Chicago Station Limits Salisbury Airtime…

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…despite the fact you can’t see his penis on the radio.  From ESPN 1000 in Chicago :

Sean Salisbury, co-host of Salisbury & Rosenbloom, which previously aired in the morning slot, will increase his national ESPN Radio network responsibilities, continue his ESPN TV NFL analysis, and play a role in ESPN 1000′s pre-game Bears coverage and contribute to various shows during the season. In the immediate future, he will take time off from local radio to tend to family matters.

Senior VP, ESPN Radio Traug Keller said, ‘Sean is already a valuable contributor on the ESPN Radio network, and now his increased national role will help us further satisfy our listeners across the country who are constantly clamoring for all things football.’

Writes Hot Shit College Student, supplier of the above item, “Salisbury and Rosenbloom was probably the most fucked radio I’ve ever heard. I welcome the breezy homerism offered by Tom Waddle and former Mariotti stooge, Marc Silverman. It beats Colin Cowherd.”

3 Responses to “Chicago Station Limits Salisbury Airtime…”

  1. kt says:

    tom waddle isn’t THAT much of a homer, not like corey macpherin anyway.

  2. Hot Shit Collage Student says:

    Homer to the extent that Waddle will actually stick to yacking about the home teams. Salisbury’s 2 thoughts about baseball, “I love the Red Sox,” and, “David Ortiz could play 1st,” were disruptive to say the least. Kerry Wood and Mark Prior aren’t going to bury their careers by themselves. At least not on the radio anyway.

  3. IIT says:

    I think anyone who listened to Sally’s berrys and Rosendeusch for more than 5 minutes could realize that not only did they not have any chemistry, but rosenbloom’s whiny voice and sally’s sensless tangents made for terrible radio. I’m happy to listen to waddle and silvy, they may not be MJH but at least they offer a far better alsternative to a loser NFL washout and a geeky poker nerd…the official release is BS….they basically got fired

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