Coming Soon (Maybe) To Dade County : David Samson’s Glittering Accujack Palace

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I wonder who Hanley Ramirez will be playing for by the time this place opens?  Maury Brown’s The Biz Of Baseball on the proposed new Miami Marlins digs.

The new stadium at the former location of the Orange Bowl in Little Havana is a clear break from the œretro ballpark designs of the past. The design by HOK has the roof retracted to one side, much like the Mariners™ Safeco Field in Seattle. The design renderings appear to have the ballpark in white. With the roof closed, many see a modern, nearly œspace ship like quality to it.

Field dimensions in the site plan show the following: 340 to far left, 384 to left center, 420 “curved section” to straight-away center, 416 and 392 to right center, 335 to far right.

In short, this could be the biggest economic boon to Little Havana since Chuck Norris cast extras for “Invasion USA”.

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  1. CMG says:

    I wonder if indeed Fidel Castro dies how many people in Little Havana actually plan to return back. It is a fair question since if the Cuban-American community is such a fabric to South Florida where will the money come from that is not only needed for the stadium but also the revenue the Marlins need if a mass exodus of people in that particular area will no longer be there?

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