Cowherd Unloads On Moss Trade

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He’s enough to make you miss Tony Kornheiser. ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, along with admitting an attraction to Courtney Love (thanks for that), spent a good part of this morning’s show blasting the Raiders’ acquisition of Randy Moss. As Cowherd correctly pointed out, Oakland has no running game to speak of and their defense is pourous, so perhaps adding an elite wide receiver was not their most pressing need.

However, Cowherd (above) went a little further, accusing the Raiders of pandering to their misfit image by bringing in the “dysfunctional” Moss, and suggested that trade was more about Raider mystique and less about winning football games.

If Oakland win 7 games in 2005, I’ll be shocked. But Moss caught 110 passes last season. To suggest he has nothing of substance to offer a bad, old football team isn’t mere exaggeration, its a smear.

8 Responses to “Cowherd Unloads On Moss Trade”

  1. gabe says:

    where did Kornheiser go?

  2. CSTB says:

    upon the end of his radio contract with ESPN, he ended his morning show ; a new Tony K. program is scheduled to start on XM next week. Not that said show was the greatest or anything, but Cowherd is sort of like the worst of all things — all the prejudice you’d associate with Kornheiser (if not a bit more) with none of the wit.

  3. brian says:

    If there is anyone out there who would rather listen to Tony Kornhole over “The Herd” must have there head examined. You could make the arguement if you want to hear about movie and book reviews, but as far as sports goes – Kornhieser knows a little bit above nothing. I live outside DC and have had to hear Mr. Kornhieser go on and on about non-sports topics each day for 50% of an all sports show. Colin Cowherd – wheather you like him or not….is like Howard Cossel. You may or maynot like him, but he hits all the points, and is never waivering in his oppinion. He calls it like he sees it right or wrong – but he doesn’t spend 35 minutes on a topic about – if Brad Pit had the right angle of his face shot during the latest movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith while falling out of his car using the opposite hand – since as Tony put it….he is not left handed. Come on – all I am saying is if I want to hear sports – Please for the love of God do not subject me to Tony Kornhieser who can’t even talk sports without his knowledgeable helpers such as the brilliant Michael Wilbon etc. etc. (sorry for the spelling errors – I did not have time to look in the dictionairy like I do when listening to Tony’s rediculous monologue – tooting his own horn about a book signing he says Quote “He will get more people to show up for his book signing in a Crack-house in DC – than will attend DC united’s (3 time champs in a newly formed league) second round playoff game. Thanks Tony for helping build a sport here in the deversified USA – because you don’t understand it – you choose to knock it. These are true statements. I know, I live here and I am forced to listen to his boring, self-absorbed garbage. Why is it he takes so few calls? Ohh yea one last thing – he has such a lame show – guests don’t repeat coming on his show because he did not pay them the last time they were on. In fairness to Tony maybe thats not his fault, but it his show – so ultimately he is responsible – unless you ask Tony. Then he is only responsible when good things happen. He said he would Shave his head if the MLS soccer league did not fold in 3 years. Well Tony I did not know your hair could grow back that fast. And I sorry I must also say one more thing – he openly admits to going to bed at 9pm and never sees the games he is supposed to talk about for ……..HIS JOB….this includes not having direct tv to watch the NFL…YEA THATS RIGHT HE IS RUNNING A SHOW WITHOUT WATHCHING THE GAMES…..AND HE GETS PAID FOR THIS….PEOPLE YOU MUST SPEAK AND GET RID OF THIS BOOK SMART – NON-SPORTS WATHCING BUT COMMENTING JERK!!!!

  4. CSTB says:

    I’m not sure it is an insult to be called “BOOK SMART – NON-SPORTS WATHCING”. Seriously, if Tony K. ever caused you to pull out the dictionary, the only shame is that he clearly didn’t so nearly often enough.

    Cowherd has openly bragged that he’s got no time for the NBA regular season. How’s that for “non-sports wathcing”?

    Cowherd, all about the sports? Fuck, I wish. The image of Colin getting his undershorts in a tizzy over Courtney Love or Diane Lane is only slightly more nauseating than Kornheiser flipping out over Jamie Sale.

    Tony’s ignorant remarks about soccer are duly noted. Though I can’t remember the last time (or the first time Cowherd had anything interesting to say about the sport, either.

  5. Ray says:

    Brian, you’ve got to be kidding, if you live in the DC area then you know that Tony has forgotten more sports than you’ll ever know. As far as Cowturd goes, what a waste of air time, what was ESPN radio thinking?

    It’s obvious that your knowledge of sports is about as great as your spelling and grammer, no wonder you couldn’t understand Tony’s show or even get the concept for that matter. Did you know that Mr K was recruited for Monday Night Football, that PTI is one of the most watched shows in ESPN history, that XM has thrown a baotload of $$$$ at the bald orange one? No it’s obvious you will never understand shows such as Tony’s so enjoy the “Colon Cowturd” show you deserve it.

  6. Anthony Davis says:

    Collin Cowherd it AWESOME. Best personality on the radio (including all other forms of talk radio). If you don’t like him, you’re easily offended and WAAAAAYYYY to sensitive. How can you not like him? He’s funny, TONS of whit and takes very complex or difficult topics and makes them very simple and easily understood. Oh and by the way, most of the time he hits the nail right on the head. I can understand how homers wouldn’t like him because he’s not affraid to rip their teams if they are bad and explain it in such a way they have no rebutle (sp).

    LONG LIVE COLLIN COWHERD!!!! haters, just turn the channel.

  7. Jon Solomon says:

    …takes very complex or difficult topics and makes them very simple

    No argument there!


  8. CSTB says:


    Thanks. I am easily offended and WAAAAAYYYY too sensitive in that I think Colin Cowherd is about as funny as the Holocaust.

    Unless of course, his boner for Courtney Love is supposed to be a joke.