Bears Lose Grossman

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Some non-believers and persons with actual lives will tell you that the NFL’s preseason is a worthless exercise. Au contraire, these exhbition games are an excellent way for a team like the Chicago Bears to lose their starting QB before they’ve played a meaningful down.

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  1. tim hinely says:

    …and since they opted NOT to get a decent backup thye’re in for a looooooong season. i mean, come on …..REX GROSSMAN ??!! why WOULDN’T you get a backup for this chump? the guy is injury prone plus, of their 3 potential backups, 2 have never played an nfl down and one guy (kerry kittner, i think…..umm….better than john kitna)
    has played only a handful. lovie smith? well…it’s not too late to find a new profession.

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