Bucks/Blazers Trade Mooted, Refuted

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Portland’s KATU TV is tipping a swap of the Blazers’ Shareef Adur-Rahim for the the Bucks’ Michael Redd and Keith Van Horn. On the other hand, the Oregonian’s Jason Quick quotes Portland GM John Nash as claiming the Blazers will stand pat.

Either way, what do you think the chances are of Van Horn getting out of the league having played for fewer than 8 teams?

(Keith, shown with two of his favorite things, an all-weather basketball and an old issue of Portland’s classic Snipehunt)

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  1. John O says:

    No doubt he will land with the Jazz at some point, so if he goes to the Blazers, thats 6, came into the league in 1997,…..not represented by Boras…….., Yeah, he has a shot.

    That issue of Snipehunt is the classic where Mike King interviewed Scott Layton about his dream job with the Knicks, and predicted how many championship rings Patrick Ewing would win in his career.

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