Cheap Date Harold Reynolds’ $5 Mil ESPN Deal

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(If they both get the starter entrée, Reynolds is left with $999,992.05 before income taxes — unless she orders a drink.)

The Smoking Gun
today published court documents detailing Reynolds $5 million contract with ESPN that give a clue as to where the sexual harassment claims against Reynolds began. Mainly, as section 17 makes clear, that a man making $1 million a year is taking his dates to Boston Market. Let’s face it, when you’re that cheap, even saying “pass the salt” is harassment.

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  1. GC says:

    (shameful, embarrassing, despicable. And on the right, Harold Reynolds)

    Thank you, Ben Schwartz, for sounding the alarm concerning TSG’s unveiling of deposed ESPN baseball analyst Harold Reynolds’ contract. According to the Gunners,

    Along with covering the Little League World Series and post-season Major League games, Reynolds was required to cover 15 regular season games, spend 85 “studio days” at ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut headquarters, and make three personal appearances on behalf of the network. The agreement states that the network could terminate Reynolds’s deal if the announcer were to be involved in any “willful or egregious” act that would “constitute an act of moral turpitude” or which would “otherwise constitute public humiliation” to ESPN.

    At the risk of restating the obvious, “public humiliation” is all relative when you’ve got Sean Salisbury, John Kruk and B.J. Armstrong serving as on-air talent. And while I don’t pretend to know if Reynolds did or did not grope an intern at Boston Market, keep in mind the Worldwide Leader continues to employee one analyst with a confirmed Zipper Issue (Steve Phillips) and another with an exhibitionist streak.

  2. beedlebaum says:

    Man, Cosloy is going to have your head for mocking rotisserie chicken

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