Charlotte, NC Paper To Stephen A : Who Knew Hello Kitty Was So Provocative?

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When Charlotte Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers decided to make light of Panthers QB Cam Newtons’ posturing during a Week 3 drubbing at the hands of the New York Giants, ESPN’s resident overreacter Stephen A. Smith accused the paper of racism.  A day later, Siers’ editor, Taylor Batten insists there was no racial component to Siers’ mockery (“it was just a joke, no more, no less”), which would be a bigger relief if I hadn’t heard a pair of chat hosts suggest Newton was being outed.

Siers likes to poke fun at the absurd. And in his eyes, showboating after a 1-yard run when you’re getting your brains beaten in is the definition of absurd. Thus the “Hello Kitty” t-shirt for Cam’s Superman pose.

Sometimes, Siers thinks it’s important to send a deep, thought-provoking message on public issues of the day. Other times, like this one, he just has a little fun.

What’s more disturbing than a light-hearted cartoon is grown men so in awe of a football player that they ridicule any criticism of him, even when he touts his greatness on the way to a 36-7 loss.

2 Responses to “Charlotte, NC Paper To Stephen A : Who Knew Hello Kitty Was So Provocative?”

  1. jay parker says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I didn’t see any of this when jake delhomme was around..when jimmy clausen was making tebow look like brady. Give cam a break, he’s young, its earl, and like stephen a. Said, he is the reason the panther are relevant..

  2. GC says:

    much as I’m uncomfortable agreeing with Dino Costa, the cartoon seems to be making light of Newton celebrating a meaningless TD while his team is being blown out on national TV. Had Clausen or Delhomme done something nearly as dopey, I’d like to think someone would’ve given them shit for it, too. If SAS would ague that Newton is subject to harsher criticism because he’s not white, I’d argue it might have something to do with the heightened expectations that come with being a no. 1 overall pick, a Heisman winner and the 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year. He’s the face of the franchise and it’s hardly racist to say he wasn’t exactly the portrait of maturity or leadership 8 days ago.

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