Colin Cowherd, Thief

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Y’know, people get fired from newspaper jobs and lose book publishing deals over less.

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  1. Tommy Hoops says:

    Another reason to hate this fucking unfunny bullying halfwit.


  2. Steve OBrian says:

    Without question one of the most boring shows in sportstalk radio history. He thinks he is witty and clever but sounds more like a spoiled child. ESPN can do much, much better than this. He cannot deal with intelligent and articulate listeners who call him out on his views. He is a guy who you see bully listeners and cut them off but you just know he would shake like a leaf if confronted in person. You can see right through the punk. Too bad because it’s such a waste of air time. Wake up ESPN, lets have adult spors talk.

  3. corndog says:

    Herd cracks me up… he rants and raves and slams callers about how there’s no such thing in college football as the best conference — they all have 1 or two elite teams, a few middle-packers, and then come the Miss States, Indianas, and the Baylors to round out the group… 2 weeks later he goes off about how the SEC is the best conference to to bottom.

    Prior to the Rose Bowl he was talking about how USC was the closest thing to a pro team not in the NFL and how Texass didn’t have a chance. The day before and the day after the game, he’s backtracking all over the place.

    Now he’s taking shots at baseball nerd (his words) for waxing poetic… longing for the good ‘ol days of Babe Ruth and Joltin’ Joe. Today, 19 April, Herd goes off about how the NBA isn’t what it used to be and he longs for te days of Magic, Jordan, and Bird! Huh, isn’t that the same thing as what you chastize baseball nerd for?

    Herd… quit being a bully… and for gawd’s sake pick a story and stick to it… at least longer than 2 weeks.

  4. Justin says:

    if you hate him so much, how come you listen to him and know everything he talks about? that’s exactly what ESPN wants! lol dumbasses

  5. Kel says:

    i had the chance of meeting him once. I was a buck short for a Starbucks at an airport… he was behind me and gave me the dollar. Good guy. You might not like his humor, but everyone has there own ideas of what’s funny and what’s just stupid. When he talks serious sports – the guy knows his stuff.

    Very knowledgable, well rounded, and unique show will make him a longterm member of the espn talk radio team.

  6. charlie weisinger says:

    I hate Cowherd, he annoys me .
    Stick to the news, stats, and cut it out with your attempt to be cool with pop culture. No one likes you and everyone misses tony kournheiser.

  7. ben says:

    Nobody makes fun of Ottawa like that, it’s the capital of the nation that created hockey in the 1st place. That must be one really fucked up map he was using, all maps i have of Canada say it exists cause it does. To say it’s a terrible thing to see the sens in the finals like that. The Sens may of lost in the finals but they earned the right to be there. They will win the cup soon enough possibly even next year. That guy better stay far away from Ottawa and leave the greatest nation in the world alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Sens GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Joe says:

    Pay attention sponsors!!!! Nobody likes Colin Cowherd, and I actually switch over to Fox Sports radio when his show comes on.

  9. Brianna says:

    Colin is such a jackass. I want to know how he is eating his crow. Boiled, broiled, backed, raw, bbq’d, backed, or fried. During the NBA play offs when Cleveland was playing the Celtics he said he had “very close insider friend in the NBA for over 20 years who emphatically said he would leave Cleveland and go the Knicks because that’s where the money is.” So how’s that working out for you Colin Jackass? Stop with the inside sources if they aren’t right. It makes you look like a jack ass which you are.

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