag.

Yet the goal stood, Hull heads dropped and as the players ran towards the tunnel for the interval so the frustration boiled over. Cousin and Geovanni had been no sort of double-act up front, but at least they came over all Laurel and Hardy when squaring up to each other, apparently blaming one another for another fine mess. It seemed that the Brazilian had paid for the ugly scene “ three members of the Hull staff had to intervene “ when he was replaced at half-time for Nicky Barmby, yet Brown revealed the change had nothing to with the “discussion”.

The Lincoln, NE Police Have A Slight Distraction For Tuesday’s Yankee Starter

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The Yankees and Red Sox are in the middle of rain delay at the Nu Stadium, and at the risk of making light of serious personal issues, let’s hear it for a member of the extended Bomber family doing her part to take the heat off Alex Rodriguez.  From the Lincoln Journal-Star’s Lori Pilger :

The mother of Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain was arrested on suspicion of selling meth to an undercover officer in Lincoln.

Jacqueline Standley (above)  was arrested Saturday night at her apartment at 1641 Prospect St. She was charged Monday with delivery of an exceptionally hazardous drug.

In court records, police allege the 44-year-old delivered a 1 gram plastic bag of methamphetamine to an undercover officer the night of Feb. 11 at her apartment.

Police sent the suspected meth to the Nebraska State Crime Lab where it was tested and confirmed to be 0.6 grams of meth.

Last September, the Lincoln Journal Star wrote an in-depth story about Standley, visiting her apartment in south Lincoln that was like a shrine to her son the Yankees star.

She insisted that she had been involved in her son’s life  “despite what he and his father, Harlan Chamberlain, have told reporters ” and that her decision to let his father take the lead in raising him was because she struggled with depression and drugs. 

“No. I wasn’t the greatest mother”, she told the Journal Star then. “But in the bad choices I made, I in turn made good choices. And one was for them to be with their dad a lot.”

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t wish this kind of bad news on anyone. Even John Franco.  If ever a pitcher deserved a few days off — and with the weather this week he just might get it — it’s got to be Joba Chamberlain.

Institutionalized Torture At The Kettler Complex : Pittsburgh TV Dude Just Wanted A Pepsi

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Blogging for Pittsburgh’s KDKA, Jory Rand touched on the hottest storyline surrounding the Penguins/Capitals playoff series ; Washington’s cruel and unusual treatement of visiting media! (link courtesy Dan Steinberg). 

If karma is real, the Caps may be in trouble. They’re holding their workouts at their practice facility Kettler Sports Complex just outside the city making it impossible for media to cover both teams. They also took the interview podium with them. You know, that giant stage and banner with NHL and Stanley Cup logos on it? They took it with them. Odd, no? Not only that, but they’re not exactly being cordial with the Pens PR staff, and to top it all off, the soda fountain for media is broken. I know, I know, we are spoiled, but if you’re spending an entire day working in this building and there’s a soda fountain, is it too much to ask that it work? Maybe so.

Either way, we’ll see if any of this comes back to bite them, and we’ll see if I can find a drink ).

For once, rather than quote Steinberg’s retort at length, I’d prefer you read the whole thing on your own.  Not that I disagree with the Post blogger, but given Caps owner Ted Leonsis’ reputation for going whole-hog with the dessert cart, can you really blame Mr. Rand for feeling fucked over?

The Clam Man’s Unseemly Joy Over The Death Of Print Media

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If the New York Times ownership fails to bully the 4 unions representing the Boston Globe’s workforce, the latter paper could be history within 60 days. In the eyes of longtime Boston radio hatefucker Howie Carr, dictating to someone at the competing Boston Herald, this is unquestionably terrific news. 

They can™t brag enough about their Pulitzer prizes, like they™re on the level or something. Seriously, the limousine liberals who pass the Politically Correct Pulitzers around among themselves every spring ought to rename them the Olbermanns and run the awards ceremony live on MSNBC. Truth in advertising.

Belatedly, the Globe has been trying to present as its public face the salt-of-the-earth types in the backshop, guys who live in towns like Weymouth and went to work at the paper out of high school.

These are the same blue-collar Massachusetts natives that the bow-tied bumkissers upstairs alternately disdain or despise as mean-spirited bigots who can™t be trusted to vote the œright way.

Outside the employees themselves and a few limp bloggers, nobody cares about the Globe™s demise. Let the epitaph be: Smug Is Not a Workable Business Plan. These pampered poodles assumed they had a monopoly. Nobody ever has a monopoly, at least not for long.

I™ll miss the old Globe. It was a laff-riot – remember in 2006 when its crack sports columnist previewed the Final Four matchup between George Mason and LSU, except there was no such game. They were in opposite brackets.

