CSTB’s Recent Lack Of NFL Coverage Explained

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America’s Most Popular Sport has received scant coverage of late around these parts, and the reasons could be one or more of the following :

a) I’m dreading a Saturday morning in which the phrase “best athlete available” is uttered nearly 200 times.

b) I’m dreading a Saturday morning in which virtually every columnist and blogger is compelled to refer to Mel Kiper Jr.’s hair (ok, I’m in). Without displaying their own quiff, of course.

c) my requests for press credentials at the Draft were shot down. Who knew Stalking The Schwab would be so tough?  Other than Jeff Jensen, I mean.

d)  I’ve been busy making hotel and flight reservations for Super Bowl 50, taking place at Nuevo Wembley.

d) it’s hard to do anything properly after seeing this :

3 Responses to “CSTB’s Recent Lack Of NFL Coverage Explained”

  1. matt says:

    i thought you figured 98734 sportscenter “specials” were enough.

  2. David Dunlap Jr. says:

    Calvin Johnson has ruined the Detroit Lions for an entire generation

  3. GC says:

    he’ll cast a shadow in your direction.

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