Ben Schwartz On The Ryno/Raffy/Cindy Love Triangle

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Writes Ben Schwartz,

My apologies to Ryno. While I was bitching about his sniping at Sammy at the HoF induction ceremony, I missed the obvious. It may not have been Sammy that Ryno was laughing about, but Rafael Palmeiro getting MLBslapped for lying to Congress, getting caught on ‘roids, and putting Canseco’s book back into the non-fiction section … Raffy, of course, is the guy who allegedly slept with Cindy Sandberg way back when. Thanks to Steve Dahl’s show for pointing this out

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  1. David Roth says:

    According to my source deep within the Orioles fan community, Palmeiro was rumored to have given a mustache ride or two (but what a ride!) to Brady Anderson’s wife during his first stint in Baltimore. I know, I know: who knew Brady was ever married? Still, though: this and the Cindy Sandberg bit makes two more sex rumors about any one baseball player than I’ve heard about any other. Excluding those about Ugie and Pudge, which was just something Todd Jones put up on his Fan Fic blog and way too many people took seriously.

    I think I might be the first guy to point this out, but Palmeiro’s had a pretty rough week, eh? Between the tuff-talking bald-faced lies (before Congress!) and then the bald-faced half-reiteration/half-recantation of those lies, it seems that Palmeiro’s rumored future as a Republican pol is well on its way. Daily Show had a hilarious quote from Bush tonight, expressing his support for Palmeiro, whom G-Dub (not Gerald Williams) sees as the type of guy who “you can tell is telling the truth.” What is it with this President and mustachioed sociopaths? Between John Bolton and Raffy, Bush seems to give the furry-lipped a pretty robust benefit of the doubt. Rove ought to get to work on a lip-warmer if he really wants to keep his gig.

  2. CSTB says:

    I don’t know about the BBWAA, but Raffy’s got a real shot at the Adultery Hall Of Fame. First fuckin’ ballot!

  3. Tim Adams says:

    The rumor mill has it that not only did Ryno’s ex-wife Cindy consort with Raffy, Dave Martinez was involved as well (though not all 3 at once), which may have led to both of them being dealt by Cubs management.

    From whitesoxinteractive’s PaleHoseGeorge:

    Along with the rumors about Cindy sleeping around with Palmiero and Martinez, the rumor continues that it was Ryno who appealed to Cubs brass to engineer the one-sided trades that garnered the Flubbies a whole lot of nothing for useful (even HOF-bound) ballplayers — just to save his marriage that ended anyway.

    The one-sided nature of the trades have become either the smoking gun for the rumor’s validity or further proof of the utter incompetence of Cubs management.

    December 5, 1988: Traded by the Chicago Cubs with Drew Hall and Jamie Moyer to the Texas Rangers for Mitch Williams, Paul Kilgus, Steve Wilson, Curtis Wilkerson, Luis Benitez (minors), and Pablo Delgado (minors).

    July 14, 1988: Traded by the Chicago Cubs to the Montreal Expos for Mitch Webster.

  4. Hugh G Rection says:

    Raffy and Martinez DPed ol Cindy one day when they were both on the DL together. Cindy was never the same since….

  5. Keith hasek says:

    Here is a shortened version of my experience with the jerk Ryan and his rude ex wife … I went to install a cable jack (I was a subcontractor for the cable company) and it was the morning of a game. I arrived around 8AM and she was not home, he finally answered the door and seemed to not even know his name. I asked where in the kitchen he wanted the outlet installed … He didn’t even know where his kitchen was in this very simple Norrhbrook house.
    Long story short …. He was doing coke before, and during my install and when she got home I got yelled at for arriving early. He was in the bathroom the entire time snorting coke and then literally yelled at me to move my truck so he could get his Mercedes out of the driveway!

  6. Keith hasek says:

    Anyone thinking this guy was not stoned out of his mind when he played needs to think again. The only class act on that team was Dunston whom I also did an install for. Now he was a straight up nice guy.

  7. Frank Sereno says:

    What are the odds that anyone reads any of this? I’ll comment anyway. All I can say regarding Mr. Hasek’s claims is that it is difficult to believe anything he writes when he doesn’t even know the man’s name. Even the most hateful Sox fan knows that his name is RYNE.

  8. Kevin Patkus says:

    Hasek misspelling the name Ryne as Ryan does not by itself disprove what he says. Ryan is the far more common spelling and unless you follow sports closely you’d probably assume it was spelled Ryan (which is how it sounds as well). Sereno sounds like a Sandberg/Cubs apologist at all costs. Lots of those around.

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