Crap Band Sues NBC

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Going by Motley Crue’s logic, the Bunnybrains oughta sue NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, UPN, HBO, the WB, AFL-CIO, TNA-NWA and anyone else who has failed to provide them with a vehicle to do-their-thing.

4 Responses to “Crap Band Sues NBC”

  1. Dave Martin says:

    For what its worth the world sure would be a lot more interesting if everyone followed Motley Crue’s logic.

  2. Jon Solomon says:

    How does this lawsuit effect Tommy Lee’s reality series, due to debut on NBC this August?



  3. CSTB says:

    maybe they weren’t aware he was in a band?

  4. danbunny says:

    our lawsuits keep comin back marked “addressee undeliverable”

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