David Stern’s NBA Hates The Red, White & Blue

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Actually, ’tis not the Association’s patriotism that’s in question, but rather their sense of history.  The Indiana Pacers are playing an exhibition against the Hornets on October 8 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds’ Pepsi Coliseum, a venue that hosted 3 ABA titles for the Pacers.  Indy Cornrows reports the NBA has quashed the Pacers’ plans to play the October 8 game using the ABA’s beloved red, white and blue ball.

On Friday, I heard Mark Boyle scoff at the denial as an NFL-like decision, similar to the uniform or celebration rules the No Fun League imposes to pasteurize their players. Couldn’t agree more. The ball can be an NBA regulation ball with all the appropriate logos. I’m sure the Simons would be happy to pay to have them made. Heck, they could probably end up selling them after the fact and make a nice profit.

There is, however, a chance the NBA’s decision has more to do with copyright considerations than anything else.  Hopefully we can find out for certain when and if the ABA’s website is running again.

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  1. KD says:

    They have played NBA preseason games with the ABA ball before, with all the appropriate NBA logos. I remember a few of them taking place in 1997.

  2. GC says:

    true, but that was before a new minor league branded as the ABA relaunched and began selling their own RW&B ball. I’m sure the NBA owns all of the old ABA team names and logos.

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