Bad Enough That Exotic Adrian Street Singlehandedly Killed Glam Rock….

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….but did he really need to put his high-heeled boot on the throat of hip-hop, too?

With Each Passing Year, Mex Becomes Blockier & Blockier (With All Due Respect To Terry Blocker

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We’re finally learned the real reason behind Chris Cotter’s departure from SNY ;  there’s no possible way to replicate that haircut in Legoland.   (image copped from Equisse via Brooklyn Mutt)

Joel Sherman Would Like To Buy Ollie Perez A Ticket On The Midnight Train To Georgia Buffalo

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Mets starting P Oliver Perez — 7 runs, 9 hits and 3 walks in 4.1 IP during yesterday’s 8-1 loss to Washington — has charitably been labeled “enigmatic” in this space.  There’s no mincing words, however, from the New York Post’s Joel Sherman, who cannot reconcile the lefty’s $36 contract and 9.31 ERA, saying of Perez, “he does not have an impressive pitching IQ. He has little craft. He generally has no clue where the ball is going once it leaves his hand.”

The Mets re-invested in Perez in the offseason under the belief that Dan Warthen, who became the pitching coach last June, had — in the words of Manuel — “unlocked [Perez] and he became pretty consistent.”

But there was a time when the Mets thought the same of Rick Peterson, who was replaced by Warthen. There is no unlocking Perez. There is just conning yourself that you have.

The rotation is Johan Santana and the Pips, and the most infuriating Pip is Perez. Manuel was so mad after an 8-1 loss that he said he wanted a night’s sleep before the next move, which could be anything from subtle (taking advantage of a Thursday off day to skip Perez’s next turn) to drastic (putting him in the pen) to nuclear (using the option Perez has left to send him to the minors).

“I have to figure out how long [to be patient] and what is patience,” Manuel said about a starter who certainly is testing the Met hierarchy’s tolerance.

Perez was most responsible for giving an atrocious team life, for preventing the Mets from sweeping the Washington Generals, uh, Nationals. He is the biggest worry, because the Pips are the largest concern the Mets have right now, and Perez is the most disturbing Pip.

Jayson Williams’ Pros & Joes Tryout Is On Hold

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The Newark Star-Ledger’s Jennifer Golson reports former Jersey Nets standout Jayson Williams — no stranger to this blog in the wake of the shooting of limosine driver Costas Cristofsi — was brought to a Manhattan hospital last night after police responded to reports of “an emotionally disturbed person”.

Police responded to the hotel on North End Avenue at about 4 a.m., said a New York City police spokeswoman. Williams, 41, was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Longtime friend Akhtar Farzaie said he last spoke to Williams last night, and he seemed fine. The former basketball star was in town to see his children, Farzaie said.

But then Farzaie said he got the call this morning that the father of two was in the hospital. “My first reaction as a friend was to get in the car and head out and be by his side,” Farzaie said .

“Last I spoke to Jay, Jay was completely fine. There was nothing that would make me … call the police or any authority,” he said.


Anarchy Championship Wrestling At Emo’s : Keeping It In The Family

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This afternoon’s ACW Hardcore Title bout between Steve Amos aka Jacob Ladder and Smurf Nation figurehead J.C. Bravo had no shortage of quality props, amongst them, a ladder (natch) wrapped in barbed wire, your obligatory staplers and cheese graters, etc.   But even a jaded observer like myself had to stop and say (loudly) “WTF?” when Ladder employed his young son (above) to batter Bravo with a kendo stick (or as the Sandman might’ve called it, a Singapore Cane).

Jacoby Ellsbury’s Mad Dash : Enjoy The Clip Before MLB Advanced Media Has It Taken Down

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For those whose initial reaction to Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury stealing home tonight off Andy Pettitte was some combination of shock & delight ( perhaps more of the former for Yankee fans), Peter Abraham was quick to recall that Toronto’s Aaron Hill victimized Pettitte in similar fashion two years ago.

Vecsey : The Association’s Final Diss Of The Human Eraser

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Amidst his usual laundry list of one-liners and insults (“Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen looks like Christopher Walken in ‘The Deer Hunter’ just before he lost his one-on-one duel with Russian Roulette”), the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey dropped the following disturbing item into Sunday’s Hoop Du Jour column.

It shouldn’t go unstated or unnoticed that nary a single soul from the NBA, NBPA, NBA Retired Players Association, Knicks, Sonics, Nuggets, or a solitary current or former NBA player showed up for the funeral services of Marvin Webster, reports Charles Bennett, a former union official/player agent and current Tulsa CPA who had The Human Eraser’s back and bankbook throughout his troubled years.

“David Stern did send a real nice flower spread. So did the Oklahoma City team. And I think the Knicks sent a rose,” Bennett said.

The Baltimore crowd of 300-plus, including most of his college and high school teammates, was extremely disappointed as they searched in vain for NBA representation, Bennett added.”I tried to represent the league but the crowd didn’t buy it. Here is an area where a small investment by the league would’ve yielded priceless goodwill amongst retirees and fans of the game, and it struck out looking.”

Kawakami : Raiders’ Draft Proves Cable Is Just Davis’ Latest Puppet

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Of Oakland’s first round selection of WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (Maryland) and second-round pick, S Michael Mitchell (Ohio), the San Francisco Chronicle‘s David White scoffs, “the Raiders either dislocated their shoulder with two draft-day reaches Saturday, or they know something no one else in the NFL does.”   In the eyes of the San Jose Mercury-News‘ far more cynical (and some might say truthful) Tim Kawakami, the Raiders’ questionable decisions are evidence that head coach Tom Cable “got this job because he™s the guy who™s willing to let Al Davis make loopy picks like this and pretend that Cable had anything to do with them.”

With the 7th overall pick, and with the Raiders looking at the possibility of taking a supremely productive and tougher WR in Michael Crabtree or a fast and productive WR in Jeremy Maclin or a top OT in Eugene Monroe or a huge DT in B.J. Raji or TRADE DOWN¦

Al reached humongously for fast non-productive WR Darrius Heyward-Bey out of Maryland. (There is not a great history of non-productive fast guys going to the NFL and then producing TDs, but Al keeps trying!)

* Then in the 2nd round, Al traded out of the No. 40 spot (to New England), went back 7 spots, then selected S Mike Mitchell out of Ohio University, a total speed-physical guy who was not listed by several draft analysts. Not in the top 10, not in the top 100¦ NOT LISTED.

I™m sorry, but this guy does not seem like the second coming of Ed Reed to me. More like the second coming of some guy Al could™ve drafted in the fifth or sixth round, but was too stubborn to want to do that.

If Cable had any juice in this organization, he would™ve pushed hard for Monroe or Crabtree or Maclin“all picks that would™ve shown that Al wasn™t going to let his obsession for stop-watch speed warp his judgement yet again.

(Fabian Washington! Derrick Gibson! Napoleon Kaufman! Jessie Hester! James Jett!)

The Anatomy Of Big Z On The Break

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Holding a commanding 3-0 lead over Detroit and looking every part the leading candidate to represent the Eastern Conference in this June’s Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers can afford a bit of levity at the expense of one of their own, as the Plain-Dealer’s Brian Windhorst details.

During their afternoon film session at a suburban Detroit hotel Saturday, Ilgauskas’ teammates roared during the clip of him “executing” a fast break in Friday’s Game 3 victory over the Pistons. On the play, Ilgauskas chased down a loose ball and ran to the other end.

Inexplicably, when he reached the foul line, Ilgauskas left his feet and apparently started to panic. Luckily for him, LeBron James caught up with him and saved the day with a basket and foul, and Ilgauskas got a rather sheepish assist. And the new moniker.

“We’re calling him ‘Magic’ Ilgauskas,” Cavs coach Mike Brown said. “The clip of him jumping in the air and floating for two-tenths of a second and making the pass to LeBron . . . my stomach just turned.”

“It was a heck of a play for a 7-foot-3, 72-year-old,” Mo Williams said. “Actually, it was the right play for him; he stopped dribbling.”

Quan, Erin & Bill : Just Sitting Around, Watching The Draft

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Trey Wingo just suggested “the younger generation” might not be aware of Bill Cosby’s genius.  Some older folks, too, Trey.