One last thing to all my dear friends on the Boulevard.

We™re not hiring. 

With a daily circulation roughly half of the failing Globe’s, that’s not really a surprise. Or anything to brag about. 


Thursday Night – CSTB’s Jason Cohen Brings MInor League Hockey Memories To DUMBO

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Gelf Magazine’s ongoing Varsity Letters sports reading series returns to Brooklyn’s JLA Studios this Thursday night at 7pm, when longtime CSTB contributor Jason Cohen (author of  ‘Zamboni Rodeo’) , the New York Times’ hockey scribe Jeff Z. Klein and Laura Robinson (author of “Crossing the Line: Sexual Assault in Canada’s National Sport”) will read portions of their work and field questions. 

Proving this is an all-too tangled web, Jason is the subject of a lengthy Gelf interview this month, as penned by CSTB colleague David Roth.


Girardi : Sick Of A-Rod Chatter, Fuzzy On Concepts Of Celebrity, Commerce

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The Yankees and Angels were rained out Sunday, giving those assembled at the Nu Stadium a chance to consider reports Major League Baseball is investigating contradictions between Alex Rodriguez’ public statements and accusations found in Selena Roberts’ ‘A-Rod : From Pitch Tips To Bitch Tits’. To hear Yankee skipper Joe Girardi’s take on things, this persecution of a family man is hard to fathom. From the New York TImes’ Joe LaPointe :

œIt™s interesting that the book date got moved up now. And I get tired of answering these questions. I don™t understand why someone would write a book like this anyway.

Girardi said his objections to the book were not so much regarding revelations about use of performance-enhancing substances but rather with allegations about Rodriguez™s personal behavior away from baseball.

œFrom the excerpts I have read, I have heard that there are other negative things about his lifestyle, Girardi said. œI™m a firm believer that what we do off the field is our personal life.

The conversation began with routine inquiries about personnel moves and injuries, but Girardi™s voice seemed to catch briefly in an emotional way when questions about Rodriguez mounted.

œI have three small kids and there are things in my life that I probably wish I could have a re-do on, Girardi said. œI wouldn™t necessarily want those dragged through the mud and I™m sure you wouldn™t either. Sometimes, things are written about that none of us are proud of.

Assuming the Bombers aren’t going to use allegations Rodriguez used PED’s as a member of the Yankees to try and void his deal, Girardi is politically wise to offer measured support for his rehabbing superstar. But that doesn’t mean he’s any less full of shit.   If the highest paid player in the history of the game wants privacy, perhaps a high profile affair with Madonna isnt the best way to maintain it.  No one in their right mind wishes ridicule and embarrassment upon Rodriguez’ family, but blaming the messenger is more than a little disingenuous. A-Rod’s been one of the most heavily marketed, stage-managed athletes of the modern era ; the likes of Selena Roberts wouldn’t be nearly as motivated to delve into his personal life were his rumoured transgressions not in such  stark contrast to a carefully cultivated (well, at onetime,  anyway) public image. 

In the end, said image is in tatters, and it wasn’t Roberts or her publisher that stuck a needle in A-Rod’s ass. The non-PED stuff might seem off-limits to Girardi, but if Roberts is trying to paint a portrait of Rodriguez as a guy with zero integrity , it’s all part of the bigger picture.   

This Advertisement Is Perfect(ly Uncomfortable) For A White Person. (Pause) Or A Black Person

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The above clip comes courtesy of WFMU’s Brian Turner.  Ad Freak‘s Davie Kiefaber opined, “it clearly isn’t a racist ad, and it does focus on inclusion,” not without adding,  ”it just, you know, doesn’t make any sense.”  I can’t say it isn’t effective, however.  I’m looking for a new bedside table and if I have my druthers, I’d prefer one that’s functional for persons of all races.

Hawks Radio Voice : I’m Only Imitating The Biggest Homer Of All Time

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As of this writing, the Atlanta are putting the finishing touches on a Game 7 rout of Miami, a result that not only represents the Hawks’ first playoff series win in 12 years, but also sets the stage for Atlanta radio voice Steve Holman mocking LeBron James just as badly as he went after D-Wade. The Palm Beach Post’s Jorge Milan quotes Holman’s defense for accusing the Heat of “thuggery”.

“It’s amazing,” said Holman (above), who has called Atlanta games since 1985. “This poor old radio announcer has done these games for 24 years in mostly anonymity, and the funny part of it is I’ve done the same thing for 24 years. I’ve had the same shtick.”

Holman insisted he was only mimicking the style of his mentor Johnny Most, the legendary Boston Celtics announcer.

“He taught me it’s the good guys versus the bad guys, like in the cowboy movies,” Holman said. “It’s all theater. It’s not brain surgery. I’m not operating on anybody’s tumor or performing quadruple bypasses on anyone.

“I’m trying to entertain our Hawks fans for two hours so they can get away from 81/2 percent unemployment and GM going belly up, from Arlen Specter changing parties to the swine flu. People hear enough of that. I’d like to give them some enjoyment for a little while.”

Eric Reid, the Heat’s play-by-play announcer, indicated that Holman may have gone over the line with his comments.

“Johnny Most was his mentor and gave him his break, so I think he’s rooted in that stir-it-up style,” Reid said. “Everybody finds their own way. You have to look in the mirror and decide how you want to do the job.”

Hayward : Relegate The Lousy Owners, Not The Clubs

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While Charlton Athletic and Norwich F.C. are both headed for League One next season, Newcastle United are still stuck at the butt end of the upper echelon, Sunday’s 3-0 dismantling by Liverpool leaving the 18th place Tynesiders stuck on 31 points and trailing the game-in-hand Hull City. As such, we’re at that fateful moment in the campaign where the Guardian’s Paul Hayward proposes “we play the curious moral parlour game of trying to decide who deserves to be relegated and who is entitled to be swept off the rim of the volcano by a vast white eagle of celestial origin.” (“One criteria is degrees of incompetence on the field of play and the other, more complicated, measuring stick is whether having a Mike Ashley (above)  as your owner should buy you a one-way ticket to damnation while the rest of the game waves tatty-bye.”)

Across the blazing landscape of demotion mistakes abound. But only Newcastle are guilty of continually ramming their head in a lion’s mouth, from the wholesale self-enrichment of the Freddy Shepherd-Douglas Hall era to the vaudeville of Mike Ashley’s reign, which has left Alan Shearer facing Liverpool at Anfield today with a team thrown together in the dark.

Sustained mismanagement and hubris carry extra penalties in the debate about who deserves to be Little Bill with William Munny standing over him. Certainly Newcastle’s credit line of admiration and sympathy is badly depleted. Here is a board that assumed they would be safe in the hands of Joe Kinnear and Chris Hughton. But to condemn them now still requires neutrals to abandon the victims, the supporters, whose only contribution has been bouts of gullibility.

Here is a suggestion. Why not set up a parallel system of relegations for chairmen and owners? Retrospectively, Shepherd could be made to save, say, Stockport County. Newcastle could be confiscated from Ashley and Darlington given to him instead. A new scale of forfeits for reckless owners would marry crime and punishment.

Ashley is already way down on the Newcastle deal, of course, but not half as much as the Tyneside community if the club go down. In London, and on racecourses, they would call the whole thing a “stumer”.

FIU ‘s Isiah Thomas : Flashing The Social Skills That Made Him Such A Success In New York

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Former Knicks coach/president Isiah Thomas might’ve moved on to the head coaching position at FIU, but he’d have to relocate to another solar system to escape the watchful eye of the New York tabloids. The Post’s Marc Berman reports Thomas has enraged high school coaches in Florida after personally failing to call a number of FIU recruits whose scholarship offers he wanted to rescind.

Wolfson High coach Greg Rosebrock threatened to close the door for Thomas to recruit at his Jacksonville school because of how his player, Chris Rozier (above), was treated.

“From Jacksonville, to Orlando to Pensacola, there’s a lot of coaches in Florida not happy with him right now,” Rosebrock told The Post. “He’s not making friends here. I understand not wanting him but place a phone call and do it in a professional way.”

Rozier, of Jacksonville, had a verbal commitment from FIU. One day before Thomas’ press conference on April 15 — the day of the late signing period — FIU assistant Heath Glick called Rosebrock to tell him Thomas would call afterward to let him know what was going on. The call never came.

An assistant coach called two days later to tell Grosbeck they would not be mailing the letter of intent.

“He was recruited like crazy by that school,” Rosebrock said. “Just give him a call. He’s a kid who just had his world turned upside down.” (Rozier landed on his feet, signing last week with Jacksonville State).

According to a person familiar with the Thomas’ thinking, Thomas did not call the kids because he was under the impression he would be under NCAA violation. Thomas just took his compliance tests and thought he was not allowed to speak to high school students.

The source said that is why Thomas signed earlier this week three JUCO players, including Brooklyn’s Marvin Roberts, touted by FIU as the leading junior college scorer in the nation this past season, averaging nearly 30 points per game. A source said Roberts was close to heading to Seton Hall. According to the NCAA, however, Thomas is allowed to talk to high school players because now is a dead period